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This is the second of the 3-installment wrap up where we bring everything physical and metaphysical harmoniously together. In this section we dive into and explain the fundamental design, functionality, process, and purpose at the core of the universe, Creation, and Spherical Time.  The last 5 articles/section tell a story unto themselves that recaps key areas of this on-going book and swiftly moves us into the future, though The Journey into the understanding of Spherical Time began in earnest with the start of Chapter 32, the conclusion of which begins at Spherical Time Z1 The Core.

At the Core

God of the Universe

At the core of Spherical Time, the pathways of the clock turn at the Phi(φ) angle, every 137.5o, never repeating the same pathway twice. Each one of those paths is 222.5o from the last and 137.5o from the next forming the 360o of the circle and aligning with the (6000222) = 5778 radius of Spherical, 18 twists of Phi(φ).

Each of those 137.5o turns of the clock is intersected 5 times by the pulsed frequency of 27.5o and so each pathway is always in synch with the Primal Frequency of the Aether. It takes 13.09 of those pulses to complete one circle and 1/13.09 is a truncated .0763 as in the 763 value of the 9 Triplets of the 1st column of the 72 Triplets, and as in digit #763 in Pi (π) where we find the numeric string …999999. This connection may have even deeper roots and may reflect a hint dropped for us about 40 years or so ago on purpose or inadvertently.  The Most famous 42, is found as the answer to the secret of the universe in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. There is another number in it directly related to that answer and it was 6 x 9 = 54, as in the string of 6 nines (9s) in Pi (π). The number 42 in base 13 is 54.

As we just saw, it is also 2Phi(φ)-2 and when the 27.5 cycle is applied to the 5 Essential Elements of Creation their total also equals approximately 763, which aligns with the sum of the of the cube roots (7.63) of all 10 of the resultant remainders from .090909 to .909090. Once again, the value 9 playing a prominent role.

Keeping pace with the 137.5o turns of the clock, the pulsed frequency of 27.5o advances in increments of 5 like the 58 Main Quantitative Elements in the 5 Books of Moses, the 5 Essential Elements of Creation in the Cosmic Wheel, and the √5 at the core of Phi(φ). But the pulsing Primal Frequency does not need to keep pace with the time-paths and can crest every 27.5o so that every 9 cycles it equals 247.5o or about 248o, as in the 248 dimensions and the 248,000φ and 248 columns of the Torah, etc. These synch up with the 137.5o turns of the clock every (5 x 9) = 45 turns.

We could call this the Adamic synchronicity as Adam has a gematria of 45. The pattern we are seeing is that while all time paths are similar, specific sequential frequencies specifically resonate with each other, and because this occurs at their creation this will extend throughout the length of the timeline. Perhaps this imparts certain commonalities or characteristics to the events or the protagonists in these time-paths, in a similar way that people think that their astrological charts at their time of birth does. For certain, their date of birth aligns them with a specific time path.

In Chapter 21 of the Torah, in the 21st century of the Hebrew Calendar, the Philistines are messing with and trying to plug up Abraham’s Wells, which we know from the Zohar represent the 7 sefirot of Zeir Anpin, the Ladder to Binah, just as they are doing today in the 21st century.  These are the Wells of Living Water. Abraham put a stop to it and established Beersheva (בְּאֵר שָׁבַע), the Well of Seven (7). Immediately afterwards, the Torah refers to God by the Name “God of the Universe (יהוה־אל־עולם)” of sofit numerical value 763. We can see how 763 is associated with the breadth of the Universe. Alternatively, the standard value is 203, as in the Torah’s first Triplet (ברא) and the word Well (בְּאֵר). While the ordinal value of this special Name is 86, the same as Elohim (אלהים) and its katan value is 41, as in the ordinal value of Elohim (אלהים), the component letter value is 864, as in the diameter of the Sun, 864,000 miles, which is also the same as in its Pi(π) Phi Phi(φ) gematria cipher value, 864. He most certainly is God of the Universe. When its Essential Cube ordinal value is considered, the Name’s ordinal value becomes 111, One.

The Hands of the Clock and the Tower

Previously I would not have thought twice about the clock towering over my university, city, town, train station or any other one of the numerously scattered and strategically placed similar towers all over the world.

Since the 1.1 Hz Primal frequency synchs with the 27.5 Hz on every 110 cycles, the convergence point, it takes 36 cycles of 137.5o turns and 180 turns of 27.5o and 4500 turns of 1.1o for all 3 Frequencies to align with an interval of 247.5o or about 248o, which is 4950o.  This is the 20th interval of 247.5o or about 248o, as in the 20 levels of the Tower of Truth, the metaphoric hand of the clock.  It is also the Abrahamic interval, whose Name has a value of 248 and who represented the 20th generation of Man (Adam).  Half the distance to the Flood 1656/2 + 4950 = 5778.

The two outstretched hands of that clock, as above as below, would equal 40 levels, as in 40 days and 40 nights, and the 40 years in the desert and the 40 days Moses was on Mt Sinai both times. It is also (210 + 210) = 420 cubits long, twice 5775 inches, or 11550 years, like the Spherical Time diameter (11,556 years) and the sum of the 42 square roots of the Tetrahedron values of the 42-Letter Name, 1155.7, and the sum of the 42 square roots of the atbash values of the 42-Letter Name, 1155.6. Synchronicity is just us stumbling upon the Cosmic nodes, powerful juncture points of intricate geometries.

While the encasing pyramid’s 35th course is markedly of double height, the 35th cycle of 137.5o is 4812.5 or exactly (10 x 481.25’), the height of the Tower in feet, and the 42nd cycle of 137.5o is the 210th of 27.5o and a total of 5775o, representing the height in cubits (210) and inches 5775.  This is the first interval between the Singularity (42), the Primal Frequency (27.5 Hz), and the Phi(φ) angle (137.5o) of rotation. It is the Hand of Time.

The Tower of Truth is the Hand of Time.  There was one reason it was built and one reason it was left standing for us.

