What China Did Not Want Us to See.


Since our last Corona Virus post earlier this week, the virus as predicted expanded into a pandemic and is spreading wildly in over 50 countries, with a stronghold in Europe, the Mid-East and of course Asia. Foremost in Italy with nearly 1700 known cases and 35 deaths (2.07%) and now spreading virally in France, Germany, Spain, the UK, and Switzerland, with significant footholds in every other country there.  It has also spread from the 978 known infections and 54 deaths (5.52%) in Iran to most of the Mid-East.  Both these hot spots have the higher death rate versions of the virus.  It is still spreading everywhere at 25 – 40% per day, except China, which never gave us real numbers and barely reports anymore.  Ironically, or perhaps as part of a cover up, two Chinese nationals just returned from Iran to China infected. The virus has also already landed numerous beachheads up and down the US West Coast and is poised to explode there any day now with dozens of known cases and hundreds suspected from the Mexican border to Vancouver, north of Seattle.

One of the issues noted in different studies is that the test kits so far miss positive patients. One study in China, using CAT scans of lungs, revealed that two-thirds of the negative testing patients were actually positive. We saw that anecdotally with the vlogging British couple from the Princess Diamond who in the midst of their quarantine after testing positive, retested negative, and then positive again days later. These are the test kits being used in trained hospitals set up for this virus. Of course, there are many different kits and new and improved ones being developed all the time.

The screenings are question based, and people being who they are, often lie, especially to avoid 2 weeks in quarantine. The test kits are far from perfect, and people do not show symptoms for up to 14 days, some as long as 20, with many symptoms indistinguishable from a cold or lingering cough. Also, I want to reiterate that the virus is known to remain in a contagious state for several days on any surface, including elevator buttons, train seats, etc. So, barring an act of G-d, or some quirk in the programmed design of the virus, it will run its course.

That said, this is all based on the virus being exactly want we have been told it is.  If it is, there will eventually be a vaccine and long before that effective anti-viral drugs to combat it and alleviate the symptoms.

There are so many conflicting reports around the world and the 2-virus pattern with differing mortality rates continues expanding throughout the world. In these two video compilations—banned by YouTube so you know there must be some truth in them—we can see a very different picture of what has been happening in China. Whoever produced them obviously had an agenda in making them besides just public awareness, but that does not discredit the shocking raw footage. There is obviously much more to this virus than we know, and about the draconian medieval measures taken in China to combat it.  Some have suggested the Chinese are using the Coronavirus as cover for a far worse virus or contagious event. In that case, let us pray that they have that one contained, and that the Covid-19 pandemic becomes just a bad flu, treatable with aggressive anti-viral medications in most cases.

Much of it is hard to watch.  I cannot verify any of it, nor do I speak Chinese or understand what is being said, but you can see for yourself.  I have seen another corroborating video by a difference source filmed at the edge of Hubei, showing deserted streets, ultra strict confinement to all residential structure with armed guards and checkpoints in front of every building, and massive disinfection spraying, etc.  Prepare for the worst and pray for the best.  Awareness, aggressive hygiene, and being proactive are very important. As Donald Trump said in his press conference, “Nothing is inevitable.”

Part I Corona in China

Part II Corona in China

Stay safe.


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  1. China must be “hurting” financially (which China will be in panic about.). Australia is regarded as “Asia’s Quarry, or alternatively, China’s Quarry and/or Japan’s Quarry. The meaning of those descriptions is that the Asian economies are closely intertwined with mining exports from Australia.

    Last week the ASX (the Australian Stock Exchange) lost AU$200 Billion (about US$155 Billion. The share prices “crashed” 5 days in a row. The market is about to start its Monday trading now (i.e. it is already Monday in Australia).

    If the ASX is crashing, then the Chinese economy is also crashing. The “balance of power” across the Pacific used to be defined by the USA’s ability to “lob” missiles across the Pacific, something that China was once unable to match.

