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Some are suggesting the Mexican Flu is the second plague. Who is to say? It might even be the third with the first two being different (and very ongoing) aspects of the current financial crises. There are some interesting coincidences though.
But first of all, let’s be clear: The Mexican Flu is for real. There are millions of Mexicans staying home and off the streets right now and it’s not from hysteria. There is an alarming large rate of healthy people dying in Mexico after contracting this highly contagious version of swine flu AH1N1. And all the signs point to this being the one, just like its predecessors in 1918, 1957, and 1968 that killed millions of healthy people.
Here in the US, we first learned of this pandemic on Saturday (Shabbat) when the NY Times published a front page article explaining that 61 people had died already in Mexico. Obviously that number 61 was shifting and by Sunday it was 81 and then over 100 by Monday; nevertheless the published figure on the Shabbat that we read the portions Tazria and Metzorah, where we discussed plagues (nega) and their spiritual causes, it was 61.
Now, back in our articles on the 10 plagues we revealed that the sum of the first letters of all 10 plagues was 541, the numerical value of Israel, and so it’s mighty coincidental that this week we have the 61st anniversary of Israel.
But of even further coincidence is that the dates of the previous swine flu epidemics vis-a-vis 5778, the date given by the tzaddkim (righteous) for the geula (final redemption) are the Spanish Flu in 1918, exactly 100 years before (2018 CE) 5778; and the Hong Kong Flu in 1968, exactly 50 years prior to (2018 CE) 5778; and the Asian Flu in 1957, which is exactly 61 years prior to (2018 CE) 5778.
As of today, Monday, the Mexican flu strain has spread to NY, TX, CA, KS,, OH and to both coasts of Canada. If this is the big one, it will be the 4th in the final 100 hundred years, the first one having occurred exactly 2 jubilee years before 5778 and the last one, having occurred exactly 1 jubilee year, out of the exactly 66.6 jubilee years (50 year interval as spelled out in the Bible) between the Exodus (10 plagues) in 2448 and 5778.  All together, vis-a-vis 5778, the 3 deadly pandemics occurred 2 + 1.22 + 1 = 4.22 jubilee years before 5778, and 422 as readers of The Divine Calendar know, is the numerical value of “seventy,” as in the 70 years that Israel will celebrate in 2018 CE (5778).
And if in this year of our 44th US President, who had just held court in Latin America, the Mexican Flu of 2009 is the 4th one, then all 4 deadly Flu epidemics will have occurred exactly 4.4 jubilee years before 2018, with 44 being the value of the first plague, dam (blood), and also the ordinal value (placement within the Hebrew alphabet) of the initials of all 10 plagues. The 2nd plague by the way, was frogs (tzarfdea) of numerical value 444.

You can decide for yourself if there are any connections. Back in 1918, between 20 and 40% of the world became infected and 25 million or more people died; today, our scientists and medical staffs are much better prepared.   In this week that the 61st anniversary of Israel is celebrated and the 4th epidemic of swine flu was announced and pronounced to the world, it’s interesting for Torah scholars and kabbalists alike that the Hebrew word plague (nega, NGA) is repeated 65 times (or 61 + 4) in this week’s double reading.
But what’s better than interesting is that the  Arizal and tzaddikim have provided us a spiritual antidote for plagues hidden within the 42-Letter Name of G-d (Ana B’koach or Genesis Prayer), but more about that in out next article.
One last note for those that believe like the kabbalists that there are spiritual causes behind the worlds physical ills, this same weekend also brought NY Times articles to the effect that the Wall Street and banking bonuses are already back up to their pre-crises levels.  Now what was it that the Bible said about “hardening Pharaoh’s heart?”

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