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We can feel the vortex closing in on us, but before it does, the 22 steps of the Alef-bet have one more revelation for us. Do not proceed unless you have read at least Chapter 32, Spherical Time. If you are ready a whole new world awaits. The Journey begins here if you missed it.  The middle platform, that of the 11th letter Caf(כ) is illuminated. We see numbers tracing up to it along one side and numbers tracing down to is along the other. The sum of all the cumulative products (.111 + 4.5732 + 3.338436 + ….1) from the top down equal 1.12127 and the sum of the cumulative products (.406 + 14.616 + 74.5416 + ….1) from the bottom up equal 114.3358.  There is much that stands out to us, but right off the bat, it is that both totals start off with the number 11, as in the 11th letter, or 1 each for each platform, but that does not make any sense since the values of each letter vary wildly.

With the numbers 1.12127 and 114.3358 juxtaposed to one another, we make out the 112 Triplets associated with the 112 chakras in our bodies and on the other side the 114 total chakras including the 2 that require a leap of faith. Next, we see the 212, as in “The Light (האור)” and the total sum of all the cumulative products for all 22 letters, followed by the 127 paths or 27 positions of the Essential Cube of Creation. These are juxtaposed to the 1143 value of the 1st row of the 72 Triplets known as the 9th candle of Creation and or the average of the 8 columns of the 72 Triplets. It is followed by 3358, an obvious allusion to Moshiach (358) and the exact 3358 number of Caf (ך) sofits in the Torah.

The Creators work never ceases to amaze us. We must put our awe on hold as the vortex has broken through the 3 pyramid barrier and we are swept up like Dorothy and Toto.

The Core Triangle of His Name

No munchkin land, nor golden trail to follow, just a giant triangle waving like a sail tied loosely to a mast and boom. As the sail tightens and starches, we are told we are at the Triangle at the Core of Creation. The inner cosmos really wants us to understand this, but things get stormy quickly. All the thunderous flashing of geometric shapes is confusing, especially with the crested waves crashing upon us and heaving the boat about.  A dam has burst, and the sea of light and knowledge overwhelms us.

Then in the calm, or maybe the eye of the hurricane, it starts out simple, with a right triangle that has a base of 173, a mast height of 300 and a hypotenuse of 346, or twice 173. Nowadays that is 7th or 8th grade geometry.

In Pythagoras’ theorem of a2 + b2 = c2 there is a special case, whereby c2 = 2a and this is that case.  The short side, or a = 173, is the square root of 3, which is what makes this work out this way.  What the inner cosmos are trying to point out, though, is that 173 is the small gematria of the 42-Letter Name, and that 346 is the numerical value “His Name (שמו), or twice 173.

When this special triangle is duplicated and duplicated again it forms a rhombus, not a square, although each side is equal and is equal to 346, or twice the 42-Letter Name. Also, one diagonal of this rhombus is also 346 and the other is 600, giving us a total of 5 lengths of 346 or 10 times the 42-Letter Name. The longer diagonal or crossbar of 600 is representative of Noach’s age at the time of the Flood and the 600,000 Israelite men at Mt Sinai.

The sea recedes and our sailboat and triangle are sitting squarely on dry land. The reflections of the sea have become a bevy of mirrors that surround us, forcing us to focus intently on the proud triangle standing tall within our circle. We are shown that this special triangle is a 30o60o90o right triangle. Then within it, we see a much smaller triangle with the same 30o60o90o shape. The new triangle’s dimensions are Pi(π)/2, e, and Pi(π) for the hypotenuse. Pi(π) is 3.14159265358, and e or Euler’s Number is 2.718281828459045, and Pi(π)/2 is 1.5708, or One (1) and the year Israel became a nation in 5708 HC. These constants of physics and mathematics are proportional and about 9% of our Core Triangle’s 173300346 dimensions. Once scaled up by 102 to 314.2, 157.0, and 271.8, our core numbers (346, 173, and 300) are 1.10 times them, or 10% higher.

