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Do not proceed unless you have read at least Chapter 32, Spherical Time. If you are ready a whole new world awaits. The Journey begins here if you missed it.

Here is where the sinuous tunnels of the Torah take another turn and lead us to even more wondrous revelations, pathways, and connections.  In congruence with the sequential 13 42 55 occurrences of specific initials in the Shema, we note that there are 13 initials Hei (ה) in those same 248 words, connecting the letters Alefs(א), Lamed (ל), Vav(ו), and Hei (ה) through their intersection of 13, 42, and 55 respectively. All 4 letters intersect as one: Lamed (ל) with its value of 30 and ordinal value of 12 for a total of 42; Alef (א) through the 42 occurrences in the main Shema, Vav(ו) though its (12 + 30) = 42 and (42 + 13) = 55 occurrences schematic within the Shema; and Hei (ה) with its 13 occurrences.

A Concealed Name of 42

The 4 connected initials in the Shema have the numerical value 42 and spell out the Name Eloah (אלוה), G-d on the ceiling above us.

It is not a commonly used Name of G-d. In fact, it is used only once in the Torah, in Devarim 32:15 in Hazeinu, Moses’ Song. My Rav always said, “If you want to know what is important, look at what is least.” A permutation of the Name (אלוה) is also the first word of the Book of Shmot (ואלה), as in “These are the Names…”

There are 60 occurrences of permutations of the Name Eloah (אלוה) in the Torah and the Name Eloah (אלוה) itself of numerical value 42 is found 60 times in the entire Tanakh. Nothing is coincidental. Everything coincidental is an entrance to discovery.

The Book of Job is the only Book of 42 chapters, and the Name of G-d (אלוה) of numerical value 42 is found there 41 of those 60 times.  From our otherworldly perspective we see that it is by design that Job (איוב) has a numerical value of 19 and that (19 + 41) = 60.

Moreover, those 41 times the Name of G-d (אלוה) appears in the 42-chapter Job plus the 1 time in the Torah, make 42 times between them, establishing a specific and potent luminous bond between them. A still small voice tells us that the connection of (18 + 42) = 60 is not coincidence either and that it is written into the cosmos, sealed in the 6th planet. We can imagine all sorts of connections but have no idea what that means.

A warm, no, a hot dry wind blows through and we are engulfed in a sea of sand and numbers, a forest of numbers. From within the wilderness, a glowing grove appears and as we swiftly make our way to it, we see that the word Bamidbar (במדבר) is found 60 times in the Torah. In the center of the grove, we see that its numerical value is 248 and that its ordinal value is 41, exactly like Abraham (אברהם). Surrounded by the desert wilderness, we are reminded that the 4th Book of the Torah, Bamidbar is synonymous with the 42-Letter Name and the 42 journeys. The 248 words of the Shema are not only associated with Abraham, but they represent the concept of Bamidbar (במדבר) every which way.  The center of the grove expands to form a proper desert, where we see that Bamidbar Sinai (במדבר־סיני), the Sinai desert, has the numerical value of (248 + 130) = 378, that of the 27 positions of the Alef-bet and Essential Cube of Creation.  Is it a cube?

The desert wind further tells us that the initials (בס) correspond to the 62 Yuds(י) in the 10 commandments and thus 620, Keter. In the same breath we are told that the final letters (רי) correspond to 210, the mountain (ההר).

As a mountain arises in that desert, we learn that (ההר־סיני) has the value of (210 + 130) = 340, the same as Sefer (ספר), Book, carved out of the two central letters (סר) in Mount Sinai (ההר־סיני). The Book (הספר) = 345, Moses (מהש).

The triplet sefer (ספר) is found 90 times in the Torah, as in the ordinal value of Bamidbar Sinai (במדבר־סיני). On deeper reflection, when the 42 journeys or letters are separated out of Bamidbar Sinai (במדבר־סיני), we are left with (דבר־סיני) and (במ) or 42 + 336, as in the 336 letters of the 112 Triplets.

Is the referred to Book The 5 Books of Moses, or the Book of Mt Sinai, or is it referring to the Book of Bamidbar, or all 3?