In the merging of the Primal frequencies, we also see that every 2 cycles of 27.52o align with every 11 cycles of 137.5o and thus every 4 cycles of 27.52o align with every 22 cycles of 137.5o in a sense aligning the 22 Letter Interval with the perimeter of the encasing pyramid, (4 x 27.52) = 3025.

The Clock Face

The Face of the Clock would thus be a circle drawn around the outstretched Hands with a diameter of 420 cu, giving it a circumference of 420π and an area of 2102π. Since we were given the encasing pyramid to guide us by Divine design and by an ancient culture of master builders, we can view the circle as being drawn around the two mirrored pyramids from top point to bottom point. Since the base of those twin pyramids is 330 cu, a square formed by the two parallel bases has an area of 3302 and would not be inscribed by the circle because in all 4 directions of the compass the radius of the circle is 210 and the matching half length of the square is 165, meaning the radius extends 45 cu further in all 4 directions.

As for the 4 corners, simple Pythagorean geometry reveals that they extend beyond the boundaries of the circle by about 23.34 cu since the demi-diagonals are 233.34 cu, like the two second iterations of the Names YHVH (יוד־הי־ויו־הי) and Ehyeh (אלף־הי־יוד־הי) or (72 + 161) = 233, the 13th Fibonacci Number.  The full diagonal of the 3302 square is thus 466 cu or the sum of the 11th, 12th, and 13th Fibonacci Numbers (89 + 144 + 233).

The ratio of the area of the round Clock face to the square of the encasing pyramid is 2102π/3302 = 1.272215, which is almost exactly 1.273, the Cosmic Harmonic and the ratio of a square to an inscribed circle, only in this case the circle is larger than the square and does not inscribe it either. Moreover, the ratio 1.272215 is off from the 4/π Cosmic Harmonic by .001024, as in the 1024 or 210 word values in the Torah.

The Clockface and proportions do not change but the Clockface drawn around 2 hourglass mirrored encasing pyramids would be more aligned with the nature of the Cosmos:

The Fibonacci Frequency

The Spherical Time diameter (11,556 years) is also the 28th Fibonacci Number in terms of the number of cycles of 27.5o or (317811/27.5) = 11,556.


It is by a function of the Fibonacci Numbers, which as previously explained form a vortex based on Phi(φ) that the cumulative value of the first 26 Fibonacci Numbers divided by 27.5. is 11,556 or 2 x 5778. They correspond to the 26 generations of Adam delineated in the Torah and obviously to the YHVH (יהוה).

That the Spherical Time diameter (11,556 years) is also the 28th Fibonacci Number in the cycles of 27.5 Hz is obviously no cosmic coincidence, nor is it that the power pairs in the Essential Cubes of Creation must equal 28.

As previously illustrated the 16 vertices of the Binah Hypercube total 1870, as in the 187 Chapters in the Torah, the sum (1870) of the 6 names of the 6 Tribes in the census differentials equaled, and as in 7-dimensional space:


We now learn that the 27th cumulative total value of the first 27 Fibonacci Numbers, as in the 27 positions of the Essential Cube, in cycles of 27.5 is 18700 cycles.

Because of the nature of the Fibonacci Numbers and because the 10th Fibonacci Number is the Gateway Number 55, every 10th Fibonacci Number has a whole Number cycle interval: 55/27.5 = 2 for the 10th FN; 6765/27.5 = 246 for the 20th FN; and 832,040/27.5 = 30256 for the 30th FN….

What is not exactly obvious is why the 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th Fibonacci Numbers (13, 21, 34, and 55) add up to 123 and the ratio of every 10th interval is exactly or approximately 123 times the previous one, as in 6765/55 = 123. This is true for all 10th intervals, not just the special set of whole number 10’s.

While every time-path in Spherical Time is the Phi (φ) angle or 137.5o away from the next, every interval that follows the Fibonacci Number sequence (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 34, 21, 34, 55…) is auspiciously doubly connected to Phi (φ), and then every 10th interval of those is especially auspicious.  By the 3rd of those special intervals there have already been issued 2.178 million time-paths. The 4th special interval will be 123 larger, covering over 267.93 million time-paths, while the 5th special interval, as in the one corresponding to the 50th Fibonacci Number will be (144 x 1234) or around 33 billion time-paths deep. Imagine how few souls get to be the protagonist in those!

So, if you think you were Cleopatra in a previous life because you like to dress up, or Moses because you look good in sandals think about how the odds may be against you.  Our universe was set up with specific fates in mind tied to the time-paths our consciousness was set into. Whether we reach our goal of elevation and reintegration with our consciousness depends on how well we navigate our given time-path. Whichever time-path it is, will be the correct one for you. The system will shift you to a more appropriate path if you use the tools wisely and with the right consciousness. It will shift you to a more earth-bound, more physically dense one if you do not, especially if you try to abuse the system as happened at the Tower of Babel.

Why are we concerned with the intervals of the time-paths? Because once you know the codes, like an IP address, with the right tools and consciousness you can dial into them. That will not make you Moses, but it can align you with Moshiach consciousness.

The reason the 10th intervals are in powers of 123x  is that 123 is Phi(φ)10 which is aligned with the first Triplet (אבג) or 123 in the 42-Letter Name Matrix and in the first planal Triangle in the Essential Cube of Creation (אבג), 123.

Whether we are talking about the Torah Matrix or its sub-matrices, the 42-Letter Name Matrix, the Essential Cube of Creation Matrix, etc., one definition of Matrix, coined by Buckminster Fuller, is that it is made up of vectors or “lines of energy” and as such is “a pattern of lines of energy.” The Hebrew Letters are the interface to the Numbers and the Numbers are the interface to the energy. While you can plug your computer into a wall outlet and see the screen, you cannot stick your finger into that outlet, and certainly not into a power station transformer.

We have discussed many times already how special the Fibonacci Numbers are. The 30th Fibonacci Number (832,040) contains the 832-year time-period from the construction of the First Holy Temple in 2928 HC to the edge of the Spiritual Time radius in 3760 HC, meaning that the First Holy Temple was built in -832 CE. It is also the 832 years that the first Two Holy Temples stood on Earth (410 + 422) and the 832 years from the beginning of the Flood in 1656 to Moses’ death in 2488, after 40 years in the desert.  This 832,039-value is also the total value of the entire Fibonacci sequence through the 28th Fibonacci Number, once again the cosmos circling back to the power and bond of 28.

