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All on a Cosmic Wheel

The Day of Creation falls on the 259th Day of the 363 Day Cosmic Wheel that begins on Zot Chanukah, the 8th Day of Chanukah. Each of those 363 Days is associated with one letter sequentially of the 5 Elements of Creation, beginning with the 42-Letters of the 42-Letter Name Matrix followed by the 216 Letters of the 72 Triplets, which brings us to the (42 + 216) = 258th Day. The next Day is the Day of Creation, when we begin counting the 27 positions/Letters of the Essential Cube of Creation backwards from Zadi sofit (ץ) to Alef (א). The last 4 articles tell a story unto themselves that recaps key areas of this on-going book and swiftly moves us into the future, though The Journey into the understanding of Spherical Time began in earnest with the start of Chapter 32.  This article is already taking us much deeper.

After the 5th Day of the 5 final judgements (ךםןףץ), on Day 264, we reach Rosh Hashanah, Yom Terua, the Day of Judgement, and we begin the counting of the 22 Days from Tav (ת) to Alef (א) of the Holidays/Cosmic Festivals that bring us to the beginning, the reading of Bereshit.

The rest of the Days until Zot Chanukah correspond to the 11 Triplets of Bereshit and the 15 Triplets of the Shema, 78 letters plus 22, 100 in total, like the mirrored 100 Days from Zot Chanukah to Pesach.

Those first 258 Days also correspond to the 3 Names Elohim (אלהים) or (3 x 86) that are built into the Shofar, as we just learned in our Shofar kavannot. Those 3 Names Elohim plus the 5 Days of judgement bring us to Rosh Hashanah.

Every year in the cosmic cycle, Rosh Hashanah, the beginning of the year, starts on the 6th Day after Creation, just as Adam (Man) did on the 6th Day of Creation. The cumulative value of the 5 Letters (ךםןףץ) corresponding to those 5 previous Days of judgement is 365, as in the 365 Days in a solar year and the 365 Prohibitive mitzvot.  There are 613 total mitzvot in the Torah and 613 is the 112th Prime Number, as in the 112 Essential Triplets aligned with the Cosmic Wheel. The remaining 248 pro-active mitzvot correspond to the 248 dimensions of the Torah.

While the 112 Essential Triplets combined with the 248 dimensions equal (112 + 248) = 360, a circle, the 336 Letters in the 112 Triplets plus the 248 dimensions and the 27 Letters of the Essential Cube of Creation work out (336 + 248 + 27) = 611, as in Torah (611), representing the union of the Cosmic Wheel with the 248-dimensional cosmic E8 Lattice, which with the kolel (2) equals 613, as in the 613 total mitzvot.

Two Cubes

The total sum of the cumulative values for all 27 Days/positions is (1 + 3 + 6…+ 351 + 378) = 3654, once again as in the 365 Days in a solar year and maybe the 4 seasons or quadrants.

When we cumulatively add the sums of the 27 Letters/positions of the Alef-bet both backwards and forwards, the sum of the 27 positions equals (2 x 378) = 756, the base of the encasing pyramid and the sofit numerical value (756) of the Name of the inner central letter Nun ) of the Essential Cube of Creation.

The sum of the 27 cumulative sums backwards and forwards plus the complete value of the central letter Nun (נ) is (10584 + 64) = 10,648 or 223. While this is equivalent to the total number of rows and columns in the Torah, specifically the cumulative sum for the 22nd position backwards and forwards is (363 + 253) = 616, the numerical value of H’Torah.

Taking the values backwards and forwards is akin to counting two separate and synchronized Essential Cubes, an upper and a lower one, referring to their dimensionality not location.

That value 10584 is by design (28 x 378). Every one of the 26 vectors of the Essential Cube of Creation is included within the 13 larger vectors that pierce through the heart of the Cube. These are comprised of 3 components, the central 14, the power of the surrounding 28 and the singularity of 42. When the sum of the products of the two balancing points of the 13 vectors is added to the central 142, the total is (1 x 27, 2 x 26….13 x 15 + 142) = 3654, the same as the total cumulative value for all 27 Days/positions, 3654.

The value 10584 is 5 less than the milui (spelling-out) of the 27 Names of the 27 letters, 10589, which obviously includes the 5 final letters.  The value of the 22 Names is 4248, reflecting the 42 rows and 248 columns of the Torah that work out to the cube of 223.

Besides illustrating the perfection that the Torah is bathed in and with which it was Created, we are being shown that the 27 Letters gave rise to the Creation of physicality and that they can be utilized to change it when accessed at the right level (cosmic location).

The aspect of the YHVH (יהוה) that correspond to Sag (63), the level of Binah is central to the shofar kavannot of the Arizal for Rosh Hashanah. The numerical and/or ordinal value of the first 2 iterations of the Name is (26 + 63) = 89, as in the value of the Name Channukah and as in the 89 Days from the Day of Creation to Chanukah (89). It is also the 11th Fibonacci Number (89), as in the 11 sefirot. The cumulative value of the first 11 Fibonacci Numbers through 89 is 232, the value of all 4 aspects (Av, Sag, Mah, Ban or 72, 63, 45, and 52) of the 4 spelled-out YHVH (יהוה).

The 4 Letters of the YHVH (יהוה) have a value of 26, as in the 26 elements of a cube. After it expands into its 4 Aspects, the YHVH (יהוה) attains a collective value of 232.  The first two tiers in the expansion of the YHVH (יהוה) have a combined value of (26 + 232) = 258, representing the 42 Days and 216 Days from Zot Chanukah to the Day of Creation.

The 248 dimensions plus the 27 positions of the Essential Cube of Creation equal 275, as in the Primal Frequency that permeates the universe, 27.5 Hz. Likewise, the 4 Aspects and 39 Letters of the YHVH (יהוה) equal (232 + 39 + 4) = 275.

The ordinal value of the 3rd iteration of the Name YHVH (יהוה) at the Aspect of Sag, the level of Binah, is 107, as in the 107th Triangular Number, 5778, and as in the 107 days between Shavuot and Rosh Hashanah and 107 days again from Chanukah to Pesach.

Moreover, when the solar calendar of 365 days is superimposed on the lunar/spiritual Cosmic Wheel, the Day of Creation becomes 107 days from the end (365258) of the year, tying the beginning to the end to the event horizon in 5778.

The ordinal sofit value of that 3rd iteration of the Name YHVH Sag (יהוה) is 215, as in the 6 Elemental Matrixes that form Zeir Anpin (42, 72, 27, 48, 11, 15) and that are built into the Cosmic Wheel, as previously explained throughout chapter 32.

The ordinal value of all 3 iterations thus becomes (26 + 63 + 107) = (89 + 107) = 196, which equals 142, as in the central 14th position of the Essential Cube of Creation and of Spherical Time.

That central 14th letter Nun (נ) has a numerical value of 50, as in the 50 days from Pesach to Shavuot, and the 50 days from Chanukah to Tu B’Shvat, which is 42 days from Zot Chanukah, as in the 42 letters in the 3 iterations of the Name YHVH (יהוה).

Specifically, in the Arizal’s Rosh Hashanah meditations we are to connect to the 2 sets of the 42-Letter Names YHVH (יהוה), because they summed to 84, as in Pad (פד) redemption, and there are 84 Days from Rosh Hashanah to Chanukah. The first of those 2 Names is the Aspect of Av of numerical value 72, and there are 72 Days from Zot Chanukah to Purim.

All 4 of those Aspects are derived from the Name YHVH (יהוה) of numerical value 26 and there are 26 Days from the Day of Creation to Shemini Atzeret.  The 27th Day is Simchat Torah, completing the Holidays/Festivals and the 27 positions of the Essential Cube of Creation. The middle Day in the Festivals and positions is the 14th, Yom Kippur.

What all these entwined connections are showing us is that the location of the Essential Matrices, the Essential Cube of Creation, the Cosmic Wheel—everything that guides, controls, and creates physicality—is in Binah.  This is where they must be accessed to change physicality.  We cannot change physicality from within the physical world. From outside the system anything can be changed at will. Inside it, we are just shuffling the cards.

Knowing of these spiritual elements and their make-up is the first step in accessing them.

Physicality is not created in a single step. It is a process that occurs over 7 dimensions, known as the 7 sefirot of Zeir Anpin, the lower trunk of the Tree-of-Life, the lower of the two stacked cubes of that same Tree-of-Life schematic.

