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zohar setSpeaking to us from 2000 years ago, Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai tells us about the end of days, why it happening in our particular generation, precisely when, and even hints to what we can do about. Much more recently, Rav Ashlag and Rav Brandwein repeat his message, and tell us what we can do about it, turning darkness into light, ignorance into knowledge, inaction into enlightenment.
In the Zohar, written nearly 2000 years ago, in the section devoted to Torah portion Acharei Mot, Rabbi Shimon quotes Kohelet 1:7, describing the energy of Binah flowing from the Primordial Aleph (א), “All the rivers run into the sea; yet the sea is not full….”  Then he immediately speaks about the end of days saying, “I wonder about people, that they have no eyes to see, no heart to observe, they do not know or pay attention to the wishes of their Master.  How asleep they are and do not awaken before the day will come when thick darkness will cover them; the owner of the deposit will demand his due accounting from them.”
Then after calling them fools and lovers of foolishness, the Zohar continues, “Come and see: Later generations will come when Torah will be forgotten among them, the wise with gather in their own place and there won’t be found anyone who can begin to explain and finalize [the Torah]. Woe to that generation. From here on, there will not be a generation like the present one until the generation of King Messiah, when knowledge will awaken in the world, as it is written, “For they shall all know Me, from the lowest of them to the greatest of them”(Jeremiah 31:33).
Later in the Zohar section devoted to Torah portion Acharei Mot, in paragraph 303, we hear of the mysteries of the Holy Name and are told that they cannot be comprehended:
rav ashlag“…This is a matter that mankind cannot comprehend, nor can it rise in their minds, not to mention saying it with their mouths. Even supernal angels and the most sublime cannot comprehend it, as these matters are the mysteries of the Holy Name. There are 14,050,000 worlds dependent upon the stroke of the Aleph (א) [which according to Rav Ashlag, refers to the stroke of the upper Yud (י) of the Aleph], and the 72 Holy Names are engraved in the impressed letters in them.  The high and low beings; heaven, earth and the seat of glory of the King – are hanging from one side to the other [from the upper stroke to the lower stroke, Yud (י)] of the expansion of the Aleph(א).  They sustain all the worlds and are the supports of the upper and the lower beings within the secret of wisdom.”
In our last article  we revealed how to proactively tap into the energy of Binah (understanding) that emanates from the primordial Aleph (א) mentioned above rav brandwein 2in order to align ourselves with the forces of the universe and moreover, to download knowledge at will.  As the time of the Geulah (final redemption) and of Moshiach (King Messiah) is now countable in months, not years, the knowledge and energies once limited to the tzaddikim are now available to all of us who truly and honorably desire it.  With that said, we will explain some of the secrets alluded to above as explained to me by Rav Brandwein of blessed memory on his hilula.
His enlightenment was so beautiful and simple, and yet tied together so many of the teachings that I have been shown over the past 18 years.  Given that the primordial Aleph(א) is comprised of an upper Yud (י)  and a lower Yud (י) separated by a Vav (ו), Let us begin with the premise that there are numerous worlds dependent on the upper Yud (י) and another set of worlds dependent on the lower Yud (י).  The Zohar tells us that Upper Yud (י) corresponds to 14,050,000 worlds.  When I asked Rav Brandwein to help me understand this paragraph he showed me how many worlds corresponded to the lower Yud (י) and it all became so wonderfully clear: 300,109,265 worlds.
It will help to picture it like this when you add them together…




It is the Mathematical constant Pi: 3.14159265…

So why were the digits and their corresponding worlds divided up into 10,450,000 and 300,109,265? Unless each set of worlds had special meaning and purpose, this would be pi 2just a random split—infinite pairs of numbers could have been chosen, yet Rabbi Shimon chose to link these two with unfathomable knowledge and the end-of-days and Rav Brandwein chose to reveal them now.
alef 2A deeper understanding of the Aleph(א) provides a partial answer.  Aleph(א) is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, but it is also the last in that the letter Aleph(א)  can have the numerical value of both 1 and of 1000, making it the lowest and the highest in their logarithmic gematria scale.  Representing the beginning and the end, the Arizal explains the Aleph(א) can assume the value 1001.  Moreover, when spelled out (אלפ)–a more potent version of the letter–the Aleph(א)  takes on the numerical value of 111, so it is quite astonishing that when we divide 300109265 worlds by the total numerical value of all 28 letters of the Torah’s first verse (2701) we get 300109265/2701 = 111110 = 1001 x 111 = Aleph(א)  X Aleph(א).

