The 432 Binah Meditation Incorporates the Future Holy Temple

ari2One afternoon almost 17 years ago, a caretaker let me into the 16th century Synagogue of Rabbi Isaac Luria in Sfat and all alone with the painted blue raised bimah behind me, I prayed, meditated, and conversed with the Ari.  With wild birds swirling all around the room, diving, fluttering, their noisy wings churning the silence, I sensed a light emanating from the wall in front of me.  Embracing it, I was lifted upwards, levitated forward, upward, pulled upwards by my head and chest.

It was not the weirdest thing that happened to me in my life, nor even on that trip to Israel, so I took the levitation in stride.  Last week, as I incorporated the 432 Hz healing frequency found tuning forkconcealed within the Torah’s first word into a powerful meditation found in the Zohar, I was once again drawn upwards and levitated toward the light and the visions.  17 years ago, it was the connection to the Arizal.  This past week it was to the Light.  Since it had nothing to do with me personally, and everything to do with specifics of the meditation, it is a connection you can make as easily as I did.

Do you ever feel like there is more out there than meets the eye, or that unseen forces are manipulating the world around you?  It is and they are doing so.  There is a way to tap into those forces.

car-radio_5Do you remember when you had to turn a knob on your car radio to tune it into the right frequency to pick up your favorite radio station, or at least remember seeing them do it in the movies? Do you recall the static when you were only off by a tiny bit? If you carefully tuned that dial to 432 Hz, you would tune right into those forces.  That would be Radio Binah, broadcasting from the primordial Aleph(א) deep in the heart of the universe, which  reveals all the unseen happenings in our universe and all the unheard messages.

Nevertheless, if you are off by the tiniest bit, you get nothing but static and the feeling that you are missing something.  Imagine how easy life would be without that stressful static buzzing all-around us, blocking out what is really important at every given moment of your life.  Some people are much better than the rest of us at tuning into that exact frequency some call “the third eye; they do not need a special antenna or the secret schematics of how to build it. The rest of us, do.  Fortunately, a blueprint of just such an antenna was found reproduced in a 2000 year old book, the Book of Splendor, the Zohar. Several cultures, ancient and modern, have tried to reproduce it in stone and steel, yet the only materials we need are in our heads.

How does it work and what does it have to with the healing we spoke about in our previous article? There are 10 dimensions that comprise the greater universe.  Each one filters 4 bladetree10and channels the energy (Light) downward to the next level below utilizing differing mechanisms and veils.  This is the Tree-of-Life.  Our existence is entirely played out in the lowest of all the dimension.  The next 6 sefirot/dimensions above our lowly level (Malchut) form a ladder to the purely spiritual world where neither time nor space exist in a form that we can understand.  It is a realm that we cannot affect or sully, and ironically, it is known as the Realm of Understanding, Binah.  Think of the dimension of Binah as a huge steady wind, like the one the Torah states separated the walls of water in the Red Sea.  It is an all-encompassing wind, wider than the ocean, the solar system, our galaxy.  It is as wide and broad as the entire universe.  The next highest and even broader realm is Chochma, and the point that separates the two is the primordial Aleph(א).  Spinning like the outstretched arms of a giant turbine, the Aleph(א) funnels down and filters all the energy from the highest realms into a ceaseless and mighty wind.  That wind blows through our universe and lives, cooling the fires of the earthly plane, yet it is all but imperceptible to most of us.

alef two vavsThis  is the wind of Moshiach.  This is the wind we call Light. This is the wind that will levitate us.  It is the wind that must be harnessed if we are to sail away when the time comes.  Once we jettison our anchors and let go of our physical desires, our sailboats will be ready to soar into the enlightenment of the world to come, of the age to come.

None of us can go anywhere, though, unless we first hoist our sails. We have a global and individual responsibility.  Just as I need to jettison my anchors and hoist my sails, so do you.  You need to jettison your anchors and hoist your sails.

Fortunately, the antenna given to us by Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai nearly 2000 years ago unfurls into a beautiful billowing main sail that can catch the maximum wind is just the right way.  We are going to take you step by step through the basic meditation that hoists the main mast and unfurls the needed sails. First you need to understand that while the wind of Binah is constant it is not consistent as we explained in 25th Century Technology. Though wider than an ocean, it flows like a river with eddies, whirlpools and cross currents.  Every thought, jet1word and action we put forth ripples and reverberates throughout the vastness untethered by the limitations of either time or space or the frictions of motion. Eventually it meets up with like-minded thoughts of other people and puddles up in eddies of limiting consciousness and beliefs.  Like a raft spinning in an eddy, there it stays stuck. When our consciousness is in the right place, the like forces it attracts line up behind us, pushing us ever faster forward and upward, lifting us like the concentrated wind beneath the wings of a 747. Like that rising massive jet, the natural forces of Binah allow us to take hundreds of like-minded passengers along for the ride.