That makes them 110 times higher, exactly 4 cubits.  Suddenly, the cubit is no longer a static measurement, but an expansion of distance from core mathematical constants to core spiritual Numbers and concepts, a bridge or relationship between fields.  When we measure in sacred cubits on the physical plane, we are measure out 27.5 inches, but what is really going on is playing out in the spiritual realm, a mode of transformation between the fields, like a sail that can harness the wind to navigate a sea. This is why the back letters (לף) of Alef(אלף) look like a sail and a sea and have the numerical value 110. This is why those same to two letters (לף) are found in the center of Yesod of Malchut in the 6th line of the 42-Letter Name matrix.

Given that 1/110 is .0090909, does the equation 9 divided by the small gematria of the 42-Letter Name or 9/.123049… = 73.14159 not make sense? It appears this relationship is very important to the shape of the universe. Chochma (חכמה), Wisdom, is the 9th sefirot from below. Its gematria value is 73 and its ordinal value is 37, giving it a complete value of 110. There is indeed Wisdom here. Wisdom goes beyond Knowledge and Understanding.  It is much closer to the concepts of the Creator.

The clear mirrors keep us focused and our minds off the distant swirling vortex. We see that this special triangle is a 30o60o90o right triangle, and when it is mirrored it forms a 60o60o60o equilateral triangle with each side having a length of 346. His Name (שמו) is on all 3 sides.

In a shiny clear mirror, we see 30o60o90o morphing into 369 with sound, frequency, and vibration built into a very specific triangle, the Core Triangle.  This is similar to the 369 relationship that we saw built into the diagonals of two adjacent sides of the Essential Cube of Creation, forming an equilateral 60o60o60o triangle of sides 346 between them, though admittedly this is hard to visualize.

The reason this design is so important to the inner cosmos is that this Core Triangle represents the moment of transition from the Cube of the 42-Letter Name, the (√3)3 cube, to the Essential Cube of Creation (33).

One of the clear mirrors reminds us of our studies into numerical fields and shows us that the number 3 is 111 in hyperspace, 3 units on the first level of separation. It is the only number directly associated with the name of a letter, Alef (אלף) of numerical value 111.

The clear mirrors switch into high gear. The Hebrew word for “moment, rega (רגע)” is the harmonic convergent 273.  When the Core Equilateral Triangle is bisected on each side, it divides into 6 equal right triangles of dimensions 100173200 each. The two shorter sides of each of the 6 individual smaller triangles have a combined length of (100 + 173) = 273. This gives their total (273) a difference with the original hypotenuse (300) of 27, matching the same 27 difference between their longer side (173) with their individual hypotenuse (200). In other words, 27 completes the triangle. This dual difference of 27 is aligned with the 27 positions of the Essential Cube of Creation.  These differences while linear to us are actually the level of separate within hyperspace and have meaning by their very nature. Hence, (300273) = (200173) = 27 but they are at once the same 27 and very different ones with multiple associations. Think of it this way: 27 is a singular number but its relationship to 300 is very different than its relationship to 200.

There are 6 moments of Creation within the bisected Core Equilateral Triangle of Creation. Six clear mirrors combine to make sure we understand the reference to the 6 days of Creation.

Those 6 moments of Creation are contained in the 6 resultant triangles within the bisected Core Equilateral Triangle of Creation, and with 3 line segments per triangle, there are 18 in total from the original 3, thus 18 measures of Creation. Six clear mirrors combine to make sure we understand the reference to the bisection of the Water, the Light, and of day and night. There are then 6 days bisected.

The full length of these (3 x 6) = 18 segments is 2838, which equals the Torah’s first verse, 2701, plus 137, the Phi(φ) angle of rotation at the core of Spherical Time, and gematria of “kabbalah, to receive.”

The universe desperately wants us to understand this, and the flood of information keeps coming, reflections and information bouncing from mirror to mirror.