300109265/2701 = 111110 = 1001 x 111 = Aleph(א)  X Aleph(א)


Or viewed another way, the 300109265 worlds divided by Aleph(א)  X Aleph(א) = 2701, the Torah’s first verse.

300109265/(1001 x 111) = 2701.

The 300109265 worlds/(א)2 =  The Torah’s First Verse

This is why the Zohar section above begins with, “Come and see: The first subject of Torah we give to children is the Alphabet.” From the primordial Aleph (א) spreads out physicality through Pi and spirituality through the Torah. “In the beginning G-d created Heaven and earth.”
And we know this cannot be a coincidence because, as expounded on in The Genesis Prayer, the product of the 28 letters of that verse multiplied together, then divided by the genesis prayer covermultiplied product of the 7 words of that verse also equal Pi, 3.14159
The total gematria of the entire Torah is 21,009,826. We can call them values, energy founts, or worlds; nevertheless, when we divide them by the 14,050,000 worlds we get 1.495…, the gematria value of the sum of all 22 letters of Hebrew alphabet.  Then if we divide the 300,109,265 worlds by 21,009,826 we get 14.2842…, a progression of 14. The preponderance and prominence of 14 is notable and well known to be the numerical value of David (דוד) as in King David, which plays prominently in the Moshiach Ben David prophecies, especially since 1495-1405 = 90, the numerical value of King (מלך).  Finally, taking the total gematria of the Torah, 21,009,826 divided by that of its first verse, 2701 and we get 7778.5.  Interesting in that the midpoint in King David’s life in 2889 HC is exactly the midpoint from Adam (אדם) to Moshiach in 5778.  Adam (אדם) is Aleph (א) – David (ד) – Moshiach (ם).

Energy, Not Numbers  – Fields, Not Worlds

energy field2Two competing forces of nature flowed forth from the Aleph (א) and as they merged, both physicality, which was formed through Pi and spirituality, which was formed through the Torah, emerged.  The letters of the Torah, both black and white fire, were formed from the impressions in these energy fields and then organized along the rivers, trails and eddies.  What we call matter was similarly formed.  As above, so goes below.  The Zoharic description of black and white fire can be explained by the intensity of the early energy of the universe that coalesced into the forms of the letters—hot like black fire—and the surrounding energy fields that contain no less data, yet are unfocused, which in our scientists descriptions of the universe is called white noise, and is hot like white fire.
Bound to Pi and other physical constants encoded into the energetic fields, the Torah, a tangible physical tool, became our link to the Aleph(א) and the spiritual worlds. In Kabbalistic terminology, the Torah is Zeir Anpin, our conduit from the rivers of Binah energy that water and sustain our world of Malchut.  As Rabbi Shimon explained, without the light derived from true understanding of the Torah and its sources in Binah, there is only darkness.
Contrary to what you may be thinking, we are not opening the gates of math right now; we are opening the gates to the worlds to which Rabbi Shimon was referring.  These worlds energy field1are not distant parallel planets, but governing fields of energy that influence our lives whether we realize it or not. This is not so dissimilar to the fields of energy that actually make up the basic particles in matter, which most of us until this moment thought were actually solid materials.  You see, everything including our bodies and minds are made up of interacting swirls of energy fields.
“If quantum mechanics hasn’t profoundly shocked you, you haven’t understood it yet. Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real.” – Niels Bohr
chaostheory_54And viewed from the right perspective these energy fields appear to be rivers, seas, and worlds.  In the age to come, we will need to be able perceive them, interact responsibly with them, align with them, and thus achieve control and harmony with our environment.  In our previous article, 25th century Technology, we began the process of orienting ourselves to the next age, and aligning ourselves appropriately with the beneficial forces of our universe.  So please do not think of these equations as math or the numbers as alien lifeforms; think of them as the portals to the new world to come, and as fountains of nourishing and refreshing energy.
There is a very good reason this knowledge is being revealed in our generation. The next 3 digits in Pi are 3.14159265  358…. And 358 is the numerical value of MOSHIACH!
Once again, concerning those 14,050,000 and 300,109,265 worlds, we must note that the 3 digits in 14,050,000, in other words 1, 4 and 5, taken in reverse give us 541, the numerical value of Israel, the last word in the Torah, while the first 3 digits in 300,109,265 also taken in reverse, give us 913, the numerical value of Bereshit, the first word in the Torah.  The end links to the beginning, a circle, endless, like the existence that created it. The Torah was created at once, beginning and end, from the Aleph (א), the One. This is all the more relevant when we considered the inherent natural of Pi, which is to bend a straight line into a circle, creating infinite continuity and bending a flat static physicality into the 3rd dimension.  And by the way, the square root of the beginning and the end, (541 x 913) equals 702.8036; not only does this hint to the 7 words and 28 letters of the Torah’s first verse, but 702 is the gematria value of Shabbat, the time of Moshiach.  When we can perceive the end in the beginning and the beginning in the end, we will have attained spiritual consciousness and will have begun the process of assimilation into the energy stream of Binah.

