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Do not proceed unless you have read at least Chapter 32, Spherical Time. If you are ready a whole new world awaits. The Journey begins here if you missed it.

Those 248 Dimensions

Sliding down the Phi vortex and retreating back into to the more manageable Shema cavern, we recall that we just learned that the 122 words of its middle paragraph are aligned with the first six Bell Prime Indices (2 + 3 + 7 + 13 + 42 + 55), and we find ourselves focused on the first paragraph of the Shema that has 42 words in it, and also on the final one that has 72, matching the two sets of the 112 Triplets of Creation that often go hand in hand, like when Moses split the Red Sea.

Even though the 122-word middle paragraph of the Shema came straight out of Devarim 11, it is the Shema’s first paragraph of 42 words, and also the 12-word first verse/Baruch Shem combination, that employ exactly 11 unique letters.

A fissure in the brightly lit cavern wall opens to an interlinking passageway that connects with the 11 unique letters of the 11 Triplets of Bereshit. They are not the same letters, but the concept is.

We further learn that the numerical value of the Torah’s first verse, the sum of the integers through 73, connect with the sum of the 42 initials of the first paragraph of the Shema, which is 731, and that they also connect with the 12 initials of the first verse/Baruch Shem combination, 730.

Both sets of 11 unique letters further intertwine with the difference between them being (1084 – 1051) = 33, as in the 33 letters in the 11 Triplets of Bereshit.

Moreover, through a series of passages linking all these findings with the hovering Tree-of-Life vortex, we see that they all connect with the sefira (dimension) of Chochma (Wisdom) of numerical value 73. We wonder which of the 223 building blocks of the Torah contains the Triangular first verse. We further wonder whether Abraham (248) knew all this when he wrote in the Sefer Yetzirah about the 22 building blocks in 3 Books (dimensions: text, number, communication) and about all the sefirot of nothingness. Our awe amplifies like loving light as we imagine ourselves following in Abraham’s path, as he learned and witnessed the wonders of the universe.

We find ourselves traveling back and forth from the Shema Cavern to disparate parts of the Torah and inner cosmos. Some of those passages connect with the Chronicles of Adam where we find out that the longest living man, Methuselah, lived (100031) years, which does not have significant meaning to us until we circle back and find out that the full value of the 248 initials of the Shema is (730031).

It is then that we see El (אל), G-d, engraved on the wall, and learn that 248 = (8 x 31), making 31, the numerical value of El (אל), G-d, equal to 1/8th of 248, reminding us of the design of the E8 Lattice or E8 Lie group. The Inner Cosmos seem to be laying out the connections for us, drawing a gigantic map, but not yet filling in the details until we are ready to understand them.  Without time, we can be patient. Impatience is ego.

Near Earth Orbit

Following yet another offshoot, or a path of knowledge hidden beneath the Torah, we see that in the final two paragraphs of the Shema, 6 additional initials were utilized, making a total of (6 + 11) = 17 letters of the 22 in the Alef-bet employed as initials in the Shema. That leaves 5 that were not used. Those 5 (גחטסר) letters total 280, as in the 5 final letters connected to judgement that total 280. In a normal world we would ask how that is even possible, but in here it seems so normal. Immersed in a video game, we accept everything that comes our way as unquestionably real and as an important design element in the game. In here, it is the same, except that what we find is not only unquestionably real but demonstrably so, and the importance of the design elements has real life consequences for our consciousness.

As we ponder what that means for physicality, where we tend to ignore all the important design elements, the trail veers off to the 42-Letter Name complex and we see that the 5 (גחטסר) letters of the Shema are found concealed in the 4th and 5th lines of the 42-Letter Name matrix. The first two letters that spell chag (חג), holiday or to circle, are found at the end of the 4th line and beginning of the 5th. The Tet-Resh (טר) are found in the center of the 4th line, following by the hidden gate of the Samech (ס), whose 1833 occurrences in the Torah, match the gematria value of the first half of the 42-Letters.  We further see that the 5 ordinal positions within the 42-Letter Name of these 5 letters (גחטסר) letters of the Shema equal (20 + 21 + 22 + 24 + 25) = 112, as in the 112 Triplets or which both the Shema and the 42-Letter Name are sets.

The Hebrew word chag (חג), holiday, is also a verb that means to circle, circumscribe, or go around, as the cosmic holiday windows circle the annual cosmic calendar. Seven (7) of the central letters of the 42-Letter Name matrix rise up and circle or orbit the point, where the hidden Samech (ס) is concealed. The letters are Bet-Gimmel-Dalet-Caf-Pe-Resh-Tav (בגדכפרת), corresponding to the 7 planets that Abraham told us circle the earthly plane and influence it. “Planets” is kind of our nomenclature, as he included the Sun and the Moon (כת) of numerical value 420.  Venus and Mercury (פר) have a value of 280, leaving Saturn, Jupiter and Mars (בגד) that equal 9. His explanations of them were the basis of Astrology. Nevertheless, the inner cosmos apparently only wants us to see that we do not need a telescope to find them; they can be found in tight near earth orbits around the center of the 42-Letter Name, the same mysterious place as the 5 letters of the Shema that totaled 280.

