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There have been several major revelations since L’ag B’Omer this year, the final one, which will be revealed in part 3 of this 3 part article, is the linchpin that explains the entire divine calendar and the trinity.
Seven weeks ago on L’ag B’Omer, May 3rd, the 33rd day of the Omer, a wound opened up in the world and the planet began to bleed. What began as a trickle has become a raging torrent and rivers of molten fire are surging from the gaping wounds as pillars of fire and ash rise skyward. Volcanos around the world are not new nor infrequent, and neither are earthquakes, but nothing is as it seems.
Whatever we think we know about the world we know from a centralized consortium of media that are designing that world around us. Like being engulfed in a novel, movie, or virtual reality game, we willingly except the fantasy as real and willing let someone else build it for us.  Our minds and senses are built to accept it, not to question.  That is the Matrix choice.  That is the difference of the two trees of Gan Eden. If you really think the news you receive is independently generated, click on this video composite below.

Have you ever wondered what is the purpose of our existence?
It is simple, but we need to overcome the limitations of our own minds first; the limitations of the knowledge of good and evil.  The purpose of our existence is to break through the barriers of our reality. That is the only thing holding us back since the window of Mashiach opened for us this year.  However, before we can do that we must first be able to see our so-called reality for the illusion that it is. We must first see the prison guards before we can get past them.
In spite of all that we have already uncovered about the unfathomable symmetry of the physical dimensions of our solar system; the divinely designed nature of our mathematical constants, our calendar, the structure of time; and the profound depth and beauty in the design of the Torah I still marvel at the profundity and preponderance of the illusions to be discovered all around us.  On May 23rd, I noticed that there were several large earthquakes, all between 4.2-5.6 on the Richter scale and all at exactly 10K in depth. While there are 100’s of small earthquakes every day, these stood out for their similar size, for their being the exact same depth, and more importantly because they were all in a straight line (same latitude) around the planet from Indonesia to Venezuela to Panama to the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.  Earthquakes usually happen at fault lines where the tectonic plates meet, and these may have, but they also occurred at an artificially drawn ring around out planet.There would be more such quakes that day, about 23 in total, all around the globe, all within those dimensions and at that same 10K depth, yet most of the rest were no longer in that tight ring around the planet that had occurred within a couple hours of each other.  Most days since then there have been a couple such quakes, some days many of them. When I researched why earthquakes would occur at that particular 10K depth, I discovered that back in 2010 may forums were asking the same questions. That is when the United States Geological Survey, a government agency, posted a bulletin saying that when an earthquake’s depth is unknown due to a lack of nearby monitoring stations they post “10K” as the depth.  The forum died down, but several people remained skeptical, as was I.  Some of these quakes were repeated in the same exact location day after day, others close to major population areas, even in Europe Japan and the US, so why 8 years later have they still not gotten around to placing seismographs there? Is seems farfetched, given that even in the remotest of locations on the planet they can simultaneously determine even the slightest of quakes from .1 to 500+ kilometers beneath the Earth’s surface to within a 1/10 of a kilometer.  There are other reasons to make their assertion seem ridiculous and appear to be an absurd attempt to cover something up, but what?
Some speculate that it has to do with aiding oil production, especially fracking, some far speculate far more sinister things. I have no idea. All I know is that if I could see through it, so has every nation on earth and thus they must all be cahoots in the cover up, for whatever reason.  After all, there must be a logical reason that a spec of an island off the coast of Madagascar (Pamandzi, Mayotte) has an international airport with daily flights all over the Mid-East, and that it is also the recipient of at least 20 of these very particular quakes every month.
My purpose is not to find yet another conspiracy to point at the Deep State, the later day Erev Rav; it is only to illustrate that nothing is what we think it is.  The illusions are all around us. The real question we should be asking is what are the illusions covering up.  What is behind the smoke and mirrors?
People ask me every day where is the promised light? It is so unfortunate that in this illusionary world our most important task is to find the light amongst the darkness.  Spiritually, that was much easier 3330 years ago.  Today, the darkness is not only pervasive it is going supernova, blinding us in all directions, blinding us everywhere we look. It is always darkest before dawn, yet in this case the darkness is so intense it appears to us as light, completely obscuring the real light and forcing more and more of us to turn our backs to the light.
Unity, the key to it all, is all but impossible, as most of us have been living so long under a false narrative. Entire generations have now been born into it.  So many of them wont even look up from their devices to touch reality; what kind of perspective can they possibly have? So much of what we wholeheartedly believe to be real has been carefully created for us, guiding us, one and all, towards a cliff we cannot see.  We wrote how AI (artificial intelligence) was being integrated into all our systems, leaving less room every day for human consciousness, dulling our brains.  It is a hard task to overcome our nature with our brains fully alert, nearly impossible with them on auto-pilot.  That was two months ago, now we are hearing stories everyday where people are having conversations in front of their phones and other electronic devices and being sent targeted advertisements based on those personal verbal conversations. Have you ever had a private conversation you would not want the world to know? It is well known that the security agencies, and thus hackers too, can remotely turn on the cameras built into your TV and computer.  Have you ever done anything in front of those devices you would not want to be seen around the world.  So if they are data-mining all our daily conversations they have to be processing and amassing a mindbogglingly enormous amount of information.  That would take numerous stadium size warehouses of servers.  And those would have to be hidden in hardened facilities, which would take enormous logistical resources just to hide them from the public, let alone build and operate them.  It would also take trillions of dollars.
We could tell you where that money came from and you would not like it, but that is not point either. We must all wake up quickly.   Hopefully, the next two articles in this series will spike our brain activity and shake us awake. This is the year of Moshiach, but like the duality of the 9th of Av, it is also the year of satan, his final year. All will be explained in the next two articles.
B’H we will all soon be able to see the light that shines from the true reality.