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The Entrance into The Book of the Shema

Do not proceed unless you have read at least Chapter 32, Spherical Time. If you are ready a whole new world awaits.

If you are still hanging on to the quaint notion that physicality is real, let it go. No true kabbalist believed that. Our world (Malchut) cannot be a reflection of the Light, which is pure spiritual (virtual, existential), and actually be physical. There is no scenario that physical laws are true strict laws and yet are malleable by the simple usage of spiritual Names, yet all the Kabbalists used these Names successfully. Concrete physicality means there is no other world, world-to-come, spiritual realm, soul, etc. The Kabbalists, on the other hand, felt physicality was something that could be suspended while they accessed the upper realms and chambers in a similar manner to what we are going to do today.  So, either they were all delusional, or those that believe in the physical world as the end-all are, the world the Kabbalists refer to as the world of illusion.  Physicality means that what exists now is all that exists, so why do you try to connect to the sacrifices or incense that do not exist? Or repeat ancient rituals to connect to forces that do not exist within physics.  If there is anything out there beyond the physical then the physical is not so physical. Why do you recite prayers or read the Torah that according to physicality are just ink on a page? Do not speak of history; it exists only as layers of dust upon the vestiges of aged stones. In order to go to a new elevated world you must want to go there first, not as a lark, but as a core desire.

If you really are so stuck in physicality, you might at least want to find out what exists beyond your perception that affects the gauge fields in the geometry of configuration space. You will find that the nomenclature of the most current physics is not so different from our observations of spiritual space, though their mathematics is infinitely less comprehensible.

If you cannot at least suspend your disbelief, you might as well not take the journey. As you sit at your desk reading, you will go nowhere; all you will do is fill your brain with more information, not knowledge.  If you want a chance at expanding your mind and consciousness, I implore you to reread the first section to this chapter 32 with an open mind before beginning.

If you are ready a whole new world awaits.

The journey must be experienced in order, each section takes us deeper, builds on what our consciousness has absorbed. Let us begin…

Our Entrance

It was not until I began this segment that I understood why upon finishing the Book of the 42-Letter Name, The Genesis Prayer, that Rav Brandwein instructed me to write the Book of the Shema. The 15 Triplets of the Shema correspond to the 5th Book of the Torah and yet they are the first set of the Triplets in the order of the Primordial Alef (א), meaning they correspond to the branch of the Yud (י) in the upper right.  Nevertheless, in this journey that we are about to undertake, we will understand why and how all 112 Triplets are contained within the 248 words of the Shema.

If you are angry, let go of that as well. Emotions are reactions of the body that try to engage the mind in a never-ending circuit. In our journey, like countless kabbalists and ascendants before us, it is our consciousness that we want to engage, so we do not want to be distracted by our bodies or mind. Emotions were developed as a highly addictive form of communication, internal and external. Where we are going, they communicate immaturity. The consciousness does not experience emotions. It recognizes love, awe, and wonder, aspects of the Creator beyond the emotional states.  It compassionately recognizes fear as well.

It is time to do your breathing and spatial freeing envisioning exercises like the ones we suggested in the first section to this chapter, or any other that work for you. I have taken thousands into this world though a simple Ana B’koach (42-Letter Name) meditation, often hundreds at a time, and I suggest you recite it as well, one level at a time, letting go with each of the 7 levels.  I cannot put you into a meditative/elevated state because you must be able to read in order to journey with us. The words of the journey alone will eventually elevate you on their own.  Trust your consciousness to know what it is doing.

Let us begin by passing through through a thin gelatinous shimmering veil and entering the tunnel system, bright and light.

The 15 Triplets cryptically comprise the first verse of the 1000 letter and/or 248 word Shema. We can think of the Shema as space, Binah hyperspace. The 248 words are the 248 dimensions or fields; they are the construct of the universal consciousness within space.