As the trail connects back to the Fibonacci river, it is apparent that those 5 omitted letters have a combined ordinal value of 55, the 10th Fibonacci number, and the sum of the integers from 1 – 10, the number of the entrance.  In hyperspace, the value 55 is affiliated with the word H’Col (הכל) of numerical value 55. It means all or everything, which makes perfect sense given the full 10 integers, and that that schematic scales up for every multiple of 10 (i.e., 100, 1000, 10000…) to equal 5050, 500500, 50005000), but what of those 5 (גחטסר) used letters that total 280? Well, here their roles are reversed, and the ordinal value of the word for everything (הכל) is 28.

Those 5 letters (גחטסר) letters of the Shema and 42-Letter Name are obviously important, and we can further understand that the 5 final letters of the alef-bet that sum to 280 are an integral part of the 27 letters Essential Cube of Creation, connecting 3 of the 5 Elements of Creation.

When the 72 Triplet matrix appears with the 46th Triplet (ערי) of numerical value 280 illuminated, we realize that there are now 4 Elements connected through these 5 letters.  The ordinal value of 46th Triplet (ערי) is 46. Somehow, this all must connect with the cubit (אמה) of numerical value 46. Perhaps it has something to do with 280 royal Egyptian cubits being equal to 210 Sacred Cubits or as we have previously studied, the mile, 5280 feet being related to 552 and the core ratio of the cubit to the foot, 27.5/12.

Nonetheless, it is apparent that this was all by design, cosmic design, before the Torah was ever written and downloaded to Moses. With each trail back and forth to the Shema, our consciousness is expanding, pulsing and with each expansion more and more formerly out of reach areas are being filled in, even areas we do yet comprehend, but can be seen in the distance. There is no darkness out there, just potentiality. Darkness needs a candle flame to expose it; potentiality needs only our intent.

Drawn deeper into this nest of intertwining passages, yet another path shows us that of those 5 omitted letters (גחטסר), the two outer ones (גר) combined total 203, as in the first Triplet in the Torah (ברא), and the 3 remaining (חטס) letters total 77, as in the sum of the first 33 letters in the Torah that comprise the 11 Triplets of Bereshit. This is the 5th of the 5 Essential Elements of Creation connected to the 5 omitted letters (גחטסר) the Shema. Even what is omitted in the Torah is of vital importance and significance.  The Torah and cosmos can speak to us from the emptiest of space.

Stepping outside our current passage, with perspective we see that the Shema cavern is more like a giant twisting vortex or giant tree in hyperspace with roots and branches shooting off in all directions. One huge sweeping root feeds from the 11 Triplets of Bereshit, one from each of the Essential Elements.

This portal that we entered together will always be there for us now. It is forever engageable within our consciousness, imprinted in our minds. The Shema can now have the powers for us that it was originally intended.

It is then that we spy a trail or root leading to the House of David and far beyond to the Hall of Chronicles. Outside, in physical time, everything happens linearly. Here in hyperspace spiritual time, we can zip along a pathway in an instant, all guided by intent. It is on this side journey that we learn of David being the 11th generation from Jacob and the 33rd overall from Adam, linking David with the 11 Triplets of Bereshit.

We further learn that is important that David is the 13th generation from Abraham and that he was born 906 years after Abraham, connecting him to the 7th and final line of the 42-Letter Name matrix (שקוצית) of value 906.  We already know that Adam gave 70 years of his life for David to live and that Abraham was born 70 years after Terach, so now it is all connecting for us. Even Terach living 205 years has meaning, as (205 + 906) = 1111.

It all connects because of Spherical time and because our consciousness is in hyperspace, especially when we are connected to the 48 letters in the 12 Tetragrammaton (יהוה) permutations that sum to 53328 through small gematria (i.e., YHVH = 1565…) in that 53328/48 = 1111.  Once we learn that everything has meaning, we can begin to absorb everything (הכל).

Whooshed to another far off location, without recall how we get there, we see that it connects deeper yet to the 112 Triplets of Creation, conveying even deeper meaning to us. There are 4 sets of surrounding Triplets, 13 candles in all, 13 in a circle. One candle for the 11 Triplets in Bereshit; One candle for the 15 Triplets of the Shema; 2 candles for the 2 columns of the 14 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name, with each candle of 21 letters connected to Ehyeh (אהיה); and the 9 candles of the 72 Triplets, split into 1, the shamash of the 8 Triplets of the first row, and the other 8 columns of 8 Triplets for the 8000 of the 64 Triplet square.