    That balance of power has now shifted dramatically. China is now working on plans to put astronauts on the Moon. “Shooting back” across the Pacific is now easy for them. They have some of the best computer hacking teams in the world, teams that have frequently penetrated western military and intelligence organisations. It is perhaps “racist” to ascribe certain characteristics to a whole race of people, but . . . . Chinese are often SMART. Education is very important to them. It has been that way for thousands of years — all civil service appointments and promotions were made on the basis of exam results, even for men in their 60’s. Chinese government and military hackers are very very good.

    China knows very well whose software was used to hack Air Force One and the Pentagon on 9/11. The software was written and developed in a country that is supposed to be an American ally. That was part of the “agenda” behind the Chinese visit to the Vatican a week ago. Nobody wants the full story to become public, certainly not the Chinese who do not want to lose one of their “bargaining chips” or to destroy western nations — unless the Chinese feel “pushed” or threatened.

    Say a few prayers that the efforts to solve this Virus Pandemic are “co-operative” on both sides. Backed into a corner and facing economic collapse as export markets are closed off to them, China would make a fearsome enemy.

  2. Thank you, finally some real news and commentary.

    I do have a question. Why aren’t you here in Israel? You must understand that there is little left in the states for you.

  3. Thanks Jeff this was succinct. I had 3 recurring virus dreams this week. This is just a first shot. It was deliberate. China wants Trump out. They don’t care about heir own people. 3000 out of 1B is nothing and the elite already have a vaccination or cure available. This is the war of gog amog gog the Rav always talked about. There will be a deadlier virus released later in the year. If they succeed in getting Trump out that will be the signal that its time for the Israelites to leave America.

    1. Bnei Adam, Bnei Noach, and Bnei Israel are all connected in a single equation. I will explain, B”H, in the next post. The initials of Adam, Noach, and Israel (אני) spell the word Ani, meaning “I” or “I am”, and usually associated with G-d speaking, have a numerical value of 61, the same as Covid-19, or (42 + 19).

    1. This gist is that the real danger may lie in the vaccines we will be offered and that it is suspicious someone funded by the NIH has one in the works. People can go either way on that one. An Israeli company using a similar technology is just as far along as the American one in the article. That said, I would be very suspicious of all of them. In the 1990’s, I wrote a literary (American magical realism) novel called, The Mayor of Bryant Park, about someone unwittingly trapped in the secret library stacks beneath Bryant Park [behind the NYP library]–this was the library of all the books every written, past, present, and future. As part of narrative, there were no more books after a specific date [still in our future] and the protagonist spent his 3 days trapped down there, following literary and physical trails to figure out why. The reason, he eventually discovered, was that we cured cancer; unfortunately, the vaccine left the entire world population sterile. It was in writing that novel that I first came upon the connections with 5778. My point is anything that can be created (tapped into) by a novelist can be created by man. Vaccine testing is a dubious process designed to give a specific outcome, and there is never generational human testing–it would take too long, while the viruses have all the time in the world.

  4. In 2002 the Nile virus was going to kill all of us. 2004 the Sars virus was going to kill all of us. The same thing 2005 with the Bird Flu, in 2009 Swine flu, in 2014 the Ebola virus was going to kill all of us. In 2016 Zika virus was definitely going to kill all of us. And now 2020 is it with the Coronavirus is going to kill us all. With the Amerian diet, the more people we have on the planet and the unrepairable American immune system new virus is a way of life. Everyone who dies from any virus are collateral damage to our lifestyle. So if you do not die from a virus from now on count your blessings. Another problem YOU have is all the American Media propaganda about YOUR health. The Coronavirus did not start in earl Jan. in a seafood market infected from bats and the Chinese people eating bat soup. It started in a Level 4 Biohazard lab in Wuhan which engneered (weaponized) a chimeric virus from SARS that was gotten Winnipeg Canada. There is so much to share but I will close with one more thing. Due to all the different virus we have the United States government scares you into believing you have to take a vaccine. Folks the vaccines from the United State are worse than any virus.