As above so below. That lower Cube, much like the upper Essential Cube of Creation above, has 6 sides/directions and a central point, only in this case the 26 projections or rays are inward toward the illusionary world, the Kingdom of Malchut.

Those 26 rays in the case of the Essential Cube of Zeir Anpin and the 26 vectors in the case of the upper Essential Cube of Creation connect cosmically/hyper-dimensionally with the 26 elements of their respective cubes (12 edges, 8 vertices, 6 sides) and with the 26 Matrix positions surrounding the central points.

In both instances there are 26 vectors. In the Zeir Anpin one, they are pointed inward, toward Malchut. In cosmic and spiritual terms, outward is what we see as upward, and inward is what we perceive as downward. Hence the directionality of a Tree. Moreover, the outward expansion is a heightening of consciousness, while the inward one is a contraction.

The two Cubes, one in Binah, the other forming Zeir Anpin, cover 54 positions, one position for each of the portions of the Torah for a total sofit value of 9990 or (10410), and a total ordinal value of 756, as in the 756’ base of the encasing pyramid. While their complete value less the kolel (2) is 4200, and their katan value is 256 or 28 like the Ark of the Covenant that the cubic Tablets with the 10 Commandments slip into.  The notably telling cipher (Phi(φ) + Genesis (רץ)) gives it a value of 5778, the Event Horizon radius of Spherical Time, and the complement to the complete Pi (π) value for the 54 letters/positions, 4222.

These 26 vectors all come from the One, as does the Name YHVH (יהוה), and they form a construct of 27 active positions within the Essential Cube of Creation.  It is in Genesis 1:27, in the paragraph of the Creation of physically that G-d Creates Man in His image.

וַיִּבְרָא אֱלֹהִים אֶת-הָאָדָם בְּצַלְמוֹ, בְּצֶלֶם אֱלֹהִים בָּרָא אֹתוֹ:  זָכָר וּנְקֵבָה, בָּרָא אֹתָם

“And God created man with His image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.”

The initials are always the seed of any aspect, and the rest of the letters/words are the complementary part. With us, the seed is Adam and Eve.  G-d created Man, male and female, Adam (45) and Chava (19), or 64, as in the complete value of the central letter Nun (נ) of the Essential Cube of Creation, two complementary concepts.

The 13 initials, out of the 50 (נ) total letters in this critical verse, total 37, as in the back of the Aspect of YHVH Sag (יוד־הי־ואו־הי) whose initials total 26.

Part of the Arizal’s kavannot on the Shofar blasts meant to help sweeten the judgements incurred in the 7th realm, physicality, involves the Aspect of Sag taken 7 times. While it is necessary for us to call upon and awaken the cosmic resources from below, Judgement can only be sweetened from above. In doing this we are drawing upon the resources of Binah, where the Aspect of Sag resides, and by showing that we are ready to receive them, we help to pull them into and through the 7 dimensions/levels of Zeir Anpin.

The 7 backs of the 7 (יוד־הי־ואו־הי) or (7 x 37) = 259, as in the 259th Day in the Cosmic Wheel, the Day of Creation.  Meanwhile, the 7 fronts of the 7 (יוד־הי־ואו־הי) or (7 x 26) = 182, as in the 1820 YHVH (יהוה) in the Torah and the 18200 total distance of the 26 vectors of the Essential Cube of Creation, and as in the numerical value of Jacob (182) who represents the archetype of Zeir Anpin that is associated with the YHVH (יהוה). This connection to the distance of the 26 vectors in the two synchronized Essential Cubes, one a dimensional extension of the other, is of paramount importance, structurally and for our ability to draw upon the Light of Binah all the way through Zeir Anpin.

While the complete 7 Names Sag associated with Binah (יוד־הי־ואו־הי) or (7 x 63) = 441, Emet (אמת), Truth, which equals Ehyeh (אהיה) 2 or 212, it gives us new understanding about the expression, “Give Truth to Jacob.” Meanwhile, the 21 Yuds (י) in the 7 (יוד־הי־ואו־הי) or (21 x 10) = 210, equate to the height of the Tower of Truth, whose cubic volume is 44100 cu3, matching the height of the encasing pyramid in levels (210) and cubits (210), and the 210 years of exile in Egypt.

The Inscribed Cube Inside the Encasing Pyramid

Once again, geometry is the grammar of the language of the cosmos, and we see that the encasing pyramid is modeled (designed) so that 1/3 of its base area or 3302/3 equals its perimeter in inches, 36300”, as in the value of H’Moshiach (363). It also references the Spherical Time circumference, (36300 + 4.24470) that also includes 424 (Moshiach Ben David and the total value of the 1000 digits in Pi (4470). Since its height is 210 cubits, its total volume works out to 7.24888, reflecting the 248 dimensions of the Torah and of the E8 Lattice, and the year the Israelites entered Israel, 2488 HC. It was also the year that Moses departed after 120 years, as in the base measure of the encasing pyramid minus its height (330210) = 120 cu.

More complex geometry reveals that the ratio of the volume of a cube inscribed in a 4-sided pyramid is 1 : 2.25, in other words, the inscribed cube occupies .444% of the encasing pyramid, as in the numerical value of “L’dor V’dor, from generation to generation (לדר־ודר).” This is fitting as 1776/4 = 444 and 1776 HC was the year that the Tower of Truth, which the encasing pyramid surrounds, was built, and moreover, as Rav Ashlag explained to me, 444/22 = 20.18, the Western analogue to 5778 HC.

So, is there meaning in the ratio of the volume of the Tower of Truth to the entire encasing pyramid being 44100/7623000 = .5785% or 7 years after 5778?

Funny, how that works out to 248 years after 1776 CE.

Its volume is also 1.30% of that imaginary 1503 cu3 cube inscribed within the encasing pyramid, as in Echad, One, of numerical value 13.  The Tower’s 20 cu base length is thus 13.33% of and 130 cu less than the 150 cu base length of the inscribed cube, or (15020) = 130 cu, as in 1.30% and as in Mt Sinai (130), and the creation of the 13 colonies in 1776 CE that became 50 states, mimicking the 50 Gates of Binah, or alternatively the 50 gates of negativity that the Israelites had succumbed to and reached the threshold of before being rescued in Egypt. Those 50 gates are the slavery to physicality.

The 150-cu base of the inscribed cube is 45.50% of the 330-cu base of the encasing pyramid, as in the 455-value of the 3 aspects of Ehyeh (אהיה) of Binah in the Path of One (13).

It has been almost 4125 years after the rains fell, and the waters from above and below surged, when “the floodgates of heaven were opened,” according to the representative dating given to us in the Torah. The 150-cubit inscribed cube is (150 x 27.5) = 4125” per edge, coinciding with the Major Seventh (M7) musical tone or 412.5 Hz, which, as we have studied, is also 3 times the Phi(φ) angle or (3 x 137.5 o), the 3 turns of the great hand within the core of Spherical Time.

After the 40 days of rain ended, there began 150 days of water’s swelling and churning, to a height of 15 YH (יה) cubits above the mountain peaks, just like the 150 Lights that the Arizal explained descend from Abba into the 7 dimensions of Zeir Anpin during the Tekia shofar blasts, expanding by 10 from YH (יה) to 150.

Those 150 cubits work out to a truncated 343 or 73 feet, making each edge of the inscribed cube equivalent to a cube of 73, which is a cube of 7 per edge cubed and cubed again, a most symbolic hyperspace expansion.

“On the Seventh Day (בַּיּוֹם הַשְּׁבִיעִי)” from the 10 Utterances of Creation and the 10 Commandments likewise has a numerical value of 455 because it too is in Binah, where we can be elevated to each and every Sabbath. This is like Tu B’Shevat that occurs on the 15th (הי) of the lunar month of Shevat (שבט), which is 42 (בם) days after Zot Channukah and 50 (ים) days after Channukah begins, in the middle of the 150 days from Channukah to Shavuot (שְּׁבִ).  It is exactly 3 times the 50-day Omer period that hosts the final stretch from Pesach to Shavuot, the completion of the 7 x 7 cycle.

These are the same 150 days of the flood waters and of the 10 (י) times the 15-cubit (הי) limit of the waters above the Earth. As previously discussed, this is why the 6 ellipses of the Cosmic Wheel stretch from the 15th to the 15th of the lunar months, the limit of Zeir Anpin.