The 42-Letter Name of Creation

The reason this is so important to the inner cosmos is that this Core Triangle represents the moment of transition from the cube of the 42-Letter Name (173) to the Essential Cube of Creation (27) that is based on the number 42. The value 27 is not only complementary to 173 but is a transformed form of it.

The small gematria value of the 42-Letter Name, 173, as in the 173 keys of Moses to Heaven, is the square root of 3 The reason this is so important to the inner cosmos is that this Core Triangle represents the moment of transition from the cube of (√3)3 to the Essential Cube of Creation (33), from the Cube of the 42-Letters to the Essential Cube of Creation, which is the magic cube of 42.

As the clear mirrors explain, like the triangle, the process begins with the concept of 3, and the Transition happens through the expansion of squaring: (√3) x (√3) = 3 and (√3)3 x (√3)3 = 33. The (42-Letter Name x the 42-Letter Name) = 3. The (Cube of the 42-Letter Name x the Cube of the 42-Letter Name) = 27, the Essential Cube of Creation.

As the clear mirrors explain again, because we obviously missed it, like the triangle, the process begins with the concept of 3. The (42-Letter Name x the 42-Letter Name) = 3. There is no concept of 3 without the 42-Letter Name. There is no without the 42-Letter Name.

This should not be surprising to us, but it is a stunner.

It is not a chicken or egg issue. The 42-Letter Name came first, before the calculation of numbers, before the numerical fields, and before the 27 letters took on values.  The 42-Letter Name was an essence of the 3 upper sefirot before it took on the cloak or dressing of the 42 Letters and their values. The 42-Letter Name was an essence of the 3 upper sefirot before there was a counting of the sefirot. The 42-Letter Name is still an essence of the 3 upper sefirot as there is no time within the 3 upper sefirot.

Why does the equation 9 divided by the small gematria of the 42-Letter Name or 9/.123049… = 73.14159? Perhaps, it needs to be rearranged and rethought since 9 = 32 and 3 is the 42-Letter Name squared. The equation 9/.123049… = 73.14159 can be written .123049… = 73.14159/9 or the 42-Letter Name = 73.14159/9.  We can, of course, go further and break out Pi(π), or convert 9 into (42-Letter Name)4, but the clear mirrors are taking us in a slightly different direction, perhaps at the urging of the encroaching vortex.

The clear mirrors are reminding us that there are 10 Utterances in Creation, and that 9 of them begin with “G-d said, Vayomer Elohim” and the 10th added the word “to them, Lahem.” The numerical value sofit of the 10 letters in Vayomer Elohim(ויאמר־אלהים) is 903, as in the sum of all the integers from 1 – 42, the 42nd Triangular Number.

These are the nine verses: 1:3, corresponding to the 1st day of Creation; 1:6 corresponding to the 2nd day; 1:9 and 1:11 corresponding to the 3rd day; 1:14 corresponding to the 4th day; 1:20 corresponding to the 5th day; and 1:24, 1:26, and 1:29 corresponding to the 6th day.

The sum of (1,2,3,3,4,5,6,6,6) days is 36, of the verses is 142 and chapters, 9, totaling 187, as in the 187 chapters in the entire Torah.

Each one of the Utterances begins with “Vayomer Elohim,” connected to the 42-Letter Name, followed by a command to the elements of hyperspace.  If we sum those 9 commands they sum to (232 + 405 + 122 + 705 + 666 + 606 + 497 + 425 + 60) = 3718, which matches the 7th Bell Prime Index 2841 and 7th Bell Number (877) equation (2841 + 877) = 3718, reinforcing the Spherical time connection: 3718 + 42 = 3760.

The sum of all 9 of those Vayomer Elohim or 9 x 903 is 8127 and we find 8127 at the 606th digit in Pi, and the sum of all the digits in Pi(π) counting backward from 1000 through the 8127 string is 1775, as in the sum of the 27 letters of the Alef-bet, whose square root is 42.130….