  5. Shades of the Robert Redford movie/Sydney Pollack/Faye Dunaway /Max von Sydow etc from the mid 70’s, “Three Days of The Condor”. Redford’s character was employed to research and analyse what was coming “through” in literature. One of the ironies of the film was that it prefigured US Intell agency plans to invade the Middle East, a quarter century before 9/11 happened.

    The “library fictional tale being set in NY has an extra twist for me. I started life (before and after birth), as a germ warfare test subject. An Australian research team (under the auspices of Melbourne University), won a Nobel Prize for the research.b

    My mother was one of the scientists. I got to read a lot of her books while I was growing up. The research in Australia had its roots in experiments that were done in New York from about (or maybe from at least) 1900 onwards.

    From NY the research “spread” to both Australia and to Nazi Germany by the 1930’s. I visited the research Institute at Melbourne University in 1965. So it was still happening there then, just as it had during the 30’s and Word War II.

    The Adam-Noah-Israel link is fascinating, especially because of the 610 “3rd line of the Upper 42 Letter Name, and the value of the 37th Triplet of the 72 Triplets. Human consciousness and Divine consciousness coming together – the jump from what a human mind (a novelist’s mind) can create to what becomes “reality” in physical space or in “media space” (consciousness again) is also “fascinating.

    Sydney Pollack and Jeffrey Melliken — great minds tapping into similar stuff!

  6. Hi, a few things come to mind, namely that air and sea will be closed off, so plans to leave must be made now or else it will literally be impossible for years. Second, please consider (if you have the time) to do a podcast on the essentials during This Time and the Final Countdown. I’ve been looking for men and women of understanding who can connect the dots, literally in getting to the root cause of dis-ease and through the Gates, Nikud and Gematria to correct via addition or subtraction. It’s not an easy call, am aware. But I think you Jeff can be so instrumental in this. It’s a matter of measuring, comparing, reducing and rectifying by using the blueprint of 42. Time is short, the work is great and the importance cannot be over-stated. Blessings.

  7. Interesting about the link between viruses, electromagnetic radiation (e.g. 5G and CRTs).

    That may be at least a partial clue as to why so many vaccines have been “packaged” in heavy metals like Mercury for so long. People have been protesting about the Mercury for decades, yet the vaccine producers/manufacturers have been intransigent about switching to a safer “base” in which to deliver the vaccines.

    They had “an agenda” like producing kids who had “receptors” in them for EMF radiation?? Either a “conspiracy”, or our pharmaceutical industry really is THAT CRAZY!?

    1. The Chinese have just admitted there were two different corona viruses spreading since the beginning, just as our initial analysis of the the numbers suggested there would be, one far deadlier than the other. They are sticking to their batty story of the origin though–they don’t really have a choice. Here’s a link to the study they did showing the S and Lethel mutation: https://academic.oup.com/nsr/advance-article/doi/10.1093/nsr/nwaa036/5775463

      video about it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYPZHA-UjUY

  8. Shalom
    Watch also this Gematria:

    CORONA = Koph Vav Resh Vav Nun Aleph = 363 = HaMoshiach

    CORONA VIRUS = Koph Vav Resh Vav Nun Aleph + Bet Yud Resh Vav Samech = 641 = הַשָּׂעִיר לַיהֹוָה The Goat for YHVH

    CORONA VIRUS + COVID19 = 641 + Kaf + Vav + Bet + Yud + Dalet + 19 = 641 + 61 = 702 = Shabat

    1. Thanks Matteo. I had noticed that connection between Corona and H’Moshiach, but struggle with it since corona is named for the crown attributes of the virus and crown comes from Keter spelled from caf,not koof, but perhaps this shows the dual nature of this virus and subsequent pandemic. Millions have it, but with mercy (especially the young) with little of no symptoms. And others, die miserably, especially as evidenced in China. The only reason millions aren’t showing up in the numbers is that they are not being tested for. Only the sick that show up in the hospitals are actually tested. Any quarantines are just for show.

