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The clear mirror gathers us around and asks if we know why the Inner Cosmos finds the gematria cipher P/S so revealing. We reply that it is because it conveys a uniqueness to the number. It replies that what is unique is the number’s pathway, not the result of the P/S, and that all the other numbers along that pathway are part of its family, a symmetry.

To illustrate, it shows us the mirrored numbers 123456789 and 987654321, which are indeed very different numbers, as is 246813479 and any other of the 362880 of permutations for those same 9 digits. We have already seen what comes out of running 123456789 and 987654321 backwards and forwards: the mysterious 18-digit palindromic repetitive sequence (173553719826446289) that is built into the Tower of Truth and is derivable from the Fibonacci sequence mod 3. You should not proceed unless you have read at least Chapter 32, Spherical Time. If you are ready, a whole new world awaits. The Journey begins here if you missed it.

It shows us that no matter which permutation of the 9 digits in 123456789 we choose it will always have the same P/S, which is 8064.

Wait! What?

That clear mirror is sly indeed, working in the number 8064 in a backhanded way.  This is the same 8064 that we got from the difference between the 7 Planetary letters spread over the 363 Days of the Cosmic Wheel and the 22 Triplet Letters laid out over those same 363 Days. It is also 4 Celestial Great Months of 2160 years each or 4 Cosmic Wheel Lunar months in miles. It is also equivalent to 8 hours, or 1/3 of a Day, in Hebrew parts of a minute, at 18 parts/minute.

The P/S for 9!/Σ9 = 8064. All 362880 of those permutations are on the pathway of 8064. As is any other number that would give us a P/S of 8064.  Unique pathways express similarity of form.

The clear mirror next shows us that 8!/Σ8 = 1120 and alarm bells go off in our heads. The P/S for the first 8 digits is 40320/36 = 1120, as in 10 times the 112 Triplets, as in the 1120 square cubits of the 10 Tapestries covering the Mishkan. We then see that Σ5 = 120, the Age of Man and the Time coefficient, leaving us the equation (8!/Σ85!) = (1120 120) = 1000.

Then it dawns on us.  Those 362880 permutations of 9 digits or 9! is (363,000120), relating the P/S for 9 digits with the factorial 5 digits, and indirectly to 8!/Σ8.  The equation 363(8!/Σ8 – 5!) = (9! + 5!) springs up, and with the Torah’s 58 elements in mind, so does the equation 9!/Σ9 = 8(8!/Σ85! + 8)

How did the Inner Cosmos take us on a path where we see the 363 Day Cosmic Wheel and the Spherical Time Bubble (36300 + 4.24…) integrated and/or derived from (9!/Σ9  + Σ5) and from 8!/Σ8)? And while (9 x 8) is an allusion to the (9 x 8) Matrix of the 72 Triplets, (9!/Σ9 / 8!/Σ8) = 7.2.

The equation (9! + 5!) = 363,000, is simply H’Moshiach times 1000, Binah.

That is just crazy, but the 72 Triplets are referred to as the 9 Candles and all 112 Triplets as the 13 Candles, and since 7!/Σ7 = 180, the total numerical value of (8!/Σ8 + 7!/Σ7) = 1300. And (9!/Σ9  + 8!/Σ8 + 7!/Σ7 5) = 9359, the complete value of the 72 Triplets.

And as if we needed reminding, 180,000 is the total ordinal value of all the letters Ayin (ע) in the Torah, while 180 is Isaac’s age, and of course a multiple of 18.

Satisfied, the clear mirror whisks itself away.

Symmetry Groups

Following the clear mirror like the clouds of glory through the desert we come to a grove of palm trees, 44 in total, symmetrically arranged in concentric circles. The clear mirror settles in the middle of them. We take our seats beneath the palms. In mathematics, the classification of finite simple groups states that every finite simple group is either cyclic, alternation, or in one of 16 families of groups of Lie type, or that it is one of 26 sporadic groups, the outliers, 44 types in total. There are 18 total families–Cyclic, Alternating, and 16 Lie types (families) within which we find our E8 Lattice—and then there are 26 outliers, the 26 sporadic groups.

The Cubes Beyond the Essential Cube of Creation

The clear mirror wants to show us yet another aspect of the Essential Cube of Creation, yet another symmetry.  Every exponent takes us to a higher dimension, whether squared, cubed or to the 8th, it adds exponentially more complexity. Where we might have 10 paths in 3 dimensions, we now have 1000 to deal with.

This time the clear mirror takes all the 27 numbers/positions in the Cube, and it squares each of them in their same set positions. The first face (Southern 9-11 face) no longer adds up to 126, but to 2148, which reminds us of the Divine Calendar, and all the key years in the lineage of Adam that end in 8, including 1558 HC, 1658, 1878, 1948, 2018, 2048, 2108, 2128, 2158, 2198, 2228, 2238, 2308, 2348, 2368, 2398, 2408, 2448, 2488, 2928, 3338, 3408, 5708, 5778 HC.

Just thinking about those dates brought the stairwell of the generations into view and we found ourselves levitating above the desert floor, examining the 26 levels from different perspectives. We see that of all those significant dates, only Shem, one of the great Kabbalah teachers, and Moses had been born and passed away on years ending in 8: 600 years for Shem from 15582158 HC and 120 years for Moses from 23682448 HC, 720 in total for the 2 of them, twice 360, the circle, the average. The clear mirror gave us too much space with which to wander and we realize that there was exactly 210 years between Shem’s death in 2158 and Moses’ birth in 2368, as in the 210 years of Exile, the encasing pyramid, and the Planck diameter (21.0914362859 x 1035) that all of our physics is dependent on.

