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Two Cubes are Better than One

Generations and Frequencies

A cosmic mike must have been dropped because the dark stairwell of the 26 generations springs to life and in rapid succession the 15th, 16th and 17th staircases light up, representing the 3 generations of Peleg, Reu, and Serug of 239, 239, and 230 years respectively. We recall studying this, but the clear mirror wastes no time and reminds us that these collective (15 + 16 + 17) = 48 generations reflect the 5th and 6th lines/levels of the 42-Letter Name Matrix of numerical values 239 and 230 respectively.

Is it a coincidence that (15 + 16 + 17) = 48, as in the 48 Letters of the 12 YHVH (יהוה) Matrix, or that (5 + 6) = 11, as in the 11 Days between the lunar and solar calendars? More so, is it a coincidence that when added they make (48 + 11) = 59, as in 2 lunar months of 29.5 days, and that (12 x 59) equals 708, the Upper 42 Letters of the Name YHVH (יהוה)? Maybe, but maybe not as (239 + 239 + 230) = 708.  You should not proceed unless you have read at least Chapter 32, Spherical Time. If you are ready, a whole new world awaits. The Journey begins here if you missed it.

It occurs to us that the 11 cycles of 27.5 Hz, or 302.5 inches, that are equivalent to 2 cubits (55 inches)2 relates to the 11-year sunspot periodicity and the 11 Day difference in the solar and lunar calendars, which is why they were built into the Holy Temple and into the encasing Pyramid.

We are still trying to wrap our heads around this. Does all this have to do with the energy of miracles, Nes (נס), 110, the converging point of the Primal Frequencies (27.5 Hz and 1.1 Hz), 10 cycles of 11? And does it have to do with Joseph living 110 years and for that matter, Moses, the 26th generation, living 120 years, since together they lived 230 years like Serug, and like the 6th line/level of the 42-letter Name matrix that splits in an outer (13 + 107) = 120 (יג־זק) and inner 110 (לפ), the letters that specifically guide the first lunar month according to Abraham in the Sefer Yetzirah.

We also have to ask if this is why Edison insisted on 110 Volt electricity over Tesla’s 60 Volts, and that the world uses either 110 Volts or 230 Volts?

Cosmic Relationships

The clear mirror applauds our thinking but reins us back into the Cosmic Wheel. We have been shown that there are 354 and also 363 Letters pertaining to the 5 sets of Essential Triplets of Creation associated with the 354-Day annual Cosmic festival calendar, one per day. This is exactly as we were taught to count the Omer, which we just figured out is the distance (50 cubits, 1375” or 10 turns of the Phi(φ) 137.5o angle) from the center of the Altar to the edge of the Inner Courtyard. It is one turn of the Phi(φ) 137.5o angle for each level of height of the Altar. It then dawns on us that this exact measurement, scenario, and schematic plays out in every direction and in each of the 12 Gates of 50 cubits of height and 10 cubits of width. The shadow of the Inner Courtyard Gates would meet in the exact center of the central Altar. The 12 Gates must be analogous to the 12 Moons and 12 lunar months. One of these Gates is reset into the Sanctuary entrance of the Holy Temple Building, leaving 11 to bow down to Joseph (156) in the center, which is precisely 156 cubits to the back of the Holy of Holies.

We are pretty pleased with our insight, and we now learn that the length of each lunar month, 708 hours, is determined by the length of the 42-Letters of the Name YHVH (יהוה), whose numerical value is 708. If we multiply those 42 Letters by 12 months, we get (42 x 12) = 504 Letters, and while the sum of the Earth and Moon radii equals (10 x 504) or 5040 miles, 504/354 Days is 1.424.

We know that 5040 is 7! or 7 factorial, just like Moses’ age of 120 is 5!  And the 720 Light/square roots of the 72 Triplets is 720 or 6! and that this must be significant. Abraham even described this in the Sefer Yetzirah, bu the resultant ratio or number 1.424 triggers something. We recall that that 8 Day overlap at Chanukah represents (363/354) = 1.025424 or 1.024 + .001424 and that there are exactly 1024 or 210 = 322 different word values in the Torah. Once again, the 322 Altar of the Holy Temple is being injected into the time equations as the Altar of Time at the center of the Cosmic Wheel and 6 lunar ellipses.

Is it possible then that the 32 basic symmetrical YHVH (יהוה) that help govern the 12 lunar month elliptical cycle are at the seed of the 322 different word values in the Torah? We have never been able to shake that clue by Rabbi Chaim Vital of blessed memory that all Torah light is spread by squaring, and that in particular he was speaking about the YHVH (יהוה). With our expanded access to our consciousness, we can easily picture the 12 permutations of the YHVH (יהוה) expanding into 5-dimensional hyperspace through the 32 or 25 resultant YHVH (יהוה) and through the 32 edges in the 4-d Tesseract hypercube and on through to the 32 vertices in the 5-dimensional hypercube; and then squared again in 210 or 10-dimensional hyperspace as (25 x 25) into the 1024 vertices of the 10-dimensional dekeract hypercube, setting up the 1024 portals for the exact 1024-word values in the Torah.

We cannot actually picture this expansion, but we can see the process and how this would be simple and logical in hyperspace.

