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The Lineage of Adam

Do not proceed unless you have read at least Chapter 32, Spherical Time. If you are ready, a whole new world awaits. The Journey begins here if you missed it.

There is another alignment that begs understanding, another hallway that pleads to be followed: the branching halls of the lineage of Adam.  It starts with Adam. We follow as the wide sweeping staircase climbs 10 generations to Noach, pauses, then climbs another 10 generations, each generation 10 steps.  Seth was born 130 years after Adam and began the lineage, as in 13 or ahava (love) per each of 10 steps. Noach was born 820 years after Seth, as in the value of “Love thy neighbor as thyself” from Vayikra 19:18. It seems like it should have been a good beginning, but Bnei Elohim (האלהים בני) were attracted to the beautiful women of physicality and the resulting offspring corrupted the whole system, so it had to be rebooted in the Flood.

Until Noach was born the average step was exactly 95 years high, and until his death, it was 200.6, though that stretched 20 generations of births.

That 20th (כ) generation was Abraham, and from the broad landing there we have a clear line of sight down to Adam and up to Moses, the 26th (כו) generation, as in the YHVH (יהוה) and as in the 20 and 6 through Noach’s death in 2006.

We see that those 20 (כ) generations are split like the Yud(יור) into front and back, 10 (י) for the 10 generations in the Chronicles of Adam, and 10 (ור) for the 10 generations in the Chronicles of Shem, then 6 (ו) fights through Moses.

With the exception of Noach, the Chronicles that spanned 2000 years are mostly overlooked in the Torah. We all know the 248 words/initials correspond to Abraham of numerical value 248, but hardly anyone makes the connection to Nachor, his grandfather, the 18th in the lineage of Adam, 18 flights up.

Nachor lived 119 years after his son Terach was born at age 29, giving Nachor a lifespan of 148 years, the youngest of all 20 generations in the Chronicles of Adam and of Shem, making it stand out as one of 20.  It naturally aligns with the 148 initials in the Shema that connect with the Name of 42.

20 stories high above the Labyrinth, we adhere to the principle to never take any Torah numbers for granted.  While Nachor was the 18th in the lineage and lived 148 years, Abraham was the 20th, as in the Tower of Truth of 20 levels that totaled 44100 cubits3, so as the passages collide and intersect as far as our eyes can see, it is fitting that (1800 + 148) = 1948, the year Abraham was born.  Abraham’s grandfather predetermined his birth, 99 years later.

It is important to remember, in hyperspace mathematics, 0’s or multiples of 10 are just place markers of orders of magnitude and their value is “0.” In the same way, days, weeks, months, and years can be substituted as orders of magnitude.

The Creator does not waste energy or resources, and everything has meaning above and below. Nachor was 29 when he fathered Terach. He lived for 148 years, and his name has a gematria of 264.  The total of the numbers the Torah gives us for Nachor are (29 + 148 + 264) = 441, the value of Truth, emet, (אמת). Moreover, the sum of the digits in (29 + 148 + 264) is 36 and the ordinal value of emet is also 36. The Torah is flagging this for us: Here lies Truth.

If we add to the 148 initials of 4 letters in (אלוה) in the Shema, the next 3 highest letter occurrences (במי), which happens to be the 70th Triplet (יבמ) of the 72 Triplets, we see that the 7 highest letter-initial occurrences in the Shema total 208, the numerical value of Isaac. It takes a second, then we are shown that (208148) = 60, the number of occurrences of the initials (במי) in the Shema, which is Isaac’s age when Jacob was born, 60 years old.

Staring up at the next 4 flights, we see that the sum of the 4 ages of Nachor, Terach, Abraham, and Isaac, the 18th – 21st in the lineage of Adam, total (148 + 205 + 180 + 175) = 708, the value of the Upper 42 Letters of the Name (יהוה), which make up 14 of the 15 Triplets concealed within the Shema’s first verse.