Come to think of it, those combined 720 years perfectly align hyperspace-wise with the second numeric string …9143… in the Planck diameter (21.0914362859 x 1035), as it is the total value of the 72 Triplets, whose square roots total 720.0. As we encircle the towering stairwell, we see a new perspective and that the total of the final digits in the birth years of the first 10 generations, starting with Adam in year 1 and ending with Noach, Shem’s father, in year 1056 add up to (1,0,5,5,5,0,2,7,4,6) = 35, as in the exponent in the Planck diameter (21.0914362859 x 1035).

While the 10 final digit years of their deaths, or in the case of Enoch, elevation, add up to 29, meaning their birth and death final digits sum to (35 + 29) = 64 = 82, the first of the many actual Biblical dates to end in 8, begins with Shem.

We like this new method of changing perspective that the Inner Cosmos has gifted us with, and we see that all the middle and final digits in the birth years of the 10 generations equals 80, so we must consider whether this has anything to do with the 8064 that describes the 64 Triplets whose value is 8000 within the 72 Name Matrix, or with the 8064 difference between the 7 Planetary letters spread over the 363 Days of the Cosmic Wheel and the 22 Triplet Letters laid out over those same 363 Days, and or the P/S for 9!/Σ9 = 8064 about which it just taught us.

But then, as we keep hovering and encircling the tower, we see that the middle and final digits for the birth and death dates equals 165 or (6 x 27.5 Hz) and that while the sum of the digits for the 10 birth dates equal 114, as in the 114 chakras and Triplets, which include the 2 Triplets beyond our body and Zeir Anpin, the 10 death dates equal 112, as in the 112 accessible Triplets and chakras.

Collectively, the 10 generations (114 + 112) = 226, the complete gematria of the Torah’s first Triplet (ברא). It instantly reminds us of the 226,000,000-year Sun’s galactic cycle (ellipse) and the 112,000 year Sun-Earth ellipse. Moreover, the ratio of the 10 total digits to the death year digits is the same as that of the 2 grand ellipses: 226,000,000/112,000 = 2017.86 or 2018 CE (5778 HC). That 2018 HC date is also the date the Israelite journey began with Abraham, 430 years before the Exodus in 2448 HC.

Of course, we cannot forget that that ratio divided by the 6 Ellipses of the Earth/Lunar cycle is 226,000,000/112,000/6 = 336.30, as in the 336 Letters of the 112 Triplets and the 363 Days/Letters in the Cosmic Wheel.

Because of that connection to Abraham, we hover higher yet and add up the birth years of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, and Moses (1948, 2048, 2108, 2198, and 2368 respectively) and get 10,670, as in 104 plus the 670 paragraphs in the Torah.

It turns out we were correct, but we were just distracting ourselves. The clear mirror adds that (10,67022) = 10,648 = 222, the difference between the 3 core elements (390,625) of the Torah and the 5 core elements of the Torah (401,273).

Nevertheless, since we brought it up, the Inner Cosmos invoke the Ramchal, who adds that the walls of the Future Holy Temple are anchors for the Light and that the Name that anchors the Light is Adonai (אדני) when filled in (אלף־דלת־נון־יוד). It has the numerical value 671, as in the Aramaic word for Wall (תרעא). It is purposely One (1) more than the quantitative 670 paragraphs in the Torah. The still small voice adds, “The Name is found in the center of the 72 Triplets. And 671 million is the speed of light in mph.”

It was only then, thinking about the 223 cube differential formed by the Torah Matrix that we realize that 22 and 78 are complementary numbers and that before we left for the grove of symmetry, the clear mirror had told us about the cube of 78 with its sides of 4.272658681

Six Days

As if too much was just revealed, the clear mirror abruptly returns to the Essential Cube, insisting that it is imperative we understand the complexity of the Cube of Creation, pointing out that “the sixth day (יוֹם הַשִּׁשִּׁי)” from Genesis 1:31, associated with the 6 directions of the Cube and Zeir Anpin has a numerical value of 671.

The clear mirror now informs us that the “the sixth day (יוֹם הַשִּׁשִּׁי)” from the Torah’s first paragraph is connected to expression “six years (שֵׁשׁ שָׁנִים)” from the 21st chapter in parsha Mishpatim, 156 paragraphs later, the 66th paragraph in Shemot. The verse states, “If thou buy a Hebrew servant, six years he shall serve; and in the seventh he shall go out free for nothing,” and it contains the words “six years (שֵׁשׁ שָׁנִים)” of numerical value of 1000, and ordinal value 100, both symbolic of completion, as in the completion of the 6 dimensions/states of the slavery of physicality. Their complete value is also thus 1100, as in the convergence point of the two Primal Frequencies (27.5 Hz and 1.1 Hz), the meeting point of 40 cycles of 27.5 Hz and 1000 cycles of 1.1 Hz.

As we wrap our heads around this, the clear mirror informs us that the sofit ordinal value that contains this odd alignment (שֵׁשׁ שָׁנִים) of the 3 consecutive Shins (שֵׁשׁשׁ), each with an ordinal value of 21, within the “six years (שֵׁשׁ שָׁנִים)” is 111, as in Alef (אלף), giving it a complete sofit value of 1671, or Alef (אלף), Binah, plus 671 from the speed of light, “the sixth day (יוֹם הַשִּׁשִּׁי)” and from Adonai (אלף־דלת־נון־יוד).