Or are the 1024 portals derived from the interaction of the 42 Holy Letters in the Upper Name of the YHVH (יהוה) that equal 708 and the 48 Holy Letters in the Matrix of 72 YHVH (יהוה) that equals 312? Afterall, (708 + 312 + 4 = 1024). Either way, it begins with the 4 letters YHVH (יהוה) at its core.

Complementary Cubes

Our minds will not shut off at this point and we cannot help thinking about the two complementary cubes that add up to 90, the Magic Cube of 42 and the Magic Cube of 48 that bring the two Holy Names together, the 48 Letters of the 12 YHVH (יהוה) and the 42 Letters of the Name YHVH (יהוה). This outpouring of gnosis may not be what we signed up for when we began this journey, but the Inner Cosmos informs us that no one ever does and that this is the only way to expand our access to consciousness. Our minds are processing units, not bubbles, they will not burst. Our time horizon will though, and we press on. Yes, (42 x 48) = 2016 + 2 (kolel) = 2018, and 2016 is the 63rd Triangular Number, and even though 63 is the numerical value of YHVH (יוד־הי־ואו־הי) associated with Binah, we are thinking more about geometry.

The Magic Cube of 42 is comprised of the 27 letters/positions of the Alef-bet and thus has a volume of 27 or a cubic volume of 33.  The Magic Cube of 48 is comprised of the 48 letters of the 12 YHVH (יהוה) and thus has a volume of 48, and a cubic volume of 3.634243, aligning it with the surface area of the Spherical Time Sphere (bubble), 363042.4, and the two representations of Moshiach Consciousness, 363 (H’Moshiach) and 424 (Moshiach ben David).  The difference in volume between these two Holy and magical cubes is (4827) = 21, as in the Name Ehyeh (אהיה) associated with Binah, and the difference in the side (edge) length between these two Holy Cubes of Creation is (3.634243) = .63424.

The Clear Mirror then reminds us of two things long forgotten to the recesses of our minds regarding the 504/354 = 1.424 relationship. When we multiple the ratio of a sphere inscribed in a cube to the ratio of the sphere that inscribes that cube of volume 1, in other words from sphere to sphere, boxing in the 12 edges of the cube, the ratio is 1.424, and 1424 is the numerical value of Kadosh Kadoshim, the “Holy of Holies,” the 203 cube at the core of the Future Holy Temple, located just beyond the Gate of 42.

Well, that cleared things up! Just when we thought the cosmic mechanism was looking like a simple ring or wheel with gears, the Inner Cosmos totally perplexes us and forces us to expand our minds once again. We had almost completely forgotten about all those geometry lessons about the squaring of the circle, cubing of the sphere, and unfolding of the Essential Triangle, which we were told was critical to the understanding of the hyperspace design of the universe, Torah, and Time.

Then just to tease out that expansion, the clear mirror informs us that applying that sphere-to-sphere ratio to the Spiritual Time radius of 3760, as in 3760 HC (0 CE) gives us 5354.24, where we readily recognize the 4.24 component of Moshiach Ben David again and the 354 Days/Letters of the 5 Essential Elements of Creation and Cosmic Lunar Wheel. It is pointed out to us that (5354.24 + 424) = 5778.24, which is 3760 years after G-d’s blessing of Abraham in 2018 HC.

This means that not only are the physical time and spiritual time radii in geometric accordance with the ratio of spheres and their bounding cubes, but they are in a harmonic ratio with the Frequencies of Moshiach Consciousness.

Since we were so impressed the Inner Cosmos deigns us ready to receive another revelation about the Spherical Time equation, 2(5778π) = 2π(3760 + 2018) = 36304.24470 and that is that the 2447 component equates to the 24.47 day rotation of the Sun at its equator, meaning that the Sun’s surface temperature of 5778 K and it daily rotation rate are baked into the equation that determines the timespan of our world. Since the interaction of the cosmic pulse with the magnetic fields and induction currents of the Sun will first create a marked increase in sunspot activity, CME, and solar flares before the micro-nova event, those surface figures make sense to be incorporated. The clear mirror further explains that the Carrington or Synodic rotation period is 27.3 or 27.2753 days and marks the Solar circulation of those sunspots at the most active region, 26o North and/or South latitude. As we recall, this matches the lunar sideral rotation of 27.3 days, which the clear mirror now clarifies as the lunar movement of 13.2o/day against the stars, aligning it with the 13o shift to the Phi (φ) angle from the Alef-Bet odd-even 11 and 11 letter split.

As if it had not already given us enough to think about, it adds that those 27.3 sideral days represent 27.3/365.25 x 360o = 27o, the additional angle the Moon must travel to realign with the Earth and Sun to conform to its 29.5 day Synodic Month.

The Perfect Lunar Chord

The 6 Elliptical orbits of the Moon appear above us once again with the Cosmic Wheel of 354 Days traced around them. A luminous line stretches across from one side of the elliptical orbit to the other, through the central point, Earth, touching the Cosmic Wheel of circumference 354 Days on both ends as a diameter. The length of that line is 112, or 354/Pi(π), just like the 112 Moon diameters from the Moon to the Earth.