When we do this meditation and meditate on healing someone, our thoughts, prayers, and positivity reach not just across the room, but echoe across the universe, across eternity.  The healing we send out gets magnified thousands of times and comes back to us as we get sucked up into the winds. The same happens when we mediate properly on sending out unconditional love, or Moshiach consciousness into the world.

These meditations work best if you can play meditative music tuned to 432 Hz—plenty available on line. If not, you can sing or hum tuned to that frequency, or if you cannot, like me, just imagine 432it—it works just fine.  Your consciousness does the driving, not the radio.  We are going to break down Rabbi Shimon’s blueprints to their simplest form, removing the confusing language about the sefirot and columns.  Believe me, it will be OK—in fact more than OK.  People have already risen from their hospital beds and walked outside for the first time in months from having this meditation done on them just as I am explaining it here.

pointStart by imagining a single point, any dot or period at the end of the sentence will do.  So you know, it is not just any dot, and if you can picture it as the 10 sefirot (dimensions) of Tohu (Nothingness) shattering and collapsing into the center of the primordial Aleph(א), it is even better.  When these 10 were added to the 32 Paths of Wisdom of the Aleph(א), together they became 42, rolled up as One.  To us, it was the beginning, the point at tip of the Big Bang from which all our physicality and spirituality unfolded.  This meditation takes us and connects us to the very first few unfoldings of time, space and motion, when the light was at its most intense and physicality was at its purest, at a time and place before there were any limitations.  Imagine how powerful an antenna would be made from these purest elements and what its reach would be if it was derived from the beginning of the beginning.

Imagine this point inside you. Bring into your core, a central place within your body that feels balanced. If you know breathing techniques use them. See this point expand vavyudinto a single vertical line, tracing through you from your crown to your feet.  This is the letter Vav (ו), the letter of connection. The point and the line work together, they comprise all the Hebrew vowels; they are the Yud (י) and the Vav (ו), collectively representing Keter, the highest point. Given the values of the two end points of the line and line itself, the total value of the line becomes 26, connecting us to the energetic value 26 of the Tetragrammaton (יהוה).

memFrom here the line expands into a plane, a flat square drawn around you.  This is represented by the Mem sofit (ם), and together the point, the line and the square plane spell the word Yom יום, or day, where time began. Together they have the gematria of “HaTorah, the Torah.”

Expand the square outward in all directions (front, back, up, down, sideways) until it becomes a stick figure cube that surrounds and encapsulates you.  It is not a solid cube, but one comprised of cubetransparent light.  This cube, like all cubes, has 26 elements (6 faces, 12 edges, and 8 vertices), connecting us again to the value 26 of the Tetragrammaton (יהוה).

mhshBegin your selfless meditation in earnest now.  It could be a healing meditation through chanting the EL NA RFA NA LA (אל–נא–רפא–נא–לה), the prayer Moses used to heal his sister, or the by visualizing the MemHeiShin (מהש), the 5th of the 72 Names.  It could a meditation of universal healing and peace, by sending out Unconditional Love, like the love you have for your children or whoever you love the most. Or It could be a meditation to send out the desire to share and spread Moshiach (Binah) consciousness to everyone everywhere.

hypercube1Now imagine a new cube emerging from each of the faces of the original cube with their shared edges and sides joined  together into a hypercube that encapsulates and forms around you.  Each of the 72 edges has a different one of the 72 Names (Triplets) and each of the 42 faces has a different letter of the 42-Letter Name of G-d.  Together they are your antenna and voice to Binah.

In case you were to have any doubts about the relationship between the 6 x 6 x 6 cube and/or the 216 letters in the 72 Names and the 42 letters in the 42 Letter Name, we have only to look at the first two words of the final portion of the 4th Book of the Torah, Numbers (Bamidbar).  It lays out the 42 Journeys of the Israelites.  Eleh Massey (אלה–מסעי), together their value is 216 and their ordinal value is 72.  Together, they will help us collect the 288 fallen Holy sparks of Tohu, reunite it with the primordial Aleph(א) and bring about Moshiach (Binah) Consciousness to our world.  As you know the first words of any portion are the seed level of that portion and they hold and project its secrets.

