The Entrance; A Step Forward and Upward.


The article picks up our series about Joseph’s Pyramid and its connection to the Future Holy Temple, which we left off late last year (2009).  In it, we illustrated a possible design connection to the 6 sefirot (dimensions) of Zeir Anpin (the spiritual linkage between the upper world and our world as defined by the Tree-of-Life) with the placement of the extra wide 50-inch masonry band at the pyramid’s 35th level. It split the pyramid neatly into 1/6th and 5/6th of its height, which itself is a reference to relationship between the Hebrew letters Vav (V) of numerical value 6 and the letter Hei (H) of numerical value 5, the two final letters in the Tetragrammaton (YHVH), which, as we’ve discussed previously, are at the core of both the pyramid and certainly the Holy Temple.
If we apply that same split to the width of the pyramid’s base, 330 cubits, we’d have 55 cubits and 275 cubits respectively. And while 275 corresponds to the full value of the 4 expanded aspects of the Tetragrammaton (YHVH) from which the holy cubit (27.5 inches) derives (see previous articles about the holy cubit for details), 275 is also 10 times 27.5, a reflection of the full 10 sefirot (dimensions) in their completion.
So knowing that the number 55 (twice 27.5) may play a part in the design structure of Joseph’s Pyramid. Let’s revisit the secret entrance to the pyramid, which is exactly 55 feet off the ground.
First of all, as we recently did with teh Washington Monument’s base of 55 ft wide and its capstone of 55 ft high, let’s note the wonderful symmetry of 55 ft being the exact square root of the the pyramid’s base perimeter, 3025 feet. Obviously, this was no design fluke, any more than it was with the Washington Monument. Nor was it a fluke that the base of the pyramid’s South side, 756.25 feet, is also the exact square of the 27.5 inch cubit, in other words:

Holy cubit = 27.5 inches

Holy cubit x Holy cubit in inches = (27.5 x 27.5) = 756.25 = Pyramid Base in ft


756.25 x 4 sides = 3025 = Pyramid Perimeter = 552

And Holy cubit + Holy cubit = (27.5 + 27.5) = 55

Or alternatively

55/2 = 27.5.

The secret entrance to the pyramid lies 55 ft straight up the steep highly polished face of the pyramid and was hidden by a massive hinged stone door, seamless and flush to the face. It guarded the secret entrance for thousands of years, and was never actually revealed beyond a need-to-know basis. This is why in 820 CE, Caliph Al Mamoun had to blow a hole in the side of the pyramid in order to open it  to the world.  He found no gold inside, nor even a King’s mummified body. Indeed, no artifacts or bodies were ever concealed or found within the great pyramid.  All the secrets were locked within its measurements and unlocked by knowing the measure of the Holy Cubit, itself only recently revealed.
Today, with the magnificent multi-ton casing stones stripped away by earthquakes, time, and urban planners who used them to build mosques in Cairo, we can see and metaphysically enter the Pyramid the proper way.  What we find first is that on the 19th level of the masonry, 55 ft up, and 24 ft off center from the Pyramid’s exact central axis, is the proper gabled entrance to the Pyramid, with the Tetragrammaton (YHVH) engraved above it, the true guardian of the secrets.
Of course, 55 feet being exactly equal to 24 cubits is just another bit of beautiful symmetry incorporated into its design. And this symmetry connects us to the Future Holy Temple, which is the whole reason we’re writing about the pyramid and may be the real reason the pyramid was constructed in the first place.  In a subsequent article  we’ll explain the reason that the upper platform of the Future Holy Temple’s centrally located Alter measures 24 x 24 cubits and telescopes down to a base of 32 x 32 cubits.  For now, let’s just note that they are connected.  Don’t forget, that since 24 cubits = 55 feet, the upper platform of the centrally located Alter of the Future Holy Temple measures 55 ft x 55 ft.
Which means that the mysteriously dimensioned Washington Monument of base 55 ft x 55 ft would fit seamlessly atop the Alter of the Future Holy Temple.  We can ask ourselves why? Why does this Egyptian Obelisk at the center core of the US power base connect to the Great Pyramid in Egypt, at the exact center of the world’s land mass, and why is it designed to fit snugly atop the Alter at the exact center of the Future Holy Temple, the nexus point connecting our world and the spiritual one.
As we’ll explain in future articles the final gate to the Holy of Holies is the Gate of 42, all the other Gates of the Future Holy Temple being a full 50 cubits in height.  But for now, lets just note that 50 cubits = 1375 inches, and not only does the last 3 lines of the Holy 42-Letter names of G-d (Ana B’koach) sum (906+230+239) numerically to exactly 1375, but