Does it matter if the Moon is actually 240,000 miles away from us on Earth, or whether this is just an illusion? Sure, it matters for your paradigm belief system, and whether you think man actually landed there 52 years ago, livestreaming the entire operation even their departure from the perspective of the film crew left behind on the moon, and whether it was possible to do so without firing a single retro rocket or kicking up a single speck of dust the entire time. Never mind that NASA lost all the originals and all the technology, including the vacuum tight 1960’s spacesuits, designed and guided by computers less powerful than our cellphones, and that they still cannot figure out how to get back there. What matters is that the clocklike mechanism that controls the interaction of the Moon and the Earth has a diameter of 112, every bit of it aligned with the 112 Triplets of Creation.  We cannot go to the Moon, but we can access the 112 Triplets of Creation. The Torah tells us that the Creator put the Moon and the Sun and the Stars in the Firmament as luminaries. It does not say we were meant to visit them.

The first Perfect Number is 6, as in the 6 Elliptical orbits of the Moon. The Counterspace of the 3rd Perfect Number 496, numerically translated as Malchut, is (1000496) = 504, as in exactly 1/10th the 5040 mile sum of the Earth and Lunar radii together, and as in (42 x 12).

The clear mirror then shows us how the (504/354) ratio becomes a monthly affair.  There are 29.5 Days in a lunar month and since (504/12) = 42 and (354/12) = 29.5, the ratio of the Source, 42 to 29.5 Days is (42/29.5) = 1.424. Conversely, the ratio of 29.5 Days to 42 is (29.5/42) = .702, Shabbat.

We see in the mystic dark sky above us that those 6 Elliptical orbits of the Moon trace a circle (112π) around the central Earth of 354 Moons/Days/Triplets, the Firmament, the moon being of the perfect size to fill in one/day like a giant vitamin. A direct line of 112 Moons/Triplets stretches from Lunar apogee to apogee, again just the perfect size. This means that each lunar apogee is 56 Moons/Triplets away from Earth, and the perigee, or place of Rosh Chodesh/New Moon is 28 Moons/Triplets away from Earth, as in the 2nd Perfect Number, 28, and the 28 letters in the 7 words of the Torah’s first verse,

The collective distance of the 12 Rosh Chodesh is (12 x 28) = 336, as in the 336 Letters in the 112 Triplets. The first mitzvah in the Torah is to spiritually align ourselves with the Moon, sync ourselves with the Cosmic Clock and Wheel.

The Great Day

It is hard enough picturing the Earth spinning on its axis at 1000 mph without getting dizzy or trying to get our heads around it spinning faster at the equator than the poles. It must be one of those relativity things! Nonetheless, the clear mirror shows us the precession of the equinoxes again, and reminds us that the solar wheel turns 26,000 times every complete precession, as in the YHVH (יהוה) times 1000.

The more specific number is 25,920 years or solar wheel cycles to complete one precession, and that 25,920 years equals the Hebrew parts of a minute in One(1) Hebrew day of 24 hours x 60 min x 18 parts of a minute. One fraction (part) of a minute equals 3.333 seconds, and every fraction of a minute numerically equals an entire year within the precession or great cycle.

One (1) day = 25,920 parts of a minute = 25,920 years = 1 Precession

1 Precession = One (1) Great Day

Before it moves on, the clear mirror want to show us that 2 Great Days is (2 x 25,920) = 51840 and that the encasing pyramid’s slope angle is 51.84o and that 5184 = 722 with 72 being 1 degree of the 360o circle of the precession.

We are getting déjà vu as we recall the clear mirror showing us this once before, but this time it is doing it with the help of the Inner Cosmos projecting the Cosmic Wheel of 6 Ellipses upon the sky. We see an axis of 112 Triplets running through the Wheel as a diameter and then outward to the edge of the Precession circle. This Precession and Hebrew time frame bring into play the rotation of the Earth, the speed that the Earth revolves around the Sun, and the tilt of the Earth; if any were changed by the slightest amount, the precise equation above would not work out. The Earth must travel at 66,627 mph, spin at 1000 mph, the hour must be measured as 60 minutes, and the complementary angle of the tilt of the earth has to be 66.6o.

We realize that the Precession circle is just another Cosmic wheel whose circumference is about 26,000 times that of the Solar Wheel. As the 11 Day smaller Lunar Wheel turns though its 12 months/moons, the Solar one proportionately moves through its 12 solar months, and way out there, the Precession Wheel moves though its 12 constellations. What is not so obvious is that the 80-year difference from the 26,000 years to the 25,920 Great Day Precession is 3.077% and 3.077% of 365 days is 11 days, or 11.2 days to be more precise.

The clear mirror informs us that we are now better able to understand that with the 54 portions of the Torah read every year for the 5778 years until the event horizon, there are (5778 x 54)/12 = 26,001 portions for every 1/12th Cosmic wedge delineated by the cycling of the 12 Moons.  So, per Moon, or per month, or per Tribe, or per constellation, there are 26,001 portions read or cycled through in the 5778 year Spherical Time radius. It is then explained to us that the 26,001 value is equivalent to (25,920 + 34), and that 34 is 81, the numerical value of Anochi (אנכי), the first word of the 10 Commandments, the Divine “I” as in “I am G-d,” 107,007 letters into the Torah.

