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This time next year, Moshiach will be lighting the Chanukah candles beside us…
babasaliI was thinking about what Rabbi Abuhatzeira, the grandson of the prominent Moroccan miracle working kabbalist, Rabbi Israel Abuhatzeira, the Baba Sali, said about the Hebrew phrase (ביאת–המשיח) “The arrival of the Messiah” being encoded with the date for Moshiach’s arrival. The gematria of this phrase, as he was well aware, is 778, as in the Hebrew year 5778 or 2018 CE, which, as Daniel—a most excellent collaborator of ours—points out, is the value (2018) of the 13 spelled out letters in the word Chanukah (חית–נון–ויו–כף–הי). After all our discussions about the Torah and the cosmic system being a giant web of algorithms all designed to help us connect to unconditional love and to Moshiach at the right moment, it should escape no one that 13 is the numerical value of Ahava (אהבה) love. What we might have missed is that the initials of the phrase (ביאת–המשיח) “The arrival of the Messiah” are the last two letters in the word Ahava (אה–בה) love.
We may also have missed that the word Chanukah (חית–נון–ויו–כף–הי) can be broken down into 3 sequential components (חי–תנון–ויוכףהי), or Chai, life (חי) and (תנון) of numerical value 506, the same as that of “unconditional love” and as the complete gematria value as “Moshiach Ben David,” and finally the third component (ויוכףהי), which has the numerical value of 137, that of Kabbalah, meaning to receive. Put another way, Chanukah is “To receive the life of Moshiach Ben David.” What activates that? Love, Unconditional Love. When? 2018 CE, 5778 HC.
 Why life? Why was the cosmic system designed so that the word for life, Chai, (חי) had to have the value of 18? Take out your calculator and take the square root of 18. What do you get? 4.2426…The number 424 is the value of Moshiach Ben David. 26 is the value of the Name of G-d, the Tetragrammaton (יהוה). That is the reason for the existence of life as we know it. That is why the holiday that will bring us Moshiach is spelled out Chanukah (חית–נון–ויו–כף–הי), both beginning with life, Chai, (חי) and encapsulating it in that its first and last letters spell life, Chai, (חי).
Why do the 5 letters of the 8-day holiday of Chanukah (חנוכה) end in the letter values 5 and 8? It is to connect further to all the innumerable algorithms of the Torah whose number of words, torah columnsletters, and verses sum to exactly 58.
In our last article, we discussed the sacrifices we read about during Chanukah. We saw how they integrally connect with the Divine Calendar and how specifically the dates prophesy the arrival of Moshiach in 5778. In many of our recent articles, we also discussed the Torah’s concept of counting so that the energy builds rather than gets lost. This way the entire process becomes an equation which can connects us to a significant energy source or portal. It can connect us to all the Yud-s (י), Heih-s (ה) and Vav-s (ו), which add up to 90,100, which amazingly is equivalent to the sum of all the integers from 1 to 424, connecting each and every one of us to the consciousness of Moshiach Ben David. As it happens 424 is also the sum of the complete value with the kolel for the 7 letters of the phrase Chanukah candle, Ner Chanukah (נר–חנוכה).
To refresh our memory, each of the 12 tribes made the same donation of 11 items: 1 silver plate weighing 130 shekels (שקל); 1 Silver bowl weighing 70 shekels; 1 Gold bowl weighting 10 shekels; 1 Young bull; 1 Ram; 1 male lamb (1 year old); 1 male goat; 2 oxen; 5 rams; 5 male goats; 5 male lambs (1 year old).
Applying the Torah’s counting method to the sacrifices that we read each day on Chanukah, we find that the sum of the integers from 1 – 130 plus the sum of the integers from 1-70 plus the sum of the integers from 1- 10 plus 1+1+1+1 plus the sum of the integers from 1-2 plus the sum of the integers from 1-5 plus the sum of the integers from 1-5, and finally plus the sum of the integers from 1-5 equals 11107, or 11000 and 107. Why is this significant? Once again the sacrifices of the 11 items are pointing the way to our salvation in the year 5778 in that the sum of the integers from 1 – 107 is 5778.
tree of life 11 EngOne might think this was coincidental in the same way that the number of letters in the Torah up to the 10 Commandments is 107007 in the 70th chapter of the Torah at Mt. Sinai of numerical value 130, thus mimicking the weights (130, 70 and 10). The 11000 in 11107 may be even more significant for us. After all, G-d can tell us a thousand different ways when the cosmic gates to Moshiach consciousness will appear. However, if He does not tell us how to open them, what good will it do? Yet we know that G-d does not tease us, nor are His tools meant to do so.
To start with, this number 11000 must mean something to us and to Chanukah because 44 candles lit over the 8 days times the numerical value of candle (ner, נר), which is 250, gives us 44 x 250 = 11000. Moreover, the weights of the sacrificed (donated) metals were 200 shekels of silver and the 10 shekels of gold, which because the sum of the integers from 1 – 10 is 55, these weights can be expressed as 200 X 55 = 11000.
If that were not enough to get our attention, the portion of Miketz (מקץ), meaning “from the end,” that fell during Chanukah and of which the Arizal explained pointed to Moshiach in our specific penteractgeneration, has a complete gematria value (1040, plus an ordinal value of 59) of 1089 and while 89 is the gematria value of Chanukah (חנוכה), 1089 is also (1100 – 11). So it is very fitting that the oil (shemen, שמן) of which the Chanukah 8-day story is predicated upon, also has a complete gematria value (1040 plus an ordinal value of 59) of 1089 and likewise (1100 – 11). When two words have the same gematria value, we considered it as a similarity of form and thus they share a common bond or cosmic gate. There are exactly 210 word value gates in the Torah matrix.  It is far less common that two words would also share the same ordinal value, meaning that the placement of the letters within the alphabet, while different, when added up are equivalent. These rare word pairs share a very tight spiritual bond, a similarity of form and space.
Given that the repetition of 11,000, 1100, 110 and 11, they must be telling us something. Perhaps it has something to do with the 11 unique letters in the Torah’s first verse, whose total value is the sum of the integers from 1 to 73. These 11 unique letters also have the value of 1089 or (1100 – 11) when the prime kolel is included. Those same 11 unique letters have a sofit (final letter) value of 2454 which is 6 more than 2448, the year of the first cosmic Moshiach Gate, the time of the 10 Commandments. This makes sense as the first verse occurred 6 days (years) before Adam and thus the start of the calendar and the countdown to 5778.   Even adding 666 to Moshiach Ben David (424), as in the 66.6 jubilee years from 2448 to 5778, gives us (424 + 666) = 1090 – 1 = 1089.
Of those 11 unique letters and the first 42 letters of the Torah that transformed from the 42-Letter Name of G-d, three specific ones never changed form (שרו). Their numerical value is 506, that of genesis prayer cover“unconditional love” and the complete form of Moshiach Ben David.
In “G-d Never Abandoned His People” we described the integral way that the 42-Letter Name of G-d acts as the Mishkan and the way the 11-incense is repeatedly woven into it, including its first line whose sum, 506, equals the sum of the squares of the integers from 1 to 11.