Project your voice and prayer through them, the 42-Letter Name and the 72 Names placed through the hypercube.  The Arizal told us that no prayer can be elevated without the 42-Letter Name.72 names  Indeed, he said “nothing can be elevated without the 42-Letter Name.  You do not need to place specific Names in specific locations throughout the hypercube.  Meditating on the 72 Name chart and reciting the Ana B’koach (or the 42 Letters) will serve just fine.  The Letters know where to go and will find their proper place on their own.  Put the graphic of the charts here

Bonus Blessing Hidden Within the 42-Letter Name

anabkoach160-ksThere is a bonus inherent in the design of the 42-Letter Name: it auto-tunes to 432 HZ.  When you take the first and last letters of that Name together, they spell (את), the first and last letter of the Hebrew alphabet, the beginning and the end.  Together they have an ordinal value of 23, the same as the first 3 letters of the Torah and they have a standard value of 401, together that makes 401 + 23 = 424, the energetic value of Moshiach Ben David.

Now, if you recall the first and last words of the Torah בראשית ישראל that gave us the 432 HZ healing frequency sandwiched in the blessings (אשרי) (בלת) (אשרי), well the word before those two words is Kol (כל) and the word after those two is Bara (ברא), each of whom have the ordinal value of 23.  When you couple that with the total of all the letters’ values through the 23rd letter (ך) of the alphabet being 2018, we get an idea what all the meditations are designed to bring us and when they will all come to fruition (2018 CE, 5778 HC). After all, it was in 2018 HC, that G-d made a covenant with Abraham to make us endless.

Nonetheless, the next two letters after the Aleph (א) and before the Tav (ת) in the 42-Letter Name are (בי) and when they are spelled out (Beit Yud) they represent “House of Israel” or ” House of Hashem” and total 412 + 20 = 432.

All this and all these connection play out for you.  Without you having to do nothing more that recite the Ana B’koach and concentrate in the 42 letters.  G-d has made it so very easy for us.  The next two letters in the sequence (גצ) add up to 903, which is the sum of the integers from 1-42 while the following sequence (יו) when spelled out also equals 42, and the next two (תק), have a complete value of 541, that of Israel.  It is a technology we do not need to understand.  We just need to know that when it is engaged by our consciousness it can elevate us and our meditations to the level of Yetzirah (Creation) where the winds of Binah blow much stronger.

Now picture your prayers soaring outward in all direction, filling your room, building, city, country, world, solar system, the universe– with the radiant white light of unconditional love.  Know that your thoughts are reaching the outer edges of eternity and the winds of Binah are filling your unfurled 4-dimensional sails.  When you are ready to let go, you will soar, you will be free to do more good.

There will come a time soon enough when jettisoning those anchors and leaving the baggage behind will be easier.  It will be like a flip in the poles, when momentarily the magnets to physicality will be turned off.  The more practiced you are in hoisting your masts, unfurling your sails and catching the winds of Binah, the easier it will be for you.



Your Core – Point – Line – Cube – Hypercube – Binah



The Future Holy Temple

When we do the above mediation we are mimicking the process of the soon-to-manifest Future Holy Temple.  According to the Ramchal, the Future Holy Temple is laid out as a grid of 9 squares SecretsFHTlike a tic-tac-toe board, each exactly 100 cubits square (1002) and in the center of this grid is the Altar of 32 cubits square(322).  Look closely and you will see this exact pattern found in the center of the outlined hyper-cube illustrated above. Surrounding the 300 by 300 cubit grid is the 3000 by 3000 cubit Temple Mount. The edifice of the Holy of Holies Sanctuary is a perfect 100 by 100 by 100 cube located in the central Western quadrant of the grid and it is entered from the inner, central courtyard. This pattern is somewhat mimicked in our meditation of a square expanding to a cube.

FHT1The 7 giant gates of the Holy Temple each measure 50 cubits in height and 10 in width for a surface area of 50 x 10 = 500, representing the final Caf (ך), the 23rd letter in the Hebrew alphabet, which has a numerical value 500.  This is the 23rd letter in the Alphabet and the sum of all the letters preceding and including the final Caf (ך) plus the kolel for the 23 letters is 2018.  The height of 50 cubits connects each gate to the level of Binah as in the “50 Gates of Binah” and the 7 Gates mimic the 7 cubes of the hypercube in our meditation (1 original and 6 expanded ones).