When we meditate, it is proper to place our intent or semi-conscious state first within the endless space and then visualize it within the invisible construct within that endless space. We then visualize it going back and forth, drawing from the unlimited potential and back through the myriad dimensions of the construct, back into the point inside our minds or chakras where we are focusing our intent. It is space within space within space.

From the Ayn Sof (אין־סוף) for the “Endless Light (207)” to the Ayn K’El (אין־כאל), for “Nothing like G-d (112),” as found in Devarim 33:26. The difference is (207112) = 95, the King, and the 4 prefixes (ה,ל,ל,ל) of the 5 Firmaments.

As light floods our surroundings, we see that the phrase from the 3rd verse in the Torah, “Let there be Light; and the Light came into existence,” refers to two paradigms of Light. Where we are not, Light refers to the Ayn Sof (אין־סוף) for the “Endless Light” of numerical value 207. On the other side of the barrier, on the earthly side of the firmament, it refers to what we perceive as physical light (אור), also 207.

Both types of light are from the Creator, as exemplified in the numerical value of (יהי־אור) on either side of the firmament, 232, as in the 4 aspects of the YHVH (יהוה).

On the physical side, the Vav (ו) is added, giving it the total value of Rachel(238), associated with the sefira of Malchut.  Mesmerized by the light (אור), we see that its ordinal value is 27, and with the light glinting off the walls we learn that the word field (שדה) is found 14 times in the Torah while the word “the field (השדה) is found 50 times in the Torah. We feel that small differences in word spellings are purposeful in the Torah; we see that they both lead down distinct tunnels, yet the light is illuminating them in the exact same way.

Pulled further into the light, we find ourselves surrounded by the luminous scaffolding of the Essential Cube of Creation, yet we are still within the entrance tunnel, still arm’s length from where it opens up into the Shema. As we are reminded that the central position of the 27 positions of the Essential Cube of Creation is 14 that corresponds to the letter Nun (נ) of numerical value 50, the tunnel expands around us and we have a sense that we are now light-years from where we entered, yet we can still make out the veiled entrance beyond the Cube. A voice in our heads tells us to breathe.  It also tells us that their combined value is 64, as in both 64 fields, but it is also a cube of 43 at the center of a 33 cube. We are being advised to pay attention to the geometry within hyperspace. In hyperspace, numbers are concepts, and it is geometry that tie them together, not geography, as it is in physicality.

A still voice informs us that a circle with a diameter of 1000 has a circumference of One (1) field, or 314, and that we should never forget that, especially as we enter the cavern of the 1000 letters of the Shema. It further instructs us that 1000 can be wrapped up into a cube of 103.

The glowing light rescinds, dimming enough for us to make out our surroundings. Struck with the realization that each passageway beyond the Torah tells a story, each passageway that we can see branches off into infinity. Perspective is different here. We can see the tunnels from multiple angles at once, both inside them and where they lead off to in space.  It is not so much about what we see but about what it connects with. This is not a singular dimension; it is multiple dimensions at once.

Within the region or cavern system called the Shema we are starting out in the hall of initials.  The 248 initials in the Shema tell a story, beginning with the 45 Alefs(א) that act as initials in the entire Shema, 42 of which are in the main 3-paragraph body of the Shema. This means that all the other letters combined total 203, as in the first Triplet in the Torah (ברא).

As we peer past the 42 engraved in the wall, we see an endless vein of brilliant crystal quartz speckled with gold that becomes branching passages and hallways.  Similarly, a much smaller vein behind the number 203 heads off toward Bereshit. We stay the course and move forward within the hall of initials.

The 45 Alefs(א), as initials in the 5 parts of the Shema, correspond with the (27 + 9 + 9) = 45 Triplets in the 5th Essential Element. The Essential Cube of Creation still illuminated around us, we see that 27 of those Triplets sum to 42 each, 9 in each of the 3 planes. We further see 9 more Triplets illuminated in the parallel Magen Davids and bars in the (…בכראיק) division of the 27 Letters. Finally, we see 9 more in the twisting planar division of the 27 letters (…דהו, אבג). Once the luminous Triplets and cubic structure fades away we start processing what is being conveyed. We can then move on and shift our focus.