About to move on, the clear mirror halts us, and once again we realize there is a purpose to everything the inner cosmos shows us and everything thing it reminds us of. The resultant value of the reorganized 42-Letter Pi(π) equation is 73.14159/9 = 8.127.

We are reminded of Tesla circling his dining table 18 times…3, 6, 9, 3, 6, 9…. Where must his mind have gone? What journeys was his consciousness on? We see 9 and 3 over and over again and 9 is a flat square with 3 on each side and an area of 32. And 903 is the 42-Letter Name and 42nd Triangular Number, 42 levels high, an equilateral triangle with 42 on each side.

This reminds us of the Core Equilateral Triangle of Creation with His Name of numerical value 346 on each side, twice the small gematria of the 42-Letter Name, 6 of them in total. It is then that we realize 346 is equivalent to the 336 letters in the 112 Triplets plus 10, as in the 10 sefirot, which then also makes it equivalent to 42 x (8 + 10/42) = (336 + 10) = 346.

Our minds adrift, we wonder about 903 and whether it is an allusion to 9 x 3 or the 33 cube of 27. It must be, since both are based on the number and concept of 429 planes and 3 axes that all keep summing to 42. Vayomer Elohim (ויאמר־אלהים) is 903, “God said.”

The clear mirror helps us out by indicating that Vayomer Elohim (ויאמר־אלהים) of numerical value 903 is found 22 times in the Torah, one for each of the 22 letters. Of those, 20 times are in Genesis, once at Exodus 3:14 along with “I am that I am (אהיה־אשר־אהיה) of numerical value 3142, and the final time in Numbers 22:12 when G-d said to Bilaam do not to curse the Israelites for they are a blessed nation.

The clear mirror then shows us that of the 720 times the word Vayomer (ויאמר) is used in the Torah, the expression Vayomer YHVH  (ויאמר־יהוה) is found 107 times, as in the 107th Triangular Number, 5778, the Spherical Time radius.

We wonder if (107 + 903) are supposed to fit together like a puzzle piece to form 1010, but the cosmos has no reply.

The Diagonals

Because of the concept of the Pythagorean theorem (a2 + b2 = c2) the diagonal of each face of a cube is the square root of (2 x edge2). In the Essential Cube of Creation, each edge is 3, so the diagonal of each face is √(2 x 32) = √18.

The diagonal of each side (face) of the 33 Essential Cube of Creation is thus 4.2426, or Moshiach Ben David along with the YHVH (יהוה), two for each of the 6 sides of the cube, which are the reflections of Zeir Anpin upon Malchut.

Because of (a2 + b2 = c2) the cross diagonal, also known as the solid diagonal through the center of the Essential Cube of Creation is (edge x √3) = 33. This solid diagonal has a length of 3 x 173, or metaphysically 3 times the 42-Letter Name.

Since the edge of the Cube of the 42-Letter Name is 173 or √3, the volume of the Cube is (√3)3, which works out to 33. As we were just shown, this is the measure of the solid diagonal through the Essential Cube of Creation.

This diagonal (33) is also the square root of 27, or √27, which means that the diagonal represents the heart of the 27 Cubes of Creation, and metaphysically that 3 times the 42-Letter Name also lies at the heart of the Essential Cube of Creation.

The volume of the Essential Cube of Creation is 33 or 27 and the surface area is (6 x 9) = 54, as in the 54 external positions, and as in the 54 Triplets that sum to 42 embedded in it.

The Cube of the 42-Letter Name with a volume of (√3)3 and whose edge (√3) is synonymous with the 42-Letter Name (173) has a surface area of (3 x 6) = 18, as in the 18 segments of the bisected Core Essential Triangle of Creation.  Its volume of (√3)3 is synonymous with (3 x the 42-Letter Name). Therefore, in scaling up, the volume (√3)3 of the 42-Letter Name Cube is also synonymous with the diagonal (√3)3 of the Essential Cube of Creation that is based on 42.

