This blog is for you and us. Ask questions and add your comments to any of the posts on this blog. We will be happy to answer any “crazy” Kabbalah questions.
Kabbalah is the most comprehensive manual to understand life from the seed level. From the thought of creation to the cause and effect of your action at this moment.
The Zohar brings 70 explanations to the first word of the Bible “בראשית” (in the beginning). We’ll try to bring many of those explanations to this blog.
We’ll explain all the basic teaching of Kabbalah and go deeper as much as you want us to go there.
We are in the generation where all knowledge is open for all. The secrets are no longer secrets. Advanced communications, Internet systems, social networking sites connect people from east and west to north and south, no matter where you are.
What ever we know, we’ll bring out. Whatever we don’t know we’ll try to study together with you, your questions and comments.
Let the journey begin.
Ezra & Zion

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  1. Sorry for the delay in replying there was a glitch in the comments software. My teacher is the Admor of Strettin, Rav Abraham Brandwein, whose teachers were his father Rav Yeduda Tzi Brandwein of blessed memory and his uncle Rav Yehuda Halevi Ashlag (Hasulam) of blessed memory. It was at my teacher behest that I write and publish the books that I have and do this blog.

    1. Mr. Meiliken:

      First of all, thank you for this wonderful blog. I wanted to ask you a question regarding the 72 names of G-d. I am reading your post on the Seed of Creation. I created a spreadsheet in order to do the math, as I am fascinated by your study.

      You mention that the sum of the gematrias of all 72 triplets equals 720, but I am not obtaining this number. I assume you are using all numeric values including those of the final letters, mainly mem sofit.

      As an example, taking the fourth name which is: mem sofit – lamed – ayin, that would be 600 + 30 + 70 = 700. Is this correct?

      Thank you.

      1. That is the the sum of the square roots of the 72 triplets. That should help.

        17 4.123105626
        50 7.071067812
        79 8.888194417
        140 11.83215957
        345 18.57417562
        65 8.062257748
        22 4.69041576
        425 20.61552813
        22 4.69041576
        35 5.916079783
        37 6.08276253
        80 8.94427191
        47 6.8556546
        47 6.8556546
        215 14.6628783
        145 12.04159458
        37 6.08276253
        60 7.745966692
        42 6.480740698
        115 10.72380529
        100 10
        30 5.477225575
        75 8.660254038
        19 4.358898944
        455 21.33072901
        7 2.645751311
        610 24.69817807
        306 17.49285568
        220 14.83239697
        47 6.8556546
        52 7.211102551
        506 22.49444376
        24 4.898979486
        43 6.557438524
        126 11.22497216
        94 9.695359715
        61 7.810249676
        118 10.86278049
        275 16.58312395
        27 5.196152423
        15 3.872983346
        70 8.366600265
        42 6.480740698
        45 6.708203932
        91 9.539392014
        280 16.73320053
        400 20
        55 7.416198487
        17 4.123105626
        64 8
        313 17.69180601
        150 12.24744871
        101 10.04987562
        460 21.44761059
        47 6.8556546
        96 9.797958971
        130 11.40175425
        50 7.071067812
        213 14.59451952
        330 18.16590212
        48 6.92820323
        20 4.472135955
        126 11.22497216
        58 7.615773106
        46 6.782329983
        190 13.78404875
        81 9
        16 4
        206 14.35270009
        52 7.211102551
        25 5
        86 9.273618495
        9143 720.0349463

  2. I am grateful for your website. I have so much to learn. A few years back
    I spoke to someone and realized I might be partHebrew.My
    grandma’s last name is Hoidel from Scandanavia. I am e xcited yo lrarn motr,Cyndi. and

    1. These are not the normal times, and perhaps for this reason, my teacher, Rav Brandwein, instructed me to release and publish these secrets. As Rav Abulafia stated many years ago, no secret ever gets revealed without permission granted from above.

      1. Smart man. I was told I wasn’t to do anything, difficult when doing much, it has been over 30 some years. Simple things, profound thinking from some of us.

  3. I have been practicing the Genesis prayer to the point that I am very grateful for its value.
    Can you direct me to know how to better learn how to grow the desire in me to give for the joy of giving? (how to more genuinely love my neighbor/enemies/others…?)

    1. Increasing the desire is at the heart of all our problems. It’s the hardest thing to physically achieve as our desire is entirely based on our vessel, which unfortunately is far more rigid than we’d like to believe. Nevertheless, when we give selflessly we open a pipeline through our vessel so even though it (like a cup of water) can only hold so much, a infinite amount of light can be piped through it. Moreover, when we’re on the right path, the light will (can) provide us with additional vessels of support to further expand our consciousness. Also, removing negativity from our lives, will make much more room in our current vessels than we realized was there. Lots of love and blessings to you. Thanks for your comments.

  4. Le doy gracias al Eterno por toda la enseñanza que usted comparte y espero con paciencia que los libros que usted tiene a bien recomendar pronto estén en español para seguir complementando la enseñanza .
    El Zohar diario, los audios del Zohar, las Hilulas y Todo lo que amorosamente comparten me ha ayudado a entender, practicar y vivir con los tiempos.

  5. Last reference vanished? E W Bullingers books “Witness of the Stars” attuned to your efforts, and “Numbers” as well. Both out of copyright, about 1900. R. L. Morgan

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