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The 4 Faces of the Merkabah

In the Hebrew year 3332 HC the prophet Ezekiel had one of the most profound visions ever recorded. The Western Divine Calendar analogue to that date is (2448 + 3332) = 5780 or the year 2020 CE, when Man played G-d and recombined the DNA of the 4 sorted sets or Kingdoms.

There is much speculation and interpretation of the prophet Ezekiel’s important vision of the Merkabah in Ezekiel Chapter 1.  The Zohar and many other kabbalistic texts theorize about it in detail, but now we are ready for an even deeper understanding.  When we use the Hebrew letters as a cosmic interface we get to peer beyond our world and into the design of the universe, elevating us much closer to the Source.

Everything gets revealed in its time. It is a process. Much had to be revealed, absorbed, and understood before we were ready for the next step. The last step in the path to enlightenment that we took was called the Great Step. It was hidden and sealed up deep in the heart of the Great Pyramid.  The Pyramid taught us about Cosmic geometry and the interconnection between that geometry, the radiance of the Primal Frequency, and the 4 sets of the 112 Essential Triplets or Tetrahedra that guided Creation.  Without this process there is no way to understand the workings of the Merkabah.

To understand the significance of the Great Step we must first understand yet another aspect of geometry and algebra, the parabola. The general formula for parabolic mirror along the X-axis is Y2 = 4ax and the main property of the parabolic mirror is that all rays or vectors that hit it will bounce off at the exact same angle that they hit it at and that they will all converge on the same focal point (F).

This is how our flashlights, headlights, telescopes, parabolic antennae, and radio telescopes work.

The Entrance Passage and Ascending Passage both enter and exit at the exact same Phi (φ)2 angle, meaning that a beam of light bounding through the Entrance Passage and hitting a virtual or even actual parabolic mirror would bounce off it, travel through the Ascending Passage and Grand Gallery and directly hit the Great Step as a focal point, right on the central vertical axis of the Pyramid.  Conversely, the energy gathered within the Pyramid and projected into the central Great Step would reflect outward through the Passage System and out into the universe through the Entrance Passage in harmony with the Phi (φ)2 angle.

A full study of the design of the Merkabah involves the Tetrahedra and the 14-sided cuboctahedron along with the 13 packed spheres by which it is formed. For today, we will begin with one aspect of Ezekiel’s vision.  What first must be understood is the cryptic way the prophets were taught. Whether the vision was by day or by night the message conveyed barely resembles what was shown to them. Neither was it something that they could rationally decipher. Anything conveyed in the hyperdimensions cannot be understood in our world any more than a shadow of a projection of a projection could be, so it is taught on a level that only their consciousness could grasp.  The visions are just stories pieced together by their lower dimensional minds.  The prophets were and are chosen for their rare ability to connect with their consciousness, a perception that most of us lack. The more attached we are to physicality the more difficult that perception becomes.  So, when they convey their visions to us, they do so in terms of what they saw, not what they perceived, which often takes time to unfold.

In his vision the 4 faces or 4 sides of the faces are that of a Man (אדם), a Lion (אריה), an Ox (שור), and an Eagle (נשר). We have learned a few tools to open specific windows onto that perception. Regardless of any other meanings and intentions, when filtered through the Cosmic Interface, Man (אדם) has a value of 45 and was named for the concept of 45; Lion (אריה) is 216; Ox (שור) is 506; and Eagle (נשר) is 550 with an ordinal value of 55. With all that we have learned so far it is now obvious to us that these 4 shadows represent the 45 letters of the 15 Triplets of the Shema; the 216 letters of the 72 Triplets; the 506 alludes to the 14 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name through its first line (אבגיתצ) of numerical value 506 and likewise through its last 4 letters (וצית); and the 550 refers to the 550 value of the 11 initials (כחבדחגתנהימ) of 11 sefirot of the Tree of Life, the sum of the 11 generations, and the 4 final letters (תךץם) of “The Path of the Tree-of-Life” that allude to the 11 Triplets of Bereshit. The 4 anthropomorphic faces are thus the 4 sets of the 112 Essential Triplets or 112 Tetrahedra.