The clear mirror wants us to understand that they are not just synonymous.  In scaling up, the volume (√3)3 of the 42-Letter Name Cube is the diagonal (√3)3 of the Essential Cube of Creation of 42.  From our limited perspective that is impossible. One has spatial volume and the other is an imaginary line drawn through space. In hyperspace, a line such as a diagonal can have space and volume. What we think of space folds and unfolds. Even in the middle of a square or cube it can be an edge.  As objects transition from one phase or dimension to the next there are edges and momentary boundaries, where two very different objects or even concepts can exist as one. Without time, that frozen moment in phase shifting can be there in perpetuity, a dual potentiality where both phases, and dimensionalities, exist at once.

We question whether dual phase objects or entities exist in our world as well, and the clear mirror replies a resounding yes. It then explains that while we are in a reflective hyperspace bubble, that bubble is not outside of hyperspace, nothing is.  The firmament that surrounds us does not keep the concepts of the greater universe out, our minds do. The clear mirror puts it another way: we see only what we want to see. While we say we want to see the truth and be in hyperspace existence, most of us really want to see that we are loved, needed, wanted, respected by other people and other physical entities. We want to have other people value us; we want self-worth. We want to express our emotions and creativity and have them validated. We want to be cared for and to care for others. We want to lust and love. We may want to fly like superman, but we also want gravity to hold everything in place for us while we do. In other words, we want everything that the greater universe is not, and cannot comprehend an existence without that. Even guided by the best imaginations on our planet have you ever seen a sci-fi movie filmed without gravity. Even the avatars in The Matrix wake up to a desire for physicality.

We can partially blame on our 5 senses. Who would want to forgo: the amazing music we hear; the spectacular vistas nature offers us; the wonderful aromas floating from bakeries, fresh roasted coffee, and exotically prepared dishes; the tastes of those foods, and a gentle loving touch?

Even in man’s best case scenarios, including the evil NWO being completely annihilated, an antidote for the vaccine being found before the next generation becomes sterilized, freedoms for all are revived, the Fed is abolished and all debts forgiven, taxes are greatly reduced, peace spreads around the world, abundant food is grown without chemicals, the planet and our bodies detoxify, cancer is cured, and people treat each with dignity and love; even in those scenarios we all eventually die and dream about our descendants hundreds of years hence traveling the galaxies in spaceships, fighting Klingons and Romulans. To the universe those are infantile dreams and goals, all set within an expanding construct of physicality.

The Spherical Time bubble is an incubator and most of us are barely infants. Technology is not a marker of development; it is a crutch. Physical prowess is narcissism. The rules our societies create for us are not for our benefit; they are just the easiest for our simple minds to comprehend. They further the construct that we want to believe.   So yes, the clear mirrors tell us, every attribute of hyperspace exists in our little time buddle, we just have not developed the consciousness to grasp it yet.

They seem to add, “So pay attention.” The diagonal of each side (face) of the 33 Essential Cube of Creation is thus 4.2426, or Moshiach Ben David.  The diagonal of each side (face) of the 42-Letter Name (√3)3 Cube is 2.449, as in the year of the Mishkan and the Torah, 2449 HC, which is 42.4% of 5778, the throat of the hourglass.

The Frozen Moment of Transformation

The moment of transformation occurs when the top and bottom sides of the cube of (√3)3 are still in their (√3) by (√3) formation and the vertical sides have already stretched to a height of 3, as in the 3-unit edges of the 33 Essential Cube of Creation. This gives their interim diagonals a momentary length of 346, twice the 42-Letter Name. In other words, the base length is √3 or 173, the height is 3 or 300 and its hypotenuse is 2√3 or 346, which describes the original Core Triangle of Creation.