According to the Arizal, “there is an angel of prayer, who elevates our prayers from the earth to heaven this being a journey of 500 years.”  Each of those 7 gates are built into walls that are 6 whitestone2cubits wide, just like the structure of the 42-Letter Name matrix (7 lines of 6 letters each). In total, the 7 gates represent taking 42 steps (or journeys) until we enter the Holy Sanctuary.  Each ancient Holy cubit is 27.5 inches and our modern step (or stride) is 26.019 inches on average, coinciding with the value (26) of the Tetragrammaton (יהוה).  If the 7 Gates were linked together physically they would form a tunnel 42 cubits in length and each step would cross another plane of increasing enlightenment, a separate journey of your soul.  If you want to expand your mediation above, you can slowly picture each face of the 42 faces of the hypercube with the 42-Letters in sequence and picture yourself and your soul’s journey moving forward with each one.  As you expand your enlightenment, keep in mind the global purpose that you are helping to manifest the Holy Temple on earth, you are opening up the 7 Gates for everyone.

Each plane is a supplication.  The Arizal explained that Moses used the word vaetchanan (ואתחנן), meaning  “I supplicate,” to describe his prayers with which to enter the promised land and thusly  bringing  about the Final Redemption (Geulah).  The value of vaetchanan is 515 or the 500 years journey plus the Yud (י) and the Hei (ה) that got him there.  Since Moses already knew the entire Bible story and our story by then, he knew the outcome of those prayers yet made them anyway to empower us as we go through the process and the Gates.  Each gate represents the 500 square cubit plane, the Yud (י) width (10) times the Hei (ה) of Binah height (5), 515 in total. When we add the Vav (ו) depth of the wall (6), we find that each gate is defined by the יהו just like the meditations of the shaking of the Lulav on Sukkot, in which the Arizal instructs us to connect the 6 permutations (יהו יוה והי והי הוי היו) of the (יהו) with the 6 dimensions of a cube.  The final Hei (ה) to complete the Tetragrammaton (יהוה) is found in the 5 (ה) similarly designed Gates of the Temple Mount’s outer wall.

If we were to add the 6 cubit depth to the 500 square cubit plane of each Gate, they would each equal 506. This is explained in The Genesis Prayer.  It  is the value of the first line (אבגיתץ) of the genesis prayer cover42-Letter Name, and of its last 4 letters (וצית) and also the 4 letters before those (קשקו).  506 is also the numerical value of “unconditional love” and is the complete value of “Moshiach Ben David,” the two most important elements of our consciousness we have to have in mind when doing the above meditations. Furthermore, the 42-Letter Name when divided into the 14 triplets are collectively found 506 times in the Torah.

unusual-strange-clouds-8-1The 7 Gates, each 6 cubits in depth obviously correspond with the 7 levels of the 42-Letter Name matrix, and the shape of these Gates, 50 cubits high by 10 wide is not coincidentally reminiscent of an elevator shaft because that is what they are.  They elevate us up to Binah of each of the 7 levels from Malchut, Yesod, Hod, Netzach, Tiferet, Gevurah and Chesed of Zeir Anpin, just like the 7 Clouds of Glory we connect with on Sukkot.

As it happens, each Gate has a volume of 10 x 50 x 6 or 3000, not only mimicking the Temple Mounts 3000 cubit x 3000 cubit design, but the total of the 7 Gates is thus 7 x 3000 = 21,000 cubits3, or יהו once again.

By the way, 21,000 times the length of the cubit, 27.5 inches is 577,500 inches and while 5778 is purposely 3 years shy of 5778 HC, 5775 inches is the exact height of the Great Pyramid (Joseph’s Pyramid) whose base perimeter is about 3000 feet. This is not a coincidence, but an article for another day.

TempleplanOnly the priests could actually enter the Sanctuary.  However, once we metaphysically enter, it is 42 cubits (steps) to the gate of the Holy of Holies.  This Gate, the Gate of 42, is 6 cubits by 7 cubits in dimensions.  The High Priest would have to pass through the Gate or plane of 42 to actually enter the Holy of Holies.  This is a pattern for us, for we have to surround ourselves with the 42 faces of the hypercube to harness Binah.  When the 5 Gates of the Temple Mount are added to the 7 internal ones, we have 12 Gates, corresponding to the 12 tribes.  Given that each Gate represents a journey of 500 years, collectively they are the 6000 years from the Aleph (א) to Moshiach and the final redemption.  Summing the dimensions for the full Temple Mount we have 3000 for the Temple Mount, 300 for the Courtyards, 32 for the Altar and 6 representing the width of all the walls for a total or 3338, whose square root is 57.78. The sum value of 3338 is also the year the First Holy Temple was destroyed, 3338 HC.

