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In May 1954 the United States Supreme court in Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka declared that state laws that established separate public schools for black and white students denied black children equal educational opportunities, paving the way for integration and the civil rights movement. 54 years later in Jan 2009, we have the first African-American president, Barak Hussein Obama (אובמה EVBMH, of numerical value 54. Is it a coincidence?
Our brains have a timing mechanism. Some of us operate faster and some slower and most of us are all over the place, faster one second and slower the next, which means our timing is a little off. We can train ourselves through feedback programs like Interactive Metronome (IM), as used by many athletes to perfect their timing and thus help them to leap for the football at just the right moment or shoot at the goal at the precise opening. With balls soaring toward you at 95 mph you want your timing to be perfect. Just being a little more accurate can give you a big advantage.
For most of us it would make us a little less klutzy and better in everything we do. And with life soaring at us at a dizzying pace, we want need to me in sync with our thoughts, not ahead or behind them. When your mind is in sync, so are you with the universe. How many times have you swung and missed at the obstacles and opportunities before you? President Obama didn’t miss many, or he’d still be Senator, or community organizer Obama.
For many students IM training really improves their reading skills. And for some of us, especially some children with special needs, whose timing may be really off, it can make a world of difference in all areas. It could be the key.
And it’s all because our brains have a timing mechanism. That shouldn’t be a big surprise, even our cars’ drive trains have them–if not tuned up electronically, they run fast or slow and thus in inefficiently.
Our brains too run on electricity, or at least electronic impulses that soar along and across the myriad neural networking synapses of what we call our minds. And anything that uses elelectronic pulses, or indeed anything that uses energy of any kind has a specific frequency of operation. Our TVs, radios, phones, computers, and toasters have them too. Do they interfere with the operations of our minds? You bet they do, but that’s a whole other topic.
Even crystals vibrate with frequencies, hence the first radios were made from them and even called crystal radios. And there are plenty of minuscule crystals embedded in our minds and bodies. Together they make up a sizable lot. So it’s no wonder that collectively our brains operate a specific frequency, the same one for all of us, as if G-d, (or nature for the skeptics), designed it that way.
So what is that frequency?
54 beats (pulses) per minute.
Timing is everything. We say it often. But what is timing? It’s mazal. It’s being in the right place at the right time: Having your overwhelmingly favored Democratic opponent in the State Senate primary self-destruct before you; having your overwhelmingly favored Republican opponent in the State Senate race self-destruct before you; being chosen to give the key note address with much less experience than nearly all other possible candidates on July 27, 2004 (Tish B’Av); having your overwhelmingly favored Democratic opponent in the Presidential primary self-destruct before you; having the overwhelmingly favored Republican and probable opponent in the Presidential election self-destruct before you; having your Republican opponent in the Presidential election self-destruct before you; and moreover, having every aspect of the economy self-destruct before your Republican opponent. That all takes mazal. Yes, you have to do the hard work all along the way, but timing and mazal did the heavy lifting.
Yes, Barak H. Obama was destined to be President Obama. In the same way that the Moshiach and the geula (final redemption) are destined to happen in 5778 as prescribed by the tzaddikim and as illustrated in numerous blogs and in The Divine Calendar. In the exact same way, for here’s the secret formula:

The sum of all the positive integers from 1 – 107 = 5778


54 x 107 = 5778

Timing is everything!

If President Obama stays in office for the full possible 8 years, he will not only preside over the 8 year period of the Brit of Mashiach as foretold by chazal, but will leave office in the same year Moshiach enters. And the word in the Torah whose numerical value of 107 is most often utilized in various forms and congregations of value 107 is Vayetze, which it its various forms means “and he went out”, or “and he came out,” and “went out,” or “came out,” or “shall come out,” or “they shall come/go out”, or “goes/come out” or “and shall go out.”
If we read this as one coherent message, it seems to say, when he goes out, Moshiach will come in. One destiny.
And according to Abraham’s Sefer Yetzirah, The Mashiach (Messiah) is supposed to come through the month of Cheshvan Scorpio whose controlling letters are Dalet and Nun (DN) whose normal gematria value is 54, and whose sofit gematria value is 704, as in the 4th line of the 42- Letter Name matrix (the Ana B’Koach), the line that contains the brit (covenant) of Moshiach, as we’ve discussed in previous blogs.
As for 5778, it’s also the temperature of the surface of the sun, (5778 K) whose life giving energy drives and controls everything we do, so just as our days are measured in 24 hour periods of day and night marked by the earth’s relationship with the sun and just as our years are measured by the earth’s revolution around the sun, so too the days and years to the time of the final redemption (the end of days so to speak) are measured and meted out by the sun.
Don’t kid yourselves, the sun sets our clocks. Life was nurtured by the sun from the first mingling of molecules on earth. The sun set our internal and external clocks and its precise. When things are off, we need to reset ours, and put our focus on 5778.
There’s not much time left so we must use it wisely. Like our new President, we too have destinies and we need to find them and fulfill them with all the hard work and conviction that it will take. Let him be a role model for us. Let us drive forward with a singular purpose. Once we find our true missions, the right amount of mazal will find us.
And take heart. In the number 107, there is more than meets the eye:
107 = (65 + 42) or Adonai (EDNY) of numerical value 65 + the 42-Letter Name of G-d.


107 = (86 + 21) or Elohim (ELHYM) of numerical value 86 + Ehyeh (EHYH) of numerical value 21.
Both of these cosmic equations represent the fusion of the upper (spiritual) world with our world (malchut/kingdom).

G-d is in the numbers

No one succeeds without His help. What their purpose is, or if they even know their true purpose is another story. But in the end, it doesn’t matter; it’s G-d plan. The destiny is His design. Remember, if the sun were one degree hotter or colder, we’d be toast, for 5778 is not fluke, and neither is 54, or Obama’s Presidency.
We follow the signs and get guidance through the spiritual significance of the numbers when the ancient gematria is applied properly, but that’s just His way of helping us to see through the clutter of our lives and own minds. And if you have a chance to do IM, or recommend it to people with children who may need it, please do so, as the results can appear to be miraculous when your mind is in sync with where it was destined to be.
It’s no coincidence that President Obama is the 44th President either, but much more about that in our next blog on the 10 plagues.