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The Towering Pyramid Dives Deep

The Pi field quickly folds up into the transparent pyramid that encases the Tower of Truth, though now many more lines are shown to us. Perhaps, our time here has prepared us to understand even more. We see the 55’ high entrance with the futuristic YHVH (יהוה) over it and it immediately reverberates with the 11 sefirot, the folded Alef-bet, the 11 initials of the 10 plagues, and the two Gates of the YHVH (יהוה). It no longer seems like an entrance into a mountain of stone but into the higher dimensions. Do not proceed unless you have read at least Chapter 32, Spherical Time. If you are ready, a whole new world awaits. The Journey begins here if you missed it.

We are lofted 55 feet up and peer down the transparent throat. We see that from the 55’ high entrance a passage descends 98.75 feet down into the bedrock at an angle of 26o representing the YHVH (יהוה). That is 55 feet to the desert floor and an additional 43.75 feet into the earth, if we were to dig straight down. We are shown that the passage is 345 feet along the passage, equivalent to the numerical value of Moses. We do understand why, but the 43.75, reflects the numerical value of Moses’ wife Tzipporah (375).

We are given a tour and on closer inspection we see that the 345’ low narrow Descending Passage has numerous score line engraved in the stones on either side of it. This passage is approximately 42” wide. The first score line is about 481.2 inches from the entrance and the second is an additional 628.75 inches further down. Together they are 1110 inches.

With pyrotechnics similar to what must go on in our brains when our neurons get excited, we are shown that 481.2” relates to the height of the Pyramid, 481.25’ in a 12:1 ratio, and that 628.75” is twice Pi (314159…) or twice 3142, the powerful Name of God.

Can the 628.75 also be reflective of the Planck Diameter, h/π or 21.0914362859 x 10-35, after all, 210 is the height of the encasing pyramid, and 9143 as the 72 Triplets is reflected in its base that this passage pierces and 628.59… is even closer to 628.75” than twice Pi(π), off by .16 inches over more than 52 feet. Of course, this cosmic synergy only applies if the Creator of encasing pyramid’s designs knew about the Planck Diameter, h/π or 21.0914362859 x 10-35 and the 72 Triplets (9143). Otherwise, it is just coincidence.

The inner cosmos does not waste much time on this and instead focuses on the (481.2 + 628.75) = 1110 inch mark scored into the sidewall. It represents 10 x 111 or 10 times Alef (אלף). By exposing the Descending Passage to us using hyperspace, we have been shown how those scored dimensions are transferred to a larger encasing pyramid, superimposed over the 481.25 foot high one. This new one is 1110 feet high with a gap of twice 314.2 feet or 628.75’ above where the 210 cubits of physicality ends.

A point is being made of the separation of the spiritual from the physical, represented by the 210 cubit high stone mountain, and it was etched for us in the score lines of the descending passage.

There is a bridge over the colorful River Pi that suddenly appears in front of us, connecting the 1110 ft height of this new pyramid to the 7th and 8th Triplets in Pi(π), (846 + 264), that equal 1110, or 10 x 111 (אלף).

The new virtual height pyramid is nearly exactly 275 cubits higher than the physical 210 cubits one. Out of nowhere appear a slew of streams and passages tying this spiritual dimension to the primal frequencies of 27.5 Hz and 1.1 Hz, but we have covered those frequencies in depth in our earlier studies and thus decide to ignore them for now.

Meanwhile, the glowing schematic is showing us that that gap of 628.3 ft is the circumference of a sphere of radius 100, the radius of the inscribed sphere of the Core Equilibrium Triangle. “Wait, what?”

The inscribed sphere of the Core Equilibrium Triangle that has a radius of 100 and a diameter of 200 sits atop the encasing pyramid.  Is this 200 diameter sphere connected to the 200 occurrence difference of the pair (רי) within Torah words, 5645 vs 5845 verses, starting with the Torah’s first (בראשית) word and ending with its last (ישראל)—a 200 diameter sphere sitting atop a (רי) or 210 Tower.

The 1110, or 10 x 111 (אלף) represent the 10 sefirot of the primordial Tree-of-Life of Alef (אלף).

This is reminiscent of the 111 Moons that span the breach between the Earth and the Moon itself.