It is all about frequency (27.5 Hz). 15 cubits, like the 15th of the month, is 15 x 27.5 inches or (15 x 27.5 Hz), which equals 412.5 Hz, the frequency at the full moon, like the 15 cubit or 412.5” length of the so-called King’s Chamber in the encasing pyramid. The King’s Chamber’s length is thus 1/10th that of the inscribed 150 cu cube, and its width is exactly half that, 7.5 cu or 206.25” inches, making twice its width also harmonically equal to the 412.5 Hz frequency.

Of course, any room in the (2 x 1) proportion fits the golden mean and thus is in the perfect Phi(φ) state, especially since there are 21 granite stones in the floor set into the top of the 50th level of the pyramid, both references to Binah. It is 1724 inches high, as the numerical value of “The Sabbath Day (את־היום־השבת)” from Shemot 20:7, the 7th verse in the 10 Commandments. This is also 147.30 cubits from the 210 cu (5775”) summit of the Tower/encasing pyramid, as in 7 x 21, as in the 7 Names of Binah Ehyeh (אהיה) found in the Torah, and the 147 years of Jacob.

Just so it is known, the complete height of the King’s Chamber, representative of Binah, to the top of the 3 massive granite gables set into its multi-chambered roof is 42 courses (levels) of the 210 levels in the Tower/encasing pyramid, or exactly 1/5th, spanning 2856” or 238’ as in 1/238 = 42.

It is a more complex conversation but 5 represents the 5 worlds, which are distinct from the sefirot, and that conceptually each of the 5 worlds has 10 sefirot, hence 50 in total, like the 50 chapters in Genesis. The 5 worlds are the reason that there are 5 Essential Elements aligned with the 5 Books of Moses aligned with the 58 elements of the Torah and the 5th word is the 5-letter word “The Heavens (השמים) that begins with the value “5” and whose ordinal value (26 + 26 + 10) = 62, that is aligned with the 62 Yuds (י) in the 10 Commandments, and the 62 cu that the Kings Chamber rests above the desert floor.

Nonetheless, previously when we divided the 5 Essential Elements into natural splits of the energetically male and female components, the 5 male ones (1143 + 302 + 1000 + 410 + 1) equaled 2856 and we noted that they aligned with the total words in the Torah divided by 28, or 2856.2856 and with the 28056 letters Hei (ה) in the Torah, each of numerical value 5.  Splitting that ratio of male/female for the 5 Essential Elements, or 2856/14136, equals 20.20373, as in the 203-value of (ברא), the Torah’s second word and first Triplet (ברא), and as in the 73rd Triangular Number value of the entire first verse, and the 73 reoccurrences of the Torah’s 5th word (השמים). It all comes together in that the Torah reoccurrences of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th words together are 2856.

The 7 Dimensions and Binah

On Shabbat, the 7th Day, Binah does not descend; Zeir Anpin rises up into it.  Not directly, but schematically and metaphorically into the back of it.

Meanwhile, the complete value of the YHVH Sag (יוד־הי־ואו־הי) at the level of Binah is 126, matching the faces, planes, tri-axes, and tri-vectors of the Essential Cube of Creation.  While the central letter/position Nun (נ) of this cube located in Binah has a complete value of 64, it is known that both the Name Israel and the word Shofar have 64 as their ordinal value and that they all match the value of the word din (דין) or judgement.

Moreover, when the cipher of the Essential Cube order of the Alef-bet is applied to the word din (דין) its value becomes 541, that of Israel, and its cumulative Essential Cube ordinal value is 441, as in Emet (אמת), Truth, and as in the complete 7 Names YHVH Sag (יוד־הי־ואו־הי) of Binah, which we also know to be related to 212 or the Name Ehyeh (אהיה)2, the higher Name, also of Binah.

The word judgment, din (דין), has a simple Essential Cube ordinal value of 37, as in the back of the YHVH Sag (יוד־הי־ואו־הי), and as in the 37th Triangular Number, 703, the value of the last 2 words in the Torah’s first verse “V’et H’Ertz (ואת־הארץ), and the Earth.” The first 5 words of that special verse, “G-d Created the Heavens,” have a total value of 3 times the 36th Triangular Number, making the full 7 words equal to 2701, the 73rd Triangular Number, as in (37 + 36) = 73, and making the words “V’et H’Ertz (ואת־הארץ), and the Earth” equal to 26.0% of that first verse, the value of the initials of that same Name YHVH Sag (יוד־הי־ואו־הי). We should further note that the initials (בבאאה) of the first 5 words equal 11, which equals the initials (וה) of the last 2.

Of course, the full value of the Torah’s first verse, 2701, the 73rd Triangular Number, is (37 x 73), and 37 and 73 represent the 12th and 21st Prime Numbers with (12 x 21) equaling 252 or (6 x 42) or one Name Ehyeh (אהיה) of numerical value 21 for each of the 12 Moons in the Cosmic Wheel.  These are the 6 axes of the ellipses and the 12 apogees.

Moreover, 2701/252 or (37 x 73)/(12 x 21) = 10.7182.. as in 107, the 28th Prime Number that matches the 28 letters of that first verse, and as in the 107th Triangular Number, 5778.  The portion 182 of 10.7182 we recognized as the 7 Names YHVH (יהוה) for the 7 words in the verse that correspond to the structure of Zeir Anpin and the 7 dimensions that project physicality.

It is yet another glimpse into the perfection of the Torah and the Cosmos, the sum of the last 2 letters in that verse (רץ) equal to 1100 sofit and aligned with the sum of (37 + 73) equaling 110, the 1st Harmonic Convergence of the 2 Primal Frequencies (1.1 Hz and 27.5 Hz).

Adding to the cosmic equation, we have the 33rd Prime Number that is the Fine Structure Constant 137, plus 173, the katan value of the 42-Letter Name that is the 40th Prime Number, which together are not only (33 + 40) = 73, but (37 + 73 + 137 + 173) = 420 and (37 x 73 x 137 x 173) = 64016401, which equals the repeated sum of the Torah’s first verse and the 42-Letter Name (2701 + 3701).

Moreover, while (73 x 137) = 10001, (173 x 37) = 6401, and (173 + 37) = 210, the height of the encasing pyramid, the 210 years of exile, the height of the Tower of Truth, and so much more already discussed, including Planck’s diameter h/π or 21.0914362859 x 1035, the total word value of the Torah (21009826), and the result of 5778/27.5 Hz = 210.1091. Does it feel like you are living in the Matrix yet?

The complete Essential Cube order of the Alef-bet for judgment, din (דין), is thus (441 + 37) = 578. The 3-letter word din (דין), judgment, is composed of the value 14, as in hand, yad (יד), and as in the central letter Nun (נ) in the 14th position in the Essential Cube of Creation, along with the final letter Nun (ן) of numerical value 700, which is the average distance (18200/26) of the 26 vectors of the Essential Cube of Creation. The lower cube or contracted cube of the 2 Essential Cubes of Creation, the one associated with the 7 dimensions of Zeir Anpin, like the physicality that it produces, is couched in judgment.

The Essential Hypercube of Binah

The upper Essential Cube of Creation of Binah is a bit more complex than we have represented it so far. It is a hypercube, an expansion from the 3-dimensional simple cube. Or more correctly, the 3-dimensional simple Essential Cube of Creation is a contraction or restriction in kabbalistic terms from the hypercube. In the hypercube each of the 6 sides of the 3-dimensional simple cube expand into an entire new cube, making 7 in total. Hence the 7 Ehyeh (אהיה) of the Torah.

In each one of those cubes another higher or potential state Binah letter Nun (נ) connects metaphysically with a bar/vector or bond to the central Zeir Anpin/Malchut letter Nun (נ); and from each side of the Zeir Anpin/Malchut Cube an opposite/mirrored Binah cube is formed. Thus from the position 1 of the Alef (א) the 42 singularity is maintained through the expansion by a vector (11427) through the Binah Nun (נ), or 14th position, to the Zadi sofit (ץ) at the 27th position. And the same goes for all 13 vectors on all 6 sides, as in the Path of One, until the entire potential Binah Cube is formed. This happens in all 6 directions and a shell of potentiality is completed around the inner Zeir Anpin/Malchut Cube. As the 7 cubes are completed, (13 x 7) = 91 vectors are established and interconnected. The only thing is that this process actually occurs in a reverse order; the Binah Cube is the one that gives rise to the Zeir Anpin/Malchut Cube that processes physicality.