Following the path back out of the wilderness we take shelter in a cool cave and find ourselves in the chamber of the conjunction of the Shema and the Book of Job. They are indelibly written together with the Name of 42, as is Bamidbar (במדבר), whose small gematria adds up to 14. It must be understood that the 15 Triplets of the Shema conceal the 14 Triplets of the 42 letters of the Name of G-d, and that the 4 initials (אלוה) are woven into the 248 words of the Shema precisely 148 times.

As it says in Job 42:16, “and Job lived 140 years after this [the renewed blessing of Hashem], which we see is connected with the concealed 14 Triplets. Indeed, the 41 mentions of (אלוה) in Job are a mirrored reflection of the number 14. Moreover, in Job 42:12, we see that it says, “So the LORD blessed the latter end of Job more than his beginning; and he had fourteen thousand [14,000] sheep … and 8000 [other animals].” Once again there is a connection between Job and the Shema through the 148 occurrences of the initials in (אלוה), the Name of 42 that pervades the 42-chapter Book of Job.  It would seem that the scholars that think that the Book of Job is a pieced together fable are wrong as usual about the Tanakh, and that there is a powerful message and connection for us in Job.

Following the intricate tunnels that branch off from G-d’s blessing in Job 42:12, we come to a conjunction where Abraham of numerical value 248, whose name embodies the 248 words of the Shema, is told by G-d to leave home, his birthplace. He is shown the promised land and receives the greatest blessing by G-d. This is all in Genesis verse 42:12. The trails and passages merge for all sorts of different reasons, yet each time they do they form a chamber, sometimes large sometimes small. Each chamber is filled will all sorts of treasures and relationships.

It is left to us to understand the linkages of these twin blessings by G-d.  Job went on to have 10 children, as did Abraham. In both cases it must relate to being blessed with the 10 sefirot.

Nonetheless, we are back in the Cavern of the Shema’s initials.  One clear hidden message is found in the splitting of the initials.  The 248 initials are split into 148 and 100, with 100 being exactly 1/10th or a tithing of all 1000 letters in the Shema, and 148 being connected to the Name of G-d (אלוה) of 42.  Four (4) letters form 148 and connect to the Name (אלוה) of 42, and 13 letters connect to 100.

As we have seen, there are multiple ways that the Shema connects to the 9th sefira of Chochma of numerical value 73.  Through a new network of tunnels and imagery we learn that of the 13 letters that combine to total 100 initials, the lowest 9 in terms of occurrences (1 ,1, 2, 2, 3, 4, 4, 5, 5) total 27, as in the design of the 9 planes and 27 positions of the Essential Cube of Creation, leaving (10027) = 73 for the remaining 4 (עבמי). Those 4 (עבמי) have a numerical value of 122, the number of words in the middle paragraph of the Shema. Moreover, their ordinal value, 41, is reflective of the 41 occurrences of (אלוה) in Job and the ordinal values of Abraham and Bamidbar.

Then, if we separate out the last of those 4, the Yud (י) of numerical value 10, as in the 10 sefirot, etc. we are left with (עבמ). We do not see any flying saucers, but those first 3 letters (עבמ) of the four are the same as in UFO (עבמ), and they include the two sets (במ) and (עב) of the 4 Essential Elements. Moreover those 3 last initials (עבמ) total 112, as in the full 112 Triplets.  Tempted to take, just for fun, another passage leading off the UFO initials (עבמ), where their collective (13 + 22 + 16) occurrences are found 51 times in the Shema, as in area 51, or Edom. We choose not to and instead stay the course.

In dawns on us that the 248 initials and the 5 elements of the Shema, are structurally designed to equal 42, 112 and 27, a perfect representation of the 5 Essentials Elements of Creation, which are comprised of the 112 Triplets surrounding the central Cube of 27 positions that total 42 throughout, and whose directional flow forms the 10 loops of the 10 sefirot (dimensions).