Our attention is drawn back to the Subterranean chamber buried 36.666 feet into the bedrock beneath the pyramid. That works out to 580.0 feet of vertical height from the base of the Subterranean Chamber to the tip of the Pyramid, which the Torah reminds us is in alignment with its total gematria sofit or (5800.054)2 and moreover, that 580.0 feet is 253.0 cubits, as in the 22nd Triangular Number, the sum of the 22 ordinal values of the Alef-bet.

What? How has everyone missed this? If it were not for this journey through the inner cosmos of the Torah no one would have known this, yet the measurements have been around since the 1800’s.

What this also means is that the Tower of Truth of 20 stacked cubes also includes 2 more levels underground. It becomes 22 perfectly stacked cubes, 253.0 cubits in total.

The volume of that final subterranean cube is 223 or 10648, the exact difference between the total of the 5 Elements of the Torah (248,000φ) and the 3 major Elements (words, letters, and verses) of the Torah, 58, reflected in the 580.0 feet of vertical height from the base of the Subterranean Chamber to the tip of the Pyramid, and the Torah’s total gematria sofit (5800.054)2.

Thus while the volume of the 2 final cubes is (213 + 223) = (2000091) cubits3, the total volume of the entire tower including the two subterranean cubes is 64,009 cubits3, maybe a reference to the 64 x 1000 volume of the 64 Triplets and the 9 Candles within the 72 Triplets.

The clear mirror wants us to know that the numerical value of the 4 initials (מאיס) of the central peak of those 64 Triplets is 111, equal to Alef (אלף).

Then the 100-radius sphere of the Core Essential Triangle appears again atop the pyramid, except this time the apex point of the pyramid is dead center in the middle of the Triangle and the sphere. When the 100’ radius is thus radiating from the peak of the pyramid.  When the 100’ radius is thus added to the standard “above ground” height of the pyramid, we once again get 580’, a Tower of 22 stacked cubes that total 253 cubits in height.

The clear mirror expands our vision to show us that the first 10 letters of the Torah have a total ordinal value of 100, and that:

This 100 foot radius element of the Core Equilateral Triangle that hovers over the pyramid forms its own stacked set of cubes based on four, as in the four letters of Ehyeh (אהיה). This short 4 level pyramid is in the measure, or dimension, of feet, while the much larger encapsulating pyramid is in the dimension of cubits. On the individual scale their ratio is 27.5/12, as we saw with that 2h/5778 = 2.2935514… x 10-33, yet on the 3-dimensional or physical scale it expands to (27.5/12)3, which is 12.0:1, which is the 2-dimensional ratio of the foot to the inch, 12:1.

By using hyper-dimensional analysis, we can now understand why these 3 separate units of measure—cubit, inch, foot—are cohesive, harmonic, and necessary. The scale of the Core Equilateral Triangle is 1/12th that of the physical encapsulating pyramid.

Einstein in his later years stated that geometry would have to be the key to a true unified theory, just as the inner cosmos are showing us. It is just that that harmonic geometry spreads across multiple dimensions and can only be understood through the interplay of those dimensions. What we see on the physical realm is a result of this dimension’s interface with the geometry of the higher dimensions.

All these thoughts and processes cause the virtual sphere on top of the illuminated encapsulated pyramid to convert into a bright full moon, whereby the inner cosmos and a clear mirror remind us of the anomalistic year.

The Mark of Zeir Anpin

As the Moon orbits the Earth it is not exactly a circular motion, but an oval, and in each monthly orbit around the Earth there is a point at which the Moon is closest to the Earth. At that point, it is actually moving faster than at any other time in its orbit.  Since the Earth itself is independently moving at 66,627 mph around the Sun, the Moon must travel farther just to keep up with it, as it completes each of its orbits around the Earth.  The clear mirror points out that 66,627 mph is considered in hyperspace as 66,600 mph plus 27 mph for the Essential Cube of Creation. It further shows us that the kabalistic 666 is Vav(ו), or 6 for the six directions of the Cube and of the 6 dimensions of Zeir Anpin, times Alef (אלף) or 111 as Binah, harking back to .6 x 1110” and 1110’ built into the dimensions of the two encasing pyramids and the 111 Moon diameters of 2160 mi (6 x 6 x 6 x 10) between the Earth and the Moon.

