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Do you feel time speeding up, your 7 day weekly cycles getting shorter with more pressure to get things done and less time to do it in? Do you feel the spiritual presence, both good and evil, in our world as never before in our lifetime, as if the distance between heaven and earth were collapsing.  In the beginning G-d created Heaven and Earth and the 70 dimensions (levels) or sefirot that separated them. He also created a time-frame for them to be reunited, giving us a limited time to do our work here, and a clock (calendar) for us to use so we’d know how much time we have left. That clock began with Adam and year 1.
It’s now reached 5774 and the Earth has spun around the Sun 5774 times since then.  In 4 Earth with Sunmore years, Earth will have circled the Sun 4 more times, making the number of revolutions 5778, equal to the surface temperature of the Sun, 5778K .
This year, 2013/4 corresponds to the Hebrew calendar year  5774 (Taf-Shin-Ayin-Dalet) and its Hebrew name is especially telling, as is its significance 4 years before 5778Taf-Shin is the 700 in 5774, so we’ll concentrate on the final two digits, the number/year, 74, which in Hebrew is Ayin-Dalet, or AD, which spells the Hebrew word for  “until,” or “ever (as in forever)” and alternatively, “witness.”
The two letters Ayin-Dalet are integrally related and paired energetically to open gateways, and wherever the word AD appears in the Torah it’s connected to the final redemption, as will be explained shortly.
First off, AYN DLT spelled out literally means “to see the door” or “70th door” or even 70 doors”, which, as has been foretold, will open 70 years after Israel became a Nation, hence 70 years after 1948, which is 2018 (5778 HC). Thus in 4 (D) years from now (5774 HC) the 70th (A) year will be in 5778.
Seventy (70) is no random number; kabbalistically, it represents the expansion of the 10 sub-sefirot through the heavenly ladder from Malchut (our physical world) up to the upper reaches of the 6 dimensions of Zeir Anpin, making 7 x 10 or 70 in total.  Congruent with these sefirot are what the Zohar and the sages call the 70 faces (levels of understanding) of the Torah, the 70 languages of the world, the 70 Nations of the world under the 70 ministering angels of the upper worlds.
There are two time periods in the Torah Together that utilized repeatedly, 40 years, tree of life 11 Engrepresenting maturation, and 70 years, representing completion.  To understand this the 40 year span represents a climb upward through the 4 bottommost sefirot, until the more mature triad of Chesed-Gevurah-Tiferet is reached and our evil inclination or selfish desires can be overcome. 70 years represents the further climb upward through the expanded and purer consciousness of Chesed-Gevurah-Tiferet until we reach the spiritual realm of Da’at (DAT) and the uppermost triad, above the bridge of Heaven and earth.
So it’s by no coincidence that the Bible repeatedly utilizes specific periods (time-frames) of 70 years, or that the letters/numbers Ayn and Dalet are integrally connected to one another and these time periods. Their simple gematria, that of AYN DLT spelled out, is 1214. Rav Abulafia of blessed memory, one of the greatest kabbalists of all time, known for his deep understanding of the secrets revealed by the gematria of the Hebrew letters, explained that the 1214 we see here represents the numerical value of “70 languages” in Hebrew, and more relevantly,  it’s the numerical value of”permutation of the letters.”
While this is a great hint of what’s behind the energy of the AYN DLT that’s being injected into our world this year, a more subtler clue is found in the  ordinal (place-value within the Hebrew alphabet) values of the letters in AYN DLT spelled out, which total 78, as in 5778, and as Rav Brandwein, of blessed memory pointed out, the initials of Atz Chaim (ACh,78), the Tree-of-life, which we have the opportunity to return to in 5778. Meanwhile, 5778/74 = 78.0…

4 years before 5778, we have the clue of “70 languages” and “permutation of the tower of babelletters,” leading us to the belief that through the reunification of the 70 languages , which were scattered following the Tower of Babel incident, we’ll be able to permute the letters to hasten the linkages between Heaven and Earth. It’s also telling us that in this 1st of the 4 final years, the process has begun, which is why, words spoken in English and innumerable other languages suddenly have immediate repercussions and can palpably shift reality, when before it was only through Hebrew and certain individuals.