Moreover, the standard sofit value of “six years (שֵׁשׁ שָׁנִים)” is 1560, reflecting (60 x 26) and the 156 or (6 x 26) paragraphs that this phrase is found after “the sixth day (יוֹם הַשִּׁשִּׁי),” both indicative of the nexus point of Zion (156) between the bundled 6 dimensions of Zeir Anpin and the sea of Binah. For those that understand that the point of Zion is in Yesod of Zeir Anpin, please note that there are two apodal points of Zion, one connection to Malchut and the other to Binah. And between them are the 7 levels/dimensions of the 42 (מב) Letter Name.

A haunting message floats throughout the Inner Cosmos like a wispy fog: The Creator will release us after 6 years, 6 cycles of Alef (אלף) 6000 years. When we peer through the cool fog, we see etched into the clear mirror the 3 Shins (שֵׁשׁשׁ) of complete numerical value 963 and the equation (6 x 963) = 5778. We then see the 6 Alefs (אלף) of numerical value 1000 each of the Torah’s first verse, whose numerical value is (37 x 73) as in (100037) = 963.

The fog lifts, and the mirror is wiped clean. The Inner Cosmos continues its explanation of the cubes of the Cube.

The 9 positions on the opposite face (North, rear) once squared, also equal 2148. We think this axial symmetry must have something to do with each row adding up to 42 and each face adding up to 126, but we cannot figure out why and guess that maybe all the faces of the cube would equal 2148. We are wrong. The clear mirror shows us the right and left faces (East and West). When their respective 9 positions are squared, they are both 2256 respectively. Again, the axial symmetry is there, and we know 256 is 28, and that 2256 is 108 more than 2148, as in the 108 days between the key chagim in the Cosmic Wheel. We realize one turn (90o) of the Essential Cube of Creation along its axis is equivalent to one turn of 108 Days from festival to festival, the cosmic windows in the Cosmic Wheel. This cannot be coincidental.

We are commended on our expanded mindset and told once again that we are correct, but that we are getting distracted. We are then shown the Up and Down faces with the 9 positions in each of them squared, completing the 6 directions/dimensions of Zeir Anpin along the 3 symmetrical axes. They are each 2328.

We spin into action and realize these two sides (Up and Down) are each 72 more than 2256 and 180 more than 2148. So, the differences between them equal, 72, 72, 108, 108, 180, and 180 and they sum to 720 or 6 x 120, like the total exterior angles in a 6-sided hexagon, 720o. We are not sure why angles popped into our heads, but these axial differences also describe a 5-sided pentagon, whose interior 5 triangles have an angle of 72o, and exterior angles of 108o with each triangle totaling 180o.

And we are not sure whether this has anything to do with the (600 + 120) = 720 years of Shem (שם) and Moshe (משה), who we just realized share the same Name.

We are told that the Inner Cosmos likes the way we are thinking, but that we are still getting distracted.

The clear mirror crackles and through the icicles shows us that the set of 3: (2148 + 2256 + 2328) = 6732 or the Sword of Moses, 6708 plus 24, and we are told not to forget the Sword in the 6 directions whenever we visualize the schematic of Creation. The 2 sets of 3, would make 12 Swords pointing to the 12 Moons of the Cosmic Wheel plus 48, as in the 48-Letters of the 12 Name YHVH (יהוה) Matrix that completes the 6 Essential Elements of Creation.

The clear mirror crackles again and next shows us that those 6 faces equal 13464 in total squared values, and that the 12 diagonals on those 6 directional faces with their positions squared equal 9258.  We surmise that the 258 must have something cosmically to with the (42 + 216) = 258 days of the Cosmic Wheel between Zot Channukah and the Day of Creation, matching the (42 + 216) associated letters in the two sets of 86 Triplets.

Again, we are commended for our efforts, and shown that (13464 + 9258) = 22722, which is 42 x 541, Israel, and is the palindromic incorporation the 22 and 27 letters.

We hear the gentle rustling of the palms above us, and look up, only to be asked if we think the trees have consciousness?

The answer is yes, all objects have consciousness.

If they exist as images in our world, they occupy a location or address in the upper worlds. If they exist here, they were created, if they were created, they were Created in the mind of the Creator, which makes them a part of His consciousness.

Those trees can provide sustenance for you, shelter, protection, health, warmth, fuel, support, and can even become a part of you. They can help elevate you or block your path. This is why there is a Rosh Hashanah of the Trees, Tu B’shvat, 42 Days after Zot Channukah and 108 Days before Shavuot, and 216 days before the Day of Creation.

If you want to access more of your consciousness, make sure you live in harmony with all G-d’s Creations not just the ones you are trying to impress. Help, and helpful signals, can come from any of them. They were all here before man in the 6 days of Creation so like the Inner Cosmos has shown us with factorials and summation series, they are all apart of us.

Back to the task at hand, the clear mirror shows us the 9 positions in the 3 central axis (11427, 71421, 31425) that each total 42 in the Essential Cube of Creation. When it stacks them…



1 – 14 – 27

7 – 14 – 21

3 – 14 – 25

…we see that the first position spells out numerically 173, as in the small gematria of the 42 Letter Name, and the central (14 + 14 + 14) is also 42, leaving the final axis points (27 + 21 + 25) = 73, as in the Triangular Number of the Torah’s first verse and the value of Chochma, the 9th Sefira.

Immediately, the equation 9/(42-Letter Name in gematria katan) = 73.141592 comes to mind. How can it not? What with the 9 positions, with the 42; with 3 – 14 – 2; with 73; and with the other gematria katan of the 42-Letter Name, 173, all built into the simple triple axis at the core of Zeir Anpin, how can this equation be avoided?