The 5 candles stand together juxtaposed to the 8 candles of the 64 Triplet square. The 5 candles contain (11 + 15 + 14 + 8) = 48 Triplets, which we now learn each connect to a different letter within the 48 letters of the 12 Tetragrammaton (יהוה) that in turn reflect the 4 Ones (1111).

Another portal within a distant portal opens for us and within the fields of Triplets we see that H’Moshiach is connected to Bereshit and to David. When the 33 letters are multiplied by the 11 Triplets they give us 363, as in the numerical value of H’Moshiach. The same goes for David with the 11 and 33 generations. With David it is particularly notable given that the Spherical Time equation is set to the midpoint in his life, 2889 HC.

It is then shown to us that the equations (33 x 11) = 363 refers to degrees in a circle and that (33 x 11o) = 363o = (360o + 3o), which is meant to equal 360o + 120th of a circle, or (3/360o). We do not really get it. We get the math, though not yet the point. Maybe it has something to do with the 3” difference between 5778 (or twice 2889) and 5775 that we learned about, though it is probably much deeper? The concept of circle must play a part, that much we get.

Twisted passages and a series of linkages lead us to the outskirts of the hall of geometry, where we learn that the design of the 27 positions and 9 planes of the Essential Cube of Creation similarly give us (27 x 9) = 243, the numerical value of Abram (אברם) before G-d added the letter (ה) to his name to give it the value 248. We notice a connection all on our own to 120 but before we can voice it, we are shown the 5 Platonic Solids. Their 4, 8, 6, 20, and 12 vertices align with the Hebrew letters (ל,ר,ו,ח,ד), whose numerical value is 248.

The question arises if the sum of vertices of the 5 Platonic Solids (4 + 8 + 6 + 20 + 12) = 50 is connected to the 50 times the word chag (חג), meaning to circle or encircle, is found in the Torah. It must be or we would not have been shown it. Perhaps it has to do with 50 x 11, the gematria of chag (חג), being 550 or 20 cubits, or maybe 50 x 22, its complete value, being 1100 or 40 cubits. The beauty is that we know we are right because we have already figured out that in here everything connects with everything and that the longer we are in here, the better our associations become. What we do not know is if there are better and deeper associations and what the purpose behind them are.

The hall of geometry further shows us what we had almost pieced together on our own, that (243 + 120) = 363, H’Moshiach, with 120 being the age of Man and 120 being the age of Moses, and as we recall the difference between the base and height of the pyramid in cubits, but that is on us, not the Torah.

The same equation, (letters x Triplets) as in (33 x 11), is applied to the 42-Letter Name, where (42 x 14) = 588, which is (152 + 363) and when we are shown that (152 + 120) = 345, the numerical value of Moses, things start to make sense to us.  Then that understanding slips away as we learn that chag (חג) is found on its own 15 times in the Torah. Does it have to do with 15 Triplets in the Shema? Or the Name Yah (יה)?

The inner cosmos winked to us and showed us that the first iteration of the Name Yah (יה) is 15 and the second is 35, making both together 50, as in the 15 and 50 occurrences of the word chag (חג) in the Torah.

The concept is beginning to take shape yet is still fuzzy, something about a circle, Spherical Time, Moses, King David, H‘Moshiach, maybe the pyramid, after all, both the pyramid and King David have connections to 35. We are here to learn, not speculate, and as we are learning numbers are not end-all; they are connections between deeper elements and understandings. A still voice whispers, “and geometries.”

The Dawn of Creation

At least, now we know why we are in the hall of geometry.  The value of Man (אדם) is 45, which we now learn is the sum of the 45 Triplets designed into the 27 positions of the Essential Cube of Creation. At this point we learn that the same equation (letters x Triplets) as above now leads us to (45 x 27) = 1215, and the dawn of Creation.

Suddenly, we are drawn back to a place before Elohim established the 6 dimensions/directions of Zeir Anpin, to the first 9 letters of the Torah (ברא–שית–ברא), the first 3 Triplets, to 12:15am, a specific time before the first dawn when everything was in its potential state, unmarred, unlimited, and endless without dimensional boundaries. This was the moment that King David, along with a long line of tzaddkim, awoke each night, at precisely 12:15am to begin their deepest studies and connect to the most powerful Light.

The first 3 Triplets of the Torah (ברא–שית–ברא) hanging luminously over us go dark and then their inner letters reignite into a hidden Triplet (ריר) of numerical value 410 and ordinal value 50, just like the first Triplet of the Shema (שמע).

The dawn of Creation happened at precisely 12:15am, a moment before physicality began at 12:16.

The value 1216 represents the 1000 letters in the Shema and the 216 letters in the 72 Triplets, two of the branches of the primordial Alef (א). These two sets of Triplets represent the cubes of the Yud(י) and the Vav (ו) in the YHVH (יהוה), or 10³ and , which equals (1000 + 216).  The cube is the most basic expansion necessary to create 3-dimensional space, the basis for physicality as we know it.