  9. Shalom Jeffrey
    Also the total Gematria of
    (with the Kaf for C of Corona) is
    particular, because is 622 that is the
    Gematria of “Har HaBayit” (The Temple Mount)
    Shalom and We Hope that
    HaShem Bless Everyone Around the World

  10. Chinese Symbol For Good
    A reflection of what has happened to Chinese values?:

    The Chinese symbol/character for “Good” (sounds like “hau” or “how”) is an ideogram for “a baby girl in the house”. That is how it once was in China — a baby girl, a new woman about to grow up is the ultimate addition to the home and family.

    These days because of China’s “Only One Child per Couple” policy, combined with modern Chinese “preference” for sons, a baby girl is not welcome.

    Between 100 million and 200 million young Chinese males have either grown up, or are growing up, WITH NO “MATCHING” FEMALE CONTEMPORARIES>

    That translates into the terrible truth – about 200 million Chinese babies have been murdered after they were born, or aborted (late term abortions) BECAUSE THEY ARE FEMALE.

    This is INSANE and STUPID. It is also EVIL.
    There is a TON of talent in China. But right now, it is a disaster going somewhere to happen. We (all the world) need spiritual change in China.

  11. School Assembly — Chinese Style
    London had hoped that Napoleon would “take out” the Austro-Hungarian Empire (he did !), the Papal States (he did that too !) and Russia (the winter beat him, so London “closed him down.)

    In the decades that followed, London set about, via new “policies”, getting on with their plans for world domination. They brought the Mormon Church’s leadership to Britain, helped them recruit followers, then sent all of them “back” to North America to create yet another “opposing force” against the United States. The plan was that the USA was to be attacked by Canada, by the (yet to be created) Confederacy, and by the weel armed and well funded Mormon “nation” from Utah.

    London was “back” having another shot at Russia via the Crimean War in the early 1850’s. They took India after a staged coup they engineered as a pretext, again in the 1850’s. A British navy ship sailed into Honolulu in the 1840’s and started shelling buildings. It was there for months, trying to take over. The official excuse was that the Captain “had gone troppo”. Yeah, he was so “troppo” (insane) that when he got home, they made him “Aide to Queen Victoria”. He was rewarded with a very high honour for a British officer, being made a member of the royal household, and a close adviser to the monarch. Every building he demolished was demolished “under orders”, orders from London. The Hawaiian State Flag, to this day, is a combination of the Union Jack and the Stripes from the Stars & Stripes. Hawaii was trying to “stay neutral” — not easy to do when you have an arrogant ship’s capatain demolishing public buildings with cannon shells for months.

    Germany did not exist as a nation back in those days. If it had, it would have gone onto the British “hit list” as well. That is what happened a few decades later (World War I). But let’s go back to the 1830’s and 1840’s. Lord Palmerston usually gets the “credit”. Since the days of the Roman Empire, then as now, paying for Chinese exports has been an issue in Europe. The Romans paid in Gold. The Japanese looted that gold out of China during the 1930’s and 1940’s. Hirohito banked some of it with the Vatican Bank. A lot of it was buried in the Philipinnes, the origin of the stories about “Yamashita’s Gold”.

    But Palmerston did not have gold to squander on a “bunch of Chinks”. He could trade opium, saving the British Empire a bundle of cash, and destroying Chinese society, the Chinese monarchy and China along the way. The opium was intended to do to China what Napoleon and the Crimean War were supposed to do to Russia.

    The Russians were not fooled. That is why they sent one fleet into New York and the other (Pacific) fleet into San Francisco. Russia told London that if the British intervened in the US Civil War, i.e. if they invaded, as planned, for (what a joke!), humanitarian reasons, they would have a world war on their hands.

    China understood, just as clearly as the Russians, what London was up to. But unlike the Russians, the Chinese had no navy that could take on the British Navy. They were sitting ducks for the London drug pusher businessmen. Within 60 years China was destroyed. It was chaos, civil war znd then the Japanese invasion. When the Japanese invaded Nan King, they had competitions, seeing how many babies they could skewer on one bayonet. They killed over a million people in a week, all without using bullets — because it was cheaper to use swords and bayonets.