70 Years

starry skyAs detailed in The Divine Calendar, the period of 70 years is extremely significant in The Divine CalendarBiblical and historic terms with the Hebrew and Western Calendars reflecting back on one another to set a unique time frame from Adam to the prophesied final redemption (geula) and Moshiach (Messiah) in the year 5778 (2018 CE).  Considering that Ayin is 70 and Dalet is 4 it’s notable that there are 4 such 70 years periods.  The first being the 70 years of Abraham’s life from 1948-2018 HC until he received the Covenant of Halves from G-d and was shown a future time when his descendants would be as numerous as the stars.
To understand the depth of the second period, we must first look to the Torah’s first 4 letters, BRESh.  When we subtract their value from that of the Torah’s first verse, whose value is 2701 (the sum of all the integers from 1-73), we’re left with 2198. Oddly enough, there are 2198 letters Zayin in the Torah, each of numerical value 7; moreover, Joseph was born in the year 2198.  He was 40 when his family joined him in Egypt and they lived together 70 years beginning in 2238–the periods of maturation and completion.  During this period the Israelites thrived and multiplied, coddled and incubated in Goshen, just as G-d promised Abraham. It was only after Joseph’s passing that things grew difficult for the Israelites in Egypt. Interestingly, Abraham was born exactly halfway between the date of the Flood in 1658 and when Joseph’s 70 year period began in 2238.
The third period is the 70 years of exile in Babylon, the time between the fall of the First first holy templeHoly Temple in 3338 and the building of the Second Holy Temple in 3408. The year 3338 is also -422 BCE, with 422 being the numerical value of the Hebrew word for seventy (70).
That takes us to the final 70 year period, the one that began with the formation of Israel in 1948 CE and will end with the fulfillment of the Covenant of Halves in 2018 CE, just like it was given to Abraham in 2018 HC, who was born in 1948 HC.

 1948 , 2238 , 3338 , 5708

There are other significant 70 year Biblical periods of course, such as the 70 years of King David’s lifespan given to him by Adam, the midpoint of which (2889 HC) is also the midpoint from Adam (0) to Moshiach in 5778 HC, hence the name Adam (EDM): Edam-David-Moshiach.
The Hebrew word for “in 70 years,” has a gematria value of 424, that of Moshiach Ben David, so when we say 70 represents a completion, we’re speaking about a completion of out Tikkun.
So how do we know that these 4 specific periods are connected or are the right 4 to connect, besides that they all end in 8, like most of the significant Biblical dates in The Divine Calendar?

 1948 , 2238 , 3338 , 5708

If we add the 16 digits in all four dates they sum up to 74 (AD) even more indicative considering 16 is the ordinal value of the letter Ayn(A).
Furthermore, considering that the 4 years that initial the 4 periods of 70 years sum to 1948 + 2238 + 3338 + 5708 = 13232, it may be just a series of coincidences that 13 is ahava (love)–itself directly connected with 5778–and that the sum of the values of the 4 aspects (levels) of the Tetragrammaton (YHVH) is 232 while uranium 232 has a half-life or 70.0 years.

 1948 , 2238 , 3338 , 5708

You wouldn’t realize it right away unless you read  The Divine Calendar , but 1948 HC is 3830 years before 5778 and 3830 HC was the year the Second Holy Temple was destroyed, which in the Western calendar was 70 CE, or as it was referred to for many years 70 AD.
So, where, besides the Zohar and revelations of the tzaddikim, is it foretold that the final period will be 70 years from the formation of Israel?
In Kabbalah and Biblical studies a year, month, week and even day are often the same thing, interchangeable, a complete cycle of time and space, so when Daniel and the prophets refer to weeks they usually mean years.

Daniel 24: “Seventy weeks are decreed upon thy people and upon thy holy city, to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sin, and to forgive iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal vision and prophet, and to anoint the most holy place.”

Daniel 25: “Know therefore and discern, that from the going forth of the word to restore and to build Jerusalem unto one anointed, a prince, shall be seven weeks…”

To be continued…

There is so much more that is critical to be revealed about this year, 5774, that we decided to break it up into several shorter articles. In the end it will be clear why the final 4 years are separate amongst the final 70 and why we must all take heed.

Shavua Tov