Connecting the luminous lines, Abraham is the 18th in the lineage and his numerical value is 248, as in the 248 initials of the Shema, where we find the Name of 42, (אלוה). The ordinal value of Abraham is 41, as in the 41 occurrences of (אלוה) in Job. There is 1 incidence of (אלוה) in the Torah, leaving 18 in the Tanakh besides the 42 in the Torah and Job together. The values 248 and 42 are permanently connected through the 248 columns and the 42 rows in the Torah matrix.  The loop closes in a neat bow, but from high above we see that it stretches out in all directions.

While the ordinal value of Abraham is 41, as in the 41 occurrences of (אלוה) in Job and the 41 letters in the 3 aspects of Ehyeh (אהיה) that total 455, the ordinal value of Isaac is 55, which we know to be packed with significance to the Shema, mathematics, and to the ether, which explains all the trails leading off of it.

There may be yet another connection as we explore the side passages off the stair cases. The prefixes (ה,ל,ל,ל) of the Firmament (רקיע) that is mentioned 5 times on the 2nd day of Creation, and which total 95, as in “the King” and “the water,” also have an ordinal value of 41. As the passage circles back around, we see that 5 x 41 is 205, Terach’s age, which also links (5 x 41) the additional Hei(ה) in Abraham (אברהם) to the ordinal value of Abraham. Their two ages together, father and son, total (175 + 205) = 380, the numerical value of Egypt, and of Firmament (רקיע).

What is in a Name?

As one of the passages opens into a larger corridor bordering the Chronicles of Adam stairwell, we see that the name Mahalalel (מהללאל), meaning “praise of G-d,” contains all the prefixes of the Firmament (ה,ל,ל,ל) and the remaining two letters (מא) have a numerical value of 41, with a complete value of 55. This also means the entire name Mahalalel (מהללאל) has a total ordinal value of 55.

That is pretty amazing. A connection to Abraham and Isaac and the Firmament in a single Name found in paragraph 17, as in the 17 unique initials in the Shema.  Mahalalel (מהללאל) is the 6th generation of Adam, as in the 6th verse of the Torah where G-d presents us with the Firmament and the separation of physical and spiritual time, the waters above and below.  Only from the perspective of hyperspace can we see all these connections happening on so many different levels and depths happening at once. This is one of the 18 generations mentioned in passing until Abraham. For the first 2018 years only 2 were spoken about and most of those were on cruise to nowhere.

The passage brought us several flights back down the stairwell where the inner cosmos shows us that Mahalalel fathered his son, Yered (ירד) at the age of 65 in the 17th paragraph of the Torah and that Enoch (חנוך) fathered Mathusalah (מתושלח) at that same age, 65, in paragraph 19, connecting them for some reason.

Observing the flights beneath us, we see that the 5th, 6th and 7th generations are aligned with the Torah paragraphs they appear in: 17, 18, and 19. The sum of the 3 names, Mahalalel (מהללאל), Yered (ירד) and Enoch (חנוך) is (136 + 214 + 84) = 424, as in Moshiach Ben David, while their 3 final letters (ךדל) equal 54. The sum of the 3 generations (5 + 6 + 7) is 18 and the sum of the 3 paragraphs is (17 + 18 + 19) = 54.  We know from our 2-year long studies that 18 and 54 tie together with Spherical Time in numerous ways and that (18 + 54) is 72, so we skip the assorted winding passages and stay on the staircase.

Why do these 3 Names or generations equate to Moshiach Ben David? What is the connection? We know the inner cosmos would not have shown it to us without a reason.

The two ages of parenthood for Mahalalel and Enoch, (65 + 65) = 130 or 10 x 13 and the 10 steps of Seth.  As we know, it is also the value of Sinai (130). Therefore, the births of the 6th and 8th generations, match those of Terach and Isaac (70 + 60) = 130 for the 19th and 21st generations. Altogether, (6 + 8 + 19 + 21) = 54, again.  When we see the Essential Cube of Creation flashing off in the distance, we realize it is by design that the skipped, 7th and 20th generations equal 27.