It is not just the initials in the Shema that form connecting passages, the words do as well. For example, we just stated that there are 13 initial letters not connected to the Name of G-d (אלוה) of 42. The value 13 is that of the prominent word echad (אחד) in the Shema’s first verse, but with a visual sleight of hand on the ceiling above us, it is shown that there are also 13 YHVH (יהוה) in the Shema. As it says in the first verse, “The Lord is One (אחד).” There are 13 (יהוה) encircling (אלוה).

Suddenly, we realize that metaphysically, every initial in the Shema is connected to a Name of G-d, either (אלוה) or (יהוה). Then add to that the paragraph or 42, and the paragraph of 72, and the hidden 42 Letters of the Name of G-d in the first verse, and this seems like a pretty powerful portal indeed.

Initials are what we connect to first, the seed of what the final outcome will be.  It is through the connections of the Shema’s first verse and the 248 initials where we can focus our intent on G-d.  Job lost his faith in his fellow man and in the relevance of being righteous, but he never lost his faith in G-d, who he knew was truly the seed of all things.

The Lord Giveth, the Lord taketh away. In Hazeinu, Moses’ Song that hints at the time of Moshiach, Moses tells us of all the great abundance G-d gave his chosen people, until in Devarim 32:15, the lone verse where we find the Name (אלוה). It is then that the people are called Jeshurun for the first time. They became fat, they spurned G-d, their source, and they worshipped alien practices, sacrificing to demons. G-d was ready to take everything from them as he had Job.  He was prepared to exterminate them, yet instead of letting His enemies win because of the shortcomings of His people, He destroyed their mutual enemies, wiping them away.  It forces us to ask ourselves if we are at that point that Moshe sang about, and if that is the event horizon in the Spherical Time bubble points to.

At that moment, a gigantic shadow passes over head and we wonder if the connection to Job is meant to draw our attention to the Leviathan that Job spoke of at length? Or did we release it by traversing his passages.

Rather than give into the fear of what might be out there or what was coming, we follow a bright, short, enclosed trail from the 17 letters used as initials and from the Name of 42 (אלוה) to the Spherical Time arena where we see that (37602018) = 1742. What we also find at trail’s end is that the 5 letters not utilized as initials in the Shema (גחטסר) equal 280, as in the 5 final letters in the alef-bet, which obviously are not included either, making a total of (280 + 3500) = 3780 or 378 x 10 for the 10 letters.

While there, we see that those 17 letters tied to Abraham and the 248 words/initials form yet another equation: (1700 + 248) = 1948, with 1948 being one of the most critical years marked on both calendars, including Abraham’s birth in 1948 and the birth of Israel as a nation. Only with the perspective of hyperspace vision are we able to further see that while the addition of the two time paradigm radii (3760 + 2018) = 5778, the subtraction of them from one another is (37602018) = 1742, the distance that needs to be breached by the speed-of-light.  Moreover, while (3760 + 2018) = 5778, the event horizon at the far end of the radii, the equation (37602018) represents its origin point. Think of it as the two equal radii subtracted from one another. Equal in distance, not length. Therefore, 1742, or the metaphysical fusion of the specific unique initials (letters) and the Name of 42, may be a way to nullify time, especially since the P/S cipher of 1742 is 56/14 = 4, as in (אלוה).

The Exile

With the enlarged shadow once again swooping over us, our thoughts return to the Leviathan (לִוְיָתָֽן) that has many ominous forms—snake, serpent, whale, crocodile, dragon—and is also known as the giant crocodiles (תַּנִּינִם), which is found later in that same Devarim chapter 32 within Moses’ Song of the End.  Another pseudonym for the Leviathan is also found in Job 26:13 and also twice in Isaiah 27.  It is the eclipse serpent Nachash Barak (נָחָשׁ בָּרִחַ).

On its own barak (בָּרִחַ) means to escape, to flee, and is a permutation of “sword” (חרב), both of numerical value 210, which is significant. Yes, it is the height of the Pyramid in cubits, but more important it is the 210 years of exile in Egypt. It is as if it were predetermined that it would take 210 years to escape, similar to the predetermined 5778 years necessary to escape physicality. The clear mirror shows us that it is so similar that within days, the time interval proportion 210/5778 is equal to.363424 and/or .3634470, as in the Spherical Time quotient (36304.24470).