Though physicality began from the two cubes, spirituality was preserved in them like bubbles. The 1000 letters in the Shema and the 216 letters in the 72 Triplets are bubbles of spirituality and thus of Spiritual Time within the physical world.

Physicality is created by form, which is governed by the Vav (ו). In physicality everything is connected by straight lines. In hyperspace, everything is seen to effect everything so there are no straight lines, yet the connections between two points are still the fastest route. In physicality, the fastest path between two points is a straight line, a direct reaction. Those that are most successful in physicality appear to be moving in straight lines, but are instead dipping into Spiritual Time and strategizing, taking multiple issues and consequences into concern before they move.  The Hebrew word emet, (אמת), meaning Truth, is the spiritual time equivalent to the physical death, mavet and mot (מות), the difference being the letter Alef (א) in Spiritual time and the Vav (ו), in physicality: Oneness vs separation. In the beginning there was a point, then a Vav (ו) turned that point into a distance. In physicality distance is the reciprocal of time; in hyperspace since there is no time, that distance is both zero and infinite. In hyperspace, there is no actual distance, only the appearance of distance from our lowly perspective. Elements can appear very far apart yet bridged in an instant.

The skeptics must ask why Create a world of distance if none exists. Only from the world of ego, would we start with great distance and create a belief paradigm that we can build ways with our minds and machines to eliminate that distance.

Once the final set of Triplets, the 72 Triplets, was connected, judgement (Gevurah) of numerical value 216 touched the spiritual realm and physicality began.

The 1000 of 1216 is Binah; it is the primordial Alef (א). There is no form in the spiritual world as we perceive form, so as soon as the shape of the cube was introduced, especially through the cubing of the Vav (ו), physicality was born.  The 11 (וה) Triplets of Spiritual Time became the 11 unique letters (בראשיתלהםוץ) within the 33 of Creation. The 13 Candles of Oneness gave rise to the 33 positions of Creation.

We are shown that the 11/33 letters correspond to the kabbalistic .333/.666 or 1/3, 2/3 split.

Then as lights flicker in the distance, drift into yet another pavilion, where we learn that modular numbers are counted in a circle, like a clock face, giving us a modulus and a remainder for each number.  In mod 3, the number 33 has a modulus of 11 and remainder of 0. The number 34 is still modulus 11, but with a remainder of 1.

The Fibonacci Numbers are quirky and special in innumerable ways. One way is to take a Modular Number of the endless Fibonacci stream and watch it form repeating, or looping, remainders. The length of this integer loop is known as the Pisano period and it is measured as π (n). No matter which modulus is applied, the remainders will form a repeating pattern. We just do not know and cannot predict how long that pattern will be. Over thousands of moduli, we see that the length of the loops naturally tend to grow longer as the modular Number gets higher, and moreover that they trend along several different elongating slopes as they grow, but the results are highly random. A Pisano period of π (6) can be followed by 30, then by 4, then by 25, then 40, then back down to π (7): random.

One oddity amongst these endless results that stands out in bright fuscia is that the looping result in mod 24 is π (24) = 24 units long. To mathematicians this does not even register, but here in hyperspace, while we watch it loop into circles every 24 Fibonacci Numbers, we see that the sum total of those 24 remainders is 216.

We duck as something sweeps overhead, casting a shadow over this 24-hour clock that is connected to judgement and physicality. Cycling once ever 24 hours, each day is connected to physicality and judgment.  As we peer into the dark sky and scan the horizons, we cannot make out what cast this shadow, but perceive it must have something to do with time.

The world of physicality is the world of Tikkune (תיקון‎), which has the numerical value of 1216. It has unavoidable judgement built into the system. It began 1 second after the mercy of spiritual time at 12:15. Rav Abraham Abulafia of blessed memory additionally points out that 1215 is the value of the phrase “Combination of the letters,” and also of “70 Languages,” that are the 70 branches of the Tree-of-life. These exist in potentiality within the Essential Cube of Creation, even before the 112 Triplets were Created.

Every year, we complete one cycle of the holidays, chagim (חג), the action of encircling, chag (חג). We see the year as an annual progression around the Sun; the inner cosmos see it as a progression around the cosmic windows. Long before there were prayers and rituals to tap into the specific energies and frequencies available in those cosmic windows, there existed this ring of specifically spaced and sized portals. At the portal of sukkot, held open for 7 days each encircling, we can reconnect with the time of pure limitless potentiality. The sum of all the elements of the Sukkot: the Sukkah (91), the Sach (100), and the 4 Species (1024) add up to 1215. Then at the end of this period, on the 8th day, we ritually mimic the encircling and begin the Torah anew with Bereshit.

13 Candles

It is no coincidence that the first 3 Triplets of the Torah (ברא–שית–ברא) also add up to 1215 or that the 11 unique letters (בראשיתלהםוץ) in that same first verse of Genesis 1:1 do as well. The ordinal value of the first 10 of them is 112, and 130 for all 11, as in Sinai and 13 x 10 in total, for all 11 of them.