With its inner (3 x 14) = 42 and its outer 6 coordinates equal to 84, Pad (פד), redemption, there is no question this is the Path to the Redemption, as Rav Brandwein advised us long ago.

There is no question that the Essential Cube of Creation is not only comprised of the 42-Letter Name, but it is central to its Source and existence. The sum of the digits in each axis is 15 or YH (יה) as in the ordinal value of 42 or MB(מב). The same is true of every row and column in the Essential Cube of Creation. This makes each of them equal to (42 + 15) = 57, as in the 5th Triplet in the 42-Letter Name (נגד), the 13th, 14th and 15th letters in the Name as in (13 + 14 + 15) = 42. It is also as in the Mizbe’ach (מזבח) of numerical value 57, the incense Altar.


We are given the space to ponder this further and recall that the 42-letter sword of Moses is hidden in the 15th chapter of Shemot (Names) in the 42nd paragraph before the clear mirrors continues.

We further recall the 14 consecutive Primes—from 13 to 67—that define the height (210 cu) and base (330 cu) dimensions of the encasing pyramid, which equal (15,000 – 150) inches or Hz, and that the 15 consecutive Primes—from 13 to 71—equal 611, the numerical value of “Torah,” with their bookends (13 + 71) being equal to 84, the 6 axial coordinates. Their 13,17,19,23,29,31,37,41,43,47,53,59,61,67,71) mid points, the 21st and 22nd primes, like the midpoint 21st and 22nd Letters of the 42 Letter Name, have an average of (41 + 43)/2 = 42.

The clear mirror takes it from there and adds the missing part of the equation. The number 73, as in the equation 9/(42-Letter Name in gematria katan) = 73.141592, is the 21st Prime and the 15 Primes from 1773 equals 671, the speed of light in mph, “the sixth day (יוֹם הַשִּׁשִּׁי)” and Adonai (אלף־דלת־נון־יוד).

It is no wonder the prime equation is 1/.235711131719… = 4.24248100…!

The clear mirror waits until we settle down and continues, showing us that when the 9 positions in the 3 central axis (1 – 14 – 27, 7 – 14 – 21, 3 – 14 – 25) are squared they total 2442 and that all 7 elements in the squared Essential cube (2148 + 2148 + 2256 + 2256 + 2328 + 2328) + 2442 = 15,906. This corresponds to the 7 dimensions of Zeir Anpin and Malchut with 906 being the value of the 7th line of the 42-Letter Name Matrix.

The clear mirror shows us that 15906/7 = 2272.286, so similar to the 22722 we just saw.

We almost dismiss this as mathematical sleight of hand, then realize the computations have nothing to do with one another. The only possible answer is Intelligent Divine Design—the Creator designed them to work out this way, including that the sum of the 7 square roots of (2148 + 2148 + 2256 + 2256 + 2328 + 2328 + 2442) would equal 333.60.

What is also a mystery to us is that the sum of the 7 structural values representing the squares of (7 x 9) = 63 positions in total built out of the original 27 positions that equal 15,906 can be divided by the unsquared value of a single face, 126, to equal (15906/126) = 126 + 1/(4.2). We are getting dizzy.  What kind of magical Cube is this? How does everything it touches, every angle we examine it from, turn into a hologram of the Source, 42?

Our world is completely constructed of numbers, and we give all sorts of meaning to numbers in our world, but down here in Malchut they are really nothing. Write down any combination of the digits from 0 – 9 repeating digits as often as you like. You can then throw the paper away because you have created nothing. In the upper worlds or hyperspace dimensions, when those digits are joined together, something is automatically created, at least in the potential, an address is accessible.  Then channeled through the 22 Names or 27 Letters, a physical form is molded out of those numbers, like clay in the Hands of the Creator.

When we look into the meaning and the composition of the numbers, we are looking at their address, their potential, and their source and inspiration of creation; we are reading them not down here but in Zeir Anpin, along their processing journey, and if we are lucky, we get to see them in Da’at. The 63 positions represent the YHVH (יוד־הי־ואו־הי) aspect of Binah connected to Da’at and activated on Chanukah.

That is the magic of the Essential Cube of Creation. It is the Rosetta Stone. It is the Numbers, and it is the Letters all at once; it is the interface of Zeir Anpin and Da’at.  It is the 6 dimensions of Zeir Anpin, and it is their Source through the additional dimension of Da’at, which enters through its center and permeates throughout.

The still small voice, casually throws out, “Your access to the Essential Cube of Creation is tangible.”

Is it saying that we can create with it?

The Megillat Esther

Every mystery distracts us, and we are appreciative that those thoughts and distractions no longer open a portal in a wall or a chute that sends us flying to a new psychedelic location within the convergent pathways of the Inner Cosmos each time we do.

This time it is the 7th Mersenne Prime, 127, the 127 Provinces of the Megillat Esther, and the complete value of the name Haman (המן) or (95 + 32) = 127, and the 127 possible arrangements (combinations) of the 7 Words in the Torah’s first verse that include 64 spatial words and 63 null counterspaces.

We have already learned that those 64 spatial words form a 43 Cube.

Does the 33 Essential Cube of Creation with its 63 positions represent the counterspace to the (12763) = 43 Cube of the Torah’s first verse?

Each of the 7 word values of the first verse are utilized 64 times and not utilized 63 times, which means that there are (7 x 63) = 441 null spaces in those 127 combinations, as in the volume of the Tower of Truth, 44,100 cu3. And with the (7 x 64) = 448 full spaces there are 889 in total, as in the radius 2889 HC, the midpoint in Spherical Time.

