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This is the final section in this ultimate chapter and all will be connected. The actual shape and make-up of the greater universe and its core will take form, along with all the associated harmonics, perturbations, and fields. All will be deeply anchored in the secrets of the Torah and extended aloft far into the outer reaches of the Cosmos. The Pathways will be clarified as will how we can connect to them, and the secret formula of harmonic bliss and ascension will be revealed.  The last 5 articles/section tell a story unto themselves that recaps key areas of this on-going book and swiftly moves us into the future, though The Journey into the understanding of Spherical Time began in earnest with the start of Chapter 32, the conclusion of which begins at Spherical Time Z1 The Core and ends here.

Is it All that Simple?

Is it all that simple?

Nothing is that simple in the mind of the Creator. What we have portrayed as simple 4-dimensional hypercubes and 3-dimensional spheres are distillations of far more complex multi-dimensional nets or organizations within consciousness. All of the Torah and all of our Creation can be generated from the simple 27 positions of the 33 Essential Cube of Creation that Source through the Singularity of 42, but what encodes this, what tells the letters how and when to combine?

The Cuboctahedron

Throughout, we have spoken of and drawn alignments with various aspects of the 248-dimension E8 Lattice and their symmetric geometric component networks.

This is a network of symmetric expansions from the Triplets, Tetrahedra, Orthoplexes and Simplexes; the Star Tetrahedra, and the Cuboctahedra; and seemingly generated from the simple Essential Cube, but it is the other way around. They all inform the Cube. Every letter in the Essential Cube already contains all the information and programming to self-organize into the Spherical Bubble of our universe, and every other one as well.  That is why each letter of the Cube unfolds into 11,111.111 letters of the Torah.

Those Tetrahedra while forming symmetrical Stars also can

organize in groups of 4 centered on a specific point and form a 13-vertex unit of One. When 2 of these formations are combined in opposite polar orientation, they form a radial symmetric cuboctahedron of 8 units still centered on this same singular point. They are now a 14-sided cuboctahedron, where we see how even the central 14 position of the Essential Cube of Creation can be an unfolding from the One in 8 directions and Tetrahedra, like the 8 corners of the Cube that align with the (14 x 8) = 112 Essential Triplets.


The cuboctahedron is the root vector polytope of the simplex of the E8 Lattice, and that the 12 vertices in the cuboctahedron can represent the root vectors of the simple Lie group A3.

Sphere packing of the cuboctahedron with each of the 13 vertices as the center of that sphere forms the densest arrangement of 13 spheres, leaves a counterspace around them of 26%. Circumscribing these spheres creates a larger of major sphere, the 14th.


All 13 are radially and equilaterally connected and equal in length, vector equilibrium, forming 12 vertices with equidistant bonds/line segments between them, 24 edges in total. In this formation, there are 4 six-sided hexagon planes at 90o angles to one another built into the cuboctahedron that completely encompasses its 24 edges.

These hexagons represent the 6 Elliptical Orbits of the Moon within the Cosmic Wheel and each of the 12 vertices as the center of the 12 spheres that link to them represents One Moon. The 4 hexagons have 6 vertices each or 24 in total but because each of the vertices is an intersection between 2 planes there are 24/2 = 12 net vertices. The 4 planes form the 4 season of 3 months each.

How does the Cosmic Wheel relate to Essential Cube of Creation? The 6 Elliptical Orbits of the Moon within the Cosmic Wheel create the spacing as the interact forming a 3 x 3 x 3 cube in their center. Two parallel orbits for each of the 3 axes, crisscrossing in the center.

Each of those 12 the bond/edges is also the diameter of the sphere, each identical. Since the diameter of the Moon is 2160 miles, the 12 spheres of 2160 miles across each have a total diameter of (12 x 2160) or 25,920 miles, matching the 25,920-year precession of the Earth’s axis and the 25,920 parts of minute in each Hebrew Day.

Like the Essential Cube of Creation, Magen Davids are formed within each of the hexagonal planes just by connecting those 12 vertices.

Since the 12 spheres represent the 12 Moons formed by the 6 lunar ellipses, the 24 edges represent both the 24 hours in a day and the 24 Moons (New and Full) of lunar phases formed by the intersecting ellipses.

As we detailed earlier in this mega-chapter, the cuboctahedron is a primordial shape and concept. It is at the heart of the Essential Cube, yet it and its 14 spheres have no specific edge measurement or volume until we assign it one.  It is in a state of pure potential. As in the uncertainty principle once we do assign it a measure it becomes fixed, so it produces everything and nothing at once. It is in a state of inertia.