We see the 13 candles in all, 13 in a circle, again. One (1) candle for the 11 Triplets in Bereshit; One (1) candle for the 15 Triplets of the Shema0, 1, 1

2 candles for the 2 columns of the 14 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name, each candle of 21 letters connected to Ehyeh (אהיה): 0, 1, 1, 2

The two candles along with the 9th candle of the 1st row of the 72 Triplets makes 3 candles: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3

Altogether they make (1 + 1 + 2 + 1) = 5 candles: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5

The 8 candles of the 8 columns that total 8000, or 8 x 1000, of the 64 Triplet square, makes (5 + 8) = 13 in total:  0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13

They have come full circle, all 13 as One, echad; (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13) makes 33.

 E8 Symmetry

From the cubing of the Vav(ו), physicality kept on expanding until 248 dimensions were reached.  The Shema can be seen as the Spiritual Time counterpart to those original cubes of 1000 and 216 with the addition of the 32 Paths of Wisdom, or 1000 letters and (216 + 32) = 248 words.

As the Shema’s design gets infinitely more complex than the mere meshing together of some of the Torah’s paragraphs, we enter an area concerning the E8 Lie group, where we refresh our memories. The E8 Lie group is a 248-dimensional object that has 8 spatial dimensions with 248 symmetries.  On the wall El (אל) is engraved and 248 = (8 x 31) is illuminated. The Lie groups are a special set of symmetries and the E8 Lie group is one of the most complex shapes in our physical universe.  With our consciousness expanding and as we get accustomed to hyperspace travel and reality, we question why we should even be concerned about physicality, yet curiosity draws us onward. We open ourselves to whatever this journey brings us.

The familiar webbed orb on a ceiling high above us is a complicated circular simplistic 2-D rendering of a 3-d model of a 4-dimensional projection of an 8-dimensional object. It took a supercomputer years to model it.  It was instantaneous in hyperspace. It was also foreboding as we realize that each web was a traversable corridor, and like the 248 words in the Shema, each of the 248 points of intersection in the orb network was another portal. We now see that each point connects to a different word in a specific place. The distance between them is lengthened by our fear. It a complexity of options we are not ready to navigate.

We do not know what will happen to us if we get lost and the complexity of the E8 labyrinth is frightening.  Each point in it is surrounded by 2160 8-orthoplexes and 17280 8-simplices. The colors of the tightly balled network pale and white, and the glowing orb reminds us of the moon with its 2160-mile diameter. At once we understand the connection between the 17280 8-simplices with the Shema’s 17 unique initial letters and the 5 unused letters that total 280.

The twinkling orb shows off its crystalline shapes that follow the Phi(φ) proportion. Each 8-orthoplex is a regular 8-polytope with 16 vertices, 112 edges, 448 triangle faces, 1120 tetrahedron cells, 1792 5-cells 4-faces, 1792 5-faces, 1024 6-faces, and 256 7-faces.

As if to entice us, grand trails flash before us, showing us that these distinct shapes and elements of this gigantic 248 dimensional ball of entanglement are tied into specific complex elements of the Torah.  The Torah can be read into every facet of those structural crystals, no pun intended.

The Hall of Geometry

Yet before we can engage with even one of them, a passage back to the Hall of Geometry beckons us, as if we need some preconditioning before journeying on. We quickly learn that every length in each of the geometric shapes is a Vav(ו) of numerical value 6 and that we should pay attention to the angles in space, as space it not an empty void, a concept created in physical time. The 3 angles of a Triangle equal 180o and the 3 Vavs(ו) is the most basic or source Triangle equal 18.

The value of the Vav(ו) is not a distance as we understand it. While it can be 6 cubits, feet, or inches and this can have metaphysical meaning, its not what the universe is showing us. The Vav(ו) is a concept and a structure unto itself, a forging of the influence of 6 dimensions (sefirot).

The 4 angles of a square total 360o, as in the 360o in a circle, while the 4 Vavs(ו) of the source square total 24, as in the hours in a day. And we thought that it was man who came up with the concept of 24 hours deriving from the 360o  daily rotation of the earth. Why is one rotation one day? It is logical but completely arbitrary. It actually came from the Torah, darkness and light, one day. We were taught that the 24 hour period was born out of man’s convenience. Now we see that the concept went deep, to the source square and 24 hours in a rotation and wholeness of that square, and to source mathemematics where the logarithm of 4470 is 3.650, as in the 365 days in a year, and ultimately to the Spherical Time bubble designed for us, which incorporates the circle, 4470 and 24 hours, and the speed-of-light into the two paradigms of time.   Once consciousness is expanded, clarity sets in.

Amongst all the visions displayed for us, we see that the 6 sides of the source hexagon have a total of 720o or two rotations of a circle and a total perimeter of 36 for a ratio of 720/36 = 20, or Yud (יוד) and conversely, 1/20. The ratio of the source Triangle is 180/18 = 10 or Yud (י) and the ratio of the source square is 360/24 = 15, or Yud-Hei (יה).