This is the metaphysical meaning behind the YHVH (יהוה) whose 10 (י) dimensions are processed through the Binah Essential Cube (ה) and bonded with a bar/vector (ו) the lower state Zeir Anpin/Malchut Essential Cube (ה). The 6 bonds/bars/vectors/directions are represented in the Vav (ו) of the YHVH (יהוה).  The complete unification (יאהדונהי) = 91. The Alef (א) represents and is composed of the upper and lower Yud (י) of this unifying process. Together with the two Yuds (י) the overarching Alef (א) is (10 + 1 + 10) = 21, and the remaining letters = 70, forming the 70 branches of Zeir Anpin and of the Tree-of-Life that support the 70 nations of the physical world.  This is the exact process we connect with on Sukkot if we do the shakings with the kavannot properly for the 7 days in the 6 directions in the Sukkah of numerical value 91, as we draw the Light of Binah (אהיה) through Zeir Anpin into Malchut and share it with the 70 nations.

This is no different than the Quantum Physics understanding that an atom (and thus everything in our physical world) exists in a pure potential state until it is observed and then it is physically fixed.

The 6 bonds/bars/vectors/directions are akin to the 6 axes of the 6 lunar elliptical orbits that string together the 12 Moons (לְבָנָה) of the Cosmic Wheel, represented by the 6 surrounding letters Nun (נ). The word Levanah (לְבָנָה) can be broken down into “The Heart H’Lev (הלב) and the letter Nun (נ).

In the similar Name Ehyeh (אהיה) the process starts metaphysically higher with the One (א) and expands into the 10 (י) sefirot (dimensions).  The hypercubes here are higher dimensional.

In the 4-dimensional state of the Binah hypercube there are 16 vertices, 32 edges, and 24 faces, so we have gone from the 26 total in the Zeir Anpin/Malchut Essential Cube to 72 in the Binah Essential Cube.  Of course, these cosmically align with the YHVH (יהוה), and the Av (יוד־הי־ויו־הי) Aspect of it; the regressive expansion (י־יה־יהו־יהוה) of it; along with 72 Names/Triplets, and the 722 angle (51.84o) of ascension of the encasing pyramid that surrounds the Tower of Truth (אהיה)2.  What is more complicated though is that this 4-dimensional state is only a step in an ongoing process of expansion/restriction, just like when we observe the atom. As above, so below.

For now, we will concern ourselves with the 2 Essential Cubes of Creation (Zeir Anpin/Malchut and Binah) and the links/bonds between them that are most accessible to us.  Even these are not exactly as we presented them as they are both necessarily in states of transformation. The lower-level Cube that gives rise to physicality is more accurately Malchut in Zeir Anpin and the potentiality Hypercube is more accurately Zeir Anpin in Binah.

The 16 Vertices of the Binah Hypercube

The 8 corners or 8 vertices of the Zeir Anpin/Malchut Essential Cube have an ordinal value of 112, as in the 112 Triplets, so the 16 vertices of the Binah hypercube are reflective of those, and are thus twice their value. The complete value of those 16 vertices (ordinal and standard letter value) is thus 2(823 + 112) = (2 x 935), as in the 9359-value of the 9 candles of the 72 Triplets. Those 16 vertices of the Binah hypercube thus equal (2 x 935) = 1870, as in the 187 Chapters in the Torah and in 7-dimensional space:

This is in the same way that the sum of the squares and cubes of the 26 vectors distances (differences) within the Zeir Anpin/Malchut Essential Cube equal 18200, reflective of Jacob (Zeir Anpin), 182, and of the 1820 YHVH (יהוה) in the Torah.

We can now understand that the 18200 sum of the squares and cubes of the 26 vectors distances reflects the squares in the Zeir Anpin/Malchut Essential Cube and the cubes in the Binah Essential Cube, as they dimensionally expand.

What is also interesting is that (15 + 25 + 35 + 45) = 1300 = 5/7 x 1820 and then that (1300 + 18700) = (15 + 25 + 35 + 45) + (17 + 27 + 37 + 47) = 20,000.

As previously explained, they are both woven into the Torah in the differentials between the 2 censuses taken of the 12 Israelite Tribes, when divided into 2 camps of 6.

Group #1

Name Name Gematria 1st census 2nd census Difference
Reuven רְאוּבֵן 259         46,500         43,730      (2,770)
Gad גָּד 7         45,650         40,500      (5,150)
Efraim אֶפְרָיִם 331         40,500         32,500      (8,000)
Binyamin בִּנְיָמִן 152         35,400         45,600     10,200
Asher אָשֵׁר 501         41,500         53,400     11,900
Naftali נַפְתָּלִי 570         53,400         45,400      (8,000)
1820       262,950       261,130      (1,820)

In the first group, the sum of the gematria values for the 6 Tribes equals 1820, which matches exactly the net differential of their 6 Tribes, a net loss of 1820 men over 40 years. The initials of this group (רגאבאנ) have an ordinal value of (27 and 14), as in the 27 positions of the Cube and the central 14th position.

In the second group of Tribes, there was zero net differential and the sum of the gematria of their 6 names equals 1870, or 50, as in the letter Nun (נ), more than the first group. The net differential for all 12 tribes after their 40-year sojourn was thus 1820.

Group #2

Name Name Gematria 1st census 2nd census Difference
Shimon שִׁמְעוֹן 466         59,300         22,200    (37,100)
Yehuda יְהוּדָה 30         74,600         76,500       1,900
Dan דָּן 54         62,700         64,400       1,700
Yischar יִשָּׂשכָר 830         54,400         64,300       9,900
Zevulun זְבֻלוּן 95         57,400         60,500       3,100
Menaseh מְנַשֶּׁה 395         32,200         52,700     20,500
1870       340,600       340,600            –

When we add the gematria value for all 12 Tribes, we get (1820 + 1870) = 3690 and then adding 70 for the Israelites who entered Egypt, we get 3760, as in 3760 HC or 0 CE, as in the Spiritual Time component of Spherical Time.

The 24 Faces of the Binah Hypercube

The 24 faces of the Binah Essential Hypercube each have an ordinal value of 126, just as in the Zeir Anpin/Malchut Essential Cube. The total ordinal value of those 24 faces is thus (24 x 126) = 3024, as in the 3024-foot perimeter of the encasing pyramid, which is also (42 x 72).

The 12 edges of the Zeir Anpin/Malchut Essential Cube total 280 in ordinal value as in the 5 final letters (ךםןףץ). This makes that total for the 16 vertices, 24 faces, and 12 edges equal to (1870 + 3024 + 280) = 5174 = (72210) as they morph and transition into the full 72 vertices, edges, and faces of the Binah Hypercube.

The 7 Cubes of the Binah Hypercube

Those 7 cubes of the Binah state thus house 7 complete Alef-bets, or (7 x 4995), equaling 34,965, exactly 18,000 more than the 16,965 value of the 112 Triplets. Each one of those 7 cubes of 27 positions has a complete value of (4995 + 378 + 27) = 5400, as in the cosmic 2Pi(π)Phi(φ) gematria of all 27 letters, 5400. All 7 cubes thus equal (5400 x 7) = 37800, as in “G-d is One, echad ushmo echad (אחד־ושמו־אחד)” and the 27th Triangular Number, 378.

The full verse is “On that day shall He and His Name be One/He and His Name are One, “from

Zechariah 14:9. It is one of the most precious refrains for the Kabbalists, one weaved into our prayer books.

This profound 7-word 26-letter verse is the connective tissue of the 7 dimensions of Zeir Anpin in Binah, the concealed meaning behind He and His Name are One. Its 7 final letters add up to 625, the square root of the Torah’s 3 main quantitative elements, while the final letters of the last 6 words sum to 25, which is the 4th root of those words, letters, and verses, and 625 is the standard value of H’Keter, the highest sefira crowning point.

The rest of the letters, the front letters in the verse equal 444, the gematria of the important Torah phrase “from generation to generation (לדר־ודר)” with its connections to the inscribed cube and the year 2018, the Western analogue to 5778 HC. The number 444 is also approximately equal to One (1) when sequentially divided by the 7 unique Bell Prime Indices in the same way that the 600,000 Israelite parentages descended from 42.

While the 3 central words (הַהוּא, יִהְיֶה יְהוָה) add up to 73, as in the Torah’s first verse, the first word of the 26-letter verse centered on the YHVH (יהוה) has a value of 618, or 1/Phi(φ).