    The Americans executed a Japanese general for those atrocities. That was yet another crime. He was nowhere near the massacre. He was in Shang Hai, begging the world media to publicise what was happening. He tried with everything he had to stop it. He was a General. But he was not the one running things. The massacre was run by a Colonel, a member of the Japanese royal family. He was Hirohito’s cousin. The two of them were still doing 18 holes on the Golf Course together every week in the 1960’s. Thae hero Japanese General went to the gallows, taking the fall for his emperor, Hirohito.

    American cold war politics (they wanted to use Japan as a buffer against the communist bloc) meant that the USA covered up the truth. But China knows. They ALL KNOW. I was a university lecturer in Australia for many years, mainly in high tech database subjects but also for “service courses” (Spreadsheets, Word Processing) for all faculties. I also taught in Hong Kong (English), and in Singapore. Most of my students were Asian or South East Asian. The majority of my Asian students were ethnically Chinese. I used to socialise with them.

    My Mandarin is rusty these days. But it was good enough to read the photo of the notice in the park, erected by the British. Bruce Lee put the “Park Rule” in one of his movies. Bruce “fudged it” slightly, by putting it all on one line:
    No dogs or Chinese Allowed

    It doesn’t matter how much “apologists” on the internet pretend and claim that the story is just an urban legend. It was real. The photos were still in circulation 40 years ago. The difference from Bruce Lee’s version is that the instructions abot “No Chinese” and “No Dogs” were on separate lines, with two or three other lines (also in Chinese characters) in between.

    Like I aid, EVERYBODY knows about the opium, about who it was (the British) who did it to them, and who it was (the British again), who were so arrogant that they would erect a notice banning both dogs and Chinese from a park in China.

    So “fast forward” to about 2008 to 2009 when I was told this story:

    New Zealanders (well documented) have the highest rates in the world for “recreational drug use”. In other words, they are a nation of drug addicts and drug users. As one community leader said to me “The drugs are a ‘given’. There is no point in speaking against that. What we have to do is to get them to manage their drug habit. If they are spending so much on the drugs that the kids are going hungry, that is when we go in, not as the enemy, but as someone trying to help them”.

    The story was about an NZ couple in China. The husband was there on business. The wife had plenty of free time. So she enrolled in a “community college”, one of those “university entrance” type places that takes in “kids” in their late teens, as well as adults who want to learn /study.

    Like so many NZ women, the wife smoked marijuana regularly. Maybe she was using harder stuff as well.

    She “fronts up at the regular school assemby. And “Bingo”, the Chinese have caught two guys trying to sell drugs to students — either at the school, or just outside it.”

    No “Time out” or after school detention for these guys. In the modern Chinese psyche, the horror of the drugs and what it did to them, the cicil wars, the Japanese rascism, the Britsih rascism, the mass murders, the mass rapes — they don’t want it EVER coming back.

    It would hardly be “politically correct” at a western senior high school or local college.

    They beheaded both of those drug dealer, right there at the school assembly.

    The “Message” in this story is that China is mentally at least, on a war footing against the west. They remember what the west did to them. They can be heartless, sadistic and cruel, as American POWs who fell into the hands of Chinese interrogators in Vietnam experience in horrific circumstances.

    But there is “history” there that drives the Chinese response to pressure or perceived pressure from western nations.

    US stock prices dropped dramatically yesterday (the claim is 7%). Australian share prices (mining and Asian export driven) have been falling. If China THINKS (never mind the reality, it is the PERCEPTION that will count here) that the Virus is being used as a pretext to smash China economically, who knows how hard they will “kick back”?

  12. PS on the Drug Using NZ wife:

    No surprise, the wife, minus her marijuana, was on a plane out of China within 36 hours.