Thanks to the clear mirror we realize 210 was not just a cool number for the Torah to choose for the Israelite exile in Egypt, it was entirely predicated on the Spherical Time bubble, and as we have already seen it had to end 3330 years before 5778. We further realize that that year, 2448 HC, also had to be (-1313 BCE) to align the giving of the Torah with the giving of the 33 Hebrew letters, whose exponent coefficient xn is 1.313. If not, the exponential scale would not have assigned the correct letter values so that barak (בָּרִחַ), meaning escape and to flee, and sword (חרב), and mountain (ההר) would equal 210 or (5 x 42), the 5 Names of 42.

It occurs to us that those 210 years in Goshen might have been a bubble within the bubble. Just as we have those thoughts a giant dreidel appears in front of us, with the 4 letters (גשנה), Goshna, of numerical value 358, Moshiach, engraved into its 4 sides. That is not a new concept to us, but what is, is that the dreidel is a spinning cube sitting on top of a pyramid. What we also realized is that (358210) = 148, as in the 148 initials in the Shema that connect with the Name of 42 (אלוה).

As our consciousness expands, the more connections we can make and hold.

Male and Female Letters

The dreidel gone and replaced by a distant circling shadow, and we realize that the Leviathan (לִוְיָתָֽן) is Malchut. Both words have the same gematria, 496, and the same ordinal value, 64. Together, their complete values each represent twice the final judgement of the 5 final letters, or (280 x 2). The clear mirror gives us further insight. The 5 final letters (ךםןףץ) can total 280 and can also total 3500, or together the 10 duplicate letters equal 3780, which is 10 x 378, the sum of the 27 letters/positions of the Essential Cube of Creation, just as we saw with the initials of the Shema. Does this mean the 5 final letters balance out the entire 27 letters? As we try to picture this balancing seesaw, we realize that 27 less the 10 duplicate letters (כמנפצךםןףץ) equal 17, as in the numerical value of tov(טוב), meaning good, and as in the 17 letters of the Shema used as initials. We are constantly reminded how important that portal entrance is.

We do not know why this is important, but the ordinal value of the 10 duplicate final letters (כמנפצךםןףץ) is 73 and 125, making the ordinal value of the other 17 letters, 180, which is 18 less than (73 + 125).

Clearly those differentials are important, though we do not know if they are as important as what the clear mirror is now showing us.  Since the sum of the 27 letter values is 4995 and the 10 duplicate final letters (כמנפצךםןףץ) is 3780, the value of the 17 standard letters is (49953780) = 1215, the dawn of time.

This also means that the 17 letters utilized as initials to words in the Shema also equal 1215 and thus reflect the dawn of creation too.

If that was not mind twisting enough, it is then revealed that the complete value of those 17 (אבגדהוזחטילסעקרשת) standard letters (1215 + 180) = 1395 matches the gematria value of the 6 Matriarchs—Sarah, Leah, Rivka, Eve, Miriam, and Rachel—whose names are embedded in the 14 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name matrix, (505, 36, 307, 19, 290, and 238) = 1395.

At once, we ask ourselves of the alef-bet is divided into male/female energy archetypes: 10 final letters versus or complementary to 17 standard letters, a 26.0 to 74.0 female to male ratio in terms of their complete value.  Is this why the letters (עד) of numerical value 74 in the Shema are enlarged?

Drawn into the 17 (אבגדהוזחטילסעקרשת) female letters, we see that they break down sequentially into the first 10 (אבגדהוזחטי) of numerical value 55, the last 4 (קרשת) of numerical value 1000 and the middle 3 (לסע), whose complete value is 203, as in the first Triplet in the Torah (ברא). Besides 55 being reflective of an entrance and 1000 of Binah, we are not sure what this means for the inner cosmos, only that the 10 and 17 proportion matches that of the initials in the Shema. And as the clear mirror suggests, 10/27 = the 42-Letter Name plus 1/42-Letter Name, in other words, (.3701 + 1/3701) = (.3701 + .2701) = .3703701…, the merging of the 42-Letter Name with the first verse of the Torah.