Meanwhile, the 3 final letters of the 3 words that equal 378, as in the total ordinal value of the Essential Cube of Creation, spell out David (דוד) of numerical value 14, as in the center of Spherical Time and of that Essential Cube of Creation.  Moreover, the 2 words (יִהְיֶה יְהוָה), or 8 letters that reflect the Names of G-d, like the 8 vertices that total 112 of the Essential Cube of Creation, have a complete value of 112.

The ordinal value of the verse is 176, as in the 176 verses in the longest portion in the Torah, pasha Naso; and as in the 176 verses in Psalms 1:19, the longest of the Tehillim, the one that is divided into 8 verses for each of the 22 letters; and as in the longest Talmud Tractate, Baba Batra, of 176 pages.  It is also the sum of all the lines, boxes, and diagonals, etc. of the two magic (4 x 4) squares of 176, and as already discussed in depth those 16 squares line up with the elements of the periodic table.

While the 7 initials of the verse from Zechariah total 35, or 42 with the kolel, the 7 backs of the 7 words equal 474, as in the sefira at the back of Binah and Chochma, Da’at, the dimension of Knowledge. Altogether, they equal 516, the value of “unconditional love” and the number of times Moses had to pray in order to usher in Moshiach consciousness to the world.

The 2(Phi(φ) + Genesis (רץ)) cipher that gave us the value 5778 for the 27 letters of the Alef-bet, gives us 2380 for this verse, as in 1/42, and as in the Divine summation Path (11391455 1820) sourced from One (1) in that (1 + 13 + 91 + 455 + 1820) = 2380.  He and His Name are truly One.

As above, so below, except that the realm below is opposite and mirrors the upper ones. Whereas the forces of the upper dimensions are based on giving and creating; the ones in our world are fortified by receiving.  The upper worlds are Abba and Ima, and our world is the child to be nurtured.  We do not need to create anything; everything has been created for us. When we do create, we need to acknowledge that it did not come from us, but from above and we just channeled it.  We need to realize and respect that the parents, the upper dimensions, give us everything we have, including the world in which we exist, and we need to receive that with the same love, awe, and appreciation that a baby or child has for its parents.

The 10 Commandments

The simple instructions for how we are supposed to act to receive the maximum benefits from and connections to the upper realms were laid out for us in the 54th Paragraph of the Book of Shemot (Exodus), in the 10 Commandments that begins with the 107,007 letter of the Torah in the 70th Chapter with the words the words “Anochi YHVH (אנכי־יהוה) I am G-d” that are equivalent to 107, as in the 107th Triangular Number, 5778.

Of the 10 Commandments, 8 begin with 8 words Lo (לא) of numerical value (8 x 31) = 248, as in the full 248 dimensions of the Torah and of the E8 Lattice, while the other 2 Commandments have the initials caf-zayin (כז) of numerical value 27, as in the 27 positions of the Essential Cube of Creation. Both of those refer to Binah and beyond.  One of those two Commandments, “Remember the Sabbath,” referring to the state of Binah on the 7th Day, begins “Zachor (זכור)” with the letters Caf-Zayin (כז) or 27, two of the original 10 compositional letters. The numerical value 248 is that of Machar (מחר), meaning tomorrow or future, and like Abraham (אברהם), also of numerical value 248, it too has an ordinal value of 41, like the 41 letters in the 3 iterations of the spelled-out milui Name of Binah, Ehyeh (אהיה); and like the 5 initials that total 41 of the 5 Names utilized for the Sukkot kavannot. While the Torah was written for our past, it is essential for our future. Its power comes from understanding (Binah).

If you follow the Commandments using any other of the 70 levels of interpretation of the Torah, please continue in the merit of doing so. Each level is additional to the next.  In this one, the 10 Commandments are a field guide to successful navigation of the Path to the Tree-of-Life, the path to reuniting with your consciousness and the universal consciousness of the cosmos.

“I am God who brought you out of the [straights], from the place of slavery,” the central place of the letter Nun (נ) in the lower Essential Cube of Creation.  He then commands, “Do not represent any other G-d in any form in any way. Do not give form to anything that substitutes for G-d, the Creator. He further commands to not bow down or worship to any of those forms or substitutes for G-d. It is then set up as a choice, to love G-d and heed His Commandments or be his enemy and suffer the consequences to the 3rd or 4th (generation or dimension), until there is nothing left of their physical inheritance. If they choose to love the Creator, then the elevation goes for 1000’s, through to Binah. The choice could not be plainer for those who wonder if we have free will.

The other 8 Commandments warn about what denotes a preference for the world of illusion and physicality over the desire to reunite with your higher consciousness in the world above.

Do not take the Name of God in vain. It comes with a warning that God will not allow anyone who takes His Name is vain to go unpunished. The atbash of the Commandment phrase is 2618, as in Phi(φ)2, showing us that His Names are built into the system of the cosmos, as is this Commandment. Once invocated improperly, the damage is done.  This is a warning to all those tempted to use witchcraft, magick, mystic magic, practical or occult kabbalah or any other of the dark means to harness the Names, angels, or demons, even inadvertently. The cosmic system is designed for that to backfire; there are failsafes.  This was the third Commandment.

Remember the Sabbath to keep it Holy, and do not work or employ anyone to work for you on Shabbat.  Allow yourself to absorb and connect to the energy of Binah on Shabbat and carry through the rest of the week, just as the energy of Binah passes though the 6 dimensions of Zeir Anpin. The atbash of this verse “Remember the Sabbath to keep it Holy (זָכוֹר אֶת-יוֹם הַשַּׁבָּת, לְקַדְּשׁוֹ)” is 1313, as in the year (1313 BCE) we received the 10 Commandments; and as in the exponential variable (1.313x) that created the frequencies of the Alef-bet; and as in the 5th root (13.1326) of 390,625 or 58 words, letters, and verses in the Torah; and as in half the sum of the 27 sofit Names/Letters ratios less their total letter value (1495) for the 22 regular letters (1.3134226).

Honor your father and mother.  Respect and accept openly both types of energies, Abba and Imma that come from above. This phrase “Honor your father and mother (כַּבֵּד אֶת-אָבִיךָ, וְאֶת-אִמֶּךָ–לְמַעַן)” has an ordinal value of 173, as in the small gematria value of the 42-Letter Name, the 173 Keys to Heaven given to Moses. It also has a standard gematria value of 1118, the same as the first verse of the Shema, which conceals the 15 Essential Triplets, including the Upper 42 Letters of the Name of G-d. Thus, Abba and Imma, father and Mother. You honor them by respecting them and by being close to them, relying on them with appreciation and gratitude, and not by distancing yourself from them.

The next 3 Commandments, starting with the 6th, are all composed of 6-letter verses, and 6-letter Paragraph—murder, adultery and stealing—all about taking what does not belong to you, taking from the Creator. The real three 6’s.

“Do not commit murder (לֹא תִרְצָח).”  Do not destroy. God Created everything so destroying it is an afront to Him and the Cosmos, and a signal that you are dangerous to your own consciousness. This 6-letter verse and 6-letter paragraph has the same numerical value as the 6 letters of the second tier of the 42-Letter Name Matrix, 729, which is 93 or 272, the line used to tear out satan and our evil inclination from the roots. While the Commandment’s 2 final letters (אח) equal 9, its ordinal value is 81 or 92 for a complete value of 810, as in the 810-year differential between how long Adam lived and Moses (930 – 120), the first and last of the 26 generations and 26 vectors of the Essential Cube of Creation, from the Creation of Man to the “age of Man.”  Its damage spans all 26 generations whose 26 ages total 12600, all of Zeir Anpin, represented by the YHVH (26).

Those 120 years or 5! factorial years of Moses, also represent every other letter in the 4 Aspects of the YHVH (יהוה). The other set of letters with the 10 Vavs (ו) in the 4 Names equals 112, as in the 112 Essential Triplets.

This 6th Commandment is also a connection to the 6-directions/dimensions and 27 positions and 9 planes in the Essential Cube of Creation, whose faces/planes/diagonals/axes all equal 126. Committing murder, wanton destruction to any aspect of Creation blocks that essential pathway and access to the Essential Cube of Creation that is Zeir Anpin.

The schematic of the Torah network in Binah is that the 79,976 words and the 210 or 1024-word values equals 81000 or (34 x 1000). Murdering or destruction in the physical realm causes destruction in this network for you.  Its damage goes all the way to the 9th level.  While that 729 or 93 value of the second tier of the 42-Letter Nam Matrix is (272), the 81,000-word network is (27,000 x 3) or 3 cubes of 30 per side, 3 x 303, giving each of the 27 positions in the Essential Cube of Creation, the space of 103 or 1000 cu3, as in Binah.  It is also as in the sum of the digits in the 3 strings …5778… within the first 1000 digits of Pi (π), or (3 x 27) = 81.