Like we discovered with Eleh Massey and like the structure of the meditation above, we find that within the Future Holy Temple the faces/planes/gates are guided by the 42-Letter Name and the surrounding edges/borders/walls by the 72 Names in that the area of the walls of the Outer Courtyard is 7200 cubits and that of the Temple Mount walls are 72,000 cubits while the 10 corner cubes of 63 each have a total cubic volume of 2160.

Astonishingly the total volume of the walls of the Outer Courtyard and of the Temple Mount walls respectively are 43200 and 432,000, resonating to the frequency of Binah, 432 Hz.

Let’s go back to where we started our meditation, at the central point formed from the 10 collapsed sefirot of Tohu, represented by the Yud (י) and rolled up with the 32 Paths of Wisdom found in the primordial Aleph (א).  They too are at the heart and core of the Future Holy Temple.  So are the 10 sefirot and 32 Paths of Wisdom of the Tree-of-life that form our world of Tikkune.  The 10 cubit tall central altar is a truncated 32 cubit square pyramid formed around a 10 x 10 x 10 core cubit cube or Yud (י)3. The pattern is clear: 32 Paths incorporating and forming around the 10 sefirot. Because 103 = 1000, it also represents the primordial Aleph (אלף) or eleph (אלף), meaning 1000.  It also connects to and for similar reasons the Shema prayer which has exactly 1000 letters.

Once again, our meditation provided by R’ Shimon Bar Yochai mimics the Future Holy anabkoach160-ksTemple in that our central point is the central point (Altar) of the Future Holy Temple. This point extends in a straight line along the path of 42, whereby we take 42 steps (cubits) from entering the Sanctuary until expanding along the plane of 42 as we enter the Holy of Holies.  Further,  the point expands 1000-fold from the 103 cubits of the Altar, which equals 1000 cubits3, to the 1003 cubits Temple building itself, which equals 1 million cubits3.  Then the expansion is 1000-fold again to the hypercube, represented by the entire Future Holy Temple complex whose 3002 grid (90,000 cubits2) divided into nine 1002 sections of the Inner and Outer Courtyards.  This expands to the 30002 Temple Mount (9,000,000 cubits2). In a similar manor the 32 square cubit Altar expands to the 3000 square cubit Temple Mount.

Thus as we expand our meditation from a compact central point to a cube, our powers to help and heal expand 1000-fold.  When we expand it again to a hypercube they again expand another 1000-fold (!). The capacity to contain and affect enormous amounts of targets speaks of a Divinely engineered process.  This is why at the beginning of the book of Devarim, Moses blesses us with a 1000-fold expansion.  He was blessing us that we would one day be able to meditate properly to achieve Binah consciousness and manifest the Future Holy Temple.

If we do the meditation above with the proper consciousness then you will help manifest the Future Holy Temple at the central point on Earth, the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.  The implication of this may be more than we can fathom at this time.  However, HaShem is opening us up.  If your consciousness is tuning into radio Binah, you are being called upon to do your part and help.  We must all do what we are called to do, we must do whatever we can. Time is growing short and drawing near. Through the proper meditations and consciousness you signal your readiness and willingness. You amplify your powers to help.  If HaShem is fine-tuning your consciousness, it is for a reason.  Join in and engage it. HaShem needs for you to do your part. He needs for each of us to do our parts. This is why you were chosen.  Do not question it; He does not make mistakes.   Everyone today understands the power of a network—accept your invitation to join His.

Shabbat Shalom,


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11 thoughts on “The 432 Binah Meditation Incorporates the Future Holy Temple”

  1. Where did you get 27.5 inch?
    It’s way off the mark.
    Don’t you see what these names represent? 216, 72,12
    25920 the circumference of the
    Zodiac, and clearly it’s diameter is 432.
    Full proof of the cubit
    Can be given if you so wish

  2. I really enjoy reading your articles. You are able to explain a lot of things that I cannot easily explain, you confirm that we are somehow connected, in a complex way. It’s like you know me, that is a sense I am getting when I read your articles, they are so uplifting. Thank you.

  3. Great and wonderful stuff, Ezra!

    Genesis 1:1, if you count “final forms” of the letters, contains 7 words, and 12 different letters — akin to the 7 inner gates, and 5 outer gates referenced in this (superb) article.

