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To clarify my last article about us being the kings of our kingdoms, the Creator would always be above the King, at least 1000 infinite levels above and beyond. That was the whole point of the article.  Kingdom, Malchut is the lowest of the levels, which is why we can create an illusionist world within it. The very elements we build our world with (physicality) are filled with negative husks (klippot) that suck on the remnants of the original destroyed world of the 8 kings/kingdoms of Tohu.  It is the lack of Light that inspires us to create and it is the little light we do get that we use to create with.  The secrets shared below help us to tap into that light and to draw nearer to it.
The Ana B’koach, is the 42-Letter Name of G-d that bridges Heaven and Earth, carrying our prayers upward and drawing down the spiritual dew that transforms our reality in seemingly miraculous ways. In fact, according the Arizal, no prayer can be elevated with it, which is one reason why it is so crucial to our existence and spiritual well-being.
The 42 Letters of the Name are divided into 14 triplets, which are independently found 506 times throughout the Torah, and by no coincidence 506 is also the value of the first line (6 letters) of the 7-stanza ladder that defines the structure of the Name.  The 42-Letter Name is really a 7 x 6 matrix, just like the dimensions of the Gate of 42 that stands guard right outside the Holy of Holies in the Future Holy Temple, as provided by Rabbi Chaim Luzatto of blessed memory.
506 is also notably the numerical value of Ahavat Chinam (Unconditional love) and is the complete numerical value of Moshiach Ben David (the Messiah). But 506 is also something else.
When we expand the letter Yud (Y), the first letter of the ineffable Name of G-d, YHVH, we get over 3 iterations:




And these 13 letters total exactly 506.

Similarly, when we follow the Arizal’s instructions to dissect the YHVH into its component parts, we get a Yud and as each Hei becomes 3 Vavs, the rest of the Name becomes: 7 Vav, each of numerical value 6, just like the 7 x 6 matrix of the Ana B’koach and also the structure of the Magen David (shield of David).

As you can see, the 42-Letter Name is drawn out of the Letter Yud of the YHVH, the highest point imaginable, but this is more than just knowledge; it is also a powerful meditation that brings us closer to G-d, for it is through the Gate of 42 that the shefa (life-force) flows into our world from the Holy of Holies.