At first, it feels like we are in control of where we are going and that we are consciously making every decision ourselves, but eventually we realize this is a guided tour and nothing is happening by chance. This is both liberating and frightening.

We have reached the letter Vav(ו). In the previous chapter, in connection to the lighting of the candle flames, we spoke about the sequential 13 42 55 occurrences of the letter Vav(ו) that are initials in the entire Shema. That lesson is being repeated for us visually. There are 13 of them in the first paragraph that has 42 words in total, and there are 42 more occurences of those Vav(ו) initials in the rest of the Shema, making 55 in total.  Every time the number 42 appears, that quartz vein reappears behind it, always opening up the same way, inviting us.  We are navigating through hyperspace and there are no confines, nor physical limitations. Behind other numbers, other hallways likewise appear, cracks in the cavern walls that lead who knows where.

The Shema is selectively illuminated on the ceiling and walls of this cavern and each initial glows bright according to which letter we are focuing on.  We can see that those 42 Vavs(ו) are further split into 30 in the second paragraph and 12 in the third, which corresponds to the value (30) of the letter Lamed(ל) and of its ordinal value, 12, respectively.  There is one additional Vav(ו) in the Baruch Shem, making the total value for all the Vavs(ו), 336, as in the 336 letters in the 112 Triplets.  Another portal opens, yet we move pass it.

The letter Lamed (ל) in turn has a numerical value of 30 and there are 34 Lameds(ל) as initials in the Shema.

From there the story, or underlaying programming, takes us in different directions. One story starts with the two letters found one time each as initials in the Shema. Those letters are Koof (ק) and Zayin (ז). Together have a numerical value of 107, as in the 107th Triangular number, 5778, the sum of all the integers through 107 and a link, figuratively and literally, to the Spherical Time system.

The Shema is composed of 3 paragraphs from the Torah, the Rabbinic addition of the Baruch Shem, and 4 additional words at the end (Emet, YHVH Eloheichem Emet) whose initials total 13 as in the word Echad (One) from the first verse of the Shema, and as in Ahava (love). Approaching the illuminated letter Yud (י) we see it is found as initials 21 times in the main section of the Shema for a value of 210, and 1 additional time in those extra 4 words. Then the walls parted.

Given the connections to the Fibonacci sequence through 13 42 55, it would appear this design schematic carries throughout the entire Shema with the 1 Koof (ק), 1 Zayin (ז), 1, 2 Pes (פ) and/or Zadis (צ), 3 Dalets (ד), 5 Nuns (נ) or Tavs (ת), 13 Heis (ה) or Ayins(ע),  21 Yuds (י), 34 Lameds(ל), and 55 Vavs(ו) as in the translucent curving river of the Fibonacci sequence (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55) running alongside us.

We learn that the connections between the Phi(φ) field, or harmonic spiral of growth, and the Shema are automatic and happen naturally. All we have to do is recite the Shema.  We do not need to count the letters as we go, but it would be a good idea to make eye contact with them, as they connect with all 248 fields that control physicality on every level.

The 13 42 55 sequence is a big part of the exceeding rare Bell Prime Indices, as explained early in this series. They now appear before us as a viscous stream linking the Shema cavern and the ever curving Fibonacci river. The first six of them (2 + 3 + 7 + 13 + 42 + 55) add up to 122, as in the 122 words in the middle paragraph of the Shema that came straight out of Devarim 11:1321.

We previously saw how the 7th Bell Prime Index 2841 and the 7th Bell Number (877) combined to equal (2841 + 877) = 3718, which the inner cosmos are telling us is (376042), thus  establishing a connection with the spherical spiritual time frame of 3760 years and the Spherical Time vortex now swirling way above us.  The Bell Prime Indices are so rare that no number after 2841 has ever been found, even after a vast sea of thousands of digits have been searched.