Obviously, this is the same 34 we have just seen in the equation 5913/73 = 34 derived from the frequency of the 6 Matrixes of Zeir Anpin (72, 27, 42, 48, 11 and 15) which equal (215 x 27.5) or 5913, as in the date the 10 Commandments were received on Mt Sinai, 5/9/1313 BCE. And we realize that 5913 is the sum of the first 7 factorials (1! + 2!…7!) or (1 + 2 x 1 + 3 x 2 x 1…7 x 6 x 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1) divided by the sum of the Torah’s first 7 words, (the 73rd Triangular Number). And that the Earth and Moon radii together equal 5040, miles, 7!.

We understand that it is not the math; it is the relationships, and the hyperspace geometry that defines them. We cannot fathom most of these relationships in their actual form, but the clear mirror advises us that we are now more than capable of understanding them through the Names they translate into, and like the kabbalists before us, that is all we need to know.

The Moon – Earth – Sun – The 3 Mothers of 112

In the depths of the shifting crystals, we see the 6 ellipses of the Moon forming a circle around the Earth, and we know this as the 354 Day Cosmic Wheel with the diameter of 112, as in the 112 Triplets. Then, juxtaposed to it we see the Sun and the Earth doing a similar elliptical dance around it, looping over and over again, until the resultant spirograph or bird’s nest has a circle traced around it. Each looping ellipse is 365.256 Sideral Days around, or (365.256354) = 11.256 days longer than the Lunar ellipse and year, like the 11.23 Great Day difference. But what is truly astonishing is that that Earth ring around the Sun is 112,000 years long. It takes the Earth 112,000 years to reach its starting point, for its ellipses to complete One (1) revolution around the Sun.

In terms of the Cosmic Wheel, like with a baseball, in the center of the Earth is a tightly wound ball of 112,000 one-year long rubber bands wrapped around a central Sun at its core.

In spirituality, distance is determined by similarity of form. From the point of view of hyperspace, the diameter of the Lunar-Earth circle equals the circumference of the Earth-Sun Wheel equals 112. The difference is that the Lunar-Earth circle of 6 ellipses is at the level of Zeir Anpin and the 112,000 ellipses of the Earth-Sun circle is at the level of Binah (1000).  This is why the core temperature of the Earth is around 5700 K and the surface of the Sun is 5778 K.

In physicality, expansion happens through a movement away from the center. In spirituality or hyperspace, it happens by a contraction or movement towards the center, towards a singularity, an increase in density.

The clear mirror now lets us in on a couple deeper secrets, as if all rest were not deep enough. Here is Wisdom. The initials of the Earth, H’Aretz (הא), should be taken as (הא), and with the Moon, Levanah (לבנה) and the Sun, Shemesh (שמש), their 4 initials (האשל) equal 336, as in the 336 Letters in the 112 triplets. And their governing Triplet (כהת) is the 48th overall and 8th and final of the 9th Candle of the 72 Triplets, making it the final of the 13 Candles. The first Triplet (ברא) and the last (כהת of the 13 Candles in the circle have a combined value of (203 + 425) = 628 or twice Pi (3.14).

We are told to keep in mind that the Moon, Levanah (לבנה) is comprised of (32 + 55) giving it a complete value of 120, and the Sun, Shemesh (שמש) of ordinal value (13 + 42) = 55.

 The 4 Patriarchs and the Cosmic Wheel

As if too much may have been revealed, the Inner Cosmos shifts our attention skyward. The Core Sun fades away, and the focus is put back on the Cosmic Wheel, and in particular the Sapphire period of 70 days from Shemini Atzeret to Zot Chanukah, broken up into the 37 Letters until the end of Mar Cheshvan and from there the 33 Letters of the 11 Triplets/8 Words of Creation until Zot Chanukah. We count 37 and 33 Days to close off the Cosmic Ring.

Referring to the two sapphire 33 and 37 days periods, the Clear Mirror explains that Isaac lived 33 years longer than Jacob (180147) and Jacob lived 37 years longer than Joseph (147110). The difference between Isaac and Abraham (180175) = 5, as in the 5 final letters that conform to the other 285 days of judgement in the Lunar year.

Abraham’s Journey

The clear mirror also wants us to know that these (33 + 37 + 5) years that equal 75 years represent the 75 years that the Torah tells us Abram left Charan in the 12th Chapter and 42nd Paragraph of the Torah, corresponding to the journey of the 12 Lunar months/Moons. It further informs us that the numerical value of Charan (258) represents the 42 and 216 Days from Zot Chanukah to the Day of Creation in the Cosmic Sapphire Ring/Wheel. Meaning Abraham’s journey and the journey of the Israelites began with Creation. The Clear Mirror, our crystal mirror into the inner Torah, further explains that the Mem-Bet (מ־ב) combination always represents journeys, as in the 42 Journeys of the Israelites that all begin with the prefixes Mem (מ) and Bet (ב), and as in the juxtaposed death of Terach B’Charan (בחרן) and Abram leaving from M’Charan (מחרן).

The still small voice adds, “Take careful note when the 42 Letters are counted in the Sapphire Ring.”

By the way, Mem-Bet milui (מם־בית) has a complete numerical sofit value of 1112, as in the sofit value of the 8th word of the Torah, “and the earth(והארץ),” which completes the 11 Triplets.  Moreover, not only is the EB GD (אב־גד) gematria cipher of the 5 words (וְהָאָרֶץ אֵת הַשָּׁמַיִם, וְאֵת הָאָרֶץ) also 1112, but the 6 words of the Shema less the kolel (11186) = 1112 as well.