Assigning the inert cuboctahedron an edge length set at the log of 600,000, as in the 600,000 Israelites counted at Mt Sinai, gives us a resultant volume for the 14th or Major Sphere encircling the 13 inner spheres of the cuboctahedron is 2727.276084. We chose the log of 600,000 or 5.778… because it is the 5778-year radius of Spherical Time and given the symmetry in the Cosmic design thus might naturally align with the sphere at the center of it.  We had no idea that that symmetry would reflect the 27-positions of the Essential Cube as 2727.27. Or for that matter the Moon/Earth ratio of 2160 mi/7920 mi = .272727…!

Using the same log of 600,000 for the edge length, the 13 inner spheres around the vertices have a total volume of 1313.132929, giving each of the 13 spheres a volume of 101.0102253, and a collective counterspace of 1414.143155.

We are reminded that while the Torah was given to Moses in front of 600,000 men in 2448 HC, it was the year 1313 BCE, and that the exponential curve of the 27 letters of the Alef-bet is (1.313x), and that the First Holy Temple was constructed in 2928 HC, possibly equal to the 2929 portion of 1313.132929. Moreover, the triplet repetition of the numbers 272727, 131313, 141414, and 101010 seem to be hinting at the Triplets, a dynamic we know is built into the design of the Cosmos and to a triple or 3-dimensional expansion. When we subtract the counterspace of 143 from the 273 Major Sphere we get the value of the 112 Triplets Essential Elements of Creation less 26, as if representing the 26 vectors along which the Cube expands and/or contracts. Of course, 101010 in base 2 is 42.

If instead we were to use the Speed of Light, 1.86282 as a measure of the Cuboctahedron’s edge length, the volume of the 13 spheres would be 44.00020002…, and the 24 edges of the cuboctahedron would equal 44.70… as in the Spherical Time circumference (36304.24470), and the number of hours in a Spiritual Time Day (44.70) vs the 24 in a Physical Time Day.

Since the ratio of the Spiritual Time radius over the Physical Time radius is 3760/2018 = 1.86282, which aligns with the 44.70/24 hours this makes intuitive sense, yet using that same the edge length, the Speed of Light (186,282 mps), the volume of the Major Sphere becomes 91,385,030 miles, off by only a mere 17,000 miles from the Earth’s actual perihelion, its closest point to the Sun in its orbit. All the more interesting considering that the log of 600,000 edge length connects to the Sun, by being its surface temperature, 5778 K, as does the given Speed of Light, 1.86282, because of the Spherical Time components (3760 + 2018) = 5778 years.

Expanding to Binah

The 7 planar symmetries of the cuboctahedron is akin to the 7-fold expansion of the Essential Cube into a hypercube. As the Essential Cube expands even further outward into the 2nd stage (4-d) Essential Binah Hypercube, 8 total Cubes are formed, including the original one. Seven of them do not contain the 27 letters, but 272 letters, which is why the 2nd tier (קרעשטן) of the 42-Letter Name has a value of 272.

Those 272 letters times the 8 cubes in Binah Hyperspace equates to 5832, as in the 5832 Verses of the Torah plus the 13 separate Verses of the higher 10 Commandments.  In other words, the 5832 or (8 x 272) Letters in the lower Binah Hypercube contain all the seed information and gave rise to the 183 or 5832 verses in the Torah. Those 183 or 5832 Letters are in the ratio (5832/27) or 216 to 1 compared with the 27 Letters of the Essential Cube of the 6 dimensions of Zeir Anpin.

That is, there are 183/33 or 63 Letters for each of the 27 super-packed ones that project our physicality, which of course align with Gevurah (216), the 2nd level of the 42-Letter Name and with the 216 Letters in the 72 Essential Triplets.

With each expanded dimension the number of letters packed into each simple cube increases by an order of magnitude, thus in the 40 3-d cubes that comprise a 5-cube or 5-dimensional Upper Binah Hypercube there are (40 x 273) or 787320 Letters, which once we subtract the 5832 letters of the 4-d tesseract lower Binah Hypercube works out to twice the 58 letters, verses, and words in the Torah, plus 238 or 1/42.