12 + 22 + 32 + 42 + 52 + 62 +72 + 82 + 92 + 102 + 112 = 506

Then in the sixth line of the 42-letter Name of G-d we find the value 110 (לפ) and 107 (זק) side by side. Okay, so we know that, as Rav Brandwein of blessed memory explained, it is the understanding of the 42-letter Name that will bring about the Geula (Final Redemption). We know that the 42-letter Name came from the Torah’s first verse and that it is connected to Moshiach and Chanukah. We also know that we need to use it and study it if we want to open the Gate of Moshiach. This is a given…G-dly given.
We surmise that there must be more of a message in all this, and there is. The value 110 is that of nes (נס), miracle, and the way things are going in the world today it will surely take a miracle, and surely more than one. 11000 is 100 x 110, or 100 miracles. We are supposed to recite 100 blessings every day, but what about connecting to 100 miracles every day? The Rav always said it is not surviving an accident that is a miracle; it is getting home safely without incident. That is the miracle. Think about it, every day we get in our multi-ton cars and barrel down uneven and often wet roads and highways in excess of 60+ mph balanced precariously on only 50 square inches of worn rubber while the radio is blaring and the kids are fighting, the phone is ringing, and all around us are dozens of other speeding drivers in exactly the same predicament, or worse, maybe texting, maybe arguing with someone. Is it not a miracle? Is it not a multitude of miracles that gets us home or to work or school safely every day? Once we start seeing the miracles all around us, we will start drawing more into our lives. The kabbalists call it “similarity of form.” Once we start drawing greater miracles into our lives and world, we will be making an opening for the ultimate miracle, “the Gate of Moshiach”… and “Moshiach consciousness.” Just as the Baba Sali did, when he took over as the Rabbinate and the spiritual leader of their yeshiva at the age of 18 upon the passing of his father, the Tzaddik Rabbi Massoud, in 5668, 110 years before 5778.
solar fareCount those miracles daily. G-d counted from 1-107 and got 5778 and made the surface temperature of the Sun 5778o Kelvin. Then He.counted the integers from 1 to 70 and got 2485 so He made the surface temperature of the Earth 248.5o Kelvin.
G-d designed this universe for us and He designed its every detail with great purpose and intent. His intention was always for us to discover and then open “the Gate of Moshiach.” We can start doing so by noticing and appreciating what He created for us, the miracles in nature and in everything around us and in each other. When we can truly see these with understanding, then we will become them… in similarity of form.
cosmic windowAs He did himself with our light-giving Sun and the planet we live on, G-d gave us 5778 years to count and a final countdown of 70 from installing Israel as a nation. He gave us His Torah and made the third word in it Elohim (אלהים) equivalent to the word “nature.” We can overcome our own nature or chose His. Do we want to be in similarity of form with heathens, or with the Heavens? G-d willing, B’H, we will all see the miracles that surround and sustain each and every one of us, each and every day. Every day, connect to the Chanukah candles, light them in your mind and don’t just say the 100 blessings but count your blessings, look around and count the chnaukah lightsmiracles.

“When I behold Thy heavens, the work of Thy fingers, the moon and the stars, which Thou hast established; What is man, that Thou art mindful of him? and the son of man, that Thou thinkest of him? Yet Thou hast made him but little lower than the angels, and hast crowned him with glory and honour. Thou hast made him to have dominion over the works of Thy hands; Thou hast put all things under his feet: Sheep and oxen, all of them, yea, and the beasts of the field; The fowl of the air, and the fish of the sea; whatsoever passeth through the paths of the seas. O LORD, our Lord, how glorious is Thy name in all the earth!” — Psalm 8:3-9