The Calendar is for Everyone; The Tree-of-Life will be Open to All.


Many of you will be celebrating an event and lifetime that occurred on Dec 25th 2000 years ago.  Many of you won’t. Many of us celebrated the 25th of Kislev and did our part to bring the light of Moshiach, the messiah, into the world.  All of us, though, are the Sons of Adam.
When the Earth completes 5778 revolutions around the Sun from the birth of Adam, matching its surface temperature of 5778 K degrees  the gates to the Tree-of-Life reality will open. Some of you have asked kabbalistically why the numbers 5778 and the 107 are connected.  It’s indisputable in our base 10 mathematics and our 10 dimensional greater universe that the sum of all the positive integers through 107 = 5778, and that that pattern of summing the integers is important to the structure and composition of the Torah, but what’s the underlying spiritual premise?
Yes, we know the spiritual law that nothing is ever lost and that all energy builds on itself and thus one number gets added to another, but what’s the connection to our lives?
We are all the Sons of Adam.  That specific term in Hebrew is Benei Adam (BNY EDM). Counting from Adam, when the Earth completes its 5778th revolution around the Sun, the Sons of Adam (BNY EDM), of numerical value 107, will be able to open the gates the Tree-of-life reality, the world beyond Illusion.  All the energy of all the generations will be there. It’ll be the year 5778 HC (2018 CE) and if you do the math, exactly 54 generations will have passed.
That works out to 91 years (equivalent to the unified Name of G-d, YEHDVNHY) each for the 26 (YHVH) generations to Moses, implying the lineage from Adam to Moses was one with G-d. Them there were 120 years each for every one since, which may be why the Torah told us Moses lived 120 years and the Zohar told us Moses lived in every generation since.
Remember, these are Moses’ generations, bases on his lifespan, not ours.  We can’t blame G-d that we didn’t eat healthy enough, live healthy enough, or take good enough care of our environment.
The Sons of Israel are those whose souls descended from Jacob and who the Torah numbers as 600,000.  The “Sons of Israel” in Hebrew is Benai Israel (BNY YShREL) of numerical value 603, or 611 with the kolel for the 8 letters.  611 is the gematria of “Torah” for those who possess the souls of sons of Israel are the followers of the Torah.
There is a 3rd group, the Erev Rav, who will try and interrupt the opening of the gates in 5778, but more of them in another article.
As for the Sons of Adam (BNY EDM), you may have noticed that their journey, like all Torah journeys is defined by their first and last letters (MB), or 42, as in the 42-Letter Name of G-d. Moreover, what’s left is NYED, which does not stand for New York Dept of Education, but does permute to EDNY, Adonai, who is the One who guides their journey. Now you know the secret of 107 (MB and EDNY).
And since spiritually every number is inclusive of all that came before it, the Letter Yud is equivalent to 1+2+3..10, or 55, likewise the letter Hey (15), Vav (21), and H (15), again with the kolel for G-d is One (1).  Thus YHVH = (55 +15 +21 +15) + 1 = 107.
As Earth completes its 5778 revolution journey, doing its part in spite of us, and as the Sun burns bright at exactly 5778 K doing its part to sustain us, in spite of ourselves, ask yourself what you are doing to help your soul complete its 42 part, 5778 year journey in time to receive the Tree-of-life reality in 5778 (2018 ce).
Are we doing our part?

3 thoughts on “The Calendar is for Everyone; The Tree-of-Life will be Open to All.

  1. Hello Mr Meiliken! Just purchased your genesis prayer book and am trying hard to use it to create some badly needed miracles – just like we all need. Have good serious a question though:
    I would like to know why I am “flatfooted”. I have the theory that perhaps my earlier progenitors were slaves that were bred to walk on the hot sand like a camel or perhaps swim in the sea. Also in connection to this: Many years back I was visited in the middle of the night by an “alien”, along with some tribe of little blue men who moved amazingly fast. One of them woke me up in the middle of the night jabbing me in the “right foot and toes”, with a wand like instrument and my black girl cat was at my feet swatting at them, hissing with her tail bristled. I woke with a gasp, and the creature shot off “through the wall”. I have all ways wondered what this was about, and I have some faint memories of them in childhood, and have years back also encountered A giant/ mirrored sphere that can travel in a blink of any eye which uses a blue white light for propulsion. Google some photos for the Pleiades star cluster and you’ll see the exact color. Any theory’s or conjectures on what Kabbalah call’s the “Neshiah”? And the long ago night visit? Whom else can I ask? This website said ask about anything so here it really is! Just curious. I be awaiting your answer. Kind regards,
    Adam 8/17/2012 friday 7:47 p.m.

    1. Our world is filled with angels and demons far more than we can imagine or would want to. I suggest saging your your home thoroughly especially the bedroom, every nook and cranny and corner. reciting the Ana B’koach over and over again as you do. Kosher mazuzot are essential if appropriate; someone properly trained should check and affix them for you.

  2. Thank You Mr. Meiliken!
    The Ana B’Koack is a recent discovery, and no more physical visits have occurred in many years. I think it’s all a thing of the past now as I am too old -love your website, you are a darn genius, and please when you get a chance, I’d really like to know about me being flatfooted an why?
    Thanks for your earlier reply, most appreciative and thank you for believing me for something that simply “Happened to me”.
    Thank You and….
    Shalom! Adam f 9:42 p.m. 8/19/2012 sunday

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