The Holy Name

So how does this connect to the Holy Name as mentioned in the Zohar section? The Holy unpronounceable Name (יהוה) breaks down into its component letters as 3 Yuds (י,י,י) and intercalated between those Yuds the 3 letters of the name David (דוד) of numerical value 14.  Hence the Holy ineffable Name (יהוה) is also 3.14, pi, yet another link between the spiritual and the physical, created to support us in our quest. YHVH
The significance to this is all the more relevant as we open the gates to usher in Moshiach Ben David.  The 10 dimensions of the Tree-of-Life, and that the Holy Name (יהוה) has a tree10gematria value, or energetic equivalent, of 26. We can plainly see how perfect is G-d’s design, and how beautiful Rav Brandwein’s and Rabbi Shimon’s illuminations are: The sum of the digits in the 14,050,000 worlds is 1+4+5 = 10 and that of the 300,109,265 worlds is 3+1+9+2+6+5 = 26.  While this is but one short paragraph in this article, it is no small revelation. Setting aside the numbers, there is enough light here to burn through all the darkness around us, if we have “eyes to see and hearts to observe.”
The sum of the digits in the full set of worlds that are dependent on both the upper and lower Yuds are thus 10 and 26, together 36, as in the Lamed-Vav (לו) tzaddikim that sustain our world.  As written about previously we find the Lamed-Vav (לו) in the phrase from our daily prayers “From generation to generation (לדר–ודר)”of numerical value 444 or 4 x 111 (Aleph).  Concealed within that phrase is once again the name David (דוד) leaving the letters (לרר) of numerical value 430, the same as nefesh (soul), revealing the hidden message that David (דוד)’s soul travels with us from generation to generation.  And as Rav Ashlag  of blessed memory, explained to me, the 13 leaps from Adam to 5778 of 444 years are each derived from dividing the 444 years by the 22 letters of the alphabet to give us segments of 20.18 each.  The relevance of the 13 leaps is that 13 is the numerical value of ahava/love and it is further emphasized in that not only does 3+1+9+2+6+5 = 26, but within these worlds the digits breakdown symmetrically to 3+1+9 = 13 and 2+6+5 = 13.  This will soon be further explained when we reveal the Abraham and Sarah equation and its significance for us today.
Please note that the beautiful symmetry continues with the 14,050,000 worlds as well, in that 1+4 also perfectly balances the 5, splitting the 10 sefirot right down the middle, just as Abraham the Patriarch advised us in his book the Sefer Yetzirah5 on one side, 5 on the other, cleaved down the middle.” This may also be hinting at the midpoint in King David’s life in 2889 HC, exactly halfway between Adam and Moshiach in 5778.
green piGiven that there are 300109265 worlds dependent on the lower Yud, it is insightful that G-d made a point of including the numerical sequence ….3001927… within the last 27 digits in the storied first 1000 digits in Pi.  As can be imagined, a constant such as Pi created from the fabric of the energy source of the universe, is much more than string of digits and numbers. It is much more than a curve to bend a straight line around. It is a code. It is encoded with infinite knowledge and wisdom and it is far from Random. Nothing is Random in the Universe.  The first 1000 of these digits represent the primordial Aleph (א) and are thus critically important to understand.
No stone is being left unturned in the communication to us from the other side.  A wealth of knowledge can be gleaned from connecting the 300109265 worlds through the Aleph, and a wealth of knowledge can also be gleaned from examining their placement within the digits in Pi.  As Rabbi Shimon said, we are the generation of knowledge.  It is all available to us to fathom and digest. It is a matter of choice.