This is Wisdom. The 7 Princes, Advisors, and Days and the repeated 12 Months of the Megillat Esther reflect the 7th of Adar, the 12th Month, which is hillula of Moshe Rabeinu. They reflect the two components of Time (7 and 12), and the sets of 7 and 12 Letters that control Astrology and Cosmology, like the first and last verses of the Torah of 7 and 12 words respectively.

The still small voice instructs the clear mirror to show us that the square root of the 75,810 adversaries of the Jews killed in the Megillah, including the 10 sons hanged at the 50 cubit high gallows, is 275.336, the Primal Frequency/sacred cubit, and that its cube root is 42.322…. Nor is it a coincidence that Mordechai stood at the King’s gate most of the story, as in the 12 Gates of the Holy Temple that are 50 cubits high and 10 cubits wide. Whether it is coincidence or not, the 10,000 talents of silver Haman was willing to pay to eradicate the Jews weighed 750 tons, as in the 75,000 who were annihilated in their steed in the rest of the 127 provinces. Haman was a master astrologer and knew the times, but he was also greedy and never gave that silver to the King, cosmically invalidating the deal they struck.  Their greed will be their downfall.

We are shaking, as we also realize that those 64 times each word is utilized must equal (2701 x 64) = 172864, which is 137, as in Kabbalah and the Fine Structure Constant, less than 17301. This (172864 + 137) that equals 17301 is the total value of the 336 letters of the 112 Triplets with their kolel, (16965 + 336) = 17301.

We are feeling the energy surging through the pathways as everything keeps connecting and circling back to certain main nodules or portals, including Sarah’s age of 127, and both her and Esther’s extraordinary beauty. The difference in the gematria of their names is (661505) = 156, as in the numerical value of the wise trusted adviser to the King who suggested replacing Queen Vashti with Esther, Memucan, and as Joseph, Pharaoh’s trusted advisor.  The incident occurred in the first chapter at the feast for the 7 princes in the 3rd year of the king’s reign. The other main events in the story happened in the 7th and 12th years, as in the Alef-bet’s 3 mothers, 7 doubles, and 12 elementals that we know about because of Abraham Avinu, Sarah’s husband.


Abraham was 137 when Sarah passed away, and Isaac, their son, was 37. There are only 6 Primeval Numbers under 1000, whereby the digits in a Prime Number form combinations that are all Prime Numbers. The Prime Number 137, which is the 33rd Prime, is the 6th of those (2, 13, 37, 107, 113, 137). There are 11 possible combinations derivable from 137, all are Prime. Notable among those 6 Primeval Numbers is the 5th one, 107, and 13 and 37.  The gematria value for One (1) and Love, 13, is interesting as the 137th Prime, 773, plus 37 equals 820, as in the value of the quintessential 3-word Torah phrase from Vayikra 19:18, “Love they neighbor as yourself וְאָהַבְתָּ לְרֵעֲךָ כָּמוֹךָ.“

Staring into the twinkling crystal window, we see that V’ahavta (וְאָהַבְתָּ) is the first word of the paragraphs of the Shema, starting with the paragraph of 42 words that includes the 13 Vav (ו) initials. Moreover, the final 3 words “כָּמוֹךָ:  אֲנִי, יְהוָה”of the full verse, “לֹא-תִקֹּם וְלֹא-תִטֹּר אֶת-בְּנֵי עַמֶּךָ, וְאָהַבְתָּ לְרֵעֲךָ כָּמוֹךָ:  אֲנִי, יְהוָה”, which includes the phrase “I am God,” have the gematria 173, as in the small gematria value of the 42-Letter Name. At the center of those 3 words is the 37th Triplet (אני) of the 72 Triplets.

The clear crystalline interdimensional portal adds that the numerical word value 173 is found 13 times in the Torah, and we notice that the chapter and verse of Vayikra 19:18 is 37.

And we notice that while (173 + 37) = 210, so does (73 + 137) so those 4 key Prime Numbers equals 420.  While it is fitting that 13 is the 6th Prime Number, it is interesting that 37 is the 12th and 73 is the 21st, while 137 is the 33rd, as in the (12th + 21st) = 33.

40 Years in the Desert

Things shift so quickly in the Inner Cosmos that we do not even recall how we got here; we only know that the value 820 that is deeply connected to Love must have something to with the Divine Path of the One (113914551820 YHVH (יהוה)).

Suddenly, we are astral projected to an area we had been before, a place where streams and fields of integers converge. We are still standing with our feet in the soft sand and yet we are flying over the sum of all 40 integers from 26 (יהוה) to 65 (אדני), as in (26 + 65) = 91, which equals 1820.  Then banking hard right, we see that the sum of the integers from 1 – 40 = 820.

Swooshing by the digital integer fields within Pi, we see that the sum of the squares of the first 7 digits in Pi (3.141592…) or (32 + 12 + 42 + 12 + 52 + 92 + 22) = 137. That was an interesting yet odd twist until we realized that (3 + 1 + 4 + 1 + 5 + 9 + 2) = 25, and that (25 x 40) = 1000, the difference between the 2 sets of 40 integers, (1820820). It is also the 1000 between the 42 Letter Name and the Torah’s first verse, the sum of the first 73 integers, (37012701).

We just learned that 137 is the 33rd Prime, as in the 33 Letters of the 11 Triplets of Bereshit, and it has become apparent from the perspective and angle of our flight that the 33 integers from (4173) equal 1881, which is 61 more than 1820, and 61 is the value of the 37th and central Triplet (אני) of the 72 Triplets, the same place Adonai (אדני) is found.