The pyramid’s base/the Washington Monument base = 756.25/55 ft = 13.75


the pyramid’s base/it’s entrance height = 756.25/55 ft = 13.75

And half a cubit = 27.5/2 = 13.75 inches

Briefly, the measure of the 50 cubits is its connection to the 50 gates of Binah, the upper spiritual dimension of Understanding, and should be noted if one wants to use the last three lines of the Ana B’koach as a gateway.  This is also an allusion to the 50-year jubilee period that the Torah commands us to count.
As for the hidden entrance 55 ft up being on the 19th level of the pyramid is not so surprising to those initiated to its secrets, or entrusted to keep its secrets.  As the kabbalists well knew back then 55 is numerically in Hebrew represented by the letters Nun (50) and Hei (5) and the ordinal value of Nun (14) and Hei (5) together sum to 19.  Meanwhile, it was also well know that the two Letters Hei (H) of the YHVH were both gateways and while the lower Hei(H), representing the world of Malchut, maintains its value of 5, the upper Hei(H), representing Binah rises to the level of 50. Together, they are 55.  The secret to all this is found in Genesis 42:2, when Jacob tells his sons to go down to Egypt, and thus begin the 210 years of exile there.   I will explain this in another brief article shortly, for now, please just note that the verse begins with the Hebrew word Hineh (HNH) containing the 2 gates (HH) and the (NH).
Given the spiritual importance of  Alter of the Future Holy Temple, and of any  entrance, it’s not so surprising the the pyramid’s entrance was hidden 55 feet high, especially with what we know (and will reveal in subsequent articles) about the advanced scientific knowledge programmed into the pyramid’s dimensions.
Nevertheless, before we actually enter the pyramid we should ask what the simple connection is between: the pyramid’s capstone being 32 ft x 32 ft; and the Future Temple’s Alter being 32 cubits x 32 cubits at its base; also with the Alter’s summit platform being 55 ft x 55 ft; and the base of the entire pyramid being 55/2 ft x 55/2 ft; and with the entire pyramid’s base perimeter (3025 ft) also being 55 ft x 55 ft.
Basically what’s the deeper, spiritual, connection between 32 and 55?

It’s Kavod, G-d’s Glory.

The numerical value of Kavod (KBVD) is 32 and when you add its ordinal value you get 55, so both these figures were intertwined into the pyramid’s structure to represent the Glory of G-d,.
The great Pyramid never stood for some Egyptian Pharoah, who never occupied the Pyramid. When Al Mamoun blasted his way in and the 3 gigantic granite plugs were remove from the ascending passage, all the chambers were empty–no pharaoh, no retinue, no gold, no hieroglyphics, nor any carvings of any kind, just lots of secret knowledge hidden in the pure numerical dimensions.
That’s not to say there was no power there, just none tied to pagan gods of beliefs.
Shabbat Shalom

3 thoughts on “The Entrance; A Step Forward and Upward.

  1. Please, can you explain the difference or the identity of:
    Kavod (32), the divine glory, some say it comes also from an artificial egyptian-jewish word Kwoth (K-O-O-Th = 432) (432 – 32 = 400 = Tav) and
    Shekinah (385) a kind of letter-permutation of Ha-Nachasch and a number permutation of Nachash (358) oder Moshiach (358)?
    Is both meaning “Presence” of God like “Parousie” and where should the presence in 2018 be? In the Tabernacle or in Malkuth, the whole earth or possibly where in the body?
    432 – 385 = 47
    432 – 358 = 74
    Please note: the christian calender starts on April-Seven of the astronomical year 0,
    with spring-fullmoon. Their Messias Jesus is born on 24.12/25.12., this is day 358 in the year since 1.1.
    He is created on 25.3. => 253 => 235 following 358 and 8-5-13 to Phi and evolution.
    HC starts exactly half a year later from 7.4. to 7.10. (-3760) fullmoon to newmoon.
    From 0 to 3760 = 80 x 47! (47 is silver and moon, because 38 years are 470 fullmoons)

    1. We shouldn’t permute the digits in a word to get another word–while it might be reveling to us, it leaves too much open to interpretation. And I wouldn’t look to Egypt as a source for Biblical words that were written in the Torah much early. What you write though is very interesting as always. Are you suggesting JC was born on the 359th day of the Western calendar? What was the Hebrew date for that year? Did 4/7 correspond to the 1st of Nissan?