Can there be more time-paths than people? The system will choose the most efficient number but at any given moment we can exist in many time-paths at once, yet because of our dimensional limitations our awareness only perceives one at a time. The latest AI has no such limitations and is already being employed to find a way out, but like Balaam who Balak employed to outmaneuver Moses, it will not be allowed to thwart the Creator’s efforts.

Also, many avatars exist in the same time-path at once and are even born into it at the same time.  You originally enter the time-pathway at the beginning, but at any given moment along the path the avatar of your consciousness may have only recently entered it and whenever you do, you are given (taught) a backstory; this is what you call history. It is not the same one in each time-path, and as the time-paths converge, or as you possibly shift from one to another, inadvertently or on purpose, confusion can set in with the shifting and possibly incongruent histories.  Without an Understanding of the process, you could find things illogical and even maddening. The more severe the shift the more irrational everything will seem.

You can live through only one avatar at a time and only experience one life or point in history (the time-path) at a time, but it does not matter which. To you they are all happening at once and not happening at all. The only thing your avatar is experiencing, and your mind is processing is the tiny capsule around you—what your senses can perceive. Unless you can hear your neighbors on the other side of the wall, what exists beyond your walls or wherever you are at the moment is irrelevant and does not exist. You receive a call from a friend who tells you all about the country she is visiting, but that does not make that country exist for you; it is just a packet of information you received for your mind to process.

Beats to the Bible

There is a beat to the heart of the Fibonacci Numbers, and it translates to the Torah.  Like Bell Numbers it has to do with combinatorics and integer sets but is far simpler than it sounds because the combinations are of only 2 beats, a short one and a longer one that is twice the short one.

Right away that 2:1 proportion should remind us of the King’s Chamber and specifically of the golden proportion based on Phi(φ), so it is not surprising that it is related to the Fibonacci Numbers.  For any given integer or set of whole numbers there is a specific maximum number of combinations of these beats that will equal it. In a set of 1, only 1 short beat will fill the bill. On a set of 2, we could have 2 short beats or 1 long one, thus there are a total of 2 possible combinations. With 3, we get 3 possibilities (3 short; 1 short, 1 long; or 1 long followed by 1 short). With 4, there are now 5 possibilities: we could add a short beat to each of the prior set to get (4 short; 1 short, 1 long, 1 more short; or 1 long followed by 2 short) and there are 2 other new possibilities (2 long; or 2 short and 1 long). The pattern holds for every subsequent number, building on the previous two, so that they follow the Fibonacci sequence: 1 for 1; 2 for 2; 3 for 3; 5 for a bounded set of 4; 8 for one of 5; 13 for 6; 21 for 7; 34 for 8…

When we apply these beats to the Torah as a cipher, we see that the first verse of Genesis 1:1 has a Fibonacci value of 42 beats, and the first 8 words that reflect Binah and the 11 Triplets of Creation have a value of 50, like the 50 Gates of Binah.  The first 42 Letters or 11 words that correspond with the 42-Letter Name have a value of 60, as in the hidden letter Samech (ס) concealed in the center of the Name. The 14 words of the 2nd verse have a Fibonacci value of 67 beats as in Binah (67), and the first 5 verses that comprise One Day have a collective Fibonacci value of (42 + 67 + 30 + 59 + 62) = 260, as in the YHVH (יהוה).

When the beats are added to the Torah’s first verse, its numerical value becomes (2701 + 42 + 7) = 2750 or 100 x 27.5 Hz, the Primal Frequency.

These are also the beats of life, as our DNA conforms to it in multiple ways.  One frequency, one harmonic pattern, everything conforms to it, or it is crumbled up and destroyed, recycled.


The Hourglass

All That There Is

That the Spherical Time diameter (11,556 years) is also the 28th Fibonacci Number in the cycles of 27.5 Hz is obviously no cosmic coincidence, as it is not that the power pairs in the Essential Cubes of Creation must equal 28.

The gematria of Abraham is 248 as in the 248 dimensions of the E8 Root Lattice which connects the values 248 and 8 in pure cosmic symmetry. Methuselah (מתושלח), the 8th generation of Adam was the oldest man to have lived, and Abraham (אברהם) was the 20th generation. Methuselah lived (100031) years and the value of Abraham’s name is (31 x 8) = 248.  While (20 + 8) = 28, koach, the standard gematria value of Methuselah (מתושלח) is 282. Together, the complete gematria of their two names is 1155, or 42 x 27.5 Hz.  Ergo, their average value is (1155/2) = 577.5, as in the 210-cubit height of the Tower of Truth in inches, and the Spherical Time radius.

“The Ark (התבה)” that bridged the two worlds of the first set of 10 generations through the Flood, and the second set of 10 generations through Abraham after the Flood, has a numerical value of 412, as in the circle of the 3 turns of the Phi(φ) angle, 137.5o. The ordinal value of “the Ark (התבה)” is 34 or 2(27.5/φ). The Torah gives us their genealogy in two separate groupings and thus Abraham can also be thought of as the 10th Generation of his world, so together they represent 18 generations as in the 183 verses in the Torah and the Phi(φ)18 years in the Spherical Time radius.

Methuselah was the oldest man, the end of Time. Abraham was the first Man because the small letter Hei (ה) was set aside for him even before the creation of Adam. Abraham was the end of 20th generation and the top of Tower at the 210th cubit and 210th level as in the 20th Triangular Number. At that level, the depth and width and height is 1 cubit cubed. It reaches the One, as in Abraham announcing the One G-d to the world, and the Path of One to those willing to learn. That level is also 27.53, the cubic Prime Frequency.