The Core Triangle of Creation (173300346), the Core Triangle of His Name, is the exact moment of transition and transformation. It is the exact moment frozen in time and space. It is the exact moment when the Cube of the 42-Letter Name transitions into and forms the Essential Cube of Creation with the 27 fields of the 27 letters. It is for this reason that the digits in the Core Triangle of His Name (173300346) = 27.

We see it as a triangle; the universe sees it as a concept within a process. The upper 3 sefirot had to form a cube of their essence in order to transform its likeness into the cube of Zeir Anpin. That transformation took a process and the pivotal moment in that process is the concept of the Core Triangle of His Name.

This is why the Tree-of-Life is drawn as two stacked cubes. Even if those that have taken a similar journey to the one we are on may have understood the process and concept better than us, they had no better tools than we do to describe them or to represent them. Hence the two stacked cubes are of the same size and hence they are cubes at all.  Imagine if the Arizal had hand-drawn a 10-dimensional hypercube; who would have been able to follow it?

Metaphysically, the 42-Letter Name transforms into the Cube of 42 and carries the light of Moshiach Ben David from the center to the surface and edge of 5778. One more concept the clear mirrors want us to grasp is that just as like within our Sun, whose surface temperature is 5778˚ K, the process of transformation releases energy (Light).  What has been illustrated to us as geometric progression of triangles, cubes and spheres is an ongoing process of transformation that releases the energy (Light) that incrementally sustains the existence of the greater universe and eventually our incubation bubble.

The vortex has tightened around us and the clear mirrors have collapsed.  The boat with upright sail of transformation spins on the crest of a churning wave then gets hoisted aloft and vanishes. With nothing by a patch of dry land to sustain us from the swirling winds, we have no choice but to take a leap of faith.

The Land of Israel

Having jumped into the vortex, time seems to stop completely. We float effortlessly inside the center of the vortex. The first information we receive seems simple and innocuous. The numbers 234 and 49 are another factor pair of the Land of Israel, since (234 x 49) = 11466.  One of us suggests it has to do with the Israelites being at the 49th Gate in Egypt. Then the bottom drops out…

The next factor pair in the sequence we have been following is (273 x 42) = 11466 and the consecutive factors (42 + 49) add up to 91, one of the factors we have already seen. It is through 42 and 49 that we count the Omer, but that is but a momentary distraction as the cosmos open up around us.

The Earth tilts at 23.4˚, as in the factor 234. This is precisely 26% of the full 90˚ angle, with 26 being both the YHVH (יהוה) and the factor paired with Truth (441) in (26 x 441). We then learn that 23.4 is 90% of 26, relating the Earth’s tilt to G-d’s Name. It gets weirder. The complementary angle is (90˚ – 23.4˚) = 66.6˚, as in the Kabbalistic ratio and the ratio of the pivot point between spirituality and physicality.

It is then that recall call that the clear mirrors had just shown us that mathematical and physical constants Pi(π) or 3.14159265358, Euler’s Number (e) or 2.718281828459045, and Pi(π)/2 or 1.5708, which is One (1) plus the year Israel became a nation (5708 HC) are 90% of the Core Transition Triangle’s 173 – 300 – 346 dimensions.  Not only is the universe consistent but there must be a greater purpose or concept behind this 90% or 1.111 multiple schematic?

Nonetheless, the value 273, paired with 42, is instantly recognized by us as the harmonic convergent, that relates the inscribed circle to the square. Basic geometry at the nexus of reality.  It is also the value of the word “gematria” that helps translate that nexus for us and make sense of what would otherwise just be symbols floating around and bumping into one another. It is also the core temperature of the Sun at 27.3 million degrees Fahrenheit, compared with its surface temperature of 5778˚ K. It is also the absolute freezing point of all matter and energy, 273˚ C, thus the end of physicality. If there is an end of physicality can there be a beginning?

Spiritualty has no end.  It happens in an instant, rega (רגה), of numerical value 273, which we immediately recall is also the sum of the two legs of the Bisected Core Equilateral Triangle.