Final Countdown

PiBook6We’ve been writing and opening gates for 18 years now about the date for the geulah and Moshiach. We began with its connections to the mathematical constant Pi (3.14…) and the concept that nothing is random in the universe  which has come full circle in this article.   It appears that enough gates have been opened for countless others to begin advising the world of similar messages sourced in the Zohar, the writings of numerous tzaddikim and other sources.  It appears enough gates have been opened for people around the world to begin touting the signs all around us as evidence of the upcoming Geulah.  Yet, while the consciousness is widening we still have far to go in the narrowing time frame, and so we will continue opening deeper and larger gates with the hope even more will follow.
One such rabbi quoted the Zohar in a lecture about Moshiach coming at the time of Minchah Erev Shabbat using the well-known 7000-year time frame, so we would like to explain it properly to everyone.  To those that have known this prophecy it is understood that the last 1000 years of the 7000 pertains to the 7th day (Shabbat), which is the actual time of Moshiach.  In kabbalistic terms 1 day is equivalent to 1000 years in the same way that that the Aleph (א) is both 1 and 1000, so the first 5 days of Creation are equal to 5000 years, and the 6th day is 1000 years long.  This is why there are 6 Alephs (א) in the Torah’s first verse.  While Minchah can be prayed at any time in the afternoon, the highest time is at 6 2/3 hours after 12 o’clock (midday), which is the end of the morning (Shacharit) time frame. The 6 2/3 hours or 6.666 hours plus the 12 hours of the morning work out to a total of 18.666 hrs.
If we divide the day into 24 hours and thus divide 1000 years by 24, we get the time of Minchah Erev Shabbat as 5000 years + (1000/24) x 18.666 = 5777.78, or 5778.

5000 + (1000/24) x 18.666 = 5777.78 or 5778

The Hebrew Year 5778 is 2018 CE

Rav Ashlag used a similar construct with a different approach and reasoning when he came up with the year 5778 for the geulah as well.  He inadvertently also answers the The Divine Calendarremaining rabbis who cling to living out the final 222 years in order to get to the full 6000 year period.  Rav Ashlag also winds up connecting it all back to the primordial Aleph (א) and the Torah’s first verse that emanated from it, because in his calculations we see that 222/6000 is in actuality 1/27.01.  In other words, like a brit milah (covenant) the severed 222-year tip is equivalent to 100/2701, leaving us with the year 5778 and sparing us the negativity of the final 222.  This is significant in that 5778 HC is the year 2018 CE, so the year G-d will fulfill His Covenant with Abraham is the same numerical year that he made it, only in the Hebrew calendar 2018 HC.
By the way, we are now half way through the Hebrew year 5776, leaving 18 months until 5778.  The time of Minchah Erev Shabbat is beginning.
That explained, let us revert back to the Zohar section Rav Brandwein helped us with.  When the Holy Name (יהוה) expands into its 4 aspects it has a total numerical value of 232 and when those 14,050,000 worlds are divided by the 3 Yuds(י) of numerical value 10 each, thus 30 times 232, it too gives us the date 2018.