The Abraham Accord

Out of the first 8 words of the Torah that form the 33 Triplets of Creation, one letter in each of the first 5 words spells out Abraham (אברהם), the first Man in the Torah

Since the gematria of those first 5 words is (666 x 3) or 1998, the net value after separating the 5 letters of Abraham (אברהם) is (1998248) = 1750, or (10 x 175), as in the 175 years of Abraham’s life. What is this like? It is like the 5 Books of Moses whose Names (Bereshit, Shemot, Vayikra, Bamidbar, and Devarim) add up to 2480 or (10 x 248), Abraham. Since 50 is (10 x 5) following that same pattern and because the final 3 words equal (1005), we see that those first 5 words also illustrate (199850) = 1948, the year (1948 HC) of Abraham’s birth, and that of the state of Israel (1948 CE) as well.

As for the rest of the 8 words or 33 letters, the net 28 letters equal (3003248) = 2755, as in both (10 x 27.5), the Prime Frequency throughout the Aether, the Cosmos, and the Torah and 55, the entrance gate and 2(27.5), while the 8 final sofit letters equal 4201 with an ordinal value of 132.

There is a connection being laid out for us between Abraham, the 42-Letter Name and the Number 5 and it forms a gateway for us. The word in Genesis 2:4 “were created (בְּהִבָּרְאָם)” has a reduced sized letter Hei (ִהִ) of numerical value 5.  This letter was set aside and given to Abram (אברם) to form Abraham (אברהם). In the transposition of the 42-Letter Name from the Matrix to the first 42 letters of the Torah, one letter was skipped, the letter Hei (ִהִ) as a hidden gateway within the 248 columns by 42 rows Matrix.

Those 5 Names of the 5 Books spell out the sentence (Bereshit, Shemot, Vayikra Bamidbar Devarim) or “In the Beginning, the Names, and He called in the wilderness, the words.” Or alternatively the 26 letters say, “In the Beginning, the Names, and He called the 42 items, the sayings.”

Most everything in the Torah is based on the 3-column structure of the cube and so the cube root of 248 is twice Pi (π). Yes,

This means that we can just about substitute the cube root of 248 for 2π in the Spherical Time Equation C = 2π5778 = 36304.24470.


The two equations are off from each other by 2.449, which is the square root of 6, and the year (2449 HC) that the Mishkan of 42 elements was built right after the Torah was received in 2448 HC.

Abraham (248) was the 20th generation of Man (Adam), the total words, letters, verses, rows, and columns in the Torah = 248,000(φ) = (20 π)3φ.

Circling the Torus

In the Beginning Time leaves the Singularity of 42 and counts 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 pulses of 27.5 Hz, at which point the field of Phi(φ) is in synch and a projection or stream of actions and reactions are released at an angle of rotation of 137.5o, the Phi(φ) angle. This happens in 3 axes (dimensions) at once and a sphere is formed. That sphere keeps growing until 42 cycles of 137.5o have been executed, 420 pulses of 27.5 Hz for the full width of the sphere. This is equilibrium point with the Singularity of 42.

The first 12345 counts add up to 15, as in YH (יה) and the 15 cubits that covered the Earth, etc. The 150 Lights from Abba that we learned about in the Shofar blast are the first 10 pulses of 27.5 or 275.

That limit of 42 cycles of 137.5o ends at 5775, the end of the 27.5 Hz pulses for us within the bubble, but it must wind down and tail off before circling to the backside of the Torus. Thus, instead of an additional 27.5 Hz, it increases by only 2.75 Hz, then wanes by 1/10th of that or .275 Hz, then increases again by another 1/10th and back and forth to the edge of the Torus. The sum total of all that waxing and waning is 3, like the 3 dimensions of the 3 axes, thus the Spherical Time or Toroidal Time radius is (5775 + 3) = 5778, and its diameter is 2(5778).

With its diameter of 2(5778), its circumference is 2π(5778) = 36304.24470.

Time has led us from the Singularity of 42 to the edge of the Bubble, the firmament between our existence and the Aether of Moshiach Consciousness as revealed by the interface of the Numbers 363 and 424. Ciphers do nothing more than help us read the frequencies. We read them to Understand the system. We strive to Understand the system to reunite with the Singularity, our consciousness.

This is and always was everything. The 4470 portion of the Spherical Time circumference represents the sum of the 1000 digits in Pi (π). Methuselah maybe should have been Mathuselah. He lived (100031) years, like the 31 verses in Creation, and Abraham (248) is (31 x 8) and there are 58 main quantitative elements in the 5 Books of Moses, as in the 5 pulses of 27.5 Hz that count time and form existence for us, like the 5 main elements that equal (248 x 1000) or 248,000(φ).

The difference between 58 and 248,000(φ) is the 223 Matrix of the (42 x 248) rows and columns in the 5 Books.  Outside the isolated 13 verses of the 10 Commandments, there are 183 verses in the 5 Books that are comprised of 210 word values, as in the Phi(φ)18 = 5778 Spherical Time radius that equals 210 cycles of 27.5 plus the tailings.

There are 31 verses in Creation, the first Chapter in the Torah, and the initials of those verses, of the first word in each of those 31 verses, totals 182, as in Jacob and (7 x 26) and as in the 1820 YHVH (יהוה) in the Torah and the total distance (18200) of the 7 dimensions of the 2 Essential Cubes of Creation.

The middle letters in those 31 first words of the 31 verses equals exactly 5000.

Now, the sum of the square roots of the 10 cyclical remainders of the 27.5 application is 6.774, which equals the wavelength (6774 miles) of the Primal Frequency (27.5 Hz), and when we use the Pi (π) cipher to calculate the value of those 31 first words of the 31 verses of the Torah’s first chapter, they equal 6774.

The Genesis (רץ) + Phi(φ) cipher that gave us 5778 for the 27 letters of the Alef-bet gives us 11,557 for those same 31 initial words, the Spherical Time diameter.

Methuselah was the last of the generations of Adam to perish before the Flood, the great reset. He died in the year of the Flood, when Noach (58), the 10th generation, became the new first person.

There is another cycle through time or the time-paths has been hinted at repeatedly throughout the Torah, but the results are not what we would assume: the Triangular Numbers. If we count the time-paths’ creation in sequence of the Triangular Number, we count the 1st, 3rd, 6th, 10th, 15th, 21st, 28th…and in terms of angular rotation those Numbers would be multiplied by 27.5o and every 5 of those by 137.5o.  This does not negate any of the pathways in between these intervals, it just imparts an auspicious aspect to these.