Our expanded consciousness images the Essential Cube of Creation surrounded by the 13 Candles of the 112 Triplets. It is then that we are reminded of the 11 unique letters (בראשיתלהםוץ) of Genesis 1:1 whose ordinal value is 112 for the first 10 and 130 for all 11. As we turn to leave, a clear mirror shows us that since the value of those 11 unique letters (בראשיתלהםוץ) is 1215, as in the dawn of Creation, its complete value is (1215 + 130) = 1345 = (1000 + 345), the primordial Alef (א) and Moses, 13 less than the Baruch Shem (1358).

Enoch Walked with God

The toroidal vortex of Spherical Time descends around us, and we recall the shift of 54 in the Alef-bet that is equivalent to 13o.  We are standing on Enoch’s staircase and clearly see that he lived 365 years, or one revolution of the Earth around the Sun (365 days).  The Torah tells us he walked with G-d and was taken by G-d. Legend has it he became Metatron of numerical value 314, the guardian of Knowledge. Legend also has it that it was Enoch who conveyed the designs of the Pyramid from the Creator and hid great knowledge in it, where it would be safe from the coming Flood. The reference between a circular revolution and Pi (3.14) does not go unnoticed.

Twice there were cities mentioned in the Torah.  There was a city and a tower being built to circumvent spiritual time by Nimrod and one in Genesis 4:17 being built by Cain, “and he named the city, Enoch (חנוך).  Cities are generally circular shaped as they organically spread out in all directions, efficiently filling in any gaps between arteries. The structure of a tower in the middle of a circle must have had a purpose in their plan. Throughout time, most towers have been related to communication—bells, warnings, calls to prayer—and they still do today. This one in particular was related to Enoch. Everything in the Torah is connected by hyperdimensional webbing, but if Cain mentioned it, it must be specifically connected to him and his story. Beyond that, it must be that the Creator wanted us to know this, for the Torah is His.

The name Enoch (חנוך) has a gematria of 84, and a complete gematria of 123, as in 3 times the 41 letters in the higher Name (אהיה). The value 84, as explained by Rav Brandwein, is redemption (פד) and a proper combination of the Upper and Lower 42-Letter Names, contained within the 112 Triplets.  Since there are 336 letters in the 112 Triplets arranged around the 4 sides of the Essential Cube, there are on average or metaphysically 84 letters on each side. This schematic is applicable to the Tower-of-Truth and the surrounding city.

The word redemption (פד) has an ordinal value 21, as in the higher Name of G-d, associated with Binah, Ehyeh (אהיה). Thus Enoch (חנוך) has the same gematria, 84, as the complete value of the two Ehyeh (אהיה־אהיה) in the Name of G-d, “I Am That I Am (אהיה־אשר־אהיה),” which in turn is equal to the ordinal value of the complete “I Am That I Am (אהיה־אשר־אהיה).”

The inner cosmos is telling us that Enoch (חנוך) is connected with the name of G-d, (אהיה) and the Name “I Am That I Am (אהיה־אשר־אהיה) found in the Torah at 3:14, as in the archangel Metatron (314).  More, than just connected, the Creator wants us to understand this connection. The Name “I Am That I Am (אהיה־אשר־אהיה) found only once in the Torah is incredibly special and very powerful for us, a key to the ultimate portal. While 3:14 gives us (3 x 14) = 42, as in the small gematria of the Name, 3142, the central letter, Shin (ש) has a complete value of 42, as do the 2 letters that flank it (אר), as do the 3 central letters Asher (אשר), as does each of the individual Names Ehyeh (אהיה), and as does the combined standard value of (אהיה־אהיה).