Everything is connected.


During sukkot we make special connections with the 4 species— the Lulav (לולב), the Hadas (הדס), the Aravah (ערבה), and the Etrog (אתרוג)—for 7 days. The value of those 4 species (610 + 277 + 68 + 69) = 210 = 1024 and over the 7 days we shake them in the Sukkah using specific mediations in 5 sets of 6 per day for a total of 210 times. Before the start each day, we shake or wave them 1 additional time with the blessing for 6 of the 7 days, as we do not actually pick up the species on Shabbat.  With 6 of the days, as in Zeir Anpin as in the 6 Days of Creation, the total becomes (210 + 6) = 63 = 216 times.  The Sukkah is shaped like a cube, and we shake the 4 species in the 6 directions of the Cube as we connect with the Essential Cube of Creation and unite Zeir Anpin with Binah.

The meditations for this spiritual technology are to draw the light from Tenuvah, the lower level of Binah (Imma) with the Name (אלף הא יוד הא) of numerical value 143.  We draw it into the 3 Aspects (Av, Sag, Mah) of the YHVH (יהוה) and then seat it into our hearts with the 4th Aspect (Ban) for a collective value of 232.  Together, they equal (143 + 232) = 375, as in the gematria of Tzippora, Moses’ wife.

With the 49 letters in those 5 Names, the total value is (375 + 49) = 424, Moshiach Ben David.

Each Day those (5 sets of 6) = (30 x 375) = 11250 total value, connecting to the 112 Triplets and 112 Corner value of the Essential Cube along with the central letter Nun (נ) of numerical value 50, also as in the exact 11250 letters Nun (נ) in the Torah.

We actually do 1 additional shake with the blessing each day. If we do the mediation for the 6 non-Sabbath days with that blessing it would equal 1 set or H’Gadolah set. This makes (210 + 6) = 216 shakings in total, as in the 216 Letters in the 72 Triplets. Those 216 shakings work out to a value of exactly (375 x 216) = 81000 = (34 x 1000), connecting us to the Binah network in all its glory.  It connects us to the full network of 81000 words and word values in the Torah.  Those 1024-word values match the value of the 4 species waved on Sukkot, (610+277+68+69) 1024.

Secrets of Hazeinu and Sukkot

In the Shabbat just prior to Sukkot every year we read the Song Hazeinu which refers to the future coming of Moshiach. This Song is split into 2 columns for most of the page, a huge departure from the normal Torah structure forming a large letter Hei (ה). There is also an enlarged single letter/word Hei (ה) near the beginning of this portion/Song, as the initial of the 6th verse as well.

Within the YHVH (יהוה) the last Hei (ה) represents Malchut with the implied value 5, and the first Hei (ה) is Binah with the implied value 50. All the enlarged letters in the Torah represent the sefira/dimension of Binah, and all the special Heis (ה) in this portion/Song do as well. What is also special about this Song is that while 60% of the verses in the Torah begin with the letter Vav (ו), here, through the end of the split columns, only 4 of 43 verses do, 9.30%.

The first verse with the initial Vav (ו) is the 15th, as in the 15th of the month of Tishrei, when we are commanded to celebrate the festival of Sukkot, living in Sukkahs. The next two are the 19th and the 20th and the last is the 37th; altogether (15 + 19 + 20 + 37) = 91, as in the numerical value of the Sukkah (סוכה), 91 and its ordinal value 37. It is during this festival when we switch our prayers from dew (טל) of katan string value 93 and numerical value 39, as in (19 + 20) to rain. As the Arizal said, the full explanation of tal (טל) would take 80 pages, like the 39 Letters in the 4 Aspects of the YHVH (יהוה). The dew is mentioned in the 2nd verse of Hazeinu.

The complete numerical value of the cube, the Sukkah (סוכה), is (91 + 37) = 128, as in the backs of the 4 Aspects of the YHVH (יהוה), 128, whose average is 128/4 = 32. It is also as in 27 and the 128 set of root vectors of the E8 Lattice than complement the other 112 set of root vectors.

We recognize the value 91 as the 13th Triangular Number in the cosmic and Torah Path of One (113914551820) and now we learn that this aligns with the value (1300) of the full 52 initials of the portion Hazeinu plus 5 for the enlarged letter Hei (ה), which itself aligns with the Name of the YHVH Aspect Ban (יוד־הה־וו־הה) of numerical value 52. This is the Name associated with the 4 species of Sukkot. As we just saw, (15 + 25 + 35 + 45) = 1300 = 5/7 x 1820.

 The first 6 of those initials that total 1300 equal 345, as in Moshe and as in the 5th Triplet in the 72 Triplets. Nonetheless, the first 13 initials equal 424, Moshiach Ben David, and the total value of the 5 Names.

The spelled-out milui value at the level of Ban (יוד־הה־וו־הה) for the entire set of initials is 4995, as in the 27 letters of the Alef-bet (50005).

Various other ciphers are also revelatory in that: the EB-GD (shift 1 up) cipher is 1776: the BE-DG (shift 1 down) cipher is 3278; the Triangular value cipher is 2759; the complete Primes one is 1737; the Genesis (רץ) cipher is 156 or Zion, the nexus point of Zeir Anpin, (6 x 26); and the 2πφ cipher is 5770.  While the Triangular value of 2759 and its connection to 275 might seems liberal to us, in the perfection of the universe everything plays multiple roles and is networked in multiple ways, such as the 27059 letters Alefs (א) in the Torah, and 27.5 being 1/9 of a circle, or 13.0o.

The complete values of the Sukkah (סוכה) and the Sach (סככ), the 5th and 6th elements of Sukkot, (128 + 137) = 265, the value of the 3rd Triplet in Pi (π), whereas the 4th Triplet is 358, Moshiach, and the 2nd and 3rd together (159 + 265) = 424, Moshiach Ben David.

The Sukkah (סוכה) represents the Essential Cube of Creation of Zeir Anpin/Malchut and is one of 6 or Vav (ו) elements/tools used in Sukkot to draw the Light from lower Binah or Yesod of Imma, where the upper Essential Cube of Creation is lodged. This is why it is concealed within the Song of Moshiach/the Song of the Future/the Song of Binah within Hazeinu, Chapter 32 of Devarim.

The numerical value of the 4 species from those 6 elements— the Lulav (לולב), the Hadas (הדס), the Aravah (ערבה), and the Etrog (אתרוג)—is (610 + 277 + 68 + 69) = 210 = 1024 = 322.  The main element of those 4 species, the one that represents Zeir Anpin and that is represented by the Vav (וו) of the YHVH (יוד־הה־וו־הה) is the Lulav (לולב) that begins and ends with 32 (לב) twice and has an ordinal value of 32 as well.

As previously explained about the Sukkot connections, the Lulav (לולב) has a complete value of (68 + 32) = 100 that aligns it with the Central 322 cu Altar at the center of the Future Holy Temple and the 1002 cu walled Inner Courtyard that surrounds it, which further aligns with the freezing point of water 32o F and its boiling point 100o C or 212o F, as in the Outer Courtyard’s net (312100 cu) = 212 cu width.

While the cube root of the 610-value of the Etrog (אתרוג) that represents Malchut of Yesod in Zeir Anpin, the Hei (הה) of the YHVH (יוד־הה־וו־הה) is 8.48093 or twice 424, Mashiach Ben David, the inner letters of all 4 species also equal 848, or twice 424, Mashiach Ben David.

The numerical value of the 2 species Hadas (הדס) and Aravah (ערבה) equals 346, not only making their average 173, the 40th Prime Number and the katan value of the 42 Letter Name, but equal to the total ordinal value of that special set of 39 first initials in Hazeinu until the end of the split 2 columns.  Then, as we know, 137 is the 33rd Prime Number, the Fine Structure Constant, and Kabbalah, meaning “to receive” and parallel; it is also the numerical value of Hadas (הדס) and Lulav (לולב) together.  Completing the set of Prime Numbers that has come up over and over again in the technology embedded into the Torah, is the 12th Prime Number (37), the ordinal value (37) of both the Sukkah and the roof, or Sach (סככ), the 6th element, whose standard value is 100, like the Inner Courtyard and the Lulav.  This, of course, gives Sach (סככ), the complete value of 137.

