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We recite this verse to begin havdalah at the end of every Shabbat: Genesis 6:8 V’Nach Mazeh Chen Bayeni Adonai
As G-d was making his decree on the Earth, he stated the above verse “But Noach found favor in G-d’s eyes,” which saved humanity, so as you can imagine there are innumerable secrets here. One of the largest is the power of the righteous to control water.  I won’t explain how for that is reserved for those that understand, but will reveal some of the technology built into the verse.
First of all, please note that the word chen in the middle of the verse is Noach spelled backwards and as such it’s value sofit is 708, that of the upper 42-letters of the Name of G-d, while Noach or chen without the sofit is 58, which is 100 (keter) less  42.
Note further that the full value of the 5 words of the verse is 421 or 10 x 42 plus 1.
Moreover, the 5 final letters of the verse add up to 724 and if we add the kolel of 5 we get 729, which is not only 9 x 9 x 9, but the value of the entire second line (KRAShTtN) of the Shem Mem-bet, the 42-letter Name of G-d used by the righteous to aid in performing miracles.  The 5 first letters of the words in the verse add up to 66, thus the final and first letters together, plus the kolel for the 10 letters and for the 5 words is 66 + 724 + 10 + 5 = 805, which is the value of “The Rainbow,” which was G-d’s first covenant with the Earth, immediately after the Food.
It’s also not a coincidence that there are 17 letters in this verse, connecting to Tov (good). Of that the 4th word and the 2nd word begin with Bet and Mem as in Mem-Bet (42).  Nor is it a coincidence that there are 4 yuds (of value 10 each) in the final 2 words of the verse, which connects to healing and to the 4 yuds of the 42-letter Name (Ana B’koach).
The final letters of the first 3 words is the same letters as 3 of the sequential central letters (EChN) of the verse, which has the value 709, that of the 7 planets and doubles (BGDCPRT) that controls destiny.
Please note that this verse connects to powerful angels. And that the chapter and verse 6:8 does connect with 68, the value of Cha’im, life, and to the life giving waters that can sustain or destroy us. And this is why there are 3 letter nuns (50 x 3) and 1 alef (1) for a total value of the 4 letters of 151, that of Mikve, in the verse. Or that the rest of the letters add up to 270, that of RA, evil, which the ultimate mikve, flood waters cleansed away.
So this Havdalah, pause a second as you begin, think about the Shem Mem-bet and the favor that Noach found in G-d eyes and ask that all of us find it as well.  You can control our destiny.