The Deepest Secret of Kabbalah; The Deepest Secret of Heaven and Earth.


The Deepest Secret of Kabbalah; The Deepest Secret of Heaven and Earth.

We’ve revealed thousands of deep Kabbalah and Torah secrets so far, all connected to the Tree-of-life reality with the intention of bringing it into our lives. Nevertheless, this secret, while so much simpler than most, is far deeper, and is the only one that can bring real everlasting change to your life.
Though we’ve tackled some tough concepts, this one is the hardest of all to grasp, which goes hand in hand with being the most important. And because on the surface it’s so simple, it’s even harder for us to admit to ourselves that we don’t get it.
As simple as it is and no matter how deep your knowledge of Kabbalah, spirituality, and/or life, if you haven’t achieved it, you didn’t really understand it, because if you had understood the concept, you’d already have everything in life that you say you want.
The secret is that if we do not have something in our life it is only because we do not have the true desire for it.
Since the Creator (Light, universe, life-force, G-d, Hashem) only wants to give (is only capable of giving), if we do not have something, it is 100% because we do not desire it. No matter what we tells ourselves and others, if we don’t have it it’s because we don’t really want it—not in our hearts. And the corollary of that is that whatever we do have in our life is what we do desire, for good or bad.  No matter how much we complain or how miserable or unfair life seems, we asked for it.
We all complain about what’s wrong in our lives and to one extent or another we say that we’re working on changing that, but the bottom line is unless it’s actually changing, what we’re getting is exactly what we’ve subconsciously requested (desired).
Saying it out loud, doing affirmations, going through the motions or praying for it to change doesn’t help either. The only thing that can change our lives is to truly change our desires, and the only way to change our desires is to actively change our lives.  The act of really physically doing something about changing our lives will change them if in our hearts we’ve flipped a switch and truly changed our desires. If not, like weight loss, the efforts will pay off, but only temporarily.
The proof will be in the pudding, because if things don’t change then our true desires really didn’t, and we were only going through the motions. If they do change permanently, it’s because our desires did.
Desire is everything. Qualifications, background, history means nothing. In essence we’re all one soul so we all have the same qualification. President Obama had the true desire nothing more; he had no real qualifications for being President; he had nothing but historic obstacles to overcome; yet here is. Bill Gates, Steven Jobs, Warren Buffett—bright guys all, but there are plenty of smarter guys out there, sitting around complaining about how unfair life is and wishing for a break. Plenty of billionaires at one point or another didn’t have two nickels to rub together, but they had the one thing the rest of us lack: true desire. The honest truth is that none of us have an advantage over the other, except our ability to access the abundance of the universe through our level of desire.
If you weren’t born with a strong enough desire, you are going to have to fight hard to develop one.
We live in the world of action and only actions make a difference. It’s like complaining we don’t like what’s on TV, but refusing to change the channel. On some level we must be content with what’s on the screen; we must have a lack of desire to find something better to watch. Unfortunately, with a TV it’s easy to change the channel, with our inner desires not so easy. We picked the movie and we’re very caught up in it, and we have a vested interest in seeing it through to end, even though we readily admit it’s a very bad movie.
There are a thousand self-help books that will tell you need to change your movie and give you exercises to that effect, but none can help, in the same way that no prayer or person can either unless in your heart you realize that it’s all up to you, that your reality is your illusion. Don’t get me wrong, all those self-help programs are right and on the right track and you’ll do well to follow them, but it’s up to you to motivate yourself to change. No one can desire it for you.
Take what you’re getting from these programs, but take it to heart and really change.
This concept of “true desire” is not a concept we can grasp with our minds, only with our hearts, because it’s easy for our minds to grasp it—the concept is simple—but unless our movie actually changes, we never grasped anything at all; we only thought we did. And the operative word here is “thought,” because that means you were thinking, which means you were using your mind again, not your heart.
If in our heart, the seat of our true desires, we want to change our lives, we can; it’s just a matter of doing something about it physically.
The one prayer that works as G-d’s gift to us to change something in our lives is the Ana B’koach, the 42-Letter Name of G-d, also know as the Genesis Prayer (because it derives from the first 42 letters of the Bible). Nevertheless, even the 42-Letter Name works far better when we are taking an action to help ourselves, and not sitting around meditating. Moreover, not even this powerful prayer can change our desires; that is entirely up to us.  This prayer can change our immediate reality and perception, but no prayer or meditation, no matter how devout can change our desires.
If our desires were real and earnest we’d have no need of prayer. That is the Tree-of-Life reality.
I wish I had a method to offer you as to how to reach into your heart and change those true desires, but I can tell you this: once you master it, there will be nothing in heaven or earth that you can’t achieve. It’s all there for the taking.
The first step, as with any 12-step program—face it, we are addicted to our movies–is admitting to yourself that you have a problem. Next, is admitting to yourself that this life we have with all its troubles and issues is the one we’ve chosen for ourselves. This may be the hardest part, and also why so very few of us can actually take control of our desires and thus change our lives. We must first take responsibility and ownership of our troubles, of our issues, and of our lives in their entirety.