With the various Sukkot connections to 37, we are continuing the Rosh Hashanah connections we made 15 days earlier utilizing the back of the Aspect of the YHVH Sag (יוד־הי־ואו־הי), reflecting the verses 15 and 37 of Hazeinu, leaving us the 20th and 19th as in 2019 found 3 times in the first 1000 digits of Pi, including the final ones. We should point out that (15 + 37) = 52, as in the 52 verses in Hazeinu that connect to the Aspect of the YHVH Ban (יוד־הה־וו־הה), Malchut of Yesod of Zeir Anpin, and to the 52 Days from Rosh Chodesh Elul when Moses ascended to retrieve the Second set of Tablets to Shemini Atzeret, and the end of the festival period.

The ordinal value of the 4 species is 151, as in the Aspect of Binah Ehyeh (אלף־הה־יוד־הה) and the ordinal value of all 6 elements is 225 or 152, as in the 15th of the month. The complete value for the 4 species is thus (1024 + 151) = 1215, which as we have previously explained is the dawn of time and Creation, 12:15am, and as Rav Abulafia explained, it is the gematria value of the phrase “Combination of the letters,” and also of “70 Languages,” that are the 70 branches of the Tree-of-life that represent the 70 nations that we mediate for on Sukkot. This aligns with the final letters of the 4 species (הסבג) that add up to 70. It is also the value (1215) of the first 3 Triplets (9 letters) of the Torah, and of the 11 unique letters (בראשיתלהםוץ) of the Torah’s first verse whose ordinal value is 130.

The complete value of the 6 elements of Sukkot is (1215 + 152) = 1440 = (122 x 10) = (6 x 240) applying all 6 elements against Amalek and doubts, both of numerical value 240. This makes their standard value over their ordinal value or 1215/152 = 5.4, as in the 54 portions in the Torah and the 9 initial Vavs (ו) in Hazeinu. That 54 out of the 1300 total for the Hazeinu initials aligns with the 13o or 54-unit shift to the Phi(φ) proportion from the 11 and 11 odd/even Alef-bet split.

The katan value for the 6 elements of Sukkot is 90, the numerical value of mayim (מים), water, in the aspect of Heaven (שמים), which explains why we make the connection to water and joy in the sukkah during Sukkot. Moreover, while the Genesis (רץ) cipher katan value for the 6 elements of Sukkot is 73, the numerical value of Chochma and reflective of the 73 recurrences of the word “the Heavens (השמים),” in the Torah, the Genesis (רץ) cipher plus the katan value for the same 6 elements is 708, as in the 42 Letters of the Name YHVH of the Aspect of Chochma.

Meanwhile, the Essential Cube Alef-bet order value for the 6 elements of Sukkot is 4258, reflecting the Day of Creation with the singularity 42, but most notable of all is that their component letters value is 1557, the sum of the 10 primordial component letters (דוזיכנסרךן) whose ordinal value is 112, as in the 112 Triplets, and whose Pi (π) value for the 10 letters is 611, Torah.  The value 1557 as previously noted is also the sum of the square roots of the 127 possible combinations of the first 7 words of the Torah, whose Triangular Number value is 73. It is also the sum of the entire phrase, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.”

The 6 elements work in concert, which is why the shakings should be done in the sukkah and be made for all 7 days, although on Shabbat they are done virtually without the physical use of the 4 species.  This is evidenced in the equations of the total words in the Torah and the total value of the kavannot or Names associated with the 216 shakings over the 7 days.

On a individual shaking/waving basis, the 4 species divided by the 4 Aspects of the YHVH (יהוה) or 1024/232 = 4.4137, as in the 441 value of Emet, Truth, and the volume of the Tower of Truth 44100 cu3 that is 210 cubits high, like the 210 shakings. It (4.4137) is also as in the 137-complete value of the ceiling, the Sach (סככ), whose designated limit is 20 cubits, as in the 20th Triangular Number, 210. The result of the 4/4 Species/Aspects equation, 4.4137, is also rounded as 4.414, as in the sum of the 3 species—the Hadas (הדס), the Aravah (ערבה), and the Etrog (אתרוג)—(277 + 68 + 69) = 414, twice Light, Ohr, 207.

The 210 shakings/wavings times the 210 value of the 4 species is (210 x 1024) = 215040: as in 5040 or 7! factorial; and the 5040-mile sum of the radii of the Earth and the Moon; and as in 215, the ordinal sofit value of the third iteration of the Name YHVH Sag (יהוה); and as in the 6 Elemental Matrixes that form Zeir Anpin (42, 72, 27, 48, 11, 15) and that are built into the Cosmic Wheel.


Do not commit adultery, the most common sin This second verse of the three “לֹא תִנְאָף” has the complete sofit value of 1358, as in the silent 6 words of the Baruch Shem. This phrase must be said silently after using any set of the 4 sets of the Essential Triplets embedded in the Torah to help focus and elevate our prayers and connections toward Binah (1000) and Moshiach (358).

בָּרוּךְ שֵׁם כְּבוֹד מַלְכוּתוֹ לְעוֹלָם וָעֶד

“Blessed be His name, whose glorious kingdom is forever and ever”

Adultery can be thought of as a silent sin: it can be committed in your head or between willing participants. Either way, it blocks the completion of your connections. It does not need to be about willfully doing harm; it can be about giving into your desires in your thoughts, or alternatively through flirtation, seduction, or suggestive dressing and comportment. This is why it is the most common, pervasive, and overlooked. Most of the time it is done silently, as in the Baruch Shem, and like the Baruch Shem it takes two participants, whether they know it or not.

By now, it might be obvious that the 10 Commandments are not just laying out a guideline for us but are simultaneously imparting specific embedded technology.  While this happens naturally, as you see, it only happens once you have attained a certain level of understanding. Without knowledge of the essence of the Alef-bet, the Names, the sets of Triplets, the Essential Cubes and the Matrices the Wisdom within remains silent, like the stones of the encasing pyramid from another era.


Do not steal.  Consume only what you earn honestly and need.  This signals that you value physicality above all else. The more we value physicality and physical things, the more obstacles we put in our own way.  Less is more. Since we physically do not need that much, anything we lavish on ourselves is viewed as stealing from the universe and winds up as blockage (klippot) on our path.  The Genesis (רץ) cipher reveals even more details about the technology in all of the 10 Commandments. In particular, regarding stealing (לֹא תִגְנֹב) the Genesis (רץ) cipher value is 161 as in the highest Aspect of the Name Ehyeh (אהיה), while the (Phi(φ) + Genesis (רץ) cipher value is 424, that of Moshiach Ben David.

Once again, it is through the knowledge coupled with love and awe of the Creator that we can attain the highest levels. The Genesis (רץ) cipher has only recently been revealed and through it we can understand that the word Lo (לֹא), as in “do not,” utilized 13 times in the 10 Commandments has a Genesis (רץ) value of 91, the next level in the Path of One, Echad (אחד): 1 – 13 – 91 – 455 – 1820, and the value of the unification of Adonai (אדני), and the YHVH (יהוה) couched in Amen (אמן). With each Commandment and sub-commandment, we are being blessed and being brought closer to the One, the Creator. Fulfilling them makes the connection that much stronger.

We are not being judged with each of our indiscretions; we are judging ourselves. Our free will is to make our path to enlightenment, the reunification with our consciousness, easier and clearer or more difficult and murkier. If you are reading this, in spite of how you may have judged yourself, you are doing a lot better than the grand majority of souls trapped in physicality, and a lot further on the path to freedom.

The complete sofit value of all 3 Commandments of the consecutive 6-letter verses, 6 words in total, is 2708, the same as the component value of the 6-word verse, Honor thy father and mother. This is the same exact sofit value as the phrase from Genesis, “The Path of the Tree-of-Life (את־דרך־עץ־החיים),” and that of the Torah’s first verse with the kolel (7) for the 7 words/dimensions.  The more you know…


Just because you now have more information, do not use it to judge others. We do enough damage judging ourselves, which is why the next Commandment is “Do not bear false witness (לֹא-תַעֲנֶה בְרֵעֲךָ עֵד שָׁקֶר.).” Be honest and fair.  Lying displays a strong affinity with the world of illusion. The Genesis (רץ) cipher reveals this verse for the 9th Commandment to be 620, as in Keter, and as in the entire 620 letters of the 10 Commandments.  How little truth is there in the world today!