Floating facts fill in the void. The sunspots revolve around the Sun’s surface in exactly 27.3 days, the same number of days that the Moon orbits the Earth, 27.3 days. The Moon is 27.3% of the Earth’s size, and it completes one turn on its axis with respect to the stars every 27.3 days. The area of Israel, certified by an act of the 45th President of the U.S. in 5778, is 11,466 sq miles or 273 x 42.  The area 11,466 sq miles is also exactly 90 sq miles, or (2 x 45) less than (2 x 5778).

Could all those 27.3 measures built into the universe be phases of the same transition moment, rega (רגה), in hyperspace?

As the arid land unfolds around us, and stars fill the cavernous sky, the 3 factors (23.4 26  27.3) built into the Earth and its relationship with the solar system form their own relationship. They are a system. They are 2.6 and 1.3 units apart respectively, out of a total 3.9 units of separation, giving them the exact kabbalistic split, the .666 and .333 proportions (i.e. 2.6/3.9 = .666 and 1.3/3.9 = .333).  Furthermore, 13, 26 and 39 are all factors of Israel’s G-d given area, 11,466 square miles.

Just when we thought we were done with this cosmic lesson, we learn that the square root of those specific 11,466 square miles or √11466 is 107.07, the same as  the 107,007 letters in the Torah up to Anochi, the first word of the 10 Commandments; and as the ordinal value of the 3 Hebrew names for the Sun, Moon, and Earth that equal 107; and as the distance from the Earth to the Sun, which is the exact equivalent to 107 Sun’s diameters; and as the speed the Earth orbits the Sun at 107,000 KPH (66,600 MPH); and as the Sun’s surface temperature 5778 K, the 107th Triangular Number.

It is obvious that physicality, as anything more than a simulation, does not work this way.  Too many 1 in a million, billion, and trillion coincidences have to line up on top of each other for there to exist conscious life on Earth, and then for the Earth, Sun, and Moon to conform to the same mathematically harmonics without causation, and then for the Torah and Israel to conform to those again. Any lingering belief in physicality and earthlings being chosen as special pixie space dust amongst the innumerable space dust and stars of the cosmos is nothing by foolish ego and preposterous.

What the universe might want us to take away from this is that Israel, at the center of the world’s land mass, is akin to the Sun with the planets revolving around it.

There is an alternative to physicality that does make us special: that our consciousness was specially selected for this training simulation. We can think of ourselves as astronauts specially selected by NASA. Disregard how many possible simulations and Spherical Time bubbles the Creator may be running simultaneously; we have a chance.  We have a chance to make it to the next level, and by now we have a large leg up on the pack.

Just then limestone steps appear before us and on the 6th step we find ourselves in Israel, yet we can see the entire 11,466 square mile territory with all its borders. Then we see the entire planet, all 196.9 million square miles of it. As we wonder if the 114 chakras or the year 1969 play into what we are supposed to learn here, we are shown that the land of Israel, the Promised Land, goes into the Earth 17172 times. We get all excited until we realize it means nothing to us.

The cosmos pauses, waiting for us to say something. We have got nothing. So, a clear mirror appears and shows us that the number of letters in the Torah, 304805 divided by the sum of the 27 letters, 1775, is 304805/1775 = 171.72.

How is that even possible?

We are shown the 27 positions of the 33 Essential Cube of Creation. Then a cube of 223, which conforms to the exact the number of columns and rows in the Torah, and that 223/6 = 1774.666, or 1775.

It does not stop there. Next, we are shown the 4 sets of Triplets arranged about the Essential Cube of Creation and we see that their individual sets of letters times their Triplets forms an equation: (42 x 14 + 45 x 15 + 33 x 11 + 216 x 72) = 17178. We still do not know what to say.