The Essential Triplets begin as Tetrahedra. The shape of each Tetrahedral Triplet is that of a 3-sided pyramid with a triangular base. On each of the 3 faces there is a letter and on the base triangle there is a Triplet comprised of those 3 letters in a specific order. The same holds true for the 3 base vertices and the oppositional vertex or apex point that contains the Triplet.

The 6 edges of the Tetrahedra unfold into the 6 dimensions of Zeir Anpin that form the 6 directions/faces of the Magical Essential Cube of 42.  In other words, the Tetrahedra contain the seeds of the formation of Zeir Anpin and are on the level of Zeir Anpin unfolded.

In their geometric or Tetrahedral form, the Triplets can align and thus combine with one another based on the angle or perception that they are being viewed. For example, within the 42-Letter Name Matrix, the 14 Tetrahedra can align so that a higher-dimensional viewer can see (perceive) only one side or edge at a time. If that side or edge were that of the 14 Triplets final letters, they would see 14 paired letters.

They would also see that the first pair (גץ) has a sofit value of 903, as in the 42nd Triangular Number, the sum of the first 42 integers; the 4th pair (רג) has a value or 203 as in the first Triplet (ברא) in the Torah;  the 5th pair (עב) equals 72; the 6th pair (לק) equals 130, as in Mt Sinai and sulam (ladder); and the final pair is Tav (תו). They would further see and understand that the sum of the consecutive 2nd and 3rd pairs equals (120 + 304) = 424, as in Moshiach Ben David, Moshiach Consciousness. Also, the consecutive 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th pairs equals (93 + 120 + 304 + 203) = 720, as in the 720 lights of the 72 Triplets and the sum of their 72 square roots, 720.0. They would also know that the 3rd, 6th, and 6th sets of pairs equals (304 + 72 + 130) = 506, as in the first row of the 42-letter Name Matrix and the special 3 letters in the Ox (שור). Furthermore, it would be apparent to them that while the 1st and 5th pairs (93 + 72) equal 165, the small gematria0 total of the 42-Letter Name Matrix and the scored bisection of the Great Pyramid, the final 3 consecutive letters (געק) in the 4th, 5th, and 6th lines equal 173, the standard small gematria of the same 42-Letter Name Matrix.

In our studies, we have seen the 14 Triplets of the 42-letter Name Matrix in hundreds of other wondrous perspectives, connecting it to everything from Pi (π), Phi(φ), the Fine Structure Constant, the radiant Phi (φ) 137.5o angle of the Primal Frequency of the aether, the Gates of the Holy Temple, all the Matriarchs, the radiance of the 1820 YHVH of the Torah in the Path of One (1), and so much more.  Perhaps, this is what Rav Brandwein meant when he said that it is through “the understanding of the 42-Letter Name that the Geula (final redemption) will be brought about,” because when our perception is elevated to the level of a prophet so are we.

 וּדְמוּת פְּנֵיהֶם, פְּנֵי אָדָם, וּפְנֵי אַרְיֵה אֶל-הַיָּמִין לְאַרְבַּעְתָּם, וּפְנֵי-שׁוֹר מֵהַשְּׂמֹאול לְאַרְבַּעְתָּן; וּפְנֵי-נֶשֶׁר, לְאַרְבַּעְתָּן.

“And the likeness of their faces was the face of a man, and the face of a lion was on their right, to the four of them, and the face of an ox to their left, to the four of them, and the face of an eagle [was] to the four of them.” (Ezekiel 1:10)

The word used in this verse and in its prior verses for the “four of them (אַרְבַּעְתָּ֔ם)” has a sofit value of 1273, as in the Cosmic Harmonic (1.273), the design built into our world that squares the circle or that gives 4 faces to the circle, the sphere, the sefira.  The word for faces understood by Ezekiel and the kabbalists is parzufim (פרצופים) and it has a numerical value of 506, as in the Ox (שור) and as in the first line of the 42-Letter Name or 14 Triplets. It is also the sum of the first 11 integers squared (12 + 22112) as in the 11 sefirot in the Tree-of-Life.