When we peer into the clear mirror it reflects in the dark sky above us, and we see the 107 times that Sun’s diameter fits into the distance between the Earth and the Sun. The Sun’s diameter (864,000 miles) is 400 x the Moon’s diameter (2160 miles); and thus 6 x 144,000 or 6000 x 122; and is both 4000 x 63 and 64 x 666.6666.

The resultant distance of the Sun’s diameter (864,000 miles) times 107 is the 92448000 mile radius of the Earth orbit. This is 90000000 miles plus 2448000, as in the year 2448 HC when the Torah was received at Sinai, which is 66.6 jubilee years before 5778 HC. We are reminded that this is reflected in the 107,000 KPH (66,627 MPH) Earth orbital speed around the Sun, whose surface temperature is 5778 K. Another clear mirror further reminds us that 5778 is the 107th Triangular Number and our universes was constructed with Triangular Numbers.

Rather than a mark of the beast, 666 is the mark of the Zeir Anpin point, where physicality begins and ends.

The Anomalistic Year

The anomalistic month is the measure the time interval between the Moon’s quickest motion points; in other words, whenever it is at perigee or closest to Earth. This average interval of successive perigees is 27.555 days.

We can see that the anomalistic month, 27.555 days, reflects both one 1 cubit and 2 cubits, or 27.5 and 55 inches respectively, and that the full 27.55455 days of this time period further reflects the 455 total value of the 3 aspects of the Name Ehyeh (אהיה). Perhaps we are getting complacent, but this is no longer shocking or even surprising to us, as the Name Ehyeh (אהיה) along with its complete value, 42, seem to be at the center of everything, and all the numbers of the outer cosmos are in sync with the numbers of the inner cosmos, as if they were drawn up with a single pen and a single mind, removing any element of chance.

The anomalistic year works out to 12.0085 months, so 5778 years in terms of the anomalistic cycle is 5782.10 years, and 3760 years would be 3762.67 years, an additional 2.67 years. The values 210 and 267 reflect the height and the apothem of the encapsulating pyramid respectfully.  The base of that pyramid is 12 anomalistic months or (12 x 27.5) = 330, and the difference between that base and the height is 120.

The universal time constant is derived from the number 12 in space and hyperspace simultaneously in the exact same way that the Core Triangle breaches both dimensions.

Substituting 1 month for 1 cubit, or 27.5 days for 27.5 inches, as the inner and outer cosmos are suggesting, gives us (210/12) = 17.5 per month, as in Abraham’s lifespan of years 175, for the 210 cubit height of the physical pyramid. This makes perfect sense based on Abraham being the 20th generation and there being 20 stacked cubes in the 210 cubit Tower of Truth.  An odd twist of hyperspace shows us that applying that same equation (253/12) to the pyramid with the 100’ radius sphere attached, or alternatively the pyramid measured to the base of the subterranean chamber, gives us 21.0 or Ehyeh (אהיה) per month, as in the 210 levels and 210 cubits of the Tower of Truth, not to mention h/π or 21.0914362859 x 10-35.

The pyramid, the encased tower, and the spherical moon centered on its tip are illuminated for us, along with the 2 subterranean cubes and chambers. It is then that we realize that like Spherical Time with its two different radii of the same length (3760 and 2018), these images display two separate and equally measured paradigms: one reaches upward into spiritual time, and the other reaches into the earth and physical time. They represent two choices: one that tunnels into the earth, and the other that seeks existence beyond the physical.

We can now assume that the 5775 inches in the 210 cubits are to be measured in years and as a limit, as was 210 back in 2448 HC. They both led to different moments and kinds of freedom. Both times the freedom had to be accepted and both times G-d used the dark side to make it tougher for man to live and work, to make bricks without straw, or to make an income without being open.  G-d gave Moses (345) three (3) signs to show the Israelites and to Pharaoh that he was sent by G-d. Neither side was overly impressed, so G-d intervened.  That was then.

 The Physical Cycle

The Earth travels 15,137,280,000,000 miles to complete one precession on its axis, one precession of the equinoxes.  That does not include the distance the earth covers as being part of the solar system or the galaxy that are moving at an additional 1.9 million mph, covering around 43,171,505,970,000,000,000 miles. That is a long way to go to prove a point. The point being that it takes 25,920 years or solar cycles to complete one precession, and that 25,920 years equals one Hebrew day of 24 hours x 60 min x 18 parts of a minute. One fraction (part) of a minute equals 3.333 seconds, and every fraction of a minute numerically equals an entire year within the precession or great cycle.