    Alternatively, if we count the letters without recognising the final forms, there are 11 different letters, 7 of which occur in both halves of the verse. The other 4 letters occur only in either the first half (Bet and Lamed) or the second half (Vau and Tsadhe) of the verse. That “Seven Eleven” breakup of the letters is related to the “Seven Eleven” (210 vs 330 Cubit Height vs Base) Great Pyramid, and, of course, the 4th July date being selected as the one on which the US Declaration of Independence was proclaimed.

  4. Thanks, and thanks for the very interesting comment and apropos as I’m working on the Great Pyramid again as an ancient antennae and more. I must look closer at the letters in both halves and thanks to you I will. Please let us know what else you find. Thanks again.

  5. Hi Ezra — a longer post this time — hoping it has some interesting/useful stuff.

    Joseph’s “Super Chick”
    There are different ways of treating the Primordial Aleph. I will explore two of them here:

    As Ezra explained, especially in the “BLT article”, we can see the central radiating point from which the Torah “spreads out”, as being between the final word (Israel), and the first word (Bereshith) of the Torah. It is as if the end joins back onto the start. And across those two words, we have “Asrei” twice, and within the Ashrei sandwhich, we have the 432 Hz, the Bet Lamed Tau, shorthanded as “BLT” in equivalent Roman/European letters.

    The value of Ashrei is 511, the same as the value of Joseph’s treasured wife Asenath.

    There is plenty of teaching that associates the creative power in Joseph with the creative power that produced the universe. It is interesting that, mathematically, his beloved “other half”, Asenath, is in there, twice, right at the “heart of the Torah”.

    Asenath was the proverbial perfect chick who did her husband good and not evil all the days of her life. She was still a little kid/girl on the day her step-mother/slave mistress/adopted mother framed Joseph by accusing him of “trying to have it off” with a respecatable married woman. Little kid that she was, Asenath tried to protect Joseph. She loved him already, and may have saved his life. Her protests that her step mother was lying probably meant that Joseph ended up in prison rather than in a grave.

    92 Elements and Joseph
    Another way of picturing creation is to see the Primordial Aleph split into a Bet and a Tsadhe. The split is not hard to picture if we see the top right section of the Aleph as a Bet, waiting to be carved off. What remains, is very close to a (rotated) Tsadhe. The Bet represents Hydrogen and Helium, the two elements of the initial universe.

    As the universe expanded, stars formed, went through their lifecycles, and then “went supernovae”. They collapsed, and then exploded, hurtling 90 more new elements (Lithium to Uranium) into space. The Tsadhe represents those 90 extra elements. We are, in a way, “Born of Stars”, as the Omnimax film described 25 years ago, complete with “Spock” (Leonard Nimoy) doing the voice-over.

    The :One Verse” or Uni-Verse has the Beit at one end, and the Tsadhe, at the other end. As those two letters expanded away from each other, 26 letters filled the space, symbolic of a touch of the Divine (the Four Letter Name, value 26), permeating creation.

    The Beit and Tsadhe are two of the four letters which, as described above, occur only in the first or second half of the verse, but not in both.

    The other two letters that also occur only in one half of the verse, but not in both halves, are Lamed and Vau.

    Their value, 36, is often associated with Joseph, with Shechem, the land that was given to him as a special inheritance, and with the notion of 36 Tzadiks on Earth. The classic Baruch Shem Kavod Malcutho, Lolam V’ad, spells out “In Shechem, there are 36″ across its first letters of each word.

    The ripples from those two letters, Lamed and Vau, in Genesis 1:1 run wide: e.g. 360 degrees in a circle, and 1760 yards, or 5280 feet in a mile. That mile is composed of 3600 Cubits each of length 17.6”. (Those cubits are different from the 27.5″ Cubits used in the Future Temple, and in the Great Pyramid.)

    Those two letters occur at positions 11 and 22 in the Genesis 1:1 “Uni-Verse”.

    lphabetThe 11:22 thing has shades of Yin and Yang: The first verse of the Torah uses 11 out
    of a possible 22 letters in the 22 letter Alphabet.
    It is Male and Female, Yin and Yang, Light and Dark. The difference between Light/Aur and Darkness /Chosek, is 207 vs 328, a difference of 121, or the square of 11. Americans love their baseball, and normally are locked in on their baseball as the ultimate bat and ball game. So they are unfamiliar with Cricket.

    Cricket is played by two teams of 11 players. Before it all went metric, Cricket was played on a 22 yard pitch, with two sets of 3 stumps at either end of the 22 yard pitch. Atop those stumps are two light wodden “bails”, four in total — two on each set of three stumps. What is being played out in a Cricket match is Yin and Yang. Genesis Chapter 1, the Tree of the Sephiroth, and Abraham’s Covenant between the parts (Genesis 15). The 4 bails are the 4 Sephiroth down the Central Column of the Tree, the ones that are moved to either the Right or to the Left Columns.