All this was understood by Ezekiel though he lacked the words to express it in the terms that we can understand today thanks to the explanations of our predecessors, kabbalistic and scientific, and of our years of study. He also lacked permission, as it was not the appropriate time.  Perhaps now that Man came up with mRNA-1273 it is the right time.

As we know, the 112 Triplets predated the design of the Torah and our world. The set of the 14 Triplets also known as the 42-Letter Name was converted into the first 42 letters of the Torah.  Simplistically, we can envision that conversion as 42 wheels on a combination lock, each engraved with 22 Hebrew letters, and when we turn those 42 dials to just the right combination, all the gates open, except the 3 dials that never turned.  Those 3 associated letters never changed: the 8th, 18th and 40th of the 42.  Those 3 letters are the Shin(ש), Resh(ר) and Vav(ו), which form the 32nd of the 72 Names(ושר), as in the 32 Paths of Wisdom and the 322 numerical values in the Torah.

They also permute into the Hebrew word for Ox (שור), as in one of the 4 faces,parzufim (פרצופים), of the Merkavah.  Conveniently, we find all 3 of those letters through their associated ordinal values (#21, #20, and #6) forming a triangle on the (rear) face of the Magic Essential Cube of 42. Collectively, the 3 letters have the numerical value of 506, as in the complete value (424 + 82) of Moshiach Ben David, or Moshiach Consciousness.

The other oddity in the conversion of the 42-Letter Name into the first 42 letters of the Torah is the skipping of a specific letter Hei (ה), the second Hei (ה) of (היתה), the 37th letter of the Torah, of numerical value 5, which because we have studied and learned of the significance of the concept of 37 at the core of our DNA and the 20 amino acids takes on new meaning.  This is the gateway.  The value 5 and thus the letter Hei (ה) is also found in front of the Shin (ש) on the same face as the Ox (שור) on the Magic Essential Cube of 42, spelling out “The Ox (השור).”

And out of the midst thereof came the likeness of four living creatures. And this was their appearance: they had the likeness of a man. (Ezekiel 1:5)

The word Ezekiel used for living creatures is Chayiot (חַיּוֹת) of numerical value 424, is that of Moshiach Ben David, whose complete value is 506. The milui or spelled out Names in Moshiach Ben David (מם־שין־יוד־חית־בית־נון־דלת־ויו־דלת) naturally have 424 as the value of their initials, while the 9 names of the letters have 1750 as their final letters, as in the net value (1998248) of the Torah’s first 5 words when Abraham (אברהם), the first Man in the Torah, is isolated.

And yet when our perspective shifts and we see the middle letters in these 9 names or Tetrahedra that spell out Moshiach Ben David and see that they equal 112, as in the 112 Essential Triplets, that we begin to understand.  Moreover, while the ordinal sofit value of the 26 letters is 330, as in the base of the Great Pyramid, their atbash (reverse alef-bet) gematria is 1273.

Does this mean that Ezekiel knew that the SARS-CoV-2 S protein would have 1,273 amino acids or that Moderna would begin filing patents on the mRNA-1273 in 2017, have their final patent for mRNA-1273 filed in June 2019, and officially began clinical human testing on Feb 25, 2020 all before the WHO and CDC had declared Covid-19 to be an issue, and long before anyone else had even sequenced the spike protein? It may have been a lucky guess seeing as no other corona virus spike protein had 1273 amino acids, but it was not a coincidence.

No, Ezekiel would not have known that, but the Creator would have, which is why Ezekiel’s vision is more relevant to us than to any other generation. Ezekiel would not have understood the meaning of the number 1273 or known that the Torah’s 5 main quantitative elements (words, letters, verses, rows, and columns) totaled 401273 or 248,000φ as we do today but he would have understood the image of a 4-sided square circumscribing a circle, a square boxing in and defining life from 4 sides.

And I saw the living beings, and behold, one wheel [was] on the ground beside the living beings for its four faces. (Ezekiel 1:15)

The wheel (אוֹפַ֨ן) or circle has a numerical value of 137, the same as kabbalah, meaning “to receive” and parallel, which Ezekiel would have known. It is also the non-dimensional Fine Structure Constant or the strength between charged particles and electro-magnetic radiation, which only means something to our generation, and to the Creator who gave him his vision.