A New World Order

Just as it seems like we have already learned enough for a lifetime, the shadow settles over us again, and we are reminded that the Zohar talks about Job, and independently about the Leviathan, in reference to the same portion, Bo, the portion of the final 3 plagues and the fleeing from Pharaoh. In Exodus paragraph 33, in 12:41 it says, “At the end of 430 years, all of God’s armies left Egypt in broad daylight.” The year was 2448 so (2448430) is 2018, when G-d made his Covenant with Abraham.  “All of God’s armies”

In Spherical Time that also means 2018 CE.

The large shadowy cloud lifts and is replaced by the thin shadow of the tip of the Tower of Truth.  It lengthens and casts a shadow over our feet. Once it does, we see that 430 is the numerical value of Shekel (שקל) and that the Torah tells us specifically that 1 Shekel is equivalent to 20 gerah, which metaphysically means that the 430 years was the same as the 210 years, since the height of the Tower, and of the 20 stacked cubes (1 +2 + 3…20) = 210.  The value 20 is a reference to Keter, the completion of the process.

Only then does it dawn on us that the year 1776 HC when the Tower of Truth was created was 242 years earlier than the 430-year countdown from Abraham to Exodus began, matching the 242 years from 1776 CE to 2018 CE, the physical time radius, marking both dates (HC and CE) 1776 and 2018 as the same two radii. On the same 1776 radius, yet on opposite extremes, a new world order was established. On one end, they came together to build a city and a tower to circumvent Spiritual Time and control physicality, and on the other end they formed the Illuminati and established a nation they could physically control.

Only now does the 430-year time span make sense. The “120 years of man” corresponds to the 120 years from the Flood in 1656 to 1776, and also to the last 120 years from 1898 to 2018 CE. To view the Torah in any way other than hyperspace is like viewing the Mona Lisa through a kaleidoscope.

As for the last 120 years, on the surface that year was like many other: the US fought and won the Spanish-American war, yet another war initiated by a mysterious false flag event; they annexed Hawaii to complete the 50 States, and Brooklyn (ב) joined Manhattan (מ) to create New York City.  Those 120 years would see an exponential rise in technology and the transfer from a human civilization to an AI-aided society. It would mimic the rise from one man to one society able to construct a city and a tower. There was, though, an inconspicuous time marker planted back in 1898. On April 18th, the Boston Marathon (במ) or 42, was won for the 2nd time, as in 2:42, in a record 2:42:00 time.  Markers are clues left for us during the recycling of time to remind us to wake up.

The shadow of the Tower is creeping across our bodies and looming larger.  As we combine the Hebrew word for City Yir (עיר), of numerical value 280 like the 5 final letters and the 46th (ערי) of the 72 Triplets with the name Enoch (חנוך), as the city named by Cain, we see the words “was building a city,” BNehנה) Yir (עיר) before us.

The words of Cain permute before our eyes to (הר־בעני) or mountain in New York City (NYC). Moreover, the name Cain (קין) forms the final letters of New York (ניו־יורק). We flash ahead to the Freedom Tower’s height of 1776 ft. Then back to the Torah text where we learn that the city was to be found in the valley of Shinar (שענר) of numerical value 620, as in Keter, with the middle letters having the value 120. Were they able to build their city so fast—within 120 years of the Flood—because Cain (קין) had laid the groundwork for it? Did he attach Enoch’s (חנוך) name to it to download the necessary spiritual blueprints? Does harnessing Enoch’s (חנוך) name with the proper intentions help us to access Spiritual Time? Was the Torah advising us that the same people who tried in 1776 HC would try again in NYC 4000 years later, and once again name it “One World?” They made it 541 meters high, like the 541 rooms in the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. and like the numerical value of Israel (541). Why? Why are both the Capitol Building and the World Trade Center Plaza also the same 16 acres, as in Yud-Vav (יו)?

The Capitol Building began construction back in 1793, 27 years after 1776 CE and 155 years before Israel became a nation, as was promised to Abraham in 2018 HC. Abraham was born in 1948 HC and on the opposite side of the physicality radius Israel became a nation in 1948 CE. It would take another 70 years for the 45th US President to declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel by moving its embassy there in 2018 CE, fulfilling the promise on the opposite side of the radius.