We further see that the source hexagon consists of 6 source triangles radiating from the central point, which open up the image of the hexagon as 6 source triangles, or 1080o/108 = 10.  No matter how the source 3-sided triangle expands it is always connected to the 10 sefirot of the 3 column Tree-of-Life. Can the source of all kabblistic defintions of our universe be the source triangle?

Burrowing down into an equilateral triangle, we see that its sides are comprised of 3 Vavs(ו) or 18, and its 3 angles of 60o are the products of Yud-Vavs(יו). The 3 products are 180o, and their 3 sums are 48. A voice admonishes us to pay attention, so we realize this in import, but we do not see it yet. An 8 x 8 square of 64 appears as we see that the angles and lengths together equal (48 + 18), or 64. Pleased with ourselves for making this connection, the voice adds, “You missed it.”

The image shifts on us and we see 6 equilateral triangles converged into a source hexagon. We then see that because the 6 triangle all share an edge, there are only 12 edges or Vavs (ו) so they can also be represented as 1080o/72 = 15, the same ratio as the source square. In physical time, we see shapes as rigid, but in spiritual time or hyperspace they are fluid. A centered source hexagon has 3 times the length (72) of the 4-sided square (24), yet the same primary ratio (15), which is Yah(יה).

A direct corridor to the 72 Triplets and the 24 Letters in each of its 9 candles, but we choose not to follow it.

The hexagon image gives rise to the source 8-sided octagon that was also 1080o but with a perimeter of 48, yielding a ratio of 1080o/48 = 22.5, as in the 22 letters and 5 final letters of the Alef-bet.

We also see that the 5-sided source pentagon is 540o/30 = 18, upon which we are immediately shown that the angle 18o = .3142 radians or 1/20th of a circle (360o). That trail opens up to a much wider one that we also chose not to follow, but the connection of the source pentagon to Pi (3.142) and the Names of G-d are intriguing.

In Gan Eden

The hall quaked, shaking us out of our stupor. Everything stood still. We were still in the Hall of Geometry but simultaneously in Gan Eden, at least as we imagine it, filled with lush green grass, bright flowers, gentle animals, a soft breeze, flowing pristine rivers, rich blue skies and white clouds like the earth used to be before geo-engineering. There is an image of Adam, we assume, looking for a compatible helper. The Torah shows us it is verse 20 of the 2nd Chapter. The first 3 final letters in the verse are illuminated and they spell emet (אמת), truth. We see Adam searching through a field of endless numbers, the field (השדה) of numerical value 314.  He is search through Pi for a compatible helper (עזר־כנגדו) of numerical value 360, the circle.

The final letters in “find a compatible helper (מצא־עזר־כנגדו)” spell Light (אור), while its middle two letters (זר) spell raz (רז), secret, as if prompting us to find the secret. Earlier in the verse it says “as well as all the wild beasts of the field (ולכל־חית־השדה) whose initials spell, Chava (חוה), Eve. The sum of the initials prior to (חית־השדה־ולאדם) Chava (חוה) sum to 363, that of H’Moshiach. The 3 initials in order form the 24th of the 72 Triplets (חהו). It is followed by 4 letters (אעזר) that have the gematria of Ohr HaGanuz, 278, while the initials of the second half of the verse following the 363, have the value 179, as in L’hadleek, to ignite, from our Chanukah blessing and kavanot. Of those 179, the last two initials (עזר־כנגדו) have a value of 90, meaning the rest total 89, as in Chanukah. We know from the Zohar, that the Ohr HaGanuz, the light of H’Moshiach and the light of Chanukah, was saved in the period prior to the first Shabbat. Now we see it was concealed just before the Creation of Eve, while the snake was still found lacking. We see that the light of Chanukah is part of a circle that began before time and that it is a cosmic window where we can connect to the light of H’Moshiach and ignite the energy of existence before the Tree-of-Knowledge was breached.

There are so many more secrets in this verse, but with its geometric conceptual connections to 360o and 314, the inner cosmos next show us that the 5 final letters of the verse equal 248 and are split 42 and 206 like the first 42-word paragraph of the Shema and the 206 rest of the words.

The Faces of the Sun and the Moon

Redirected toward the Shema and the 248 dimensions, the Garden fades away and we are squarely back in the Hall of Geometry. We are now confronted with a glowing cube with 8 corners of 270o each, a 90o angel is each direction, for a total of (8 x 270) = 2160, like the 2160-mile diameter of the Moon, which is now glowing over our shoulders, juxtaposed to the cube in front of us. We are shown specifically that it is also (24 x 90) = 2160. A cube of 6 directions (2160o) equals 6 circles (2160o), the diameter of the Moon.