  2. First of Nissan in the year 0 corresponds with 25.3.0, the date, when Jesus was procreated. Born 25.12.0 (1 BC)
    4/7 = 7.4. corresponds with Sunday, Anno Mundi 5200 BC (-5199) and 5.4.0 with Sunday -5500. On both dates was Fullmoon.
    Dear Jeffrey,
    please, don´t look at a historic man called Jesus. Nobody knows or can be sure, if he really existed.
    The point is, what “they” have done with the idea of this person in the calender, so that Christians can call him Messias or Son of G-d.
    It was sureley computed in a wonderful cabbalistic way, with view of the coming Moshiach in 2018. (2016 up to 2018)
    I am absolutely sure, that jewish computists were important part of this unbelieveble calender-construction.
    Jesus was divided in 3 parts: Body, Soul and Mind (Cross, suncircle and moon), what cabbalists call Nephesch, Ruach and Neschamah.
    They constructed procreation and birth over 3 years from -1 (Mind) over 0 (Soul) to +1 AD (Body) and, this ist very heavy to understand or to believe, from the beginning on, in the gregorian (GC) and in the julian calender (JC).
    GC was constructed male and JC female, because 7-4 (0 AD) is 2 x 37. In greek gematria ist 37 Zoe (= Eve) and the same date gregorian is 5-4-0 (4.5.0), means Adam.
    The difference ist 2 days or 2 digits for the same day in the first century between GC and JC, because, GC was calibrated to JC from 1.3.200 up to 28.2.300 AD.
    Birth of his Neschamah was on Newmoon 28.8.-1 JC = 30.8-1 GC = “1.1.3760 HC” = 1.1. egyptian calendar.
    Procreation of Ruach was on Wednesday, Fullmoon, 5.4.0 GC (7.4.0 HC) to 6.4.0 (8.4.0)
    6 o´clock in the evening. Wednesday was created sun and moon.
    He came from AYN = 0 = 61. So he was born in the circle of Kether in the same everlasting year on 6.1.0 (later romans said Epiphanie)
    He started in 0-AYN on 6.1.-2 + 273 days to 6.10.-2 (AYN) + 273 days to 6.7.-1 (AYN SOPH) + 274 days to 5.4.0 (AYN SOPH AUR) according to Argumentum XV of Dionysius Exiguus, the inventer of the christian calender. All together he was on Journey throug the 3 Parts or AYN 820 days including the Leop year 0, that means 820 : 3 = 273,3 or 4 : Pi.
    Minutes after his birth on 5.4.0 into Kether, exactly in the evening from 5.4.0 to 6.4.0, he was procreated again and then born in same circle on 6.1.0 (AYN again). All this happened in the gregorian calender.
    In this year fall 1.7.3760 HC (1. Nissan) on 25.3.0. This is a mirror-conception.
    Procreation of his Nephesch (Body) was in roman way on Sunday, Fullmoon, 25.3.1 GC (27.3.1 JC)
    Birth on 25.12.1 AD. But some say, it was on 25.3.1 BC.
    The idea was:
    Fullmoon 5.4. -1313 JC Exodus
    Fullmoon 25.3. -1312JC Moses on Sinai
    -313 or – 312: Tables lost
    Fullmoon 5.4.0 GC Procreation of Jesus Ruach as son of God
    Fullmoon 25.3. 1 GC Procration of Jesus Nephesch as son of God
    +312 or 313 Christianity by Cesar Constantin accepted.
    Fullmoon 5.4.2000 JC, Preparing of Moshiach (mirror: 5.4.-1313 JC => 5.4.0 GC => 5.4.2000 JC)
    Newmoon instead of Fullmoon (the Mirror: Christians-Jews: 5.4.0 => 7.10.-3760) on 7.4.2016 GC = 25.3.2016 JC !!!
    2000 AD = 5760 JC
    5760 : 11000 (Half of Creation) = 144 : 275 = Pi : 6 = Phi-square : 5 = 0,5236 cm = Royal Cubit and Cheops-Masses.
    Hillel II made HC according to Hai Gaon in the year 358 = Moshiach.
    The most important reason for 3760 = 0 AD ist the factor 47 and the future.
    HC should not have begun on Newmoon, Monday, 7.10.-3760 but on Saturday, Newmoon, 7.9.-3760. This is the mirror between HC, GC and JC.
    GC, in reality, is much older than 1582. This date was planned long time in advance.
    1582 ist a permutation of 182,5, the half year, like 26 => 52 weeks and JHVH.
    The group of very high enlightend Cabbalists were called “Sosigenes”, that means obviously: Bara-Shit (Sosi = Shit and Genes = Bara), the 6-Makers or the calender-makers.
    Please excuse my bad english, and thank you very much for your impressive and high inspiring words!

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