    Those four Sephiroth, Keter, Tiphereth, Yesod and Malcuth, have a value of 2277, or elven fold light (207)

    The top two (620 and 1081) have a value of 1701, the same as the number on Star Trek’s USS Enterprise. My hunch is that Gene picked the 1701 from the Tree’s central column.

    The Top and bottom Sephiroth of that central column, Keter and Malcuth, have a value (620 plus 496 of 1116, the same as that of the first two words of the Torah. This outpouring of creative energy, so tied in with 432 Hz, with Joseph, and with his superchick wife, is also the value of the interface between the Upper 42 Letter Name (610 for its 3rd line, and the Lower 42 Letter Name (506 for its first line).

    Reverting back to the Israel-Bereishith link, complete with Asenath, 432 BLT etc, the central point between the two words sits between the letters Lamed and Bet. Technically they spell Heart, but Love is heavily implied by Lev (Heart), the origin of the English word Love.

    Those two words, value 541 and 913 have a combined value of 1454, or 1422 wrapped around the Lev/Love/Heart.

    That 1422 is twice 711, a hint at the Seven Eleven Pyramid again, and perhaps that it has a matching resonator, tuned to it, somewhere else.

    Hopefully, if that other pyramid exists, it is “Himself” tuning the thing, rather than some malevolent ET. . . .

    (I have some more on topics like the Positions of The Alephs in Genesis 1:1 and the Rivers of Eden, Central American Step Pyramids and the 72 Triplets, but I will save them for future posts, so that the material arrives in smaller more “digestible” chunks.

  6. The Alephs in Genesis 1:1
    The Alephs in the first verse of the Torah occur in positions 3, 9, 10, 15, 23 and 26. Those numbers sum to 86, the number of different words used in the description of the 6 days of Genesis Chapter 1, i.e. the six “active” days of the Genesis week.

    There are 92 elements (Hydrogen through to Uranium) in what we regard as the “naturally occuring” part of the Periodoc Table. Six of those 92 elements are inert (won’t react), so they are known as the Inert Elements, or Noble Gases. That leaves 92 minus 6 active or Reactive elements. The 86 is the value of God’s name in the Genesis Week.

    Now if we break the verse into its two halves, we see that the Alephs occur in positions 3, 9 10, and 1, 9 and 12.

    Both sets of numbers sum to 22, symbolic of the 22 letters in the Alphabet, which (obviously) starts with Aleph.

    If we reduce the value of those positions to a single digit, which requires treating 10 as 1, and 12 as 1 + 2 = 3, then those “reduced positions” come out as 391 and 193. Both those numbers are (if we read them as 3 digit numbers), permutations of 913, the value of the first word of the Torah.

    The 193 will turn up again as “steps” up a stylized Central American type Pyramid, based on the 72 Triplets ( in a future comment).

    Those 86 different words of Days 1 to 6, are spread through a 434 word description of creation. The 434, as an expansion of Daleth (Daleth Lamed Tau or 4 30 and 400) represents an opening or portal.

    As per my earlier comment, the central axis of the Tree of the Sephiroth, value 2277 represents 11 times Light (value 207). Light, in turn, is seen as a 9 fold string, value 23 (something that showed up in Ezra’s article as being a significant number in the ordinal values of the words either side of Israel and Bereishith, the end and beginning of the Torah).

    The numbers2277, 207 and 23 paint the Central Column or Axis of the Tree as a 99 fold stream of Light. The 99 is significant as being Abraham’s age when he and Sarah rejuvenated, and Sarah became pregnant.

    The 99 also represents, when combined with the 6 Alephs, 105, the 14th Triangular Number (14 letters in each half of the verse), and half the 210 Cubit height of the Great Pyramid.

    The 99 is also symbolic of the 9.9 inch difference between the “traditional” 17.6″ Cubit and the 27.5″ Cubit used in the Great Pyramid. The 17.6″ Cubit was related to the size of our planet in days gone by, 22,000 miles in circumference, matching the 22 letters of the Alphabet.

    Our Moon, diameter 2160 miles, is still calibrated in Miles, to match the 216 letters of the 72 Triplets. But our poor old planet took a bit of a hammering, and “popped out of its jeans” — its waistline expanded, and gravity, as experienced on the Earth’s surface, felt weaker.

