The Zohar Explains the Final 70 Years until the Redemption.


These collection of quotes from the Zohar from the section about parsha Mishpatim all zohar setdiscuss the final 70 years leading up to the final redemption (geula). We present them here in the order they appear in the Zohar:
“The seventy [70] words in the Psalm: ‘May Hashem hear you in the day of trouble’ (Tehilim 20:2), allude to the seventy [70] sounds made by the expectant mother about to give birth, being also the seventy [70] sounds given out by the Shechinah for the distress of the children of Israel prior to redemption–considered then ‘a day of trouble.’.”…”The morning of Abraham, Chesed, appears on the actual Day of Redemption. But the dawn precedes the Day of Redemption, being Netzach, as the Shechinah from this aspect is called ‘the star (or dow) of dawn’.”
Please note as we’ve explained in previous articles about the connections between the Ten Commandments and the year for the final redemption, 5778 HC (2018 CE) that the Ten Commandments are found at Exodus 20:2. which is the 70th chapter in the Torah, and we juxtapose this to Tehilim 20:2 and the 70 words/sounds found and discussed there.
The Zohar goes on to explain that the word LAMNATZEACH precedes the phrase “May Hashem hear you in the day of trouble” in the Psalm and that it’s spelled Lamed-Mem-Netzach and that the numerical value of Lamed-Mem is 70, “which are the seventy [70] sounds that the dow of dawn cries out for her children when the darkness of the exile overcomes them, namely the darkness of dawn taking place at the last seventy [70] years. At that time will be fulfilled in Israel” ‘Like a women with child, that draws near the time of her delivery, is in pain, and cries out in her pangs; so have we been in Your sight, Hashem’ (Yeshayah 26:17).”
“The morning alludes to the right hand of Abraham, depicting Chesed, alluding to Messiah [Moshiach] the son of David.”
As the Zohar explains it’ll be be darkest just before the dawn of the new light of Moshiach The Divine Calendarwhich occurs at the end of the designated 70 year birthing period that began with the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948 CE and corresponds with the birth of Abraham in 1948 HC.  The darkness ends and the dawn occurs 70 years later in 2018 CE, corresponding to G-d’s Covenant with Abraham in 2018 HC. (see the full calendar and how important the 70 year period is in Biblical timing)
This Pesach marks the beginning of the final 42 months, but that’s yet another prophecy.