The Sapphire Ring spins and focuses right above us, on Day 258, the Day Abraham left Charan (258), the day before the Day of Creation,

The clear mirror alights with Abraham’s Sefer Yetzirah, stanza 6:7, the last one, as in Binah (67) and as in (6 x 7) = 42.

“And when Abraham our father

                looked, saw, understood, probed,

                                engraved and carved,

                                permuted and depicted,

He was successful in creation.”

We know that many kabbalists and commentators say this stanza refers to the verse “And the souls that they made in Charan” from Genesis 12:5. The clear mirror is aligning the Day of Creation with the beginning of Abraham’s journey.

Then it shows us the Sefer Yetzirah stanza 6:1, one of many describing the 12 diagonals:

“There are the Fathers and their offspring, seven are the planets and their host, and twelve [12] are the diagonal boundaries. And the proof of this, true witnesses, are the Universe, the Year, and the Soul. He decreed Twelve, Seven and Three, and He appointed them in the Teli, the Cycle, and the Heart…”

As it says in the Sefer Yetzirah, 12..73 or 1273, the value of the initials of the 26 Triplets of the Shema (15) and of Bereshit (11), just as we find in the 401273 words, verses, letters, rows, and columns in the Torah, that works out to precisely 248,000φ, and just as we find in 1.273, the Cosmic harmonic convergence coefficient, the value that squares the circle, and to which the planets obey with their revolutions and proportions.

The clear mirror shows us the Essential Cube of Creation with its 12 edges illuminated. The Zohar and most kabbalists agree that the 12 edges of the Cube are the 12 diagonals described by Abraham. Then the Letters and Days of the Cosmic Wheel or Lunar Cycle illuminate, one by one, from the Day of Creation, until all 27 of them that pertain to the Essential Cube of Creation are ablaze with sapphire light from within.

7th Son of the 7th Son

Of the many Sefer Yetzirah stanzas regarding the 7 doubles aligned with the 7 planets, the clear mirror reflects stanza 4:4

“Seven Doubles: בגדכפרת

                Up and down

                East and west

North and south

And the Holy Palace precisely in the center

                And it supports them all.”


The 42-letter Name Matrix appears with those same seven letters (בגדכפרת) highlighted:

 It is explained to us that the 7 doubles, which are aligned with the 7 planets, appear within the 42-Letter Matrix in conformity with their position within the 6 directions/dimensions that the Sefer Yetizah describes in its first chapter and that we know as Zeir Anpin, the revolving sword within 6 directions of the Essential Cube of Creation. In the direction of up (דכ); in the direction of down (פ); in the direction of east (ב); in the direction of west (ג); in the direction of north (ת); in the direction of south (ר).

Simultaneously, the 7 letters (בגדכפרת) corresponding positions in the Essential Cube of Creation illuminate except up and down are reversed, which is when we are reminded that the spinning 6 directions have no fixed directionality, only an order. In the direction of up, which is now down, 4 and 11 as in (דכ); in the direction of down, now up, is 17 as in (פ); in the direction of east is 2 as in (ב); in the direction of west is 3 as in (ג); in the direction of north, is 22, as in (ת); in the direction of south is 20, as in (ר), the final two have the combined value of 42.

“And the Holy Palace precisely in the center

                And it supports them all.”

The central position 14/Nun (נ) is illuminated.

The clear mirror now clarifies that within the 27 Day/Letters of Creation in the Cosmic Cycle, the central position corresponds to the 14th day or Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. It then informs us that this is the 273rd Day of the Cosmic Wheel that begins right after Chanukah. We immediately recognize the importance of Yom Kippur and that 273 is the Harmonic Convergence that all the temperatures and structures that our solar system is based on, including the sidereal lunar month of 27.3 days, exactly 1/12th less than the 29.5 day lunar rotation around the Earth, and the monthly sunspot cycle. In other words, the Moon takes 2.2 days longer to complete its rotation around the earth as opposed to the stars in the background because the Sun changes its position vis-a-vis the Earth and stars during those 27.3 days. It is also the average of the 11 Triplets (3003/11) of Creation, and as the clear mirror adds, it is 90 Days to the end of the 363 Day Cycle.

We wonder if because the 27.3 day lunar cycle and the 27.3 day sunspot cycle are in sync, the lunar movement of 13.2o/day somehow reflects the (11-year x 12 month) = 132 month sunspot cycle, and what on earth it has to do with the 11 Triplets.

Before we go back to Charan, the clear mirror advises us that the 7 Names of the 7 letters (בגדכפרת) that guide the planets have a collective gematria of 2016 or (42 x 48), as in the two Names/Matrices that complement each other and form 90o at the center of the Essential Cube of Creation. We now understand why Yom Kippur as the 273rd Day and 14th position within the 27 letters of the Essential Cube of Creation is 90 Days to the end of the 363 Day Cycle. We now understand the importance of bringing together the two Names/Matrices that complement each other on Yom Kippur.

