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Today, Thursday, Nov 26, 2009 is the 9th of Kislev at two hours (Hebrew calendar) after mid day (1:30 pm) for about 10 to 18 minutes depend on your position on earth, the gates of heavens are open. It calls time of good will. Because at the spiritual level we are at Yessod of Yessod of Yessod of Yessod, there is a great energy of abundance through all the four to five levels above. This positive time appears every year and when it is on the 9th year of the Jubilee year it opens the highest levels. This is according to the kabbalaists (Rabbi Avraham Marimon HaSfaradi of blessed memory (Brit Menucha), a kabbalaist that is mentioned also referenced by the Holy Ari. Rabbi Avraham Azulai of blessed memory wrote in his sefer Chesed Le’Avraham, “I saw in the book ‘Brit Menucha’ that the ninth month in the ninth day on the ninth hour is a time of great success and the reason for this is because it is the ninth wheel of the Yessod and is a pipe of abundance”. Also the Ramban, writes that the ninth year of the Jubilee, on the ninth month, on the ninth day, in the ninth hour is time of special will. Meditate for yourself and for others to channel this energy in your life and for the whole world. Remember that the Yessod is the funnel of the light to Malchut and your meditation should match that energy. Meditate big, Meditate global.
Blessings, Zion
Now please note that The intrinsic reason behind this for those that understand lies in the Tetragramamton (YHVH, the Name of G-d). There is a most ancient and concealed form of gematria that combines the letters of a word to highlight their true essence and when we apply this cipher to the upper part of the Name in unison with the lower part, in other words, the upper and lower spiritual and physical realms we get

(YxH)/Y+H) + (VxH)/(V+H) = 50/15 + 30/11 = 9.09090909

Moreover, taking the entire name as one we get

(YxHxVxH)/(Y+H+V+H) = 57.69,

as in this year, the Hebrew year 5769, which is 9 years from 5778,

the date prophesied for the Arrival of Moshiach, the Messiah

And, if you recall our article this Rosh Hashannah, while this is 2009, the Hebrew Letters that spell 5770, this year,  HTShA form the word for “the Ninth”

And note, for those that understand, the entire secret of the Holy cubit to be used for the Future Temple lies in equation above, but we’ll explain that in detail in our on going series on the Ancient and the Future Temples.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone,
With Love,
Daily Zohar