  13. No, certainly not the Royals. I think they have been “pawns” albeit wealthy pawns, of the “City of London”, which is (apparently) outside the juridiction of the British monarch.. The Queen goes through aa “ritual” of having to stop at the entrance to the city of London, and then askin permission to enter it — which, no surprise in this day and age, she is always given.

    That small city-state is the world’s financial capital. It has been under Canaanite control since the early to mid 1600’s. But the “takeover” was being worked on since the early 1500’s when Venetian Intelligence and business interests decided to move their base of operations to the Atlantic sea coasts. They opted for the usual Canaanite preference, low lying ground close to water, on which to perform their black magic rituals. The “history of cities” shows the common features: Sodoma, Amorrah, (Sodom and Gomorrah), Tyre, Sidon, Carthage, Venice, London, Amsterdam, Fremantle (Perth, Western Australia), and Melbourne (State capital of Victoria, Australia).

    I think that history is a form of racial memory that goes back to Canaan being a baby on the Ark, living just above the waterline. “Britannia Rules The Waves” is yet another manifestation of that old maritime trading “orientation”.

    The move to London and Amsterdam appears to have been supplemented with a move into “Viking territory”, i.e. a shift to Stockholm. Getting that far north (and into Amsterdam) was (apparently) done in concert with investments into banking businesses in northern Europe.

    My Canaanite” slant on Venice needs to be broadened slightly. In the 1300’s, there was a major attack on the Templars. Some of them set up shop under a new name in the new state of Portugal. Others became mercenaries who were badly in need of a new home. Many of them were absorbed into Venice and some of its (northern Italy) allies, such as Genoa. Columbus’ ships had the Templar Cross on their sails, a clue to Templr influence in both Genoa and Spain. Turkish tradition claims that Columbus had ancient maps from Constantinople to guide him to the Caribbean.

    My info on the Rothschilds is conflicting. I am familiar with the negative stuff, but I was involved in banking and intelligence agency software (I didn’t write the software, I was just a consultant). As a spin off from that, I dealt with people working for the Rothschilds. I can’t guarantee the accuracy of what I was told, BUT . . . . the info I got was that at least one major branch of the Rothschilds were trying to “fix” the world’s financial system, IMF, Federal Reserve etc
    All of the “fixing” was happening, or meant to happen, “behind the scenes” (as far as London or enybody in it) knew.

    So I have to settle for an “open verdict” on the Rothschilds’ role in the City of London. They clearly had control of a lot of the stock market after Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo. But they were not the ones with the guns or the army.

    For anybody working through all the prophecies about the pompous arrogant little horn that supplanted three kings (kingdoms), the Union Jack has the crosses of three kingdoms on it. That pompous little horn is also described as a “head”.

    In other words, it is BOTH a HEAD and a HORN. Read that as a European Power (member of the European Union), and a “nation” in the British Commonwealth.

    The British Empire was (heavily so) a child molesters’ paradise. That is the Canaanite influence coming through. If you follow the careers of several senior British army officers (Kitchener is the classic example) in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, you notice something “odd”:

    They got promotions. But the careers “bounced back and forth”, mainly between India and southern Africa, one then the other, then back again. WHY?

    Because Queen Victoria had gotten wind of what a bunch of raging perverts they were. She gave orders that none of them were to ever set foot on British soil in her lifetime. Once she died, then slowly, they started drifting back into Britain.

    Officially, it was the Germans who sank the ship that Kitchener was on. But maybe the British helped. Everybody was glad to be rid of the pervert monster who invented Concentration Camps. It wasn’t the Nazis who invented those camps. It was Kitchener who created them for the Boers in South Africa.

    It is a telling story — that although she was nominally just a figurehead, Queen Victoria could still dictate who went where in the British Army.