Moreover, the milui of the 7 Names of the 7 letters (בגדכפרת) is 3670, which equates to 3760 HC (0 CE), the spiritual time component of Spherical Time, when the 90 is added to it, and as it happens the cube root of 3670 is 15.4248… or YH (יה) with the 4248 total of the 22 Names.

We are further taught that the 90-year average of the 4 Patriarchs also alludes to and aligns with the 90 doubled words in the Torah, and that the collective value of the 7 Names of the 7 planetary letters divided by 4, a quarter section, is (2016/4) = 504, the numerical value of the midpoint in the 90 doubles, Darosh Darash (דרש־דרש), as in the (12 x 42) structure of the Cosmic Wheel. And just to stick a pin in it, the clear mirror adds that the ordinal value of the (90/2) doubled word (דרש) is 45, making that of (דרש־דרש) equal to (45 + 45) = 90, and the sum of all the doubled words through Darosh Darash (דרש־דרש) is 24802, as in Abraham, the 248 dimensions and columns in the Torah, and the sum of the 5 Names of the 5 Books, 2480.

Everything has its purpose and its place. The structure of the cosmos is truly remarkable. It is like we are on some deep kaleidoscopic fractal DMT trip but with everything being explained to us and recorded for us.

Referring to the 75 years of the age differentials of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph, the clear mirror wants us to know that when Abram began his journey so did Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph, which is why they were all drawn to Egypt, including Isaac who intended to go until G-d told him not too. The circle (360o) of the 4 Patriarchs lasted 360 years from the birth of Abraham in 1948 HC to the death of Joseph in 2308 HC, with Abraham being 90 at the birth of Ishmael and Jacob being 90 at the birth of Joseph, and 107 when Joseph was taken to Egypt at the age of 17. The Inner Cosmos never misses an opportunity to show us a Torah connection to the 107th Triangular Number, 5778. It also wants us to realize that this circle (360o) of the 4 Patriarchs that lasted 360 years, gives each Patriarch an average of 90 years or 90o, as in the value of the central letter Zadi (צ) between the Resh (ר) and the Tav (ת) of the 7 planets in the 42-Letter Name Matrix.

The clear mirror further points out that Joseph was 40 when reunited with Jacob in 2238 HC, as in Rachel (238), his mother, and that he lived in Egypt for 93 years, which included 70 years, or 1/3rd of the 210 years of the Israelite exile in Israel. Matching Isaac’s age (60) at Jacob’s birth or 1/3rd of his 180 years, Moses’ journey began 60 years later, in 2368 HC in a reed basket 420 years after Abraham’s birth.

Those 420 years represent the 6 generations or dimensions between Abraham (20th) and Moses (26th) of 70 years. Those 420 years represent the two letters, Caf (כ) and Tav (ת) that guide the Sun and the Moon respectively, (400 + 20) = 420. The rest of the 5 planets (בגדפר) sum to 289, matching the temperature on earth, 288.9 K, which is exactly 1/20th that of the Sun, just as the value of Caf (כ) is 1/20 that of Tav (ת).

In the Heart

The still small voice whispers that the 4 Patriarchs are the Heart of the matter.

“There are the Fathers and their offspring…and He appointed them in the Teli, the Cycle, and the Heart…”

While the 360 years of the 4 Patriarchs forms a perfect circle with right angles of 90o, the clear mirror shows us that they form the 4 chambers (ventricles and atriums) of Man’s heart (לב) of numerical value 32 and the blood and nefesh of Man flows through them, like the 4 sided Altar (322) of the Holy Temple. The blood (דם) of numerical value 44 is the sum of the digits in the 6 Elemental Matrixes (72, 27, 42, 48, 11 and 15) which flows through the souls (consciousness) of the 4 Patriarchs. If we multiple the digits in the 6 Elemental Matrixes (72, 27, 42, 48, 11 and 15) and divide by their sum then add the kolel (6), we get 5708, the year Israel became a nation. They flow through our blood, which is why the first plague to get out of Egypt was blood (דם) and the sum of the initials in the 11 letters of the 10 plagues that ended in 42, is 541, that of Israel.

The heart (לב) of numerical value 32/4 = 8, as in the E8 Lattice and in Abraham (אברהם) that equals 248 or (31 x 8), as in the initials (אייי) of the 4 Patriarchs, 31.  The light of the 112 Triplets spreads through the 8 corners of the Essential Cube of Creation. El (אל) the 10th and 11th Letters of the Torah, have a numerical value of 31 and with the ordinal value of love/One, 13, their complete value is 44, blood (דם). The complete value of the 4 initials (אייי) of the 4 Patriarchs is 62, as in the 62 Yuds (י) in the 10 Commandments.

Abraham (אברהם) represents 8, with a sofit value of 808, but the Name’s small gematria value is 14, as in the center of the Essential Cube of Creation and as in (8 x 14) = 112, the 112 Triplets, a concept further emphasized by the milui value of Abraham (אברהם), which is 1128.

There are 5 letters in Abraham (אברהם) so its value of 248, as in the 248 dimensions of the E8 symmetry, have a value with its kolel of (248 + 5) = 253, the 22nd Triangular Number, and sum of the integer fields 1 – 22.

The 5 letters in Abraham (אברהם) are like Elohim (אלהים) and both have the same ordinal value, which gives Abraham (אברהם) the complete value of (248 + 41) = 289, as in the 5 planets (בגדפר) that sum to 289.