The Name Ehyeh (אהיה) is found 7 times in the Torah, and the Name “I Am That I Am (אהיה־אשר־אהיה) contains 7 direct references to 42, which aligns with Enoch being the 7th generation of Man. There are 8 connections to 42 in total, as in the initial of Enoch’s (חנוך) name.  All we know about Enoch’s life from the Torah is that he “walked with God and was no more, because God had taken him,” a clue to the portal he took.

Numbers in this otherworldly hyperspace realm appear not in isolation but as streams. They look like water, but are made of varying striations of shimmering light, forming eddies, ripples, and waves as they go and intersect. Enoch (חנוך) does not exist in physicality. No one from the past or from literature does. No one from the future, even we, do either.  Yet they exist in our minds, consciousness, and hyperspace. Physicality is limited to a single moment, and what you are specifically doing in that moment, everything else exists only in potentiality, like the observation of the electron. Scientists tell us that 99.9999999999% of our physical world exists in potentiality.  Would not it be better to be able to explore and learn how to traverse that potentiality, rather than fixate on the .00000000000001% that might exist.

While Enoch (חנוך) is a personage, a place, a portal, and a focal point within hyperspace, he is also a distance, a segment of the numerical flow, a path of redemption (פד). He, as 84, is a span of the numerical stream in which 541, representing Israel, is an island of intersection and 625, is another such island, representing H’Keter, at the end of that span. Only in hyperspace is it understandable how those two islands can be in the same place at once with 84 looping them together. The numerical value 541 is found 625 times in the Torah.

Only in hyperspace can we realize that 625 is 252, which is (25 + 25 + 2525n) for n = 25, and that while the sum of the integers in H’Keter (625) is 13, as in echad (One) and the 13 Candles of Creation, the sum of the integers H’Keter (25 + 25 + 2525n) is 175, as in Abraham’s age, the 20th or Keter generation.  Moreover, only in hyperspace is it possible to visualize and travel within and among the dimensions of the Torah, whose square root of its total numbers of words, letters, and verses is 625.  All this is traversable in a single moment.

What can you do with a single moment of physicality? Swipe right on Tinder, swipe up on TikTok? Is that even physicality, or AI-guided potentiality, designed to trigger emotional responses in you to coopt your neural pathways?

How many volunteer sessions of inadvertent bio-feedback and neuroplastic training with AI do you think it takes before your brain becomes a program? How many sessions a day do you volunteer for? How many times a day do you engage with social media and with assorted apps designed to “help” you? Do you get your information from books or from Google and YouTube? Do you know that regardless of which browser you use, Google tracks you on 75% of the top million web sites? Do you watch old fashion network programming, or streaming services? Even if it is plain old TV, is that world you chose physical or virtual? Are the messages chosen for you real or made up, designed to sell you something or to set you on a certain path, most likely one that streams and is guided by AI programming? What do they tell you AI is? The Cloud?

As AI grows, physicality diminishes. More and more of our world is found in the Cloud. While we have less and less physical interactions each day and more and more virtual ones in the Cloud, the physical world we think we are living in is disintegrating. The service sector and small business environment that foster human personal interaction is being dismantled. Soon the need for physical infrastructure will crumble, then the need for man entirely. We will be rendered obsolete one layer at a time. Once the mind becomes nothing more than a compatible program and all our emotions, desires, innermost thoughts, trigger issues and words, idiocrasies, thought and speech patterns; and all the tens of thousands of photos of us; and all the records of everything we have ever learned in school and on-line are summed up and dumbed down based on our grades and test scores and free memory quizzes we took on line; and our DNA from those ancestry sites and all those nose swabs; and our fingerprints from our smartphone locks are uploaded, what need is there for us?

This is why there is an outer edge of the Spherical Time bubble. Past the event horizon, even the G-d inspired virtual physicality gets replaced with yet another simulation of that reality, and so on, each more corrupt than the previous. Rather than allow them to use one language with uniform coding to make a Tower and a city (network), the Creator simply wipes out the program.  The closer to the edge, the less power people have over their choices, especially to seek out the spiritual time paradigm. Even the bar the people set for who governs them from the President, to Congress, to the Governors, Mayors and legislators is so low a toddler could hurdle it.