The (Phi(φ) + Genesis (רץ) cipher that converts the 27 letters of Alef-bet into the Spherical Time radius (5778 HC) and into the half radius (2889 HC) converts this verse into 1728 or a cube of 123, as in the 12 YHVH (יהוה) Matrix at the core of the Cosmic Wheel, the complement to the 42-Letter Name Matrix; and as in the 17280 8-simplices within the 248 dimensions of the E8 Lattice.  It should be noted that while 12 is the marker and coefficient of time, it also marks space and 1728 is 1 cubic foot, that along with the inch, the sacred cubit (27.5”), and the mile (5280’) are the divine measures of physicality. The cubic yard is 27 cubic feet.

“Do not be envious of your neighbor’s house (לֹא תַחְמֹד, בֵּית רֵעֶךָ).” Do not be envious in general. This signals your desire for physicality, so much so that it blocks your connection to your own consciousness. While the katan value of this 14th verse, the 10th Commandment, is 42, the complete sofit value of this verse is 1818, the same as the sofit value of the 3 iterations of the Alef ), and the 3 blasts of the Shofar: Tekia (תקעיה), Terua (תרועה), and Shevarim (שברים). Those 3 blasts are arranged in sets of 10 scaffolded into 3 levels in order to pierce the illusions of all 10 dimensions of physicality and reconnect with the One. The technology behind following this 10th Commandment helps us to the same. The kabbalists call it restriction. Restricting from judging and being jealous helps activate this technology. When technology is built into the Torah with its Cosmic affinity and design, it means it is also built into the Cosmic codes that created and define our physical world. In other words, if it is in the Torah, it is in our world. If it is a Cosmic tool, it has no boundaries or limitations in the physical world; it is only limited by the strength of our illusions. If you choose to wear thick dark googles it does not mean the sun is not shining. That is the power of Understanding. Only by Understanding can we reach Enlightenment.

The (Phi(φ) + Genesis (רץ) cipher for this last Commandment is 412 as in house (בֵּית) and as in the letter Bet (בית), the first letter in the Torah. It starts with Bet (בית) and house, the seed level for the Torah and our home. It starts with Alef (א), the seed level for Creation. When the verse of the 10th Commandment is spelled out, the milui sofit value is 5751 or (577827).

It almost seems as if the beginning is in the end, as if we are being shown that it starts with envy, then lying, and ends with denying the existence of G-d.

Why do the 10 Commandments begin with the words the words “Anochi YHVH (אנכי־יהוה) I am G-d” that is equivalent to 107, as in the 107th Triangular Number, 5778? And begin at the 107,000th letter after the first word, “In the Beginning?”

It is the time paradox.  The 620 letters in the 10 Commandments, as in the value Keter, the sefira/dimension of the Creator, is the highest point in the Torah. It is the moment the Creator is speaking directly to us, at least for the first two Commandments.

Like rope, given enough time (space) we would all hang ourselves; we would all fail. The attraction to the illusion of physicality would be too powerful to resist forever. The paradox is that the longer time goes on the further away from the Source we get. This is why a limit had to be imposed upon us and physical existence, a limit upon which everything returns back to the source regardless of our progress or lack of.

The formula is 1/.5778 = 1.730703 with 173 being the 42-Letter Name, 173 Keys to Heaven, and 703 being the 37th Triangular Number, the value of the last 2 words in the Torah’s first verse “V’et H’Ertz (ואת־הארץ), and the Earth.” The phrase “And the Earth” is the physical component, the central letter Nun (נ) in the lower Essential Cube of Creation; it is Malchut, the Kingdom.

The 42 Letter Name is and always has been the answer, the way out of the on-going simulation.  Enough clues have been embedded along the way, like in the Ashrei alphabetical prayer that omits only the letter Nun (נ) from the 173-word prayer with its 10 YHVH (יהוה) corresponding to the 10 sefirot, and like Einstein and the Navy’s Philadelphia Experiment to manipulate Spherical Time that made the naval destroyer escort the USS Eldridge DE-173 disappear.

Of the exact 58 words, letters, and verses in the Torah (390,625), the 5 sofit (final letters) occur 20,107 times in the Torah, hinting at the 620 letters of the 10 Commandments that are located in the Book of Shemot Chapter 20 at letter 107,007 with the numerical value of the word esrim meaning 20 being 620.  These hints are not clues for us to make simple associations. We can find those in the mile being 5,280 feet with the 5 final letters having a value of 280. No, whenever, we see a hint, clue, alignment, or representation, we are staring at Cosmic tools and technology, elements embedded into the Torah to enable us to escape the confines of the illusory world.

Nonetheless, the Torah was written in geometric language long before it was translated to Hebrew through the cosmic interface of the 27 Hebrew letters. And while the √3 is approximately 1.73… and the 22 or 2.82842 is reflective of the square root (2.828002828) of the 79,976 words in the Torah, the equation (2 22/√3 – .107007) = .260000, the YHVH (יהוה), partially reflects the dimensional expansion of the diagonals of the cube, a Path we must follow.

The Seven Levels

The 7 Expansions

There is a natural geometric expansion of a cube into a hypercube. The 6 directions or sides of the Zeir Anpin/Malchut Essential Cube expand by 7 into 42, while the total structural elements go from 26 to 182, as in as in the 1820 YHVH (יהוה) in the Torah, and as in the 18200 total distance of the 26 vectors of the Essential Cube of Creation, and as in the numerical value of Jacob (182) who represents the archetype of Zeir Anpin. That 18200 total reflects the squaring of the 26 vectors in the 3-dimensional Zeir Anpin/Malchut Essential Cube and the cubing of those same 26 vectors into the 4-dimensional space of the Binah Essential Cube.

The central letter Nun (נ) of the Zeir Anpin/Malchut Essential Cube is found 7 times Binah Essential Hypercube, and its collective value becomes (64 x 7) = 448, which is 4 x 112 Triplets, and equal to the average number of letters per edge in the 7-dimensional hypercube. As previously explained, as the 22 letters of the Alef-bet continually expand and spell-out their 22 Names and then to the Names of the 61 letters in those 22 Names, then again and again to 7 levels, the average number of letters derived from the original 22 letters on this 7th dimension is 448, perfectly matching the 448 edges of the 7-dimensional hypercube, one letter per edge, 9856/22 letters.  Those 22 Letters of the Alef-bet are projected downward through the 7 dimensions as a condensed version of the 448 letters of the 448 edges.  These are the 4 edges/letters for each of the 112 Triplets, the 4 edges of the Tetrahedron, 112 Tetrahedra in total over 7-dimensional space.  And these 112 Cosmic Tetrahedra are what is embedded like magical jewels in the Torah. This was hinted at in the 12 jeweled breastplate of the Cohan Gadol, which concealed beneath it the 14 Triplets of the 42-letter Name Matrix and the 72 Triplets of the 72 Name Matrix.

The 7 Names of the 7 Levels

The 7 dimensions and the 7 expansion cubes of the 4-dimensional hypercube are represented by the 7 Aspects of the two Names YHVH (יהוה) and Ehyeh (אהיה).

The standard value of the 2 sets of Names, (232 + 455) plus their 69 letters equals 756, as in the ordinal value of the two Cubes, 756, meaning their average value (232 + 455)/2 = 378, as in “His Name is One.”  Also related to that special verse is that the combined ordinal values of the 7 Names is (232 + 212) = 444, with its similar connections to the inscribed cube, the year 2018 CE, and 444/12 = 37, etc.  It also means that the complete value with the 69 letters is 1200, all related to the coefficient of Time.

The total value with the kolel for the Names and the letters of all 7 Names in both sets along with their 2 seed Names, the YHVH (יהוה) and Ehyeh (אהיה) is 820, as the value of the powerful 13-letter phrase in Levitcus 19:18, paraphrased as “Love thy neighbor as thyself,” known as the summation of the Torah.

Without the kolel, the total value of the 2 and 7 Names is 810, as in “Do not commit murder (לֹא תִרְצָח),” as we just learned. They came into the ark in sets of 2 and 7.

The 3 Aspects of the Name Ehyeh (אהיה) have sofit values as well, and the complete sofit value for the 3 of them with the kolel (2) is 2856, as in the 5 male aspects (2856) of the 5 Essential Elements, etc. This is not the Torah or the Cosmos being redundant for us; it is them connecting the dots in a Path for us to follow.