    1. Very Interesting, especially where they mention 10 years ago a plot to release a flu-like virus in China, which will not be contained and spread throughout the world. It is also available in an updated English version. I have a question to pose: If the US screening was so porous (and we have numerous anecdotal evidence that it was) and as we now know, the CDC said they had little to no accurate tests available to them until most recently, how did they manage to spot and perfectly contain the 5 initial cases that came into different US ports of entry so easily and without further exposure. The least cynical reason I can think of is that they were hand delivered so the CDC could start analyzing the virus (maybe even the wrong one, which would explain why their resultant test kits didn’t work).

  14. Thanks Antonio. Bill is always “good value”, and way better at letting people answer questions than Kerry — although she has improved in recent years.

    On one level I understand why the title is “AngloSaxon Agenda”: it conveys succinctly what the “subject” of the interview covers.

    But on another level, the title is “just plain wrong”. The AngloSaxons are German tribes. In other words, they are Edomite, like the Roman Empire, likee the Spanish Conquistadores, and in a way, like the Mafia. They all “ride on” the blessing (military and physical prowess – the Master Race etc) that Esau received.

    The “British” Empire is not British. It is not AngloSaxon. It is not Norman (Vikings who had conquered France).

    It is Canaanite, i.e. Phoenecian, which modern history knows as Venetian.

    Noah was a raging alcoholic. But he could see into the future. He HATED “the kid”, i.e. Canaan, his first born grandson. He could see what Canaan was going to be, what he was going to try, i.e. world conquest and genocide. The standard English translation of Noah’s words over Canaaan (Spanish too?) is “A Slave of Slaves”.

    I prefer (just as valid?), “A worker of slaves”, in other words, a slave owning megalomanic who wantss to enslave the whole world.

    Their record in India was horrific, despite modern Indian culture coming to an accommodation with Britissh culture. It takes a unique race of people to hack the thumbs off millions of Indian women so as British clothing mills would not face competition from Indian women sewing material. Thoat is not something in the distant past. This is in the days of the modern British textile industry.

    The rumours were around (a few weeks back) that the Wuhan Virus (es) were developed in Britain, and patented with US patents. That may be just a rumour. But who are the Chinese going to believe if their government tells them that the rumours are true?

    Bill Clinton’s Presidential bid ran right out of cash in the early 90’s. Down the road from the Governor’s office was a Chinese “takeaway” restaurant. The guy running it lokked like any other Chinese restaurant owner. Yes, so many of them “do look the same” – because in a population of over two billion Chinese worldwide, most of them have a family name that is only one of a hundred family names. They do look alike. You never know who is who.

    The guy running that takeaway in Arkansas, was #3 or #4 in Chinese Intelligence. Guess who offered to fund the rest of the Clinton Presidential campaign?

    Almost all of my Chinese students fro 25 years ago believed that this century, the 21st Century, was China’s Century. They are NOT GOOD with animals. They look down on dogs. They use the term “dog” as an insult. The Britsish “equated them” with dogs after turning their people into opium/drug addicts. There is a lot of pent up hate still there over that.

    It is a bit like the “American idiots in military police uniforms” that tortured prisoners in Abhu Graib, then posted the photos on the internet. What they did was intended to provoke hate and revenge. A lot of Americans have been maimed or killed because of those idiots.
    It is the same with the Britsih record in Asia. They set out to be arrogant, to act like snobs. If you were Chinese, waiting and dreaming of the day in 20203 when you were expecting to see Chinese astronauts on the Moon what would you be thinking right now?

    Your nation was about to show the world that you were not “dogs”, that you could not be treated like dirt any more, and suddenly you see your economy collapsed. And the “rumours” say that the British did it to you, again? How will you respond?

    The Chinese do not “play fair”. They are oit “to win”. They have invested heavily in NZ. A British judge went public about how China was getting the decisions it wanted in NZ — by supplying under-age “rent boys” to NZ MPs/ The Chinese (righty) see the modern British Empire=Commonwealth as a freak show for perverts.

    They are VERY LIKELY to think that the perverts are using germ warfare against them to destroy China economically, and to “get rid of 2 Billion Chinese/ The “history” almost guarantees that sort of thinking, even if the virus really got loose from a Chinese lab.