We realize that it is the nature of the Inner Cosmos that everything swirls and comes together with emphasis at key points or nodules, and it dawns on us that we are doing nothing more than being taken on a guided tour of an enormous painting, a masterpiece.  The picture only gets clearer when we are allowed to take a step back. Up close we see the genius of the overlapping layers of paint, brushstrokes, and shapes, but the true image of Creation takes perspective.

We also see in those 7 digits (3.141592…) that end in 2, the scaffolding of the 14 Triplets, 15 Triplets, 11 Triplets of Creation along with the (3 x 9) Essential Cube of Creation.

The still small voice asks, “What is 40?”

Our minds race through all the Biblical ages of 40 years, all the 40 days, all the periods of maturation and manifestation.

“Think tangibly”

The clear mirror shows us the 13th position in the Essential Cube of Creation, the Letter Mem (מ).

Neither the still small voice nor the clear mirror would give us the answer.  We have to figure it out on our own that 40, meaning manifestation, is achieved by combining the 27 Letters within the Essential Cube of Creation with the 13 Candles of the 112 Triplets, in the same way that the Cosmic Wheel does.

Is it telling us to do this physically, or at least in this physical realm? Is it telling us that this is how we access and bring H’Moshiach Consciousness, (336 + 27) = 363?

Was not 40 a convergence point in that 40 cycles of 27.5 Hz that equals 1000 cycles of 1.1 Hz when both Primal Frequencies are in phase?

The 10 Sefirot of the Magical Cube of Creation

In a blink, we are back, staring at the magical Cube of Creation. The clear mirror brings up the mysterious relationship of the 10:1 22722 to 2272.2, as in the 6 squared faces and the 12 diagonals on those 6 directional faces that equal (13464 + 9258) or (42 x 541), which is 22722, versus the average of the 7 squared elements (2148 + 2148 + 2256 + 2256 + 2328 + 2328) + 2442 that equal 15,906/7 that is 2272.2.

Regarding the relationship of the 10:1 22722 to 2272.2 and their connection to the 6 sefirot within the Essential Cube of Creation of 42, the clear mirror explains that with any set of items, like the 10 sefirot (dimensions), when ordered in an on/off state there is only 1 way to get all 10 off and 1 way to get all 10 on. There are 252 ways or (6 x 42) ways to get 50/50, as in the 15th doubled word in the Torah, Lech Lecha of numerical value 5050, as in the Creator’s Covenant of Halves with Abraham, as in the 10 Cells on either side of the Holy of Holies in the Future Holy Temple, which are 5 on one side 5 on the other on each level, like the splitting of the sefirot that Abraham told us about in the Sefer Yetzirah, and like the two “Tablets of the Covenant.”

This is a special property of the design of the Essential Cube of Creation. Since all the Triplets in all 3 axes and/or planes must add up to 42, and since the 12 diagonals add up to 12 x 42, the 21 Triplets of 42 when divided by their 7 dimensions is 126 or (21/7) = 3 sets of 42; and the 6 faces x 3 sets of 42 each give us 18 Triplets of 42 plus the 12 from the diagonals and thus a total of (18 + 12) = 30 and the resultant 30/3 ratio is a ratio of 10:1.

It gets much more complicated with the squares of the numbers since the Triplets no longer equal one another and only the opposite faces equal each other, yet the ratio works out to 22722: 2272.286 or almost exactly 10:1.  Then when each positional number is cubed, no two sides are equal and indeed vary considerably (42282, 36366, 46008, 44712, 48276, 48492, and 53172) with the 12 diagonals equal to 191268, and yet the ratio works out to 460404: 46044, again almost exactly 10:1.

The clear mirror decides to take us on a deeper dive into the cubes and squares of the 27 positions of Creation. First, it uses their respective 6 face-12 diagonal cubic and squared values totals to divide 460404/22722 and 22722/1260 and 460404/1260 to give us 20.26477, 18.03333, and 365.4.

And before we can even register our recognition, it brings in the Resh-Zadi (רצ) at the center of the 42-Letter Name Matrix whose ordinal values are 20 and 18 and whose total gematria within the 42 letters through that point is 1833, matching the 1833 occurrences of the letter Samech (ס) in the Torah and the square root (18.330) of 336, as in the 336 letters in the 112 Triplets.

We are chomping at the bit when it finally brings up the ratio 460404/1260 = 365.4 as in the 365 days in a solar year.

But it does not stop there and explains that (460404 + 22722 + 1260)/42 = 11,533, a value in the range of the 11,46611,556 year cycle, and that (460404 + 22722 + 1260)/speed of light = (460404 + 22722 + 1260)/186,282 mps = 2.600283.

Meanwhile, the sum of the 7 dimensions of the same cubes and squares of the 27 positions of Creation gives us similar ratios, and (322308 + 15906 + 882) = 339096 with 339096/26 = 13042.15385 and 339096/186,282 mps = 1.820336, as in Resh-Zadi (רצ) again, but more importantly as in the 1820 YHVH (יהוה) in the Torah with the 336 letters of the 112 Triplets of Creation.

Furthermore, 339096/8 = (4240013) as in the 13 Candles of the 112 Triplets, and it reminds us that the sum of the 8 corners of the simple Essential Cube of 27 equal 112.