Abraham (אברהם) in gematria sofit has a value of 860, or 10 times the value (86) of Elohim (אלהים).

Yosef (יוסף), Joseph, of numerical value 156 or (6 x 26) is the nexus point Zion between the 6 dimensions of Zeir Anpin and Binah and the chamber responsible for distributing the oxygen rich blood to the body. The ordinal value of Yosef (יוסף) is (16 + 32) = 48, as in the 48 Letter Matrix of the 12 YHVH (יהוה).

While the milui of Yosef (יוסף), Joseph is 243, the same as Abram (אברם), the milui of the Names of all 4 Patriarchs is (1128, 243, 748, and 728)—all but Joseph ending in 8—or (2847 + 42) = 2889, as in the Spherical Time radius, 2889 HC, and midpoint in King David’s 70 year life, like the (33 + 37) = 70 years Jacob and Joseph gave to David.

“There are the Fathers and their offspring…and He appointed them in the Teli, the Cycle, and the Heart…”

Yacov(יעקב), Jacob of numerical value 182 or (7 x 26) has an ordinal value of (26 + 21) = 47, giving him a compete value of 229 as in the Primal Time ratio 27.5/12 = 2.29 that governs the cosmos. Yacov, the channel of the 12 sons (edges) that coalesced around Joseph.

“There are the Fathers and their offspring…and He appointed them in the Teli, the Cycle, and the Heart…”

Yitzhak (יצחק), Isaac, representing 4 of the corner Letters/Positions of the Essential Cube of Creation, has a numerical value of 208 or (8 x 26). His ordinal value is 55 or (2 x 27.5). The other 4 corners thus have a value of 11255) = 57, which is the value of the sum of the digits of the the milui of the Names of all 4 Patriarchs is (1128, 243, 748, and 728).

“There are the Fathers and their offspring…and He appointed them in the Teli, the Cycle, and the Heart…”

The 2nd letters (בצעו) in the 4 Names of the 4 Patriarchs add up to 168 or (4 x 42) and have an ordinal value of 42, for a complete value of 210: as in the 5 Names of 42 or (5 x 42); and as in the 5 (מב) Triplets in the 72 Triplets Matrix whose 15 Letters have a complete value/frequency of 330 Hz or (12 x 27.5); and as in the Tower of Truth with its encasing pyramid, both 210 cubits and 210 levels high; the 210 years of exile in Egypt; and the Planck’s Diameter (21.09143628) that includes the 9143-value of the (עב) within the 4 second position letters (בצעו) of the Heart.

That value 210 is also the sum of the 14 square roots of the 14 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name Matrix, 210.0262873…, which is off it by 7200 (including the kolel) from 21009826, the total gematria of the Torah.  There is obviously some deep connection between what the numbers 72 and 210 represent because while 9143 is value of the 72 Triplets, the number 2628 in 210.0262873 is the 72nd Triangular Number and the number of Torah reoccurrences of the Torah’s 4th (את) and 2nd (ברא) words.

“There are the Fathers and their offspring…and He appointed them in the Teli, the Cycle, and the Heart…”

The 3rd letters (רחקס) in the 4 Names of the 4 Patriarchs add up to (200 + 168) = 368 and with their ordinal value of 62, their complete value is 430, nefesh, as in the 430 years from Abraham’s journey to the end of the 210 years of Exile as stated in the Torah.

The 4th letters (הקבף) in the 4 Names of the 4 Patriarchs add up to (107 + 80) = 187, exactly as we see in the 12th Triplet (פזק) of the 42-Letter Name, and as in the 187 Chapters of the Torah and 107th Triangular Number, 5778. Before Abraham’s name was changed by the Creator, the final 4 letters (םקבף) would have added up to 222 as in (6000222) = 5778.

Just in case anyone could think that mere coincidence, the clear mirror adds that the complete value of the 4th letters (הקבף) in the 4 Names of the 4 Patriarchs is (187 + 43) = 230, that of the 6th line/level of the 42-Letter Name, completing Zeir Anpin.

The complete value of the 3rd and 4th letters together is thus (430 + 230) = 660 = (24 x 27.5 Hz)

“There are the Fathers and their offspring…and He appointed them in the Teli, the Cycle, and the Heart…”

Those 16 letters in the 4 Names of the 4 Patriarchs add up to (62 + 210 + 430 + 230 + 16) = 948, as in the year Abraham was born, 1948 HC, the year Israel became a nation, 1948 CE, and the 948th digit (string) in Pi, …5778185778….

We have been at this too long not to ask ourselves why we are being taught this, handed over these pure gifts from the Inner Torah and Inner Cosmos.  What is the connection with the heart? What is the connection with the heart, the 42-Letter Name, the Essential Cube of Creation, the Primal Frequency? What is the connection with the Fathers, us, the Teli, the Cycle, and the Heart?