It is hopefully obvious to us that the Torah did not establish this connection within the Shema to the Fibonacci sequence just to impress us. It must somehow connect with higher technology. All higher technology in the Torah essentially does one thing: It helps elevate our consciousness. It does that by connecting us to spiritual time, and then beyond the Spherical Time bubble entirely. It is not a subconscious process but a superconscious one. Our subconscious activities just embed us further into physicality. We program our minds through neuroplasticity by experiencing a series of emotions and emotional associations and then reliving them over and over again throughout our lives, no matter what we are experiencing or think we are experiencing. There are ways to rewire the neural pathways in our minds through proper focus and meditation and through the opening of the 112 chakras in our bodies.  This can be so powerful as to change our health and physical state, and even our ability to let go of physicality long enough to attach to spiritual time.  Because that process is still anchored in the belief that your avatar is real, it is not enough for you become immersed in spiritual time. It is a good start though.

It is still impossible for us to know how the Fibonacci sequence in the 248 words of the Shema are integrated into hyperspace technology, but we have studied one possible avenue already, back in Chapter 17.

If you recall, the 248 words and 1000 letters in the Shema, combine (248 x 1000) as 248,000, which is the result of the equation that gives us the 401,273 total words, letters, verses, rows, and columns in the Torah divided by Phi(φ), the driving force behind the Fibonacci sequence.

As we wander out beneath the Phi(φ) vortex and stare up into it, we learn that this is a hint to both the design of the Future Holy Temple and to how the technology of the Shema can catapult us into spiritual time.

The ratio of any two numbers that are added together to get the next number in a sequence will tend to Phi(φ) over the long term, which can be easily proven with eigenvectors or simple computation.  We see them as wispy streams of light with growing numbers floating in them. As they do a pattern emerges and as the numbers grown, all the streams flow into the exact same swirling vortex.

This means that a Phi(φ) vector can be drawn through any two numbers, and that every number has an infinite number of Phi(φ) vectors that can be drawn through it.  The number 1 can be paired with 2 to start off the Fibonacci (Phi-based) sequence (1,2,3,5,8,13…); or it can be paired with 3 and quickly become a Phi(φ) sequence (1,3,4,7,11,18,29,47…); or it can be paired with 4 and quickly become another Phi(φ) sequence (1,4,5,9,14,23,37,60…); or it can be paired with 5 and quickly become yet another a Phi(φ) sequence (1,5,6,11,17,28,45,73,118…), and so on, as plotted below on the graph. The sequence could also begin with 2, or 3, and 10 trillion, and the ratios between the numbers in that vector will all eventually tend towards Phi(φ).


This connection between any two numbers is essentially unique to the Phi(φ) ratio. Since ANY two numbers can give us a Phi(φ) sequence, ALL numbers can generate a Phi(φ) sequence.  The only other sequence that can start at any positive integer and include all subsequent numbers and maintain its limit is that of adding 1, whose ratio will tend to 1 (i.e. 10001/10000). We have already seen the special relationship between Phi(φ) and 1:

Each of those endless Phi(φ) vectors can also be a Phi(φ) spiral, in other words, the most efficient growth plane that both numbers can be on.  This can be a 2-d, 3-d, or nth dimensional spiral that emanates circularly from the first point (number) in the sequence, or it can generate in any dimension linearly as below:

In this case, the vortex pictured is generated by starting with one(1) and continually extending the second number in the sequence by one(1) as we saw in the Shema (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55), and then overlapping the new intervals, which each tend to Phi(φ). The inner cosmos paint a colorful infinite number of Phi(φ) vectors or spirals starting with 1. It does not change the Phi3/2 angle of the spiral one bit, as it fills in all the points along the angle and give us a finely ribbed spiral stretching out forever. The first two pale blue ribbons are essentially the same (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8… and 1, 2, 3, 5, 8…). Then one ribbon of intense color catches our attention, one among thousands and thousands: 1, 3, 4, 7, 11, 18, 29, 47, 76…………5778.  It is only the 3rd ribbon, the 3rd version of Fibonacci. The 18th iteration of that spiral is the diameter of Spherical Time, Phi(φ)18. A still voice tells us 18 is Chai, life. This is the 3rd version. There are no coincidences ever. A chill blows through us and commands our attention.