The clear mirror then displays another stanza from the Sefer Yetzirah:

The still small voice explains that the Essential Cube of Creation is Creation itself, at least from our perspective. The fields behind the 22 Names of the letters and the 22 Numbers combine in the 27 Positions with the still higher field of 42, the Aspect of 42, to create everything in the 6 dimensions and project it into the 7th through the Cube. Hence 22722.

The still small voice then tells us that all is a circle is a sphere and begins in the center, not linearly with a beginning and an end. “Cycles end, waves continue, existence is.”


The central points of the 5 Essential Elements of Creation, the 14 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name (רצ), the 15 Triplets of the Shema(ו), the Essential Cube of 27 (נ), the 11 Triplets of Bereshit (ה) and the 72 Triplets (מנד־אני) have the values 290, 6, 50, 5, and 155 respectively. They total 506, as in twice 253, the sum of the integers (ordinal positions) from 1 – 22. Hence twice 22 or 22722.

Once again, we are given the space to absorb and ponder and we already know that 506 is the complete value of Moshiach Ben David, the value of unconditional love, and both the value of the first line of the 42-Letter Name Matrix, and the value of the last 4 letters in that Matrix/Name.

72 Initials

Once again, we are flying, flying over the 72 Triplet Matrix where we are told that the 72 initials come from Exodus 14:19, the first of 3 consecutive verse of 72 letters each, and that the 15 words in this 72-letter verse have a gematria value of 2672 and a sofit value of 7002. Moreover, the value of 2672 plus the kolel of 72 equals 143. While we are told to keep in mind that the square roots of the 72 Triplets total 720.0, the gematria milui of the milui of the verse equals 23,506 and the 42 middle letters of the verse equals 1860 or the central point of the 42-Letter Name (1833) plus 27.

As we fly in a spiral around the Matrix, we see that the 4 central initials (שרמא) total 541, as in Israel, with an ordinal value of 55 or (2 x 27.5 Hz) and that the 6 central ones (שרמאיס) total 611, as in Torah. Then sweeping outward, we see that the first 6 initials (ויסעמל), which corresponds to the 9th candle, equal 63 or 216, as in the 216 letters in the 72 Triplets. And the same goes for the last 6 (וימפממ) of the 8th Candle.

Another Elevation Portal

The last two Triplets (אכא־כהת) of the 9th Candle glow golden and we are shown a deeper secret. Their initials (אכ) of numerical value 21, as in the Name at the level of Binah, Ehyeh (אהיה), is repeated twice in the 2 Triplets (אכא־כ), as in the 2 Names Ehyeh (אהיה) in the higher Name Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh (אהיה־אשר־אהיה). While those 4 letters connected to Binah have a value of 42, and the final Triplet (כהת), which contains the 7 Planets, has a gematria of 425, the final 2 letters (הת) of the 2 Triplets (אכא־כהת) have a complete gematria of (405 + 27) = 432, as in the frequency of Binah, 432 Hz.

Moreover, while the initials (אכ) have a numerical value of 21 their ordinal value is 12 and thus like the 21st and 12th Prime Numbers, they add up to 33. Those values of the 21st and 12th Prime Numbers are (73 + 37), the factors of 2701, the Torah’s first verse, which is included in the 33 letters of the 11 Triplets, and they total 110, the first convergence point for the two Primal Frequencies.

The still small voice whispers, “You have more than you know,” and we find ourselves back on the desert floor, staring at the clear mirror and the respective values (290, 6, 50, 5, and 155) of 5 Essential Elements of Creation, but we still need to process what we have just witnessed, previously unrevealed secrets of the deepest and highest level, a way to access the consciousness of Binah and tap into its infinite potentiality. Not even the Cohen H’Gadol knew how to access these Names directly and had to use them through the breastplate, H’Choshen as an intermediary. In his generation it was only Moses. With its 12 stones acting as the 12 Moons and 12 Names YHVH (יהוה) in the 48-Letter Matrix, it was the Cosmic Wheel. H’Choshen (החֹשֶׁן) of numerical value 363 is the 363-Day Cosmic Wheel.

Then we realize that within the 5 central points of the 5 Essential Elements (290, 6, 50, 5, and 155) the 3 most central ones (6 + 50 + 5) = 61, the value of one of the two central triplets (אני) of the 72 Triplets and that while (50 + 5 + 155) = 210 = (5 x 42) and all that we already know about 210, the 4 associated numbers (6 + 50 + 5 + 155) = 216, as in the 216 Letters in the 72 Triplets, etc.

Weighing the numbers further we see that while (290 + 6) is the same value of the last word, the Earth (הארץ), in the Torah’s first verse, and that the numbers (290 + 50 + 5) = 345, the value of Moshe, and the 5th Triplet of the 72 Triplets. It is also the value of “The Book, H’Sefer (הספר).

We recall that the 7 squared sides/dimensions of the Essential Cube (2148 + 2148 + 2256 + 2256 + 2328 + 2328 + 2442) = 15,906, with 906 being the last line, or alternatively the last 2 Triplets of (שקו־צית) of the 42-Letter Name Matrix, and we juxtapose it to the 5 central values of the 5 Essential Elements (290, 6, 50, 5, and 155), whereby 6 is the value of the first Triplet (אבג) in the 42-Letter Name Matrix, and (290 + 50 + 5 + 155) is the value of the 2nd Triplet (יתצ) of that same 1st line (אבג־יתצ).

A field of the 72 Triplet Matrix appears on the desert floor and glowing in the center, where the two central Names should have been, is a stone. A warm breeze blows across the shifting sands, whispering, “The alchemist’s stone.”

The field and central alchemist stone vanish as quickly as it appears.