A Virtual Cube

And every one had four faces, and every one of them had four wings. (Ezekiel 1:6)

It takes 6 Tetrahedra to form a cube and/or 6 pyramids. Using the Magic Essential Cube of 42 as our 5th Element of Creation and the focal point of the 112 Essential Triplets of Creation, we see that we can form 6 internal pyramids within the Cube by connecting the 4 corners of any face to the number 14 at the central core of the Magic Essential Cube. Each of the faces, parzufim (פרצופים), of the Cube would represent a different face of the Merkavah and a different set of the 112 Essential Triplets, much as the 8 corners of the Magic Essential Cube of 42 add up to 112.

The 6 pyramids fit seamlessly together. The total numerical value of all 6 pyramids is 420.  The sum of the 24 corners of the 6 pyramids is 336, as in the 336 letters in the 112 Triplets. Meanwhile, the sum of the 6 times that the ordinal position 14 was used as their apexes is 84, as in Pad (פד), redemption, and as in the fusing of the Upper and Lower 42-Letter Names, as also explained by Rav Brandwein of blessed memory.

The square bases of the 4 outward facing pyramids are the 4 faces of the vision and their 4 sloped triangular pyramid faces are their wings, 4 to a side.

If we were to form internal pyramids within the cube by connecting the 4 corners of any face to the antipodal point at the center of the opposite face, they would form 6 crisscrossing pyramids with a 6-pointed star in the middle, like the cuboctahedron. When we add those 6 pyramids, they too equal 420. The sum of the 24 corners of the 6 pyramids is still 336, as in the 336 letters in the 112 Triplets, and the sum of the 6 antipodal points (21,25,7,3,1,27) that were used as their apexes is 84, as in Pad (פד), redemption, as in the fusing of the Upper and Lower 42-Letter Names.

The Magic Essential Cube of 42 in our world exists only in a dimensionless or virtual state, but if we were to give it proportions whereby each of the 6 pyramids that are fitted together would be of the same dimensions as the Great Pyramid, each edge would be 330 cubits long, and since their height would be 420 cubits, the necessary overlap in the center would be a cube of 90 cubits per side, housing a sphere of 90 cubits diameter for the central 14th position, as in King (90) David (14), David Melech at the center of Spherical Time.  The (210165) = 45 cu times 2 overlap in the center matches that of the 2 hands of the clockface in the bottom of the Pyramid, the 45 cu radius of the central sphere, and the face of Man (45) in the vision.

And out of the midst thereof came the likeness of four living creatures. And this was their appearance: they had the likeness of a man. (Ezekiel 1:5)

This is like when we use the Cosmic Harmonic (1.273) upon the circle of Moshiach Consciousness (424), and the square becomes (424 x 1.273) = 541, Israel, whose current land area is 11,466 square miles, or exactly 90 sq miles, or (2 x 45) less than the 11,556 years Spherical Time bubble diameter. It is also like the value of the 72 Names in the 4th iteration or the milui of the milui of the milui for Moshiach Ben David, 11,456, whose square root is 107.0, like the 107th Triangular Number, 5778, the Spherical Time radius and Event Horizon. That 11,456 value for the 4th generation when divided by its original 424 equals 27.01, as in the 2701 value of the Torah’s first verse.

This in turn is like when we read in Exodus 34:7 in the 13 Attributes that the sins of the parents are extended for 4 generations and when that concept is reiterated in the 10 Commandments regarding idol worship in Exodus 20:5.

“…extending kindness to the thousandth generation, forgiving iniquity, transgression, and sin—yet not remitting all punishment, but visiting the iniquity of parents upon children and children’s children, upon the third and fourth generations.” (Exodus 34:7)


“You shall not bow down to them or serve them. For I, YHVH, your God am an impassioned God, visiting the guilt of the parents upon the children, upon the third and upon the fourth generations of those who reject Me,” (Exodus 20:5)

Collectively, the numeric value of the 4 sets of the Essential Triplets and their generated 27 positions of the Magic Essential Cube average out to exactly (3003 + 3701 + 9143 + 1118 + 27)/4 = 4248 and thus they are (4 x 4248) or 4 times the set of the 22 Names of the 22 letters of the Alef-bet, the 4 faces.