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  1. Great post Jeffrey! It prompted me to find the whole passage:
    And in the first month… (a Passover offering to YHWH) [Numbers 28:16]. 28:16). Rabbi Aba opened, כְּאַיָּל As the deer yearns for streams of water [Psalms 42:2]. We have already learned this verse, and although it contains masculine and feminine, it is all one, for the word אַיָּל deer, is masculine, while the verb תַּעֲרֹג yearns, is feminine, and although the subject and the verb should agree in gender, יַעֲרֹג ‘he yearns,’ is not written because it is all one.
    What is אַיֶּלֶת הַשַּׁחַר morning star (lit., dawn doe) [Psalms 22:1]? This is a certain compassionate animal [Malkhut] and among all the animals of the world there is none compassionate like her, for when time is pressing and she needs nourishment for herself and for all the animals she goes to a distant place, far away, and comes, bringing food, but does not herself want to eat until she returns to her place. Why is this so? So that all the other animals will collect together by her, and she distributes from that food to them. And when she comes, all the other animals do indeed collect around her, and she stands in the middle, and allocates to each one of them. And the sign is in the verse: She gets up while it is still night and provides nourishment for her house and a portion for her young women [Proverbs 31:15]. And from what she gives to them she is herself satiated, as if she had eaten more food than all of them.
    And when the morning, which is called שַּׁחַר dawn, arrives, the pangs of the exile come to her, and this is why she is called doe of the dawn after the blackness of the morning, for she has pangs as a woman giving birth, as it is written: Like a woman with child, that draws near the time of her delivery, is in pain, and cries out in her pangs [Isaiah 26:17].
    When does she distribute to them? This is when the morning is just about to come, but it is still night, and the blackness departs for the illumination, as it is written: She gets up while it is still night and provides nourishment for her house [Proverbs 31:15]. But by the time it is morning, they are all satiated with her food.
    And then a certain voice awakens in the midst of the firmament and calls out aloud, saying: Let those who are near, go to their places; let those who are far, leave. Let each one gather to his rightful place. And by the time the sun shines, each one is gathered to its place, as it is written: When the sun comes up, they head home (and in their dens they lie down) [Psalms 104:22]. And she departs during the day, and is revealed at night, and distributes [food] in the morning, which is why she is called doe of the dawn.
    Subsequently, she grows stronger and leaves, and is called אַיָּל deer [namely, a masculine form]. Where does she go? She goes sixty parasangs from the place that she left and she enters into the mountain of darkness. As she goes into the mountain of darkness, a certain labyrinthine serpent sniffs at her feet and follows her, and she ascends from there to the mountain of light. When she reaches there, blessed the Holy One arranges for her another serpent, who goes forth and they fight each other, and she is saved. And from there she takes food, and returns to her place by midnight. And from midnight on, she begins the distribution, until the blackness of the morning arises. And when the morning gives light, she goes from there and is no longer visible, as we have learned.
    And when the world is in need of rain, all the other animals collect near her, and she goes up to the top of a high mountain, puts her head between her knees, and cries out with one long cry after another. And the blessed Holy One hears her voice, and is overcome with compassion and has pity on the world. And she comes down from the top of the mountain, and runs to hide herself. And all the other animals run after her, but do not find her. This is as it is written: As a deer yearns for streams of water. What is streams of water? This refers to those water brooks that have dried up, and the world is thirsty for water. Then she yearns.
    When she conceives, she is closed up, but when the time comes for her to give birth, she shouts and cries out, cry after cry, up to seventy shouts, as the number of words in the psalm: May YHWH answer you on the day of distress [Psalms 20:2], which is the song of this pregnant one. And the blessed Holy One hears her, and arranges for her a certain large serpent who emerges from the mountains of darkness, and comes between the mountains, its mouth licking the dust and it reaches this doe and comes and bites it twice in the same place [cf. BT Bava Batra 16b].
    On the first occasion, blood comes, and the serpent licks it. On the second occasion water comes out, and all those animals of the mountains drink, and she herself is opened and gives birth. And a sign for you is the verse: And Moses raised his hand and struck the rock with his staff twice and abundant water came out, and the community, with its beasts, drank [Numbers 20:11].
    The blessed Holy One has pity on her because of what the serpent did, as it is written: YHWH’s voice brings on the birth-pangs of does and lays bare the forests. And in His palace all says glory [Psalms 29:9]. YHWH’s voice brings on the birth-pangs of does – the pangs and pains that give rise to those seventy shouts. And then follows and lays bare the forests in order to awaken that serpent, and reveal the animal to go amongst them. And in His palace – what does this mean? It refers to the temple of the blessed Holy One [Malkhut], in which all those multitudes open and say: Glory! What is meant by glory? It refers to: Blessed be the glory of YHWH from His place [Ezekiel 3:12]…
    One might suggest that after seventy [years] she will feel, and in two years she will give birth [note the gematria of שַׁבָּת Sabbath, is 702] one thousand and two hundred years after [the destruction of the temple, that is to say, after the end of the fifth millennium, which is all destruction, and a further two hundred years into the sixth millennium, and seventy years for the birth-pangs, and two years for the birth itself] coming to the year 272 [in the sixth millennium]. But it is written: Before she travailed, she brought forth; (before her pain came, she was delivered of a man child) [Isaiah 66:7]. And the secret of the matter is contained in the verse: And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear [Isaiah 65:24]. And what is the meaning of before? Before the completion of the seventy years and the two years following the passing of one thousand and two hundred years, the birth-pangs, two Messiahs will be revealed to the world [Son of Joseph/Ephraim, and then Son of David]. And at that time: And in His palace all says glory [Psalms 29:9]. And it has already been taught: The wise inherit כָּבוֹד glory/honor [Proverbs 3:35].
    And at that time, those Torah sages will be respected, those who suffered pangs and travails as a woman in labor, and who were despised by the ignorant; they will be honored. And immediately: YHWH was enthroned at the flood [Psalms 29:10] on account of the wicked. Flood – judgments of the flood, when All the wellsprings of the great deep burst (and the casements of the heavens were opened) [Genesis 7:11], at the time of the flood. So, too, judgments will rise over them above and below, with no end. And every contempt and disgrace shown by the idolatrous nations of the world towards YHWH and His people and the many insults that Israel suffered from them for the sake of Lord’s Name – for all of them the blessed Holy One will exact vengeance, and therefore, as far as they are concerned, [God is jealous, and YHWH avenges;] YHWH avenges, and is furious; (YHWH will take vengeance on His adversaries, and He reserves wrath for His enemies) [Nahum 1:2]” (Ra’aya Meheimna Pinhas).

  2. Shalom, thanks for the great insights……do you have any thoughts on the blood moons on Pesach and on Succos this year and next? Is there any significance that 5774 is a pregnant yr?

  3. Thanks Miriam. I know that the holidays are especially important this year and that a pregnant year would indeed coincide with the verbiage of the birth pangs of Moshiach. Much should be revealed this year.