14050000/(30 x 232) = 2018

So what are 30 Alephs (א) that comprise the 3 Yuds(י)? There are the 90 mysteriously doubled words in the Torah, representing the upper and lower Yuds (י) of the Aleph (א) respectively, allowing us to connect directly to the Aleph (א) 90 times within the annual Torah cycle.  These 90 doubled or 180 individual words (10 x 18) also include doubled names, such as Moses Moses.  As it happens, the numerical value of his name when spelled out twice is 3330, exactly equal to 30 Alephs (א) or 30 x 111.  More significantly for us in this generation of the end of days is that there are 3330 years from when Moses received the 10 commandments at Mt Sinai in 2448 HC (-1313 BCE) to the year of Moshiach in 5778. This also works out to 66.6 jubilee years, the 50-year intervals that the Torah instructed us to count from 2448 HC until the Geulah (final redemption).
Moreover, given that the digits in the 14,050,000 and 300,109,265 worlds, taken backwards gave us 541 (Israel) and 913 (bereshit) it is odder still that the square root of 541 x PiBook6913 x 562, representing all 3 sets of triplet digits, is the palindromic prime number 16661. There are far more special properties to this number, linking it to the 42-Letter Name, Moshiach Ben David, love, and the year 5778, as can be found in chapter 32 of Nothing is Random in the Universe.
phi milky wayJust to be clear, Pi is not the only natural mathematical constant integrated into this simple but all-encompassing plan of G-d.  Yet another primordial constant that governs physicality and directs growth in all phases of our universe is Phi (1.618033887…) and Phi18 = 5778.000, which is all the more relevant given that the square root of 18, the number associated by all Jews with the Hebrew word for life/Chai, is 4.2426, an easily grasped combination of 424 (Moshiach Ben David) and 26 (the Holy Name).
As one last note, Rabbi Chaim Vittal of blessed memory explained that all Torah knowledge spread though squaring and as the digits in the 14,050,000 descend and we take their square roots to get to their essence we see that from the upper elemental energy fields that created Pi, Phi emerged.

                               1 + 5   =     1 + √5    =    Phi (1.618033887…)

                                  √4                     2

And similarly the digits in 300,109,265 descend and get squared, producing

                            1 X √3      =       √3         =     1   =    .5773

                                √9                       3               √3

                          .5773 + .000358 (Moshiach) = 5777.08

That is pretty astounding, but while we are in the time of revelation and all the concealments are being unmasked what is also astounding is what has laid hidden within Pi since its formation.  Hidden within 3 1 4 1 5 9 2 6 5 3 5 8 is the perfectly sequenced mathematical progression called the Fibonacci sequence that is wholly governed by Phi (1.618033887..) and that progresses by summing the previous two numbers, 0 + 1 = 1 and 1 + 1 = 2 and 2 + 1 = 3 and 3 + 2 = 5 and 5 +3 = 8.  As the number progression gets larger, the ratio between the consecutive numbers (ie 5/8, 8/13…) gets closer and closer to Phi (1.618033887..)

3 1 4 1 5 9 2 6 5 3 5 8


“They sustain all the worlds and are the supports of the upper and the lower beings within the secret of wisdom.”