We are then shown that the sum of all those 3rd version Fib Numbers up to 5778 is 5775, and as we see twinkling light atop a mountain or lighthouse far off in the distant night it dawns on us that that is the height of the pyramid in Egypt in inches. We guess this must somehow be relevant since we were just told there are no coincidences, yet we are swept along with the Fibonacci current.

We have lost all concept of Shema Cavern, as we follow along the drifting islands of the Fibonacci Number (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55), rushing to catch up with them. It is not easy. We have to run fasted with each island. They float downstream as we run along the shimmering bank, hopping from stone to stone, all slick rectangular stones shaped like the number 1: 1, 1, 11, 111, 1111, 11111111…

Suddenly, right in front of us a clear mirror appears, liquid silver yet crystal clear. Stopped cold, we stare directly into it yet see no reflection. It is as if we are drawn right into it and see that 55 is an entrance. The sum of the Fibonacci Numbers through 55 is 143, the value of the higher Name Ehyeh (אהיה) spelled out (אלף־הא־יוד־הא), and that when we reach the next island (89) the sum will be 232 as in the 4 aspects of the YHVH (יהוה).

The Names are gone and in the mirror is the word Shalom(שלום), which is eerie, yet welcoming, until it fades into the number 376 and then into the sum of the first 12 Fibonacci Numbers. We are starting to get a sense that there is meaning behind every number and numbers behind every meaning, sometimes whole sets of numbers. We also realize that we are going to have to expand our way of thinking or processing if we are going to understand what is going on in here.  The numbers lead us to Names and the Names feel like gateways, yet it also feels like we do not have enough understanding yet to enter them.  Should we pay attention to the details or the concepts? Should we try to figure things out or let the inner cosmos do that for us.

We do not have time to make that choice, as the mirror is gone, and we realize that with that greeting relative to the 3760-radius of Spiritual Time, we must have passed through another entrance, as now squares and circles and rays are unfolding before us. The Names are resonating with us and within us, it makes sense since 55 was the sum of 1 – 10 and 3760 was (376 x 10).

The semi-circular loops in the multi-version Fibonacci or Phi Vortex must obey Pi as any circle would.  The field must increase in size in the Phi(φ) proportion as well.

We are shown that Phi(φ) vortices do not just expand along linear pathways; they expand in all directions as well, just like in Spherical Time. We do not know how we got here, but now we are high up inside the Phi Vortex, comfortably sitting on ledge peering down into the center where images from the vortex are projected seemingly for our education or maybe programming. As we ponder Phi(φ)18 or 18 twists of the Phi spiral that equal 5778 being inconsequentially small, considering the vast infinity of time, we are reminded that there is no time, just unfolding space. Sparks go off in our consciousness. The figure 5778-years is not a boundary in time, just in space. It is 18-fold, each turn of Phi(φ) is another unfolding, which lends itself to a square rather than a circle, or a cube as opposed to a sphere.

Trapped tight for so long by physical restraints, our consciousness is unfolding as well, a sponge for knowledge and wisdom given its exponentially more surface area.

As we look down upon all these vortex generating elements we realize they are all presented within the confines of a cube. Everything is being generated from the center of that cube, cubes like the 100 Phi3 cube that contains the exact volume of the Third Holy Temple and the 103 letter cube that is the Shema or the 33 Essential Cube of Creation. The Pi (3.14) field interacting with Phi(φ) staring with the central cube of position 14 and value 50 at the center of the Essential Cube of Creation. It is no wonder the word field (שדה) is found 14 times in the Torah while the word “the field (השדה) of numerical value 314 is found 50 times in the Torah. There are no coincidences’ just design.