  4. Hi Jeff. There are remarkable coincidences regarding 5778 and the darkness before dawn. Consider this elegant mathematical equation:
    π /210 x 10¹⁰ = 149,599,650 (or 1.000019 astronomical units)
    This equation gives the precise distance (in kilometers) between the earth and the sun on the first day of Sukkot 5778 (for an observer in Jerusalem). This will occur 45 minutes before sunrise. At the same time, Venus will appear as the morning star in near conjunction to Mars.
    At full conjunction later in the day, their elongation to the sun will be 23.4⁰ which is the same angle as the earth’s axial tilt.
    The next time the distance from Jerusalem to the sun will be this same precise distance will be on the fifth day of Pesach 5778.
    The full study, including a screenshot from an astronomy program at this precise time, is at my website:

  5. One more thing I’d like to share regarding 5778 and π – this time in relation to subatomic particles. Scientists now know that neutrons are 1838 times heavier than electrons. To be precise:
    The neutron/electron mass ratio (Mn /Me) = 1838.6836605
    1838.6836605 x π = 5776.395079
    Using prophetic years of 360 days:
    5776.395079 years = 5776 years + 142.2 days
    = 5778 years – 577.8 days
    Clearly, 5778 is no ordinary number but is inherent in our universe.

    1. BTW, I printed out your site and read read through it this past Shabbat-nice! Interestingly enough, the final letters of the verse that you quoted in your website including the kolel for the 7 words add up to 1838. What or why the connection I don’t know, but it can’t very well be a coincidence:
      “And they shall be my people, and I will be their God:” Jeremiah 32:38
      והיו לי לעם ואני אהיה להם לאלהים

  6. Very interesting. Could it be coincidence? From what I understand, until there has been a statistical analysis, these things must fall under the heading of coincidence. I read your “Nothing Random About the Universe” – so many coincidences, surely it approaches a critical mass. The only work I know of to attempt a statistical analysis (athough not on gematria per se) is by Professor Haim Shore of Ben Gurion University, in his book “Coincidences in the Bible and Biblical Hebrew”.
    To quote Prof Shore:
    “I knew very well I was putting my reputation on the line with this book,” he says. “What I hoped would happen is that it would start a discussion, that people would begin to talk about it.” “That hasn’t happened so far, probably because I’ve been reluctant to publicize it,” Shore admits. “I finally went ahead because the data is significant. Everyone can figure out for himself what it all means – I’m not saying anything here about God or the Bible or biblical Hebrew. But there’s something here that should be discussed and analyzed further.”
    You can read about his work here:
    His book can either be purchased, or is available as a free ebook from BGU here: in the Bible and in Biblical Hebrew_Haim Shore_Apr 2013.pdf
    I’ve only just downloaded it, so perhaps we can compare notes at a later date. It’s a pity that the further analysis Prof Shore was anticipating didn’t eventuate (at least not yet). Your work would be a worthy subject for a full statistical analysis. Now who’s prepared to put their reputations on the line?

  7. After getting laid off from my job in 2007, I began searching for more than what life was offering me. My daughter was also searching for more and she had become depressed. I came across a wonderful Jewish website that was very enlightening and I shared the information with my daughter and she came out of her depression. I found out more than what the various bibles were offering. I reading everything I could get my hands on concerning the Torah and the Hebrew works. I purchased the entire set of the Zohar as pictured on your site, although I have not read all of the books. I am taking my time trying to understand every word. I even purchase the Genesis Prayer, at first I couldn’t understand it and through it aside. When I picked it up the second time seem like everything made sense along with the Divine Calendar. I am so absorbed with all of this and I have not even tried looking for another job. God has been good to me and my finances has not been a problem. It’s as if he is saying I want you to learn the truth.
    What I trying to do now is to learn how to read in Hebrew. It is not easy! I feel the words would have more meaning if I learn how to read in Hebrew.
    Thanks so much Jeffrey for all of your hard work and having it all spelled out in English, it is very enlightening.

  8. “Shim’on bar Yohai recounts: Rabbi Akiva would elucidate – A כּוֹכָב star, has came forth out of Jacob (Numbers 24:17) [as] ‘כּוֹכָבא Kokhba has came forth out of Jacob.’ When Akiva would see this Bar כָּזָב Kozba [lit., ‘son of a lie’] he would say: ‘This is the King Messiah.’ [And then] Rabbi Johanan ben Torta would tell him: ‘Akiva, grass shall grow from your jaws and yet the son of David shall not appear’” (JT Ta’anit, 4:8, 68d). Rabbi Johanan ben Torta Tanna was one of the main opponents of Bar Kokhba.