Is the universe sending us messages by repeatedly inserting the same number in our paths over and over again?

Are others, with the agenda to shift our time-paths and align them with theirs, also sending us messages? It is entirely plausible given what is known about MK Ultra, etc. for someone to stage a highly traumatic event then frequently and subliminally remind them of it. There may not be a better way to jar someone from their path or to nudge them to another.


It may be hinting at which time-path we are on. Our birthdays too may reveal the same. Be advised, if we are on that path, we are meant to be on it. We can, though, by doing our spiritual work—using our time wisely toward elevation—shift to an even better (fast-tracked) pathway. It helps to figure out which one we are on first, which is why the universe sends us signs.

How can it do that if it does not micro-manage our lives?

The time-paths are carved out of the Aether using the same Primal Frequency that permeates everything, so in a sense we are sending those signs to ourselves.

The Radiation of the Essential Cubes

The Arcs of the Triangular Numbers

The 20th Triangular Number, 210, represents the Tower of Truth, so we already know its results and implications, but the 14th, gives us 2887.5o in 105 cycles of 137.5o, as in the 2889 years at the center of the Spherical Time radius and of King David’s (14) life.  As position 14 is also the center of the Essential Cube of Creation; therefore, it is notable that 105 is half of 210, midway up the Tower or Hand of Time.

At 2887.5o for 105 cycles of 27.5o for the 14th Triangular Number, there are also 105/5 = 21 cycles of 137.5o in those 2887.5o. Altogether, that makes (105 + 21) = 126 cycles, as in the value of each of the faces, planes, axes, and diagonals of the Essential Cubes that have 14 as their central position.  This cosmic symmetry is not redundance, it is built into the design of the system with the Essential Cubes at the heart of the generation of Spherical Time.

Meanwhile, the 35th Triangular Number also associated with the 35-35 years split in King David’s life, and the 35th double height course in the encasing pyramid, equals 126 cycles of 137.5o and a total of 756 cycles of both 137.5o and 27.5o, as in the 6 faces of the Essential Cube (756) and as in the base of the encasing pyramid, 756’, 27.52, hinting at the generation of the cosmic pulse of 27.5o radiating from the Essential Cubes of Creation.

The 182nd Triangular Number, connecting to the archetype of Jacob and the 1820 YHVH (יהוה) that is the Divine radiation that surrounds the Torah, the Essential Cubes, and our entire existence, corresponds to 3330.6 cycles of 137.5o, as in the 3330 years between the reception of the Torah at Mt Sinai and the 5778 Event Horizon, or 66.6 Jubilee years. The 182nd Triangular Number is also equivalent to (30.00541 x 666) cycles of both 137.5o and 27.5o, referencing 541, Israel. This is also reflected in the regression sequence of 27.5:

While the simple Number 358, as in Moshiach (358), corresponds to 13.018 cycles of 27.5o, as in “One (13)” and “The One (18),” and to 2.6036 cycles of 137.5o, as in the 26 value of the YHVH (יהוה), the sum of those two sets of cycles is 15.6182 or Joseph (156), and Jacob (182), father and son on the central column of the Tree-of-Life, two reflections of Zeir Anpin. While this may be hinting that Joseph and Jacob were on the time-path of Moshiach (358), it also bodes auspiciously for anyone else on that prophetic time-path.

There is a dictum in Kabbalah that when you change your Hebrew name, you change your destiny, and the corollary is that your destiny is partially predetermined by your name. We can now see how that can be so if your time-path is partially interwoven with your Hebrew name. One of the reasons for the Creator imparting archetypes into the Torah with specific Names was for us to name your children after them and thus set them on more beneficial time-paths. Chosen by design.

The Name Rachel

Rachel was Jacob’s beloved and Joseph’s mother, and formed the back of Zeir Anpin, corresponding to the Essential Cube of Creation of Zeir Anpin/Malchut. In many ways she was and represents the 42-Letter Name Matrix.

The archetype of the Matriarch and the Name Rachel has a value of 238, as in 1/42. Its ordinal value is 40, giving it a complete value of 278, that of Ohr HaGanuz, the Light of Moshiach.  In the Name 238 there are 1.730 cycles of 137.5o, as in the 173 katan value of the 42-Letter Name Matrix and the 173 Keys to Heaven given to Moses, and as in the 1/.5778 = 1.730. As we know, the last 3 tiers of the 42-Letter Name Matrix equal 1375.  The connection to Moses goes deeper as he lived 120 years and a 120o arc of the circle with a radius of One (1) gives us a chord of 1.73.

Then once we learn that the 238th Triangular Number is 28441, as in the power pairing (28) and bond between the Essential Cubes and as in the Tower of Truth (441), it gives new meaning to the Biblical expression “Give Truth to Jacob.”

Being named Rachel is one advantage but being able to connect to your spiritual identity is on a whole other level.

The Circle of One

The connection to a chord and an arc around a circle of radius 1 is apropos given that all the cycles we are talking about are carved out of the Spherical or Toroidal Time circle and any chord between them is a link across space and spatial dimensions to the same moment in time just to a different time-path.  Moses’ arc was 1/3 of a circle, the Age of Man.

Moses’ arc of his life was 1/3 of a circle, the Age of Man, but the deeper secret is that the 42-Letter Name is what bridges that hyperspatial gap and crosses over the myriad time-paths, as long as you are on the Circle of One.

Moses’ arc of his life was 1/3 of a circle, the Age of Man, but the deeper secret is that the 42-Letter Name is what bridges that hyperspatial gap and crosses over the myriad time-paths, as long as you are on the Circle of One.

In 360o there are 13.0 cycles of 27.5o, as in “One (13)” and 2.618 cycles of 137.5o, as in the Phi(φ)2, and together that is 10π/2. Meanwhile, there are (13,0004) cycles of 137.5o in the 360th Triangular Number and a total of 77,976 cycles of both 27.5o and 137.5o, as in exactly 2000 less than the number of words in the Torah. And since those words plus the 210 words values equals 81,000, they are equivalent to these total cycles plus the perimeter of the 4 sides of the encasing pyramid (77976 + 3024) = 81,000.