As Rav Ashlag explains in his commentaries on the Zohar, the archangel Metatron (מטטךון), whose gematria value is 314, is the Tree-of-life of Good and Evil.  Moses is the First born of that Tree, and wholly from the side of good.  It is noteworthy that what we call Pi, the ancient kabbalist called Metatron.  While 314159265 begins with 314, the numerical value of Metatron, it ends with 265, the small gematria values of the last 3 letters in Metatron (499265). Furthermore, the odd double letter Tets (טט) of numerical value 9 and 9, in the center of Metatron (מטטךון) represent the 9 numerical digits in 014,050,000 and 300,109,265 and the 9 placeholders (0’s)—black and white fire—in these two energy sources that combine to form the Tree-of-Life, 3.14159265.  These doubled letters (טט) of values 9 and 9 are the source code behind that 90 and 90 doubled words in the Torah.
As for the 159 between the two values associated with Metatron (314,159,265), we can see that 1 x 5 x 9 = 45, the numerical value of Adam both as the original Man and as a derivative of this energy merging, but also as an acronym for Adam-David-Moshiach.  When we sum the squares, we get 12 + 52 + 92 = 107, an allusion to the 5778 year period from Adam to Moshiach in that the sum of all the integers from 1-107 = 5778, while the multiple of the square roots of all 9 digits, or 18 including the placeholders, is 180.  And just so we would not, or could not, miss the point, G-d arranged the merged digits in just the right order so that the sum of the squares of the first 3 would be 32 + 12 + 42 = 26 , the value of the Ineffable Name of G-d (יהוה) and that that of the 3 digits following 107 would be 22 + 62 + 52 = 65, the value of Adonai (אדני), the pronounceable aspect of the same Name. So whose plan do we think this could all be? And whose timetable are the 5778 years? Of course, if we sum all 12 numbers, including the 3 last digits (3, 5 and 8) as in Moshiach (358), we get a total of 296, which is the value of the 7th and final word in the Torah’s first verse, H’Ertz/Earth, the ultimate physicality. “In the Beginning G-d Created Heaven and Earth.”
moses and seaAnd while, as Rav Ashlag and the Zohar commented, Moses (345) is indeed first among the Tree-of-life, we find 345 represented amongst the first 5 digits of Pi/Metatron (3.1415…), with Moses receiving the initial energy of 300 from the 300,109,265 worlds and the 40 from the 14,050,000 worlds, and then the 5, also from the 14,050,000 energy fields. Within Pi/Metatron (3.1415…),  His name or energy imprints are intercalated (3.1415) with 2 number 1’s (11), representing the 11 sefirot (dimensions) of Da’at (Knowledge) from which Moses emanates and which is in actuality the primordial Aleph (א) itself.  Explained in Kabbalistic terminology, the opposing yet complementary energy sources of Chochma (wisdom) and Binah (Understanding) merge harmoniously through the Aleph (א)/Da’at (Knowledge) and get focused there and funneled down to Heaven (Zeir Anpin) and Earth (Malchut), which as the Zohar explains, were created simultaneously.
Given the depth and breadth of this article already, we will save for a subsequent article where the 72 Names and also the 42-Letter Names are found within the Aleph (א) and how to properly use this knowledge in tracing a path directly to Moshiach.
With every secret revealed another gate opens. With every revelation a door swings wider. With each opening more people see the signs, more people follow their lead and join usredsea2a on their parallel journeys. Not everyone will take notice, not everyone wants this journey.  Look around, many people have a cushy existence in this lifetime and it is hard for them to see beyond that.  Many people see our earthly technology as the end all—it is very hard for them to see beyond their smartphone. Until the last minute we will continue to open all we can. Unlike the time of Noach, people will not be able to say they were not warned.  Further, unlike the time of the Egyptian exile, G-d will not do the work for us.  We are being given all the tools, shown how to use them, and given a clear choice.
All the rivers are running into the sea, and we must ask ourselves, just as Rabbi Shimon and all the other tzaddikim who saw into the future and wondered about us: “Will they have eyes to see, hearts to observe, will they know, or pay attention to the wishes of their Master?  G-d willing, more will than will not.  It is time to heed the warnings, and address the knowledge open before us. The walls of the sea will soon be split again.  We must not only be ready, but also be willing and able to do what we are called to do.  G-d willing, we will all cross together.
The first 9 letters of the Torah (ברא–שית–ברא) form the same word twice Bereshit (בראשית) meaning both “In the Beginning” and “2 beginnings,” and in the middle of them, as an anchor to them both, are the letters (שית), spelling out 314 in small gematria. From the moment the primordial Aleph (א) focused the swirling energy to simultaneous create Heaven and Earth, Spirituality and Physicality, we were given two beginnings, two paths and two difficult choices to choose from.  There is the path of Cain and the path of Abel. Intersect and intertwining like our DNA, they both end after 5778 years, yet with very different outcomes. Please choice wisely. Use the knowledge that G-d wants to activate inside us.  The energy and light-force of G-d is infinite, yet we float in a limited eddy amongst that enormous sea.  We are being invited to explore beyond it. In an Ark of sorts.