One (1) day = 25,920 parts of a minute = 25,920 years = 1 Precession

Before it moves on, the clear mirror want to show us that (2 x 25,920) = 51840 and that the encasing Pyramid’s slope angle is 51.84o and that 5184 = 722.

The clear mirror has other things it wants to show us though. This Precession and Hebrew time frame bring into play the rotation of the Earth, the speed that the Earth revolves around the Sun, and the tilt of the Earth; if any were changed by the slightest amount, the precise equation above would not work out. The earth must travel at 66,627 mph, spin at 1000 mph, the hour must be measured as 60 minutes, and the complementary angle of the tilt of the earth has to be 66.6o. Did the Israelite scholars just guess right, thousands of years before man realized the Earth was revolving around the Sun? Did they spend nearly 26,000 years clocking and charting the star positions to see if they returned to the same spot and then do so again and again to make sure it was not a fluke? Or were they told this by the Creator long before man could mechanically calculate it? How about the architect of the encasing pyramid?

At that same time, were they also told that the precession moves through 12 sections or constellations, in the same way that every year in the 25,920-year precession should have 12 months, and that every clock should have 12 hours pointing in 12 or Vav (וו) directions?

Was it in the same way Jacob knew to stop at 12 sons? There are many Chassidic families that have 12 kids with one wife before they are 40. Jacob lived to 147 and had four wives.

Rather than expend the energy of traveling 15,137,280,000,000 miles and the Sun burning for 25,920 years it would only take a few lines of code to simulate all that in a simulation and only a few moments within the mind of the Creator. You do not actually have to imagine all those miles or years played out; you just have to write the numbers into a script.

Nonetheless, there are 54 portions of the Torah read every year for the 5778 years until the event horizon, and (5778 x 54)/12 = 26,001. So, per month, or per Tribe, or per constellation, there were 26,001 portions read or cycled through, which is (25,920 + 34).  Adding One (1) is typically the Creator’s signature: as in the Torah’s first verse at 2701; and the 42-Letter Name at 3701; as in 21, Ehyeh (אהיה); as in 161, the highest level of the highest Name Ehyeh (אלף־הי־יוד־הי); as in 61, Ani (אני), the Divine “I” in “I am G-d;” as in 81, Anochi (אנכי), the first word of the 10 Commandments, the Divine “I” as in “I am G-d;” as in 31, El (אל) G-d; and as in 91, H’Elohim (האלהים), G-d, and as in the Unification (יאהדונהי) of G-d’s Names; and as in 1 and 111, Alef (אלף).

Within the clear mirror time stretches exponentially, giving us time to reflect:

The 54 portions match the 54 Triplets in the Essential Cube of Creation that equal 42. In other words, 1 rotation of the Cube. Each portion is generated by one Triplet of 42 from within the Cube. Each year the Cube rotates a single time.  That is 9 Triplets or 27 letters every 2 months. It is one Triplet for every 6.666o of rotation. By the end of the year 5778, the Cube has rotated 5778 times; this is one cycle, so the great cycle is 12 x 5778 or (12 x 26,001), 12 loops of 5778-year spans, one for each Tribe (son), one for each month.

Whether it is the Cube, the portions, or just the 18 parts of a minute, the clear mirror holds these truths to be self-evident:

Pondering the source of Spherical Time with Phi(φ) generating a new time path with every 137.5o turn upon the circle, we see how a single day of our time can contain 25,920 years x 365.256 days x 24 hrs x 60 min x 18 parts of a min or 10,224,830,362 different time paths.  That is with the Spherical Time clock turning once every 3.333 cosmic seconds, or 495o in 10 cosmic seconds, matching the spin rate of the Phi(φ3)/ Phi(√φ) equation. As explained earlier, the interaction of the Phi(φ) and Pi(π) fields is such that the spiral generated by the constant Phi(φ) will continuously intersect any size Pi(π) generated circle at a distinct and different point for as long it keeps spinning. Each one of those curved spiraling paths are parallel to one another. Physicality would have it that time starts at a single point and is generated in a single line. It accepts that Phi(φ) and Pi(π) and all other elements of physical reality are fields and that all those other elements must obey the curvature of the Phi(φ) and Pi(π), just not time. That is the source of the illusion.

It is the source of limitations.