Space folding and unfolding.

We also see the circle inscribed in a square over and over again, each time in fixed ratio of 1.273 with that square, which was given to us as the 401,273 elements in the Torah that connect to the words and letters in the Shema (248 x 1000) and to Phi(φ). A square (400) of 202 and the ratio of the inscribed circle to the square.

We cannot help wondering about why the Torah was designed that way and we are reminded that we have only just begun to sample the wonders of hyperspace and what the Shema alone can connect us to.  If we knew the right letter combinations, we could meditate on our main chakras/vortices in space as they expand through space, the ether, in multiple dimensions, and consciously utilize the phi proportion, over and over again, from sphere to cube to sphere each time a harmonic expansion.  Imagine where our consciousness could go.

There is a reason this was embedded in the Shema.

There is a reason for everything.

Could it be that 400/1.273 gives the area of the inscribed circle as Pi (314.2) for the 202 square?

Of those 401,273 elements in the Torah, 304,805 of them are letters.  This is broken down to the 4805 letters Pe(פ) of numerical value 80 in the Torah, corresponding to the sefira (dimension) of Yesod (יסוד) also of numerical value 80, and to 300,000. The value 300, as in (300 x 1000) is the value of the letter Shin (ש), the 21st letter. Yesod (יסוד) is the last of the emanating sefira before Malchut, physicality. Therefore, the average of the 21 letters other than Pe(פ), is 300,000/21 = 14285.7 per letter.  There is a reason this value (14285.7) appears in this equation and in the simplest equation of Pi, 22/7 = 3.142857.  That reason is that (300,000/21) simplifies to 1/.142857 = 7.

The number of letters in the Torah were designed to convey this message to us, this relationship with Yesod, Pi, the 7 complete sefirot of Zeir Anpin and Malchut, and the 22 letters. To clarify the message, the number 22 in base2 = 1000 and there are approximately 80,000 words in the Torah, once again singling out and juxtaposing the letter Pe(פ) of numerical value 80 with the 22 letters, or 1000. To fully understand the implications, we must know that all the other sefirot have to pass their Light, knowledge, understanding, and wisdom through the vortex of Yesod before it can reach physicality, Malchut. We must also know that the letter Pe(פ), shaped like a vortex, represents the mouth, and thus it is through the verbal recital of the 1000 letters in the Shema that we connect with all 80,000 words in the Torah.  It can be like reading the entire Torah if that is where our consciousness is at.

Suddenly, we see that the entire Torah is contained in a cube of 223. The rows and columns in the Torah are laid out in a 248 by 42 matrix, while the total number of rows and columns is exactly 223, meaning that they can be folded up in a cube of 22 per side.  All those 300,000 and 4,805 letters plus all the space in between them fit neatly into a 223 cube. The cube can be as large or small as we like, spatial distance is irrelevant.  If we place the 22 Hebrew letters lined up on each of the 12 edges, the Creator can arrange the compact cube into the Torah, one row of the Torah per cube. There would be about 28.625 letters within each inner cube and each face of the entire cube would represent about 1775 rows, as in the total gematria of the 27 letters of the Hebrew alphabet and the 1775 shekels collected for the building of the Mishkan in pasha Pekudei.

We do not know whether the details are important or the concepts, only that somewhere within that 223 cubic Torah are the 22 verses of the folded-up 103 cubic Shema.

As that concept hits us, we look around and wonder if we are in an enormous, cavernous cube, wandering from Torah element to element, the placement of which maybe only the Creator knows. We see each element with new awe.

If we could formulate a 223 cube with 22 letters per edge in our minds, would the Creator allow our consciousness to access all those wondrous elements of the Torah? How did Moses know the entire Torah to perfection?