    Sarah and Abraham, like the rest of us, were born on a planet where gravity had been weakened, where the ancient cubit, like the mile, was a bit of an anachronism. So they aged faster than their immediate ancestors. Beating that “mangled cubit”, i.e. the damage to the planet, as symbolised by Abraham’s 99 years, was part of the rejuvenation and improved health.

    Add 424, the value of Meshiach Ben David to that 99 Fold String set or stream of light, and we have 2277 plus 424 giving 2701, the value of Genesis 1:1, the description of Creation.

    Those 6 Alephs are spread through creation, and through time, four of them as the Rivers of Eden, and two of them as more direct Divine intervention (another future comment).

  7. The 72 Triplets As A Step Pyramid </h2?
    The three metals used in the Temple(s) on Mt Moriah, and in Moses' Tabernacle, were Copper, Silver and Gold.. The Atomic Numbers of those three metals (the number of protons in the nucleus of the atom), are 29, 47 and 79. Those Atomic Numbers sum to 155.

    We can interpret, or visualise, the 72 Triplets, as a Step Pyramid composed of Rows 1 to 4, and Rows 6 to 9, withe the 5th Row representing three things sitting on, or added to, the pyramid.

    Like a Central American Pyramid having stairways to the top of the pyramid, and a chamber on top of the highest (central) part of the pyramid, we can see the 5th Row as 2 sets of stairs leading up to a central chamber.

    The Central Chamber is Triplets 36 and 37, total value 61 plus 94 for a total of 155, the aum of the Atomic Numbers of Copper, Silver and Gold. The 61 is a possible hint at the 3rd line of the Upper 42 Level Name (value 610).

    The two staircases, Triplets 33 to 35, and 38 to 40, have a total value of 613, a number that is almost synonymous with the Commands in the Torah. The two staircases have individual value of 420 and 193. The 420 has at the least, shades of the 42 Letter Name being used to ascend through the Sephiroth, and the 193 is a permutation of the digits in the 913 value of the first word of the Torah.

    The total value of the 72 Triplets (ignoring final forms of any letters) is 9143. The value of the Step Pyramid (so to speak) and the "Chamber" at the top, (i.e. the whole structure without the 613 value of the "steps/stairs", is 9143 minus 613, a value of 8530.

    The 8530 is a mirror image of 358, the value of Meshiah/Mashiach.

    How much of this is just coincidence. Was there a link between the 72 Triplets engraved on Moses' staff (which probably went back to Adam and Eden) and the "Ziggurats" and step pyramids found in various parts of the world? Babel (as in the Tower of Babel) is spelled out in the first three words of the Torah, in letters Bet and Lamed, which only occur in the first half of the verse.

    Despite the gruesome pagan rituals that eventually went on at or atop pyramids in Central America, were, or are, the ultimate origins of those structures in an attempt to reach something messiah related? In various shapes and forms, the 432 turns up in calendars and in genealogies associated with several ancient cultures

  8. Woven 432 In The 42 Letter Name

    The First two rows of The 42 Letter Name, columns 3 to 6 (the 4 left hand columns) have a value of 932, the same as that of The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil (Etz H’Daat Tov v’Ra )hat, at least, makes those two rows “interesting.

    If we take ositions or columns 1 and 2 in Row 1, and then thread or weave them into Cols 3 to 6 of Row 2, we get a numeric value of 432.

  9. Re The “1833 Mid-point” in the 42 Letter Name

    The first 21 letters in the 42 Letter Name have the value (as per Ezra’s article above) of 1833. The second 21 Letters have a value of 1868.

    So the difference is 868 less 1833, which is 35.

    The 35 is likely to be a pointer at the 35th verse of the Torah, where the usual “Heaven and Earth” word order is flipped. This makes the last word of the verse “Shamayim/Heaven”, thus ending the verse with a Mem. So the Beit at the start of the first verse, and the Mem at the end of verse 35 “wrap” those 35 verses in “42” (Beit = 2, and Mem = 40).

    The “Double thickness” 35th level/layer in the Great Pyramid is linked to this == 175 layers above (with Abraham’s lifespan being 175 years. Counting down from the top, that 35th layer is the 176th level from the top of the Pyramid (as it once “was” when it still had its capstone).

    The 176 inches across/up/backwards in the Tabernacle’s 10 Cubits of size 17.6″ each, is related to this.

    So is our mile of 1760 yards, or 3600 of those same 17.6″ Cubits. This is one of the reasons we have 360 degrees in a circle — because the calculations re degrees around the “pre-flood smallervEarth and distance “on the ground” were relatively simple.

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