It is little known outside of advanced physics, but physicists also see time as a field curved into a circle to get it to work for their equations. The inner cosmos has more spiritual issues it wants us to learn rather than ever more complex equations to try to define physicality.

In the hierarchy of 12’s, the value 25,920 is also equal to 12 x 2160, the diameter of the Moon, which as we have just seen relates it to the diameter of the Sun, the orbital speed of the Earth, and the distance from the Earth to the Sun and the Moon to the Earth. Astonishing synchronicity from something formed by a smaller planet crashing into the Earth billions of years ago.

The diameter of the moon is 18 x 120, and the precession is equivalent to 120 x 216, the age of Man times Gevurah (216), Judgement. Given that there are 216 letters in the 72 Triplets, the cosmos is designed so that the precession equals 25,920, which equals (360 x 72). What this means is that the precession advances exactly 1o every 72 years.  So not only did the Creator work in every aspect of the Sun and the Earth into this equation of 1 Day = 1 Precession but He worked the Moon into the equation as well.

To the Creator, it appears to be is all about harmonics and connecting everything to the Alef (א) and the One, which is why we perceive the Earth speeding around the Sun at 6 x 111 x 102 mph and the distance between the earth and the moon as 111 x the moon’s diameter, which is 63 x 10.  We are looking at it from our newly gained perspective and imposing thoughts upon the Creator. From the aspect of the Creator, setting things in motion given simple parameters would be the most efficient way to anchor everything in Oneness and harmony.

For what human minds perceive as giant complex objects, agglomerations of remnants of various ancient super novae, hurtling through space at enormous speeds with assorted pressures exerted on them from all directions for billions of years, they have pretty simple and similar equations all connected to the original Alef (א), Yud (י) and Vav (ו):


Distance, which is speed Vav (ו); time Alef (א); and expansion Yud (י) are One, Alef (א).

The clear mirror further instructs us that in hyperspace the Alef (א), Yud (י) and Vav (ו) are not symbols but fields, and that their relationships with one another once understood will help us breach Spiritual Time. It is precisely for this reason that our physicality is predicated on them.

It gives us further understanding that the letter Vav (ו) spelled out (וו) is 12 in its most physical nature but can be 13 (ואו) or 22 (ויו) when influenced by the Alef (א) or Yud (י).

The value 72 refers to the 72 Triplets but its seed is the expansion of the YHVH (יהוה): (יוד־הי־ויו־הי). The value of the front of this expansion is naturally 26, while the back is 46, as in “cubit”

Since 1 cubit equals 27.5 inches and 27.5(φ)2 = 72 as in 1o of the Precession, the clear mirror helps us understand this in hyperspace terms. But first it asks us what is this like?

As we stare dumbly, it replies the 112 Triplets that are split into 40 and 72 Triplets. Three (3) sets of the Triplets total 40, which are quintessentially derived from the back 3 expanded letters (הה־יוד־הה) of Ehyeh (אלף־הה־יוד־הה). The 4th set, the 72 Triplets, are derived from Alef (אלף) that is 1, as in 1o of the Precession equals 72.  Many of us are muttering, “yeah sure,” being more confused than ever. The inner cosmos wants us to go deeper. It wants to show us that the source of numbers, even quantitative ones, are in the specific fields of the Letters and Names and not the other way around.

The clear mirror wants us to understand that there are 13.090 arcs of 27.5o in every circle, each one displacing .48 radians.  That is 13 plus 1/11th. Those radians form a cube of 3.63424 for each of the 12 edges.  Therefore, the cubit, which is proportional to the Phi(φ) field, creates a circle of 13 cubes that have 12 edges of 3.63424 each, or H’Moshiach, Moshiach Ben David, like the Spherical Time equation of 36304.24. The value 13 here is Echad (One) and the equation involves both aspects of the Vav (ו) spelled out as (וו) for the 12 edges in each cube and as (ואו) for the 13 cubes where all those edges come together.

The 12 edges of the 13 cubes makes 156 edges, which instantly reminds us of Joseph and of the nexus point of Zion above Jerusalem.  We see the 12 edges of the cubes bowing down within 1 circle to a place in the center and forming a clock. It is through the combination of the two spellings of Vav (וו) and Vav (ואו) in the 13 cubes of Moshiach that forms the equation (12 x 13) = 156. The only time the Israelites were ever united was in Joseph’s dreams. Adam’s, Noach’s and Abraham’s sons were at odds with each other, so were Isaac’s. Jacob’s 12 sons never agreed with each other and several times tried to kill one another. It only grew worse with their descendants. The kingdom of Israel only could manage with one or two tribes and the other 10 went into exile. Even today, after the 70-year period ended in 5778, Israel has not been able to form a government. The system was designed around unity (1) and without it they and we never stood a chance.