Confused by the implications and by where the universe is going with all this, we wonder if it was because Adam was looking into geometry that the Creator thought to give him a companion.

Yet another cavern opens and similarly glows, the Cavern of the 72 Triplets. We soon see the connection, as the source cube’s 12 edges total 72 in length and its 6 faces total (6 x 36) = 216.

While the primal ratio of the source cube is 2160/72 = 30, it is clear that this is representative of the 216 letters in the 72 Triplets, whose cubic nature we have previously discussed.  The resultant 30 matches the illuminated 22nd Triplet (ייי) among the 72.

As the cube rotates before us, we realize that the 6-sided/6 directional cube is equivalent to 6 rotations (6 x 360o) of a sphere, once in each direction.  In a physical world, a sphere can rotate in infinite directions, but only in one direction at a time. Anything else is spiraling or tumbling. In 6-dimensional (Zeir Anpin) hyperspace it can rotate in 6 directions at once, a visualization beyond the capabilities of our still limited minds.

Most people see the 10 or 11 sefirot as a 3 column tree. Many, who look closer see the two stacked cubes in it. The 6 sefirot of Zeir Anpin form the bottom cube.  We are now privileged to understand that this schematic is not static, the cube is rotating in 6 directions at once and all 6 dimensions are bundled together as one, forming a super-dimension where each dimension is superimposed on the next.  This means that every action we perceive in the physical world is playing out in 6 different dimensions at once, 6 different ways, including judgement and mercy. We realize this is an important concept to grasp, as we cannot try to follow a linear trail from Binah or Da’at to our world; we must think multidimensionally. All 6 dimensions affect the flight of the ball.

What we nearly miss is how the 72 Triplets interact with Zeir Anpin. Perhaps this is why there are so many Triplets in this Essential Element compared with the other 5. There are 12 Triplets per sefira, 36 letters per face. The universe is trying to tell us there is a way to control the effects of Zeir Anpin with the 72 Triplets, but we do not see how yet. Nevertheless, with the moon rising above us again, a reminder at 2160 miles wide that Malchut is nothing more than a reflection of Zeir Anpin.  Everything seems so complicated in this illusory world because there is no black and white, everything is faceted 6 ways, as in the 6 days of the week and Creation.

As the moon spins it get larger, brighter, yellow, orange, then hot. It spins so fast, that like the wheels of a bicycle we can start to see spokes appear, then the outline of a cube. We see the 26 elements of a cube, then the 26 elementary physical forces. Then we realize each element of the cube of Zeir Anpin is responsible for generating 1 elementary physical force or number to our universe and that the Sun is Zeir Anpin.  Because of its 6th dimensional spin, all those forces are projected and supported at once, as if they are part of one unified field.

We now understand why the Zohar called each sefira a parzuf (פרצוף) which is Hebrew for face or Divine face, and why the Arial said they were unified, not linear. Each of the 6 faces, or the 6 (פרצוףים), of this cube is a different parzuf (פרצוף), sefira. The inner cosmos has taught us the concept of the cube and 6 spinning spheres.

Already so deep into the insights of the universe, we further learn that parzuf (פרצוף) breaks down to 376 and 800, which is when we recall the clear mirror greeting us with Shalom (376). The 10 sefirot equal 10 parzuf (פרצוף) or (10 x 376) and (10 x 800), as in the Spiritual Time radius of 3760 years and 8000 or 203, some of whose ramifications we are just beginning to perceive.  We also see that between the two Pe (פף) in the alef-bet, there 8 letters with a value of 2890 or (2889 + 1), from the midpoint equation of Spherical Time and the 10 letters that include the two Pe (פף) have a value of 3770 or (3760 + 10). This cannot be a coincidence or they would not have shown it to us; moreover, the additional 10 and 1 can easily be the sefirot/partzufim.

As we attempt to move forward time loops around us. It is not really time; it is spatial folding that we have no control over. It makes us wonder how this would be reflected in our projected world. Would it be simple déjà vu, or a wholesale shift in the time paths? Would we be completely aware of it like in here or just suspect that a glitch occurred?

Anyway, the entire sequence was repeated:

The 10 sefirot equal 10 parzuf (פרצוף) or (10 x 376) and (10 x 800), as in the Spiritual Time radius of 3760 years and 8000 or 203, some of whose ramifications we are just beginning to perceive.  We also see that between the two Pe (פף) in the alef-bet, there 8 letters with a value of 2890 or (2889 + 1), from the midpoint equation of Spherical Time and the 10 letters that include the two Pe (פף) have a value of 3770 or (3760 + 10). Now we know this was no coincidence. They showed it to us twice.  There is a definite relationship between the sefirot and 8000 or 203 and the components of Spherical Time, and the numbers 1 and 10 and if 10 is Yud (י) then maybe 20 (יוד).