The ratio of those 787320 Letters of the 5-Cube to 5832 Letters of the 4-d Tesseract, reflecting Upper and Lower Binah is 787320/5832 = 135, as in Matzah (מצה). Any questions why the Creator commanded us to clean out our homes and lives to make a pristine space for and eat Matzah (מצה) on Pesach? Or why as part of the 15-steps of the Seder we must say out loud and invoke (Pesach, Matzah, and Maror) or (148 + 135 + 446) = 272?

While those 2 concentric ratios (135 + 216) = 351, the 26th Triangular Number, associated with the YHVH (יהוה), the 3 concentric ratios (135 + 216 + 27) = 378, as in “He and His Name are One” and the 27th Triangular Number, the sum of the 27 positions in the Essential Cube of Creation.

The product of those 2 ratios (216 x 135) is 29,160 and this relates to one of the Rings of the Cosmic Wheel, as sketched for us by Abraham Avinu. Each of the 7 doubles (בגדכפרת) is applied to each incremental Day of the Cosmic Wheel, 29 or 30 each month until all 363 Days are applied, and each letter is applied to its respective month: Tav(ת) to each day in Tammuz for the Moon; Caf (כ) to Av for the Sun; Resh (ר) to the days of Sivan and Elul for Mercury: Pe (פ) to Tishrei and Iyar for Venus; Dalet (ד) to the days of Cheshvan and Nissan for Mars; Gimmel (ג) to Kislev and Adar for Jupiter; and Bet (ב) to Tevet and Shevat for Saturn.

Their monthly total is in order from Tevet to Kislev respectively (66, 58, 90, 116, 2400, 12000, 5800, 580, 6000, 2320, 120, 111) = 29,661. But from the Flood date in the middle of Cheshvan straight through to the end of Adar (or the start of Nissan, the first astrological month and the month of Pesach), the total is (2400, 12000, 5800, 580, 6000, 2320, 60) exactly 29,160. These consecutive 6.5 months that total 29,160 thus by definition equal 1/27th the total letters in the 5-Cube Upper Binah Hypercube.

As we brought up in the first part of Chapter 32, of the 187 Chapters in the Torah, the middle Book of the 5 Books has 27 Chapters with the other 160 divided into 90 in the first two Books and 70 in the last two. This aligns with the 16 vertices of the Binah 4-d Hypercube that total 1870; and the 11th Triplet (פזק) of numerical value 187 of the 42-Letter Name; and with 7-dimensional space:

It further aligns with the 27th cumulative total value of the first 27 Fibonacci Numbers in cycles of 27.5, which is (514228/27.5) = 18700 cycles, which are also an allegory to the 5th Essential Elements (514228), the 27 positions of the Essential Cube of Creation with its central 14th position (514228), its vector system (514228) and nest of 42, and its duality (514228), of power, 28.

Similarly, the (5832 + 13) verses in the Torah are divided into 859 in the middle Book and 2743 in the first two with 2243 in the final two. While these reflect the 22 Names of the 27 Hebrew Letters, the 2743 verses is also (2701 + 42), reflecting the sum of the Torah’s first verse and the number of beats in it, the Singularity 42. The 2243 verses can the thought of in terms of the Name of Binah, Ehyeh (אהיה) when split into (2100 + 143). Then while 2100 = (30 x 70 Chapters), the value 2700 = (30 x 90 Chapters), and we have already seen the connection between 30 and 27.5 Hz. Finally, the middle Book’s 859 verses are equal to 272 + 130, as in Mt Sinai, the ladder.

The Two Censuses and the Path of One

We already know that the net variation of the two census is 1820, which matches one set of the 6 Names of the Tribes and that this represents the 1820 YHVH (יהוה) in the Torah along the Path of One (1 13 91 455 1820). We also know that (+ 13 + 91 455 + 1820) = 2380 = 1/42 and that (2380 + 1820) = 4200. The other set of 6 Tribes whose 6 Names equal 1870, and amongst whom there was no net change in their numbers over 40 years, relate to everything just discussed, but they too relate to the Path of One and the Singularity of 42. When we square the circle of 1870, in other words apply the Cosmic Harmonic (1.273) to it, we get (1870 x 1.273) = 2380 = 1/42.

The entire anti-religious, anti-Creator narrative that has been built up in man’s belief system is that our religions are based on a mere collection of myths and stories borrowed from Babylonia and falsely believed to have been written by a Divine being. Yet the Truth is that not a single letter or number in the Torah is out of place, is without deep meaning and significance, nor has even been changed.  Yes, they have slipped in other versions over time, and have tried to trick us into believing that translations into Greek or Aramean are more accurate, and even tried to convince us that the interpretations are more important than the text, but the Creator has made sure that the Torah survived intact, unadulterated for the last 3330 years.