The Escape Valve

Giving us just a little more space with which to ponder, the clear mirror decides to show us the 4 sets of Triplets arranged in fields or camps surrounding the central Cube of Creation and highlights the ordinal position within their respective matrix that each midpoint finds itself (21 + 22 for the 14 Triplets of the 42 Letter Name; 23 for the 45 letters in the 15 Triplets; 14 for the Central Cube; 17 for the 33 letters in the 11 Triplets; and 36 + 37 for the 72 Triplets), which works out to (83, 14, 73) = 170.

The clear mirror next shows us that the ordinal values of those 5 central points of the 5 Essential Elements of Creation (רצ), (ו), (נ), (ה) and (מנד־אני) from the 72 Triplets are (20+18 + 6 + 14 + 5) = 63 plus (25 + 31) = 56 or 119 in total.  Moreover, (170 + 119) = 289, the value of the governing letters of the other 5 planets (בגדפר), excluding the Sun (כ) and Moon (ת) of numerical value 420, which as we have learned matches the temperature on earth, 288.9 K, and the midpoint of the Spherical Time horizon (2889 HC), which is also the midpoint in King David’s life, the 70 years given to him by Adam (אדם), an acronym for Adam-David-Moshiach.

The total value of the 5 central positions of the 5 Elements of Creation is thus (506 + 289) = (8005), which we are told is akin to the (80,00025) words in the Torah.

We then have to ask if the 5 planets (בגדפר) that equal 289 align with the (רצ) of numerical value 290 at the center of the 42 Letter Name, the center of the Path, derech (דרך), the numerical value of the 4th level (בטרצתג). After all, we already know that all 7 planets including the Sun (כ) and Moon (ת) orbit that point, as if trapped in a vortex.

The Inner Cosmos keeps alluding to us to follow the path and the clear mirror advises us that the longest word in the Tanakh, is in Esther 9:3, referring to the 127 satraps (והאחשדרפנים), and that its middle letter is Dalet (ד) and middle 3 letters are (שדר), a permutation of the words derosh derash, which each total 504 as in (12 x 42), the midpoint of the Torah in the doubled words. Variations of this word satrap appear 13 times in the Tanakh, but in this unicorn, the longest version of 11 letters, its numerical value is 704, the same as the Path, derech (דרך), and of the 4th level (בטרצתג). Perhaps this is the midpoint of everything.

As we wonder why everything keeps coming together like that, the still small voice answers, “because it was never apart.”

The clear mirror chimes in by showing us the 5 basic quantitative elements of the Torah that sum to 401273, which when divided by Phi(φ) equals 248000, which is the sum of the 5 Names of the 5 Books (2480), each of which is associated with a different one of the 5 Essential Elements.

It then shows us that Moshiach Ben David, 424,000 less 401,273 equals 22727 and (227275) = 22722, as in the 6 squared faces with their 12 diagonals that equal 22722, or (42 x 541), Israel. It shows us again the 7 dimensions (2148 + 2148 + 2256 + 2256 + 2328 + 2328 + 2442) of the same squared Essential Cube whose average (15906/7) is 2272.2.  And then shows us that this self-references 27/22 = 1.22727

Without taking a step our view pans over the 4 fields of the 112 Triplets and then around the Essential Cube of Creation, the 5th Essential Element at their center, and at the center of them all is David, number 14.

When we ask how many more times we are going to be reminded about Phi(φ), the still small replies, “Until you learn how to use it to control Spherical Time. Click your heels 3 times and 14 is 42.”

Was the still small voice just messing with our heads? Was it referring to Pi (3.14) that interacts with the Phi(φ) field to help create the Spherical Time bubble/sphere?

Silence. The clear mirror stares at us blankly.

The space is deafening. So, we fill it with a remembrance the total gematria of the Torah divided by 5, as in the average of the 5 Books is 21009826/5 = 4201956.2, as in the final 5 digits in the first 1000 of Pi, 42019, and the square root of Phi(φ), 1.27201965.  We know everything has meaning, so does the 272 relate to the 22722?

As the Creator told the Israelites in chapter 14, at Pi-HaChirot, Freedom Valley, “Why are you crying out to me,” open the portal yourselves. Our heads spin and we realize the complete gematria of Pi-HaChirot is 805, as in the rainbow, the sign and covenant the Creator made with the Earth after the flood.  As we always suspected, the exodus from Egypt is akin to the great reset after the flood. Another hint is given in “Pi-HaChirot ben Migdal (between Tower),” as Migdal and Mabul (flood) have the similar value of Mazal, 77 and 78 respectively.

The space between these two events is (24481658) = 790 years, matching the complete value of the 7 Letters that guide the 7 planets, (709 + 79) = 788 + 2 (kolel).

These are the same 7 planets trapped in a vortex around the center (רצ) of the 42 Letter Name. That (רצ) center has a numerical value of 290, the same as Miriam, the water-bearer, who put baby Moses in the Nile to save his life, who led the Israelites in Song at the crossing of the Red Sea, and who brought forth water from the desert during the 40 years of the 42 journeys.  This is the song of paragraph 42, where we find the 42-letter Sword of Moses.

Moshe, Aaron, and Miriam. The Sun (כ), Moon (ת), and 5 planets (בטרצתג). The sum of the 7 planets and the initials (מאמ) of Moshe, Aaron, and Miriam equal (709 + 81) = 790, as in the 790 years between the Flood and the Exodus.  That brought them full circle as those 790 years less the 430 years of the journey that began with Abraham, leaves 360.

The final letters in the Moshe, Miriam, and Aaron spell out the counterspace notorious name Haman (המן).