Using the hypothetical Sun Pyramid or the matching physical Great Pyramid as a virtual guide for the dimensions of the dimensionless Magic Essential Cube of 42 allows it to align with the Primal Frequency (27.5 Hz) as the 27 letters harmonically combine to give structure to our universe. It also gives the Essential Cube a volume of 3303 and its central cube a volume of 903 or 729000, like the second line (729) of the 42-Letter Name Matrix and the Fine Structure Constant (1/137 = .0729…). Together, they equal 36666000, as in the cumulative quotients of both Primal Frequencies (1.1 Hz and 27.5 Hz) applied to the value 278, that of Ohr Haganuz, the Light of Moshiach. Moreover, the Source or Singularity 42 times the Fine Structure Constant minus the coupling constant) or (42/αg) = (42/137.03599.302822131) = .0036666… = 11/3000 as in the 11 sefirot of the 3 column (3-dimensional) Tree-of-Life.

The 4th Day

The Creator did not just show his visions to the prophets and the tzaddikim but to all of us in the Torah. The problem is that to grasp them and even to realize that we are being shown visions, we must first connect with the consciousness that lies outside our illusory world. As with a small child who is told repeatedly that his visions are imaginary, that ability fades away and sinks into the morass of physicality.  To those that cultivate it and survive the onslaught from their peers, enlightenment awaits.

The vision for the 4th Day was that of the Cosmic Wheel, a Wheel with which Ezekiel was very familiar.

“And God said: ‘Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days and years; and let them be for lights in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth.’ And it was so. And God made the two great lights: the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night; and the stars. And God set them in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth,” (Genesis 1:14 -17)

The Torah tells us that it was on the 4th Day when the Creator placed luminaries in the firmament of Heaven. Using our understanding of the Cosmic Interface and the knowledge of the Cosmic hyper-dimensional networking, we can see beyond the words written on the parchment. The word used for lights or luminaries in Gen 1:14 – 19 is Meorot (מאורת) who’s complete gematria is 709, as in the sum of the 7 specific letters called doubles by Abraham Avinu, which he assigned to the 7 Cosmic planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter) in the Cosmic Wheel.  The 363 Day Cosmic Wheel defines and sets the annual cycle of the Cosmic windows that we call holidays along with the 12 Rosh Chodeshim (New Moons) and much more, including the flow of mazal. Like the Merkabah, it is marked and paced daily by the 4 sets of the 112 Triplets and the 27 Letters of the Essential Cube of Creation with the 8 Days of Channukah as its crown jewel.  It is paced monthly by the 12 singles (letters) that represent the stars or constellations and bi-monthly by the 6 elliptical lunar orbits of the Cosmic Planets. It is wheels within wheels.

The appearance of the wheels and their work was like the appearance of crystal, and the four of them had one likeness, and their appearance and their workings were as a wheel would be within a wheel. (Ezekiel 1:16)

As for the stars (הַכּוֹכָבִים) in the vision that accompanied the luminaries, their complete value is 161, as in the highest Aspect of Ehyeh (אלף־הי־יוד־הי) in Binah. Together the luminaries and stars equal (709 + 161) = 870, as in the sum of the 11 even letters of the Alef-bet, which are juxtaposed to the 11 odd letters that sum to 625 (Keter).  As previously explained, the ratio between the Names of the letters is definitely and fractally based on Phi (φ), but the ratio between 625 and the 22 total (625 + 870) letters is 41.80% and thus aligned with the sum of the cube roots of the 20 integers from 1 to 20 or 41.8000, representing from One (1) to esrim or Keter, the crowning sefira in the Tree-of-Life, like the Tower of Truth of 13203 at the core of the Great Pyramid. This is the Divine Cosmic design of our world called the Tree-of-Life, which is why there were trees on the 3rd Day before there were lights in the firmament on the 4th Day.