Understand this, if it’s in your life, you planted it there.

Any victim-mentality will only cement our situation. It’s not about understanding, but knowing in our hearts that these troubles and issues that plague us are all of our own doing—we requested (insisted on) each and every one of them, and we reiterate and renew those requests every day.
You cannot do this step intellectually—it must be heartfelt, but not in an emotional tearful woe-is-me sense, but as an epiphany, a true awakening within your heart (not your head). You must get out of your head in order for this to succeed, because everything your head comes up with is an illusion that masks your true spiritual abilities and keeps you stuck. Maybe you’ve heard the expression that Satan (symbolic of the evil inclination) controls us by creating illusions; well, we are our own Satans; we create and solely we create our illusions. It’s all in our heads. Until you stop thinking and start realizing that everything you have you asked for, you cannot start asking for anything better.
That voice in your head telling you all sorts of things is your voice.
And you’re very convincing; you know all the right things to say to yourself. Moreover, it’s not going to stop. You have to stop listening to it; you have to listen to your heart instead.
Think of your desire as a cup, you can only fill it so far and then everything else that comes your way (better income, better relationships, better health) is just wasted. You need to trade in that cup for a much bigger one. Your rational mind is telling you that your cup is just fine; with its vast imagination your mind can fill it thousands times over. Your heart on the other hand, doesn’t have a say in the matter. Your heart (a natural vessel or cup) understands limits, and knows how hard it has to work to keep refilling it.  It knows your cup is too small, but it’s not being consulted.
Your mind is the place of illusion, while your heart is the place physicality.
While the mind thinks lofty thoughts and imagines outrageous fantasies, the heart pumps away, working ceaselessly to keep us alive.  If you can think and act with your heart you will be able to teach your mind a new trick and actually change your life.
You get what you desire. If you truly get this, you will get everything.
When enough of us get this, everyone will, as the collective reality will shift for us all. There is no reason for our collective cup to be so small either.
Our souls are connected by our hearts, not our heads, which is why the tzaddikim (righteous saints) all knew this secret and all implemented it. This is why they were all heart.  Our heads are for scanning the cosmos, spiritual and otherwise, and drawing down information both needed and unnecessary.
When you are connected through your heart you can do great things.
Once you are properly connected through your heart you can put your head in its place. The Rav, like all tzaddikim, is connected by his heart, and thus he can draw information for us all with his head without it being influenced by his personal agenda. The rest of us are connected by our heads, which means our heads tell our hearts what to do, and thus install our personal agendas deeper each time, with each and every thought. It’s no wonder this transference of power is so difficult. It’s a simple concept, but a paradigm shift in how we live and operate. To break free of the illusion and limitations of our minds, we must shut them down long enough for the true longings of our hearts to make themselves known. Then guided by your heart you can swiftly manifest your new increased and improved desires for a better life.
It’s fear that holds you back.
For those that are truly stuck, or who are classic underachievers, it’s fear that’s stopping you from improving your desires. It’s the fear of what you’ll find in your heart. You are afraid to find out what your true desires are. To overcome those fears, you must simply let go of them; they are just tricks of the mind to keep you tied up and stuck in a reality of chaos. It doesn’t matter what you find; any light is good in a world of darkness.
G-d Bless and may each and every one of us reach our true and endless potential.
Good luck and as always, your constructive feedback it very welcome and will be shared.

9 thoughts on “The Deepest Secret of Kabbalah; The Deepest Secret of Heaven and Earth.

  1. were can i sing up to atend. we heard on the radio about teachins of kabbalah, but can find the place were i would sing for a class.