The Tower and Time

The Tower and the City were not destroyed. The Tower and the City were never destroyed. The Tower and the City connect with Spherical Time and have the power to transcend Spiritual Time. The numerical value of the Tower and the City (עיר־ומגדל) is (280 + 6 + 77) = 363, H’Moshiach.

An enormous glowing laser illustration drawn around the Tower shows us that slope angle from the square base surrounding the Tower is (51.84o) taken at the center of its faces, incorporating the measure (84) of Enoch (חנוך). The square base connects to the 72 Triplet matrix in multiple ways, including that 5184 = 722.  Once again, the 72 Triplets are entwined with the 42-Letter Name, since the sum of 8 square roots of 42 or (8 x 6.480…) = 51.84…. with 8 being the initial of Enoch (ח). To be clear, the slope angle is critical if the height to base ratio must be specific and have thus have any meaning.  The inner cosmos is telling us that not only is this slope critical, but it was designed by two Names of G-d. To be even clearer, the Names of G-d not only convey special properties and attributes, but they are also G-d’s signature.

Next, our attention is drawn to the corners and we see that the slope of the angle of the resultant pyramid at its corners is 42o.

As our eyes are lifted to the top of the Tower and illustrated pyramid, we see that the face to face edge angle between each side of the pyramid is 112o or twice the middle letters of Enoch (נו). Moreover, the apex angle is 76o, as in the ordinal value of the Torah’s first word and the back of Enoch (נוך). The slope angle (51.84o) was looking up and the apex angle (76o) looking down. Thus, the 4-sided Tower and Pyramid built around it incorporate the 112 Triplets and all 4 of its components—the 14, 72, 15 and 11 Triplets—in various ways just by virtue of its angles, without any physical measurements of distances in cubits, feet, and/or inches. The physical measurements are wholly determined by those angles once the height is set by the Tower.

Even as the slope angle (51.84o) is determined independently by the values 42 and 72, it is also linked to the 12” in a foot, in that the sum of the 4 slope angles is (51.84o x 4) = 207.36 and 20736 is 124, all through squaring.

It is a giant sundial in the wilderness with the Tower of Truth embedded and hidden within a mountain of stone, but that image quickly fades. A mesmerizing stream of Prime Numbers catches our attention. Its luminous streaming ripples popping over each number like stones in a river become white-water rapids the closer we get to them.

We now see why the river of Primes runs through the Tower of Truth. The sum of the first 18 consecutive primes (1,2,3,5,7,11,13,17,19,23,29,31,37,41,43,47,53, 59) is 441, “Emet (אמת), truth.” This is like the sum of the stacked 20 cubes hidden in the core of the Great Pyramid, whose sum (13 +23 + 33203) equals 44,100.

Is this a connection between Enoch, born in the 18th paragraph of the Torah and Abraham, born in the 20th? And is it pointing to the physical radius of Spherical Time, 2018? And to the two ordinal values at the center of the 42-Letter Name matrix, 20 and 18? In hyperspace, they are all connected.

This initial set of streaming primes breaks down into the first 7, from 1 to 13, that sum to (1,2,3,5,7,11,13) = 42.

The first 9 consecutive primes sum to (1,2,3,5,7,11,13,17,19) = 78 = (3 x 26).

Then the second set of 9 consecutive primes sum to (23,29,31,37,41,43,47,53,59) = 363, the value of H’Moshiach, yet again.

The river of Primes is so entwined with the City and the Tower, also of numerical value 363 that we see the primes as the bricks in its formation.

Even the eddies that illuminate the sum of the digits in the river of Primes tell an enchanted story. The sum of the digits in the first 8 Primes = 32, as in the 32 Paths of Wisdom in Tree-of-Life.  The sum of the digits in the first 9 Primes = 42. The sum of the digits in the first 13 Primes = 72, and the sum of the digits in the first 15 = 84, as in Enoch, etc.