Everything fades to black, pitch black. We dare not move, not even our arms.

The first light comes from the Alef (א), 1, then, Alef (אלפ) 111, then 1000. Then (3000111) = 2889. The Creator’s calling card, 111, placed in the Spherical Time year 2889. It was never an arbitrary date or radius. It is the result of a purposeful equation, linking the primordial Alef (א), the One, with 3.

A similar design is found in (42/αg) = (42/137.03599.302822131) = 11/3000, and in 3000/11 = 272.72727 and in 3000/111 = 27.027027.

The space and time and cosmic circles fade away and the illuminated pyramid with the superimposed radiant sphere of radius 100’ on top is back front and center.

We see that the extra feet added above and below (100 + 98.42) equals 198.42, and we wonder if this is an allusion to 1984, the prescient warning to what would follow. When Apple made their famous “1984” Superbowl commercial they were signaling that they were already a part, a large crucial part, of the New World Order, just not the part portrayed in their commercial.  That can be retraced in the physical world, but in the inner cosmos the total 680 feet from the top of the sphere to bottom of the Subterranean Chamber is equal to the cumulative sum of all the Triangular Numbers through the 15th one, as in Yah (יה). It works out to 296.7273 cubits, the value of the 7th and final word (296) of the Torah’s first verse, representing physical time and the earth.  The last thing the Israelites were commanded to do before shaking off the yoke of Pharaoh and the shackles of physicality was to perform the 15 steps of the Seder.

One Dollar

The clear mirror asks us to hold up the One dollar bill to it. In its refection we do not see Triangular craft hovering in the sky as so many have recently photographed. Instead, we see the capstone lowered into place, and the encapsulated pyramid with the bright sphere exactly centered on its apex point..

We see constructed 12 delineated levels and a 13th platform, 72 blocks in total. Thanks to the inner cosmos, we know the connection with the two spelled-out Vavs (וו) and (ואו) the aspect of the YHVH  (יוד־הי־ויו־הי) of value 72, along with the 72 Triplets that helped get the Israelites away from bricking building and out of Egypt. The 72 bricks representing servitude may be a coincidence, but why an Egyptian symbol on the One dollar bill?

We see in the clear mirror its base engraved with the number 1776, instead of roman numerals on the bill, followed by the words the great sealing, encapsulating.  Instead of using the simple numbers 1776, the designer decided to go with 9 Roman numerals, MDC,CLX,XVI. When broken down into the 1/3, 2/3 Kabbalistic ratio, they give us a value of 1110 for MCX, the initials of each of the 3 triplets, and 666 for the back 2 of all 3 triplets. The built-in kabbalistic .333 and .666 ratio gives us 1110, or 10 Alefs, and 666, or 6 Alefs.

The designer was showcasing that they knew about the original relationship Alef (א), Yud (י) and Vav (ו), but why would they want to put this seal on the most widely passed around currency in the world?

The designer was showcasing that they knew about the 1110 ft height of the spiritual enveloping pyramid, etc.

As it works out, 1110/.333 = 3333 and adding 666 to that equates to 4000, which when added to 1776 HC gives us the year 5776 HC, or 2016. Was this designed this way. Yes, but by whom?

It also ties into the 4000 x 63 diameter of the Sun.

The small gematria of the 3 triplets in the 9 Roman numerals, MDC,CLX,XVI is 151, 151, and 151, as in the value of the Name Ehyeh spelled-out 3 times (אלף־הה־יוד־הה). That 151 is the 36th Prime Number, and the 36th Triangular Number is 666.

The opposite of what happened in 1776 HC, when One language was scattered into 70 nations, the Latin phrase on the ribbon that replaces the original serpent in the Eagle’s beak, “e pluribus unum” becomes “one from many.” Then “Novus Ordo Seclorum” becomes “a new order of time” and “a new order of the ages.”  Above them all are the 13 letters of “annuit coeptis,” which becomes “He approves [of our] undertakings.”