It is all about geometry.

Remember, Numbers are not counting tools, the right combination is as powerful as any Name, more so than the Names we know, which have been presented to us via the Hebrew interface. Those Names are far more powerful forces in their purer unveiled form to which the Numbers are closer. The 10 Digits that sum to 45 are the 10 complementary forces of true Creation.

The Path of the 9 created the 2 Primal Frequencies (27.5 Hz and 1.1 Hz) through the remainer system. The Path of 5 created the Phi(φ) and the Phi(φ) angle. They two Paths come together as 45, which is by design the sum of the first 9 Letters, the Alef (א) to the Tet (ט). Where they all come together, along with the 248 dimensions is at 4950o, which is also the sum of the rest of the 18 Letters Yud (י) to Zadi sofit (ץ). Together both sets of letters/positions complete the 9 planes of the Essential Cube of Creation.  That point of convergence at 4950o of total rotation is also the sum of the Pi(π)-value rotations for the first 9 digits of Pi (π): (3 x 137.5o + 1 x 137.5o + 4 x 137.5o8 x 137.5o) = 4950o.

The full angular rotational sum for the first 1000 digits in Pi(π) is thus (4470 x 137.5o) = 614,625 = the words/verses, letters in the Torah or (390,625 + 224,000) or (58 + 2000 x 112), as in the 112 Triplets.

On the 7th Day

Everything revolves around 42, the Singularity of 42. There is the 42 that aligns with Zeir Anpin/Malchut and the 42 that aligns with Binah. Both are One. Both are Aspects of the Singularity and do not exist without the other. You can think of them as quantumly entangled but there is no polarity within them. It is difficult to conceive but they are the null point to which the polarities are attracted.

As it plays out 42 x 27.5 or 1155 is 1/5th of 5775, and 1/5th of 1155 is 231, as in the 21st Triangular Number and the 231 Gates of Wisdom, the Gates that take us beyond the confines of physicality and limitations of the Spherical Time Bubble.

As it plays out 42 x 27.5 or 1155 is aligned with Shabbat. Shabbat, the 7th Day, must be honored and the 2 sets cycles of 7 x 27.5o and 7 x 137.5o, as in the 7 weeks of 7 days in the Omer and as in the 7 sets of 7 years in the Jubilee (Binah) year, together equal 1155, as in Methuselah (מתושלח) and Abraham (אברהם) and 11556.

The phrase “On the Seventh Day (בַּיּוֹם הַשְּׁבִיעִי)” referring to Shabbat, from the 10 Utterances of Creation and the 10 Commandments has a numerical value of 455, the same as the 3 Aspects of the Name Ehyeh (אהיה) that total 455, as in the Path of One (113914551820) that represents a dimensional expansion of the Binah hypercube from the Essential Cube of Creation. In the 2 sets of cycles of 27.5o and 137.5o that correspond to the 455th Triangular Number there are a total of 124488 cycles, which we can surmise align with the year 2448 HC, the Year of the One, sandwiched within 18.

On the 7th Day, when certain veils are lifted, and our attunement is closest to Binah we want to quiet ourselves and separate our vibrations from the mundane because this is when the Gates are most available to us. This is when we have the best opportunity for our pleas of elevation to be heard. It is when we get to show off our spiritual evolution, and when our pleas can be heard through the deafening clatter and the incessant white noise that we usually make and that those around us are constantly making.  This is why if we can surround ourselves with those of a like mind and purpose, we can raise our chances.  This is also why many of the highest tzaddikim chose solitary lives or at least long periods of solitude. This is also why a critical mass must be reached on a collective level, so that our joint resonance can reverberate throughout the bubble and overwhelm the dissonance.

We also find this alignment with the 231 Gates of Wisdom in the 7 initials of the 7-tiered Triplets of the Pi (π) serpent in the 42-Name Matrix that total 231. Their counterparts are the 7 final letters of the 7-tiered Triplets of the Fiery Serpent that form a 14 Letter paired column down the middle of the 42-Name Matrix.

These 7 final letters (גנדגבקו) total 168 or (4 x 42), as in the 4 directions of radiation and the 4 magnetic chambers that resemble our hearts. This mimics the cosmic alignment at the center of all our existence.


At the Plane of Inertia between the 2 Essential Cubes of Creation, where the Upper Face of one meets the Bottom Face of the other, the 4 central bars line up as crosshairs, 2 horizonal (24 – 1 – 17 and 4 – 27 – 11) and 2 vertical (1 – 14 – 27 and 27 – 14 – 1) to equal (4 x 42) = 168. This is just like the 27.5 frequency of the sum of the 14 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name and that of the 15 Triplets of the Shema that includes the upper 42 Letters of the Name, in that (133.3 + 34.7) = 168. This also equals the final 9 letters (מִי-כָמֹכָה בָּאֵלִ) of the 42-Letter Sword of Moses, 168.

In His Image

It also aligns with the 168-value of “in His Image (בְּצַלְמוֹ)” from Genesis 1:27 that describes the polarity of the 2 Essential Cubes, the Zeir Anpin one in the image of the Binah one, both (“them”) male and female.

וַיִּבְרָא אֱלֹהִים אֶת-הָאָדָם בְּצַלְמוֹ, בְּצֶלֶם אֱלֹהִים בָּרָא אֹתוֹ:  זָכָר וּנְקֵבָה, בָּרָא אֹתָם

“And God created man in His own image, in the image of God created He him; male and female created He them.”

                                                                                                         -Genesis 1:27

While the 13 words and 820-value of its 13 final letters of this verse speak of Oneness and Love, especially loving thy neighbor as thyself in G-d’s image. Its’ 50 letters and their 161 katan value exhibit the verse’s connection to the highest level of Binah.


A slight permutation in the spelling of the object of G-d’s Creation and we get “…in the image of God He created the letters (sign), male and female, He created Truth.”

Just like the entwined inner toroidal vortexes or hyperboloids of the 42-Letter Name Matrix that bring together the fundamental fields,

and like the two 11-letter halves (odd and even) of the 22 letters of the Alef-bet, the 11 Triplets of Creation are organically arranged in alternating twisted columns.