For most of these cosmic symmetries to happen Spherical Time would need to exist.

To better understand this time connection with the Exodus, we tunnel deeper into the Torah, and see that “All of God’s armies” “went out [left] (יָצְאוּ)” Egypt with the Israelites. The word “went out [left] (יָצְאוּ)” has a numerical value 107, as in the 107th triangular number and the sum of the integers from 1 – 107 that sum to 5778.

Is 107 and the 10 and 17 proportion of the letters related?

We do not need to understand all of the technology and terminology embedded in this verse, only that G-d’s intentions were tied to Spherical Time and a possible warning that All of God’s armies marched alongside us in 2448 after 430 years from 2018 HC and that would need to happen at the edge of physical time (2018 CE). The same 430 years from the edge of Spiritual Time would be 3330 years from the center, creating a time circle with a diameter of 6660 years.

The Hebrew word for soul, nefesh (נפש) has a numerical value of 430, so are we talking about the maturation of the Israelite soul from Abraham to Moses, who were born 420 years apart?

It was 430 years since Abraham set out on his Journey and Moses brought the Israelites out of the womb of Egypt. The Hebrew word womb (רחם) and Abraham have the same gematria value, 248 and the same ordinal value, and on Abraham’s trip to Egypt, the Zohar makes a point of telling us that G-d sealed up all the wombs in Egypt. Tying the two sojourns to Egypt together, the Torah makes a point of telling us that G-d rained plagues down on Pharaoh and Egypt to free Sarah, and that Abraham left with treasures and riches.  We can understand that all of God’s armies accompanied the Jewish Soul (Bnei Israel) on its growth journey from its conception with Abraham to its birth through the waters of the Red Sea. We can further understand the role of Sarah as an allusion to the Shechinah.

The gestation period for humans is 40 weeks and the Torah also mention a 400-year period for the Egyptian exile, which corresponds to the period from the miraculous birth of Isaac to Moses’ crossing of the Red Sea.  Those 40 weeks are mimicked in the 40 days on Sinai, and the 40 years in the desert, both connected to Bamidbar, and the 40 days and 40 nights of rain.

When we convert those physical years of gestation and exile, 210 and 430, to spiritual ones, by multiplying by the speed-of-light (1.86), they become 390.6 and 799.8 respectively, as in the 390,625 words, letters, and verses in the Torah, and the 79,975 words in the Torah—converting the physical to the spiritual.

The deeper the Torah tunnels get, the brighter the light. This is because the tunnels are not underground; they are channels within the upper realms, passages on the path of ascension.

Another abstract branching tunnel from (37602018) = 1742 passage shows us that the diameter of the 3760 radius spiritual sphere is (3760 x 2) = 7520 and that (5778 + 1742, the nullification point) also equals 7520.  At first, we question why we are being shown this, as it is just mathematical slight-of-hand.  Then it dawns on us that it is an entirely different perspective: The right injection at the nullification point can replace physical time with spiritual time, elevating us to a pure conscious state. The full span across spiritual time is 7520 spiritual years. The limit or diameter to the event horizon in 5778 years, an admixture of the two radii, physical and spiritual time.  When 1742 years are added, it matches pure Spiritual Time. The gap that needs to be breached is 1742 years.

Next, we see that the first time a sequence of words in the Torah totaled 5778 in gematria starts off with the words, “It Happened,” a separate phrase at the end of Genesis 1:11 and then it continues with the entirety of verse 1:12 about the spreading of the trees, and that each tree will spread its own fruit depending on its seeds. It ends with, “it was morning, it was night, third day.” This can be understood as a reference to the third time the tree-of-life reality was available to us, in 5778. “It Happened.” It is also an obvious connection to the 112 Triplets and the moment they would be revealed.

From there, we see that the phrase “Bnei Adam ‘Sons of Adam (אדם בני)” of numerical value 107 represents the lineage of Adam that stretches 5778 years from Adam until now, as in the 107th triangular number and the sum of the integers from 1 – 107.