The Kabbalists always said that the only way to pray is from the heart.  If the mind is just a processing unit, busy with all the distracting signals, perhaps it is in our hearts where we need to be focused. Perhaps we need to place the Essential Cube of Creation in our hearts and the 42 Letter Name in the center of the center of our hearts and let the 4 sets of Triplets align with the 4 chambers along the axes of the Primordial Alef(א) in our hearts. Jacob and Joseph, father and son, equal (13 x 26), 13 YHVH (יהוה). Perhaps, the Primal frequency (27.5 Hz) of the Ether is the frequency of Love (13) and One (13). And like the heart and Abraham that receives oxygen-starved blood, we should beat as One and pump out like Joseph, oxygen rich blood. Perhaps, our hearts need to be our antennae and transponders, not our minds.

The clear mirror is smiling at us and adds that we must make our hearts the Altar.  The connection between the heart, lev (לב) and the Altar both oriented to the 4 directions and of numerical value 32 or dimension 322 is well established. The clear mirror further explains that the complete upper chest has 24 ribs, 1 sternum, and 1 hyoid bone for a total of 26 bones protecting the Heart as does the YHVH (יהוה), once again mimicking the central Altar of the Holy Temple, which narrows from 32 cubits at its base to 26 cubits at the summit.  And just like our chest cavities, the Altar’s internal summit platform is 24 cubits square, surrounded by 1 cubit on each side.

Behind the heart are the 32 vertebrae of the Tree-of-Life spine, comprised of the bones of the Coccyx, the 7 of the neck, the 12 thoracic bones of the upper back and the 10 of the lumber and sacrum.

“There are the Fathers and their offspring, seven are the planets and their host, and twelve [12] are the diagonal boundaries. And the proof of this, true witnesses, are the Universe, the Year, and the Soul. He decreed Twelve [12], Seven [7] and Three [3], and He appointed them in the Teli, the Cycle, and the Heart…”

The 12, 7, and 3, as in the 22 Letters/Connections and the 10 sefirot of the 32 Paths of Wisdom of the Tree-of-Life.  The 22 Letters of the Spine align with the 22 Names of the letters in the 22 bones of the skull. There are (22 + 32) = 54 bones in the back of the central column and 26 in the front, the 54 portion cycle of the Torah and the YHVH (יהוה) to protect and align us.

The cosmic symmetry continues with the upper extremities having 32 bones on either side/column. Of those, 10 are in the shoulders and arms, and 27 in each hand, as in the 27 positions of the Essential Cube of Creation, the 5th Essential Element. And just like that Cube, with its central position 14, the fingers yad (יד) contain 14 on each hand. Each palm has 5 and each wrist 8, making 13 on either side, 26 all together of the 54 associated with our hands.

Like the Holy Temple and our hearts that align with the axes of the Primordial Alef (א), our whole body (avatar) aligns symmetrically as well.  Each of our feet have 26 bones in them, and like our shoulders and arms, there are 10 bones in our hips and legs. Sure, sounds like the results of a billion years of evolution and a quintillion quintillion chance encounters and mutations, but I guess that ignores the mass extinctions every 12,000 years or so.

Nonetheless, the Inner Cosmos is not trying to convince us of anything; it is trying to teach us how to focus and use our bodies as a cosmic Temple to support our hearts where we need to focus and channel our energy and the ruach (רוה) of the Ether, as in the 214-value of ruach times the Primal Frequency 27.5 Hz that equals (5778 + 107). It explains to us that there are 206 bones in total in our bodies, corresponding to the 206 words of the Shema that are not in the first paragraph/chamber of 42 words, and that the 63 bones on the right and 63 bones on the left sides of our bodies not only correspond to the YHVH (יוד־הי־ואו־הי) but collectively to 126 as in (3 x 42) total of each of the 6 faces/dimensions of the Essential Cube of Creation that has 14 as its center.

If we imagine our avatars in the image of the Creator as they were intended, we can start seeing the world they inhabit also in the way He intended.  Do you really think He intended for you to inhabit, even virtually, a world where your doctors wish you get sick, your lawyers wish you get sued, your hospital wishes you never leave, your bankers wish you never stop paying them, your contractors wish that your things never stop breaking down, your justice system wishes you would commit a crime, your military leaders wish you would go to war, your representatives wish you would shut up, your academies wish you never learn the truth, and your peers wish you are never happier or more attractive than them. And that is the list of people with your best intentions.

The clear mirror adds that while the standard value of the heart (לב) is 32, as in the 32 teeth in our mouths, its ordinal value is 14, as in the heart in the center of the Essential Cube of Creation, and the 14 Triplets of the 42-letter Name found there. When we add the 32 teeth to our 206 bones, we get 238, as in 1/238 = 42.  Then adding the 20 finger and toenails we get 258, as in the (42 + 216) = 258 Days/Letters until the Day of Creation.

I bet you thought Valentine’s Day on February 14th was just an arbitrary date.

And at the heart of the universe is always the 14 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name. The total ages for the 4 Patriarchs are (175 + 180 + 147 + 110) = 612, the value of brit (ברית), Covenant, found in the middle line (level) of the 42-Letter Name Matrix.

The difference between the 612 collective ages and their circle of a total of 360 years is 252 years or (6 x 42), 42 in all 6 dimensions and directions of Zeir Anpin, 1 Elemental Matrix for each of the 6 dimensions.

The ordinal value of brit (ברית), Covenant, is 54, as in the circle of 54 portions and (54 x 107) = 5778, while its complete value is 666, as in the 42 Letters of the Name YHVH (יהוה) – 42 or (70842) = 666.