Splitting the 11 Triplets of Creation into two columns, they add up to 1044 and 1959, whose digits (1+0+4+4+1+9+5+9) sum to 33, as in their 33 letters that total 3003.

While the value 1959 aligns with the 1959 value of the 24 middle letters of the verse Genesis 1:27, the value 1044 is the difference between the total 12,600 years of the 26 generations of Adam less the Spherical Time Bubble Circumference determined by Pi (π) and Phi(φ), 11,556 years: (12,600 11,556) = 1044 years.

The year 1959 was also when the 13 Colonies officially became 50 States as Hawaii was added that August to complete the process, 100 years after the Carrington Event.

The initials of the full verse Genesis 1:27 total 37, as in the 37th Triangular Number, 703, which is the complete value of final 2 words “He Created them (בָּרָא אֹתָם)” or “He Created Truth (בָּרָא אמת).” It is also the value (703) of the final 2 words of the Torah’s first verse, 26 verses earlier, in which the word Create (בָּרָא) was likewise used twice to indicate the dual Creation, “And the Earth (וְאֵת הָאָרֶץ).

It is very much as if we are being presented with an analogue to the Essential Cube of reation with verse 1:1 on its central vector and opposite verse 1:27, with their first and last letters being (בָּם) or 42, and the middle of 14th verse talking about G-d splitting the day from the night and setting the Cosmic Wheel in the firmament. That 14th verse contains the phrase

בֵּין הַיּוֹם וּבֵין הַלָּיְלָה” that parallels the 14-letter phrase “The Heavens and the Earth (אֵת הַשָּׁמַיִם, וְאֵת הָאָרֶץ)” from verse 1:1, and its complete 2πφ cipher that gave us 5778 for the 27 letters of the Alef-bet is 2380, as in 1/42.

That duality of creating them male and female is represented in that same 14-letter juxtaposition of “The Heavens and the Earth (אֵת הַשָּׁמַיִם, וְאֵת הָאָרֶץ).” When the two mirrored central letters Nun (נ) of the two Essential Cubes are bonded together, the sum of their square roots is 14.1421 as in the 2 central positions 14, and the square root of 2, which is 1.41421.

The duality of the Cosmic male and female energy field forces that are reflected in our works are the two opposite pressure mediations that we can centrifugal and centripetal. These equal but incommensurate forces act at the Phi(φ) angle (137.5o) to one another and are at the core of Spherical Time and everything else in our existence. The centripetal or concentration and focusing force is the masculine and the energy producing expansionary force is the feminine one.

The Phi(φ) angles (137.5o) formed by the crossing of the male and female energies also produce counterpart angles of 85o which are 137.5o/Phi(φ). This is the same pattern we find in the flowering of the plants and the leaves, branches, and bark of the trees. This is harmony, the perfect balance of the yin and the yang, and through the center flows the life-force, the chi. A pendular swings between the two forces, the two fixed Phi(φ) angles (137.5o), drawing one then the other. It is 85/2 = 42.5, or Phi(φ)3.

A pendular swings between the two forces, the two fixed Phi(φ) angles (137.5o), drawing one then the other. It is 85/2 = 42.5, or Phi(φ)3, keeping them in balance. It is the gyromagnetic ratio of precession that holds the two equal but incommensurate forces in place. In one 360o revolution, there are 2(137.5)/27.5 = 10 intervals of 27.5 Hz and since 17 = 27.5/φ and 85 = (5 x 17), there are also 5 intervals of 27.5/φ. As we zero in on the frames of this toroidal spiral to see the precession we get a sense of a non-Euclidean geometry where square curve into circles.

We also realize that is these patterns are wired into nature and into the make-up atoms and molecular structures then they are hardwired into our DNA as well, tiny dynamos that drive us toward harmony. It is only external forces that try to sell us on chaos. Harmony creates babies, happiness, health, success, peace, love, and all the positive attributes that resonate and align with the universe.  Chaos creates disease, destruction, death, failure, despair, disfunction, dystopia, and distances us from the universe.  There are other worlds that we can sink down into—we have covered them in a previous chapter—but free will is no longer an option there. Here, at any given moment we can and should choose harmony over chaos. The same mechanism that makes flowers beautiful is inside us as well.


From Genesis 2:23, as in the 23 chromosome pairs that make Man and Woman, we see Adam’s statement regarding the coming together of the two equal but incommensurate forces, “Bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh (עֶצֶם מֵעֲצָמַי, וּבָשָׂר מִבְּשָׂרִי).”

While its 4 initials equal 156, and with its complete value of 204, they hint at Joseph H’Zadik, we know that 156 is (6 x 26), the YHVH (יהוה), representing Zeir Anpin, and that their ordinal value of 48 represents the Cube of 48 Holy Letters of the 12 YHVH (יהוה) of the Cosmic Wheel.  Its 4 final letters meanwhile equal 260 or 10 times the YHVH (יהוה), and the alternative sofit sum for those final letters is 820, as in “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”

While the standard value of the phrase is 1510 or (10 x 151), as in the Aspect of Binah Ehyeh (אלף־הה־יוד־הה), and the ordinal value of the 4 species, the 4 word phrase’s ordinal value is 232, as in the 4 aspects of the YHVH (יהוה),

This gives the 17 letter phrase “Bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh (עֶצֶם מֵעֲצָמַי, וּבָשָׂר מִבְּשָׂרִי)” a complete value of (1510 + 232) = 1742, as in the difference between Spiritual Time and Physical Time radii (37602018) = 1742, the coming together of the physical force and the spiritual force. We also find 1742 in the square root (20.17424) of the Torah’s 6th word (ואת) of numerical value 407, which is also found in the beginning of the 54-digit Monster Symmetry (808017424… that sums to 216 and begins with 808, Abraham, as previously explained in detail.

As for the 9 middle letters of this potent phrase, their complete value is 1225, or 352 as in the two 35-year periods at the center of the 5778-year radius and King David’s Life, the 70 years that Adam gave to David.