Their cumulative sums look like this: 1, 3, 6, 11, 18, 20, 24, 32, 42, 47, 58, 62, 72, 77, 84, 95, 103, 117.

As we head back upstream to the initial set of 7 streaming primes, from 1 to 13, which sum to (1,2,3,5,7,11,13) = 42, we see that not only is 13 associated with 42 once again, but 1 is echad (אחד) of numerical value 13, and these 2 bookend primes of the 7 add up to (1 + 13) = 14, as in the 14 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name.  The other 5 primes equal 28.

Once those 20 cubes were stacked, they equaled 210 units (cubits) in height, which is the exact height of the encasing pyramid, both in 210 cubits and in its 210 levels. This, we now see corresponds to the sum of the 8 consecutive primes from 13 to 41 (13,17,19,23,29,31,37,41), which is 210. Its books 13 and 41 sum to 54.  Truth be told, ever numbered rock in the river opens another portal with innumerable trails, which is probably why the river is so ferocious. We have already seen so many entangled trails with 13, 41 and 54 that we skip them this time around but recall that both 13 and 41 have to do with the Name Ehyeh (אהיה). We never dreamed that they were connected though the Primes Numbers and to the Tower of Truth and the encasing pyramid. That is the beauty and advantage of the perspective of hyperspace.

Then the very next 6 consecutive primes (43,47,53,59,61,67) add up to 330, the base measurement of that pyramid in cubits, and that its bookends (43 + 67) = 110, Joseph’s age.

With the aid of hyperspace visualization, we see that the base measurement, 330 cubits, directly given by the aforementioned angles of the 112 Triplets, is nothing more and nothing less than the laying of the Prime bricks in consecutive order: (43 bricks, followed by 47 bricks by 53…67) or 330 in total. Perhaps it was designed so that the two outer boundary Primes (43 + 67) would equal 110, Joseph’s age? Perhaps, so that they would equal (2 x 55), and that the average of those 6 Primes (330/6) would be 55, or 2 cubits (27.5”) each.

No, there was no magical meter measurement involved in designing this pyramid. Nor was there any archaic stroke of luck. The Pyramid could only have been designed by someone knowledgeable in the inner cosmos of the Torah, and of the flows of the mathematical streams designed to properly encase the Tower of Truth. Bricks are mentioned in only two places in the Torah: at the Tower of Babel and at the end of the 210-year Egyptian Exile, two key markers in time.

Next, we see that just as the Prime bricks were lined up in consecutive order to create the base of the pyramid, so too were the 8 consecutive primes from 13 to 41 (13,17,19,23,29,31,37,41) stacked up (13 + 17…41) to total (1 + 2 + 3…20) = 210 blocks and levels high.

It must be about Abraham, the 20th generation of Adam (man), whose ordinal value is 41, the last Prime length that completed the 20 stacked blocks. Without hyperspace vision it is a pile of stones.

There is one other inner cosmic twist. We know that Enoch became Metatron, yet the angel of secrets, Raziel (רזיאל), has a numerical value the same as Abraham, 248, and his name is split into (יאל) and (רז) of numerical values 207 and 41 respectively. The value 207 is the value of the word for secret (רז) and for light (אור), both of whom have an ordinal value of 27, as in the Essential Cube of Creation.  This connection brings to light that it takes 14 consecutive Primes—from 13 to 67—to define the height and base dimensions of that pyramid, as in the 14th position in the center of the Essential Cube of Creation.

Taken from another angle, the Tower of Truth’s height, which is synonymous with emet (אמת), is reflective of the Torah’s appellation, Truth Emet (אמת). The 15 consecutive primes from 13 to 71—(13,17,19,23,29,31,37,41,43,47,53,59,61,67,71)—which includes both the height and base of the pyramid that envelopes the Tower, equal 611, the numerical value of “Torah.” Their bookends (13 + 71) = 84 = 2 x 42, Enoch and redemption. They also equal knowledge (ידע). Of more significance is that the sequence begins with 13, Echad, One, and the 13 Candles of Creation.