Every time we think we understand something about the Torah, it reveals exponentiality more complexity. It is as if the inner cosmos wants to scrape away any possibility of physicality, scrape away the remnants of our ego. This is when we realize that the sum of the digits in the 4 sets of Triplets (42 x 14 + 45 x 15 + 33 x 11 + 216 x 72) = 50.  As our minds spin out all the usual connections to 50, our consciousness fills with spiritual ego, expanding to absorb ever more possibilities.

The 3rd Rock from the Sun

It does not stop with the Earth. There is a blinding flash, then hovering and orbiting above us are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. We see them orbiting the Sun, then on closer inspection, it is the spinning cube of Zeir Anpin, centered above us.

Hovering with each planet are numbers, the Earth labeled “1.” All are distances from the Sun, and all are in relation to Earth as 1, whose actual distance is 92.96 million miles. This is the premise behind Astronomical Units (AU). They work out to: Mercury (.387), Venus (.724), Earth (1), Mars (1.524), Jupiter (5.204), Saturn (9.359), Uranus (19.18), Neptune (30.06), and Pluto (39.53). They are suddenly engulfed in a swirl of dust and plasma.

When the bright flash fizzles out and the dust settles, falling around us like a blanket of stars, we see that the cumulative sum of the distances of the first 4 planets is 3.63424, just like the results of the Spherical Time equation, and exactly like the cube root of 48.

The cumulative sum of the distances through Venus is 1.110, through Saturn is 18.42, and through Uranus, 37.60, all notable for obvious reasons, but most notable of all was the cumulative sum of the distances of all the planets, 107.  From incorporating Alef (111) and the Spiritual Time radius (3760) to the 5778 event horizon radius of the 107th Triangular Number at the end, the Creator has gone a long way to create symmetry in our Solar system.  It did not escape our attention that being the measure of the distance from the Sun, these figures of 10 times Alef (111), of 3760 and of the allusion to 5778 are all indeed radii of their particular orbits.

The still small voice reminds us of the (18 + 42) = 60 times the Name of G-d (אלוה) appears in Tanakh and that Saturn is the 6th planet.  It is only then that we remember that these make 9 planets and that the sum of (1 – 9) is 45, Man.

There are many other significant harmonics within these solar system numbers, but as the entire cosmos quickly folds up inside the 107th Triangular Number, which is a sphere of diameter 5778, we are whisked out of Israel and of the vortex and back to matrix of 64 codons.

Like a pill going down without water, we have swallowed the knowledge that the ordinal, or inner value, of Israel (ישראל) and of Malchut (מלכות) is 64, and that (90˚ 26˚) = 64˚and that the standard gematria difference between the two (541496) is 45, as in (90˚ 45˚) = 45˚. A very strange dynamic is being presented to us. In this simulated physicality of Malchut, why is the Island of Israel special? What does it have to do with Adam and Eve (45 + 19) = 64?

Are the inner and outer cosmos trying to show us that it knows the secrets of our origin, or that we are integrated with it, part of the program? Are we special as the great(x 1042) grandchild of the Creator, or as a divine simulation (the apple in His eye)?

Before anyone goes off and says that this intelligent design was drawn up by some lizards, grey bodies, or Norwegian blonds we need to ask why they would have given us all this information encoded in the Torah, and accredited it all to G-d, the Creator? It also always begs the question who created them. Why would rival alien nations try to level us up? This seems more like a sci-fi conundrum than a divine one where consciousness is everything. Why would they intrude in a simulation, when they could just change the parameters of the simulation without injecting themselves?

Every day there are more academics trying to rewrite history and credit the Spaniards with writing the Zohar and medieval monks with writing the Sefer Yetizrah and the Book of Raziel, etc., except we have seen for ourselves that the Torah predated them all and that the Torah tells us that the early kabbalists walked with G-d and spoke with G-d.  Look how much we learned in a single journey through Zeir Anpin, imagine how much they could have learned directly from G-d and the upper realms over hundreds of years.  The tzaddikim surely would have been privy to this knowledge and so much more.  The academics on the other hand…