  2. I agree with eva. I have read ‘Power of Kabbala by Berg and I would love to learn more for my journey. I love K,abbala yet know little about it, just: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself’. The rest is mere commentary. Now, I am trying to learn more during this game of life. I have never heard of this Kabbala that; controlled my entire past life of, 68 years. Looking into my past; I was being controlled by the Light of Kabbala and became a warrior for this Light, like a puppet on a string. I was unawares I thought that I was here to be part of/not teach mankind. Mankind has ‘gone away backward!’ Most everything that I found truthful was learned in grades 1-2 in elementary school. I have found that Honesty &Truth must come 1st – to enter any form of afterlife. You must experience life to learn the ways of the Light! Books & the verbal media like TV has always been untruthful. Go outside & learn. Maybe you, too will find the path to the Light! There is no need for Church, Political lawmakers, any of those in Darkness. The Light is always there to protect you. Mankind lives in darkness. It fears! Darkness disappears in the Light. No pastor, nor any Christian in name only will agree. To agree proves that their entire existence has been wrong & sinful to others. How do I find other real people that have reached this stage of enlightenment?

  3. I must add to what I posted above. We are all created by the Light to journey from the darkness. We all seek spiritual transformation, yet, most choose to learn from those that have no knowledge; just papers/degrees/badges. Our elected officials – included! Americans vote for the best liar; not best at the elected job. The seeker of knowledge must walk outdoors to receive the Light from cosmic spirituality. Poly/plastic/whatever? type of clothing will emit (-)negative energy to block the (+)positive energy to enter the body. 100% wool, cotton, flax, etc. is able to transmit this life-giving energy to the body, outdoors. I have not been sick since 1999 – the last flu shot. I no longer catch colds, flu, disease. Besides going outside & walking for 6-8 hours daily causes good blood flow all through the body & future disease is flushed out of the body. If you keep moving; disease, scammers, parasites & other types of city people cannot infect you. They each pray upon a sedentary lifestyle to feed upon; like parasites. That past 99% movement was correct in that the wealthy control mankind through slavery to the good old dollar (god). I am not enslaved/brainwashed/controlled by money. I am me! I am not a carpenter/banker/janitor, etc. Your audio & visual media is merely mind control of mankind – you robot drones of the masses. Wake Up! That asteroid that broke up over Siberia was simply a warning from God. Just as Katrina & the Tsunami were warnings from Mother Earth. Otherworld is becoming vexed, or concerned that mankind is no longer worth the trouble. We have become a cancer to Mother Earth. She will have to cleanse herself. Only 1% may reach the Light. The rest will remain in eternal darkness; just dreaming & wishing for a chance to see the Light. We, all Mankind can reach the Light. However, most would like to scam, rob, tell lies for profit, instead. I would like to find others that have reached this stage of enlightenment & happiness. It is difficult to maintain, but each obstacle that comes your way will take you closer; once you’ve overcome it.

  4. The Buddha said that desire is the cause of man’s suffering. If you can control your desire, you can control your suffering. The Eightfold Noble Path is the way to live, so you can control desire and suffering. Luciferians believe in exalting the desires of the ego, to further mankind. This only can lead to suffering since desire is infinite and unquenchable. It is the path to Hell. The desire always wants more, more, more.

  5. I just can’t agree those with billions or in powerful positions are better than the rest. I can’t accept that those who have a lot of money or prestige know better how to apply the strength of their desires at a higher level than all the rest of us. What if many of them got there through evil or Machiavellic ways? You will never know for sure. People are very different and our desires may go into very many different goals. Not all want to be presidents. Not all want to be zillionaires. Not all want to be powerful but peaceful, humble, have a simple life, travel and experience the world without many material things that would enslave them to them. Desire and being the best at what you want has nothing to do with power and money. Wanting why we believe is the best for our lives and makes as whole is where our desires need to go, not only where others believe is best for us.

    1. What you describe is a simple desire for the self alone, which the majority of people have. It’s not a strong desire; strong desire draws more potent accumulations (material and other). To be the best we can be necessitates a true strong desire, but for the spiritual because that best is determined beyond our realm and vision, not limited by it.

  6. There is actually a mystery about how this post came to me but it did at the exact moment I needed this inspiration and I am grateful I was able to locate it once again and reread it.
    I felt a freedom in my heart. Thank you so very much. And yes it sounds simple to do if you say it fast but I am to task to get my heart to think for me and to still the mind. To be a part of the light in consciousness. And reduce the fears.

  7. What scares me is this kabbalah sayings are true, because a couple years back I didn’t want do something or get something that I wanted until a couple of days later I realized I desire I wanted this something after all it desired it myself and I got it finally, I remember my dad saying pray or he said I’ll pray for you and “I said it’s not if I pray or luck it’s if I want it I’ll get it” idk it’s weird it’s as if I knew about this knowledge already!!!???

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