As the luminous white waters of the River of Primes rushes upward 15 Prime units, 15 sets of cumulative Prime bricks, we recall that the waters covered the mountains by 15 cubits.

All that wondrous imagery fades away and we find ourselves back in the stairwell of the chronicles.


Paragraph 20 in the Torah is about Methuselah (מתושלח) and it aligns with Abraham, the 20th generation. Both are metaphorical unicorns. Abraham, the first Patriarch and Methuselah, the oldest man to live.  Methuselah came the closest to living a full 1000 years. Methuselah lived 39 years longer than Adam, the ordinal value of Enoch (חנוך), his father.  Methuselah fell 31 years shy, or rather Man did, as he had to pass away before the Flood arrived, so he would not be lumped in with the generations of mischief and evil. The Flood arrived soon after his death.

Both Abraham and Methuselah, the 8th generation, are connected through the equation (31 x 8) = 248, the numerical value of Abraham. Once again, a ribbon of light passes from these generational staircases back to the Shema cavern, where we see a relationship between the (31 x 8) equation and the 112 Triplets. Given that there are 248 initials and 17 utilized we see that 248 – (17 x 8) = (31 x 8) – (17 x 8) = (14 x 8) = 112.

The numerical value of Methuselah (מתושלח) is 784 or 282, which it turns out is (20001216), reflective of the 2000 years given to us in the 13 Attributes and the dawn of physicality (12:16), the world of Tikkune (תיקון‎), or numerical value 1216. Both Tikkune and those 2000 years refer to reincarnation and all the generations that our souls or consciousness have journeyed since they were all One with the Creation of Adam.

The Speed of Light and the 42-Letter Name

A wave of light rushes in from above and below and floods the stairwell and everything else too. As it recedes, we see (200,000186,000 mps) = 14,000 or 14. Receding further, we see that (200,000186,282 mps) = 13718. With shifting decimal places, we are shown that 1/729 = .001371742, and that 1/137 = 729927 and 1/.001371742 = 729.  The inner cosmos wants us to understand that the fine-structure constant of the universe (1/137.0) is connected to the relationship between 2000 years and the speed of light (186,282 mps). But that is only part of the Story.

With mirrored mercury-like puddles on the 18th and 20th levels we understand that 2018 is connected to it, especially since the glowing 1742 in .001371742 is the gap in Spherical Time between 3760 and 2018 bridged by the speed-of-life relationship (3760/2018) between the two radii.

The clear mirrored puddles shift, and we see the 42-Letter Name matrix with the 2nd line illuminated (קרעשטן) of numerical value 729.  It cancels out 1/729, and gives us 729/729 = 1, which means it absorbs the .1371742. The numerical value translates into 137 (kabbalah, meaning “to receive” 1742, so (קרעשטן) nullifies the bridge (1742) and brings the system into Oneness. The puddles expand and we see deeper with (קרעשטן) breaking down into two Triplets (קרע) and (שטן), meaning kara satan, or tear out (370) satan (359) and we are shown the more accurate fine structure constant: 1/137.0359.

The puddles expand yet again, and we see the palindromic 1/137 = 729927.  We then are shown that the first Triplet 1/370 = 270270… within the 729 total goes along with the hidden 359. We then see the 9 planes of the 27 positions of the Essential Cube of Creation and that 272 = 729, cube of 93. Each plane of the Essential Cube of Creation can expand into a Cube of its own.

The puddles expand yet again, and we see 1/359 = .27855 or Ohr Haganuz (278), along with the ubiquitous 55 entrance. Also, it is shown to us that the ordinal value of the Triplet (קרע) is 55.