The idea embedded into the Torah is that those two seemingly opposite forces share the same origin and are part of the same Oneness, yet they split apart and came together in order to create Zeir Anpin and the evolution of Man.  Men and women were designed to work together as a system bonded by love. It is then that the couple is the most powerful and most effective. Alone, a man can achieve focus and intent, and a woman can wield power and project energy, but that energy diffused as emotions will lack focus and go off in all directions, often canceling out its intent. Together, that energy can be focused like the jet streams that shoot through the center of the toroidal forces of the universe.  To really bond together, there needs to be love between them. Without it, the focused force will be limited.  This is the same reason that doing what you love or are passionate about makes you more creative and your results more powerful. Because this dynamic is the source structure of Spherical Time, when we align with it, we enhance our ability to shift time-paths, which is why the opponent, the powers with their agendas, will do everything possible to separate men from women and love from the world.

In terms of the Essential Cube of Creation, the Man begins from 1 – 2 – 3 in the center plane, while the Woman begins from 27 – 26 – 25 in the opposite direction in that same plane. The man proceeds 4 – 5 – 6 in the rear plane while the woman proceeds 24 – 23 – 22 in the opposite direction in the opposite front plane. And so it continues, always balancing to 28, koach, power. Switching side and planes again 7 – 8 – 9 and 21 – 20 – 19 then again 10 – 11 – 12 and 18 – 17 – 16 then they cross in the middle at 14, the null point, spiraling in opposite directions from 13 and from 15 until they reach each other’s starting position on the far side of torus and start over again, an endless cycle of power.  Each passes through 13 positions before meeting up in the center, as in Ahava (אהבה), love. Together, 26 positions, the YHVH (יהוה).

The Hourglass Hyperboloid

“And God said: ‘Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days and years;” – Genesis 1:14

The counting of time, days and years, is figuratively like sand dripping through an hourglass. A central channel of (11427) or 42 surrounded by 336 as in the 336 letters of the 112 Essential Triplet that act as light in the firmament and signs for the days and years. When the 2 Essential Cubes are joined as one and the Upper and Lower 42-Letter Names fuse, they


take on an hourglass or hyperboloid form, like two mirrored encasing pyramids with the doubled Tower of Truth running through their center, as the dielectric field.

יוד הי ויו יוד ויו יוד הי  דלת ויו יוד

הי ויו הי יוד


 Spiritual Time Vs Physical Time

The spatial difference between Spiritual Time and Physical Time is the distance that allows you to see the illusions and manipulations going on in the world today. Those that cannot see it are stuck in Physical Time and operating in the dark, locked into a linear tunnel without the space or the time to ponder options and opportunities beyond their physical needs and desires.  We operate on a different wavelength, one that on a certain level avoids the pull of certain time-path wakes. That is until we slip back into Physical Time and deal with more mundane though very pressing matters.

When baseball players like Judge or anyone else batting .300 step to the plate they are usually in the zone, the Spiritual Time zone and everything slows down for them. The same goes for elite pitchers, or Mahomes when he takes a snap, or any elite ball player. They only way to get them out of the zone is to get into their heads. Why are some managers and coaches much better than others and always winning the big games; because they know how to set the table and step out of the way for their players to get in and stay in the zone.  They do not feed their ego; they fill them with single purpose focus. We must be our own managers.

That does not mean we need to see beyond the physical to the matrix of the simulation. To do that, we must use the excess time we have because of Spiritual Time to work toward elevation, but we are now part of the process—no longer a sheep, but a shepherd.

The universe does not care how long it will then take us, how many years or how many resets, because existing as avatars in the simulated world does not affect the Aether outside our bubble.  There is only a minimal energy drain to sustain it.  A projection on a screen barely affects the screen or the room that it is in, or even the projector itself.  It is not nothing though.

The processing through our minds does create small ripples that are stronger localized within the Aether within our bubble.  There are steady low level mechanical vibrations from our mental central processing units, and then there are the strong emotional responses. Strongest of all are the attributes, fear, love, respect, and awe most of all, 13 in total, as given to Moses on Mt Sinai, 13, as in One, 13, as in the 13 Candles of the 112 Triplets also given to Moses on Mt Sinai and likewise the 13 verses of the 10 Commandments.  Kindness, grace, forgiveness, truth, and a kindness that stretches across time and the time-paths.  These are what resonate. These are what the bubble resonates with.

The Spherical Time bubble resonates with these attributes, and to a much lesser extent our emotions, and radiates throughout the Aether, the universal consciousness, and sits in judgement like the critics of a remotely viewed movie. No need to study us, or watch our lives play out, micro-manage or even take interest in our characters.  The actions of our avatars, our processing of our sensory inputs, and our desire to reconnect with our consciousness belie where we are really at in the true scales of evolution.

The effects of these radiated transmissions, both individually and collectively in the vastness of the universal Aether are minimal at best, though like a drop of blood in the ocean they can attract sharks, notably the leviathan that comes on the waves every 12,000 years.

The attributes are a subset of our feelings, vibrations. And feelings are strings that are plucked within our minds. Imagine our minds, our processing units containing a series of chambers lined with strings or tuning forks that are attuned to different specific frequencies, each one vibrating or capable when plucked of representing a specific feeling. Some of those are feelings from within or bodies or avatars like physical pain, heat sensitivity, hunger, thirst, and many others that we are not even aware of.  Sometimes we pick up on ghost feelings, ones ours minds cannot place. Sometimes we call those intuition, a sixth sense, phantom pain, or itchiness, etc. Sometimes it is just a weird feeling that can lead to anxiety, unease, or even paranoia.

If we are not careful these chambers can become echo chambers, resonating with the untoward and unwanted vibrations of others, even with those deliberately directed toward us.  Imagine if someone or some group understood this process and used tools like 5G, your cellphone, Haarp/geoengineering, nanoparticle injections to either target individuals or create a hive-minded effect upon society! That could be a good way to ensure their competition stays fixed in the Physical Time paradigm. Or they could just dump toxins into the environment and food supply and pharmaceuticals to clog up those string chambers! Then again if you were stuck in the Physical Time paradigm you may never see that. You would be just another brick in the wall.

The conclusion to Chapter 32 to follow shortly.