  9. The following copied spreadsheet is the timeline I put together based on your work, the work of Michael Rood, NASA astronomical data and the trances, dreams, numbers that the Holy Spirit has given me. In fact, the first number that Spirt gave me in 2011 was 5778. He then lead me to your website.
    DATE HC GOD’S CALENDAR LUNAR SOLAR EVENT 4/1/14 Nisan 1, 5774 Aviv-God’s New Year New Moon
    4/15/14 Nisan 15, 5774 Passover 1st Blood Moon Great Tribulation begins. Last 42 months. Yeshua strips the first seal from the title deed to the earth. Rev. 6:1-2. 10/8/14 Tishri 14, 5775 1st Day of Tabernacles 2nd Blood Moon 3rd seal opened? Rev. 6:7-8
    3/20/15 Adar 29, 5775 Aviv-God’s New Year New Moon Total Solar Eclipse 5th seal opened? Rev. 6:9-11
    4/4/15 Nisan 15, 5775 Passover 3rd Blood Moon 6th Seal Opened? Rev. 6:12-17
    9/13/15 Elul 29, 5776 Feast of Trumpets New Moon Solar Eclipse 7th seal opened? Rev. 8:1-5
    9/28/15 Tishri 15, 5776 1st Day of Tabernacles 4th Blood Moon Trumpet Judgements Begin? Rev. 8:6-7
    3/9/16 Adar 29, 5776 Aviv-God’s New Year New Moon Total Solar Eclipse 4th Trumpet? Rev. 8:12-13
    3/23/16 Adar 13, 5776 Passover Lunar Eclipse Apollyon—the Destroyer Revealed. 5th Trumpet? Rev. 9:1-10
    9/1/16 Av 28, 5776 Feast of Trumpets New Moon Solar Eclipse 6th Trumpet? Rev. 9:13-21
    3/28/17 Nisan 1, 5777 Aviv-God’s New Year New Moon
    8/21/17 Av 29, 5777 Total Solar Eclipse One Month Warning to Armageddon?
    9/21/17 Tishri 1, 5778 Feast of Trumpets New Moon Last Trumpet; 10 Days of Awe; Heaven Opened; Saints Resurrected Bowls of Wrath begin. Rev 11:15-19
    9/30/17 Tishri 10, 5778 Yom Kippur 7th Bowl. “It is finished” Rev. 16:17-21
    10/6-12/17 Tishri 16-22/5778 Feast of Tabernacles Marriage Supper of the Lamb; Bride is prepared Rev. 19:5-10
    10/12-13/2017 Tishri 22-23/5778 Shemini Atzeret Last Great Day; Yeshua returns to Rule the Earth with his Saints. Satan bound for 1000 years. Rev. 19:11-20:3
    12/13/17 Kislev 25, 5778 Feast of Hanukkah Millennial Temple Dedicated. The faithful reign with Yeshua 1000 years Rev. 20:4-6
    Kislev 25, 6778 Feast of Hanukkah Satan Released to take his final rebellious stand Rev. 21:7-8
    Tishri 10, 6778 Yom Kippur (last) Great White Throne Judgement Rev. 20:11-15
    Tishri 15, 6778 Feast of Tabernacles Tishri 15 to Eternity The New Heaven & New Earth Rev. 21:1-22:5

  10. You should investigate the Great Seal of the US more closely. It was designed by Ben Franklin (33 degree Mason) with a Latin phrase identifying the birthing of a NWO (1776) on a graphic representation of the Great Pyramid.
    The Great Pyramid (represented on the Great Seal of the US) is 5776 inches in hight with capstone in place.
    Ben provided a NWO calendar – if you know the Kabbala, Hebrew calendar and who represents the “all seeing eye” floating in the capstone on the Great Seal of the US.
    Building of the NWO began in 1776 as we see on the 1st of 13 steps on the pyramid of the Great Seal of the US.
    We read in the Kabbala that the number of years before the 7th millennium is 240 years.
    1776 (birth of a NWO, “The Year of Light”) + 240 years (Kabbala reference) = 2016.
    The NWO becomes operational when the capstone (“all seeing eye”) is applied to top of the pyramid of the Great Seal of the US.
    The “son of perdition” (guess who) will be seated as the ruler of their NWO soon after the very unique cycle of blood moons and a sackcloth sun ends (Feast of Tabernacles, 2015).
    The Hebrew civil calendar year 5776 (Gregorian, 2016) begins in September 2015 (Gregorian).
    Time is very short.
    The year 2017 is significant too.
    1967 (Jerusalem) + 50 years (Jubilee cycle) = 2017
    1947 (UN proclamation goes forth) + 70 (years of generation, Psalm 90:10 and Jeremiah chapters 29-33) = 2017
    All things will be complete by no later than 2017 (Matthew 24).
    BTW – Did you know the sign in the heaven (Rev. 12:1-5) was above Jerusalem on Feasts of Trumpets, 2011?
    Please – Don’t be concerned about any thinking more than this (Rev. 12:11).
    On more important topic – the Ark of the Covenant (10 Commandments within and the blood of the Lamb upon the altar) should be brought forth very soon. When this occurs, Roman chapter 11 is fulfilled – many will see the testimony of Elohim and believe that Yeshua is the Ha-Mashiach.

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