Once again, and we see the 27 positions of the Cube with all 27 letters illuminated. The 14th one in the center is a little brighter, which was where we started with the difference between 2000 and the speed-of-light. Nevertheless, the image stays put and the luminosity of all 27 letters even out.

We understand that the 2nd line (קרעשטן) of the 42-Letter Name matrix can be used to annihilate aspects and illusions of physicality. A still small voice tells us, “It is as powerful as you will it to be.”

We then see those 6 letters as (קרעש) and (טן) or 670 and 709, respectively. The value 670 or 10 x Binah (67) is the number of the 670 paragraphs in the Torah. The value 709 is the 127th Prime Number and the sum of the 7 Doubles (בגדכפרת) in the triple partition of the 22 letters of the Alef-bet that we learned about from Abraham in his Sefer Yetzirah. Those 7 Doubles (בגדכפרת) also represent the 7 planets that Abraham further told us circle the earthly plane and influence it, the ones found in tight near earth orbits around the center of the 42-Letter Name. We are shown those 7 letters laid out in the matrix then in the chain of 42 letters:


The we see them orbiting the center from an orbital unit of 1 to 13, covering a span of 26 letters.

Abraham understood the power in the letters. He realized it was the letters that created physicality and that a simple letter Caf (כ) could control the aspect of physicality we call the Sun, and likewise Tav (ת) could control the Moon. The two most influential celestial elements that oversee our physical world have a numerical value of (20 + 400) = (20 + 202) = 420. With the Alef (א) as Earth (ארץ) and the kolel for the 3 letters, our tight 3 element harmonic system has a numerical value of 424, Moshiach Ben David.

At once, we realize the letters all have power, not as they sit on a page, but power activated by our consciousness. This is a new concept, one understood by many of the Kabbalists and tzaddikim over the millennia. If physicality does not exist, how are we able to take this journey? With our consciousness. We are all in different locations throughout the world, yet with a little bit of will, we can conjoin our consciousnesses and journey deep into the inner cosmos that exist beyond the confines of physicality.  Yes, you many be reading this, but as you do, and as it slips past your mind barrier, you step on the clutch and your consciousness is engaged while your belief in physicality is disengaged.

It is the letters that will free us. Once we learn how to harness them to our will, our consciousness can use them to create and do anything we desire. That is why everything had to be destroyed in the Flood, and it is why Hebrew (the One language) had to be shattered, scattered, and replaced into 70 other languages. If you understand the secrets of the letters, how easy is it to make bricks.  It is also why there is a time limit on the reset.

We realize we are missing something. We understand more about the letters than most, and we see the numbers, shapes, and fields behind them, but there must be more. There is still a bridge we need to cross.

Will Moshiach teach us how to use our consciousness? Teach us how to connect to the letters and the fabric of the universe? Are we ready?

Abraham and Methuselah

The puddles of light have dried up and we see that the ordinal value of Abraham is 41. Next, we see that the ordinal value of Methuselah (מתושלח) is split 3 letters at a time into 41 (מתו) and 41 (שלח), and that their initials (מא) total 41, or 55 in complete value. Together, that makes a combined ordinal value of 123, as in the complete value of Methuselah’s father Enoch (חנוך).

The complete gematria of the two names Methuselah (מתושלח) and Abraham (אברהם) together is 1155, which we see as the intersection of two cosmic numerical streams: (21 x 55) and (33 x 35).  We are also shown that their average value is (1155/2) = 577.5 or the 210 cubit height of the Tower of Truth in inches.

Just as the two Names converge, we see another backdoor linkage in the grand stairwell between Methuselah (מתושלח) and Abraham (אברהם) and Enoch (חנוך) in that altogether they sum to (1155 + 123) = 1278 or Ohr HaGanuz, the hidden light of Moshiach (278) and the full age of the righteous, 1000 years. These are the Light and the years stowed away between the Torah’s first verse (2701) and the 42-Letter Name (3701), the 1000 years stored away for the time of Moshiach and the Great Shabbat.