  15. Hi…Friends

    Totally agree, Peter ….. the only thing that seems clear is that “someone” you know that all this would happen with greater or lesser acceleration in such “agenda” … Thank you for your words …

    Shalom & Jag Sameaj Purym

  16. Purim, The Holocaust, Nazis and Modern Canaanites
    Purim is an appropriate time to bring up an angle/aspect of The Holocaust that seems to “get ignored”.

    We know, and hear about the Nazis and the SS, and the fanaticism that diverted trains from supplying the German Army to, instead, delivering people to the Death Camps.

    But what about the “Western Allies”? Why didn’t they do more to stop the Holocaust? For decades after World War II, the Allied governments pretended “We didn’t know”.

    It is now clear that they DID KNOW. They knew everything, in horrific detail. All they had to do was bomb the rail lines leading to the camps. That would have sent a message to the Nazis: “We know! And you will pay for what you are doing!”

    But the “message” was never sent. It would have been logistically possible. Allied bombers were hitting targets as close as 3 miles away from Death Camps. It would have taken those bombers only 2-3 minutes in the air to reach the rail lnes leading to the camps.

    The conclusion, the one and only conclusion, is that the western allies wanted the Holocaust to go ahead. Tht was what the Nazis concluded. They were right. The Nazis knew they had lost the war after Stalingrad. That was almost two and a half years before Allied troops entered the Death Camps. Most of those who died in those camps, through 1943, 1944 and 1945, could have been saved.

    Since the time of Joshua’s conquest, there has been a history of not perceiving the threat and danger Canaanite society represented. Before long (Jezabel and all that) Canaanite military families were intermarrying with the royal family in the Northern Kingdom of Israel.

    Maybe it is the power of Canaanite Black Magic. (Jezabel’s priests were a bunch of paedophiles, much like their modern counterparts, think Jimmy Saville and co. ! Winston Churchill summed up one of his opponents with the comment “He is so bad, he could give sodomy a bad name!”. Under Winston’s humour, he was telegraphing the message that modern British politis was dominated by perverts. Sounds like Jezabel’s era, all over again!

    Queen Victoria (cf my “Kitchener history” in an earlier comment) thought the same about her society as Winston did a generation later.

    Modern history becomes very easy to understand when we “facor in” a third player into the “traditional” interpretation of a millenia long struggle betwen Esau and Jacob-Israel:

    The German gods are gods of war, seeking glory and power from blood spilled on battlefields, a (hopefully for them) endless chain of victories through military might and physical prowess.

    The Canaanite vision is different. The Canaanite dream is also dominance of the universe. But it is a universe gained by stealth and deception. The Canaanite dream (and the dream of too much of the current British elite) is a dream of eternal sodomy and eternal paedophilia, of hooded robes and rituals conducted by candlelight. They behave as if they have no human soul. They are masters at using someone like a popular monarch ass a rallying point and a marketing tool. So objection to the perversion becomes seen as disloyalty to a monarch, or to a country.

    Elijah DID see Jezabel as a serious threat, even after he had literally brought fire down from Heaven, and “disposed of” her pervert flunkies. “On paper” he had won. Maybe he was looking at the spiritual reality behind Canaanite power.

    In the West, we have tended to make excuses for Britain. We “pretend” that the world’s financial capital is no longer exerting enormous influence.

    China (cf. my earlier comments) has good grounds to see The City of London the same way Elijah saw Jezabel’s regime – corrupt, rigged court cases, and all..

  17. Slightly tangential to the current Coronavirus discussion:

    I know (first hand information) that there were small tests/experiments being done in Australia in the 1990’s, and in NZ a decade later, on the effectiveness of germ warfare (viruses?) that was “Ethnic Specific”.

    In other words, the nasty bugs would impact the health of one racial group but not another.

  18. You said it all – “When it comes to viruses, Man was never in charge. What Man creates, nature modifies. What nature creates, Man screws up.”

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