We decide as a group that maybe we are going too fast. It is a bit of a blow to our egos that we needed to be shown something twice. We are being shown a cornucopia of details and maybe we are taking them for granted. Without time, there is no rush, so the speed we move through here has to do with our ego, not our consciousness. Every detail is important, or they would not be revealed to us. Of everything that exists in the infinite universe, the inner cosmos specifically chose that specific detail in that specific moment for us. We should not throw them away like the iconic Lucy at the chocolate conveyor belt.

That is the difference with a projected simulated physicality where you only have enough time to see the moving picture and thus miss all the important details. It is hard to connect the dots when they are receding behind you, and if 6 dimensions are being reflected as one, there must be a lot of details hidden in that movie.  Perhaps, we realize now, 6 itself is significant, a detail we missed.

We collectively agree not to treat this hyperspace realm as our physical one.  The imprinting and rewiring of our consciousness should be the goal, not the attempt to get a periphery understanding.  With the attention to detail and the subsequent expansion of our consciousness, understanding will come.

Refocused, our attention is being drawn into the center of the word parzuf (פרצוף). In particular to (רצ) and that this pair of letters is also the center (רצ) of the 42-Letter Name. We do not even have to ask if this is important as we are shown that the plural of parzuf (פרצוף) is parzufim (פרצופים) of gematria 506, like the first line of the 42-Letter Name and the 506 times the 14 triplets in that Name are found in the Torah. It must also be important that 506 is the complete gematria of Moshiach Ben David and the gematria of unconditional love.

And then there is Earth, a beautiful blue and white ball, which we watch fade into gray, darkness, and obscurity as the triplet (רצו) glowed between the two letters Pe (פף). The triplet (רצו) of numerical value 296 matches that of the 7th word of the Torah, the Earth (הארץ).

We are reminded immediately that of the 4805 letters Pe(פ) of numerical value 80 in the Torah, which correspond to the sefira of Yesod (יסוד) also of numerical value 80, the last of the 6 dimensions of Zeir Anpin. While all 6 sefirot (dimensions) reflect or project upon Malchut (Earth), they all do so through Yesod. We are then reminded of 304805 letters in the Torah and that Pe(פ) is the 17th letter and that how (300,000/21) simplifies to 100000/7.

Somehow, the 7th plane, Earth/Malchut, seems to be trapped or supported by the 2 spiraling representations of Phi (פף) and Yesod (יסוד). From our new perspective, it seems to be trapped inside Yesod (יסוד), but surely the Kabbalists who assigned the word parzuf (פרצוף) to the sefirot would have known this?

Suspicion sets in and as we try to figure out what came first the chicken or the egg, the Kabbalist nomenclature or the Spherical Time equation, it dawns on us that we are walking in the footsteps of Rabbi Isaac Luria, Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, and Abraham Avinu. All their Knowledge and Understanding came from the same place, although they spent so much more time here and learned and perceived so much more.  They had to know the position of the Malchut relative to Yesod, and that Malchut was not a fully formed dimension on its own. They are the ones who left us this hint.

As our awe grows, the hall cools down and the sun fades off into the distant night sky, twinkling like just another star. The hall becomes more like a galaxy. When we see the Hall of Geometry has wispy tentacles or dendrites reaching out in all directions, we choose to return to the security of Shema cavern.  In our writings, we touched on the E8 Lattice in connection with the Torah technology multiple times and have previously posited that those 248 points are 248 fields that include the 112 Triplet fields. Now knowing that the field (השדה) is metaphysically connected to a circle through Pi (314) it seems even more appropriate, yet we realize we are not going to crack the code of this hyper-complex model today.  Yet the Shema is giving us a way to access it, and much like the 11 Triplets of the first 8 words of Bereshit that are a remote control for the entire Torah, so too are the 15 Triplets of the Shema for the 248 dimensions reflective of the level of Binah, the 8th sefira (dimension).

With a remote control in hand, it is no longer necessary to understand the technology of how wireless works, how the pixels light up on our screens, or what servers and satellites in what part of the world are being accessed.  We only need to figure out what each button on the remote does.  The same is even more true in Spiritual Time.

The Kabbalists who spent time here did so not so that they can change or stop the cyclical simulation playing out, but so that they could transfer and channel the knowledge and understanding they gained into the simulation so that others would follow and awaken. Once they learned what the universe was really all about the priority to use this knowledge to affect the physical simulation became less relevant. We wonder if the same thing will happen to us.

Our feet firmly planted on the Shema cavern floor, we watch the parade of initials begin to merge. We see that the 3 initials (שנה) that spell “year, shanah (שנה)” are found collectively 21 times within the Shema. Sequentially, they are found 3, 5, and 13 times. We learn that the connection to the word “year, shanah (שנה)” is not inadvertent, as we are told to recite the Shema 3 times a day, and 3 times the 1000 letters, 248 words, and 5 structural components in the Shema is 3760, as in the 3760 year radius of the spiritual component of the Spherical Time bubble.

A still small voice says, “One year, a full turn of the clock. The clock is more than you know.”