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Since our last Corona Virus post earlier this week, the virus as predicted expanded into a pandemic and is spreading wildly in over 50 countries, with a stronghold in Europe, the Mid-East and of course Asia. Foremost in Italy with nearly 1700 known cases and 35 deaths (2.07%) and now spreading virally in France, Germany, Spain, the UK, and Switzerland, with significant footholds in every other country there.  It has also spread from the 978 known infections and 54 deaths (5.52%) in Iran to most of the Mid-East.  Both these hot spots have the higher death rate versions of the virus.  It is still spreading everywhere at 25 – 40% per day, except China, which never gave us real numbers and barely reports anymore.  Ironically, or perhaps as part of a cover up, two Chinese nationals just returned from Iran to China infected. The virus has also already landed numerous beachheads up and down the US West Coast and is poised to explode there any day now with dozens of known cases and hundreds suspected from the Mexican border to Vancouver, north of Seattle.

One of the issues noted in different studies is that the test kits so far miss positive patients. One study in China, using CAT scans of lungs, revealed that two-thirds of the negative testing patients were actually positive. We saw that anecdotally with the vlogging British couple from the Princess Diamond who in the midst of their quarantine after testing positive, retested negative, and then positive again days later. These are the test kits being used in trained hospitals set up for this virus. Of course, there are many different kits and new and improved ones being developed all the time.

The screenings are question based, and people being who they are, often lie, especially to avoid 2 weeks in quarantine. The test kits are far from perfect, and people do not show symptoms for up to 14 days, some as long as 20, with many symptoms indistinguishable from a cold or lingering cough. Also, I want to reiterate that the virus is known to remain in a contagious state for several days on any surface, including elevator buttons, train seats, etc. So, barring an act of G-d, or some quirk in the programmed design of the virus, it will run its course.

That said, this is all based on the virus being exactly want we have been told it is.  If it is, there will eventually be a vaccine and long before that effective anti-viral drugs to combat it and alleviate the symptoms.

There are so many conflicting reports around the world and the 2-virus pattern with differing mortality rates continues expanding throughout the world. In these two video compilations—banned by YouTube so you know there must be some truth in them—we can see a very different picture of what has been happening in China. Whoever produced them obviously had an agenda in making them besides just public awareness, but that does not discredit the shocking raw footage. There is obviously much more to this virus than we know, and about the draconian medieval measures taken in China to combat it.  Some have suggested the Chinese are using the Coronavirus as cover for a far worse virus or contagious event. In that case, let us pray that they have that one contained, and that the Covid-19 pandemic becomes just a bad flu, treatable with aggressive anti-viral medications in most cases.

Much of it is hard to watch.  I cannot verify any of it, nor do I speak Chinese or understand what is being said, but you can see for yourself.  I have seen another corroborating video by a difference source filmed at the edge of Hubei, showing deserted streets, ultra strict confinement to all residential structure with armed guards and checkpoints in front of every building, and massive disinfection spraying, etc.  Prepare for the worst and pray for the best.  Awareness, aggressive hygiene, and being proactive are very important. As Donald Trump said in his press conference, “Nothing is inevitable.”

Part I Corona in China

Part II Corona in China

Stay safe.