Group #1


Name Name Gematria 1st census 2nd census Difference
Reuven רְאוּבֵן 259         46,500         43,730      (2,770)
Gad גָּד 7         45,650         40,500      (5,150)
Efraim אֶפְרָיִם 331         40,500         32,500      (8,000)
Binyamin בִּנְיָמִן 152         35,400         45,600     10,200
Asher אָשֵׁר 501         41,500         53,400     11,900
Naftali נַפְתָּלִי 570         53,400         45,400      (8,000)
1820       262,950       261,130      (1,820)

In the first group, the sum of the gematria values for the 6 Tribes equals 1820, which matches exactly the net differential of their 6 Tribes, a net loss of 1820 men over 40 years.

In the second group of Tribes, there was zero net differential and the sum of the gematria of their 6 names equals 1870. The net differential for all 12 tribes after their 40-year sojourn was thus 1820.

Group #2


Name Name Gematria 1st census 2nd census Difference
Shimon שִׁמְעוֹן 466         59,300         22,200    (37,100)
Yehuda יְהוּדָה 30         74,600         76,500       1,900
Dan דָּן 54         62,700         64,400       1,700
Yischar יִשָּׂשכָר 830         54,400         64,300       9,900
Zevulun זְבֻלוּן 95         57,400         60,500       3,100
Menaseh מְנַשֶּׁה 395         32,200         52,700     20,500
1870       340,600       340,600            –

The total of the two censuses for the first group (262,950 + 261,130) = 524080, and the total of the two censuses for the first group (340,600 + 340,600) = 680,320. The differential ratio between them is approximately 1.30, as in One, Echad (13), while the net difference is 156,240, as in Joseph (156), and as in (12 x 13020), connecting all 12 Tribes to One, Echad (13) and to Sinai (130), and to one of the 12 factor pairs of 1820: (130 x 14).

Then while the net zero Tribes total 680,320 has the components (680 + 320) = 1000, we know them as the spatial-counter spatial components (32 cu and 68 cu) of the Central Altar and Inner Courtyard of the Holy Temple that align with the inner and outer values of the lulov (לולב) used on Sukkot.

As for the 6 Tribes with a net difference of 1820 and whose 6 Names sum to 1820 in the Path of One and the Singularity of 42, their two censuses total 524080, as in the 524 ordinal value of the 42-Letter Name; and the 1024th Triangular Number, 524800, that corresponds to the 1024 or 210 word values in the Torah; not to mention the sum of the Names of the 5 Books of Moses, 2480, and that he was 40 in the year 2408 HC when he discovered his true identity and left Egypt.

Every letter and every number is packed with code and information.  In man’s world, you must back away in order to get perspective and see the order in the chaos. In the Divine world you must get closer.

A Perfectly Woven Matrix

How do we relate the 248 dimensions to the Essential Cube of Creation?

We must first envision the 13 verses of the 10 Commandments as 13 dimensions, one per verse times 10 sub-dimensions or 130 in total. This is why such a strong point was made in the Torah that it was received at Mt Sinai of numerical value 130, and why 130 is the numerical value for sulam, ladder as well. Moreover, 130φ is 210 and 210/φ = 130.  This is also why these 13 Verses stand outside the Torah.

Together with the 248 dimensions, each connected to one of the 248 columns in the Torah, the 130 dimensions of the 10 Commandments makes (130 + 248) = 378, the fusion of “He and His Name are One” and the 378 dimensions of the Essential Cube of Creation, 1 dimension per positional unit from (127), 14 in the center. The Torah Matrix is woven together with the 42 Weft thread or rows of the Singularity intertwined with the 248 Warp threads of the E8 Symmetry.

This extended complexity extends into Spherical Time. The E8 Lattice is the densest way to pack hyperspheres into those 248 dimensions where every sphere is touching another. As previously explained, this subdivides into the 112 sets of 8 integer root vectors and the 128 or 27 sets of 8 half-integer root vectors.

A New Perspective

That there are 112 sets of 8 root vectors is not a sign from the Cosmos, it is a hyperspace projection from the 8 corners of the Essential Cube and alternatively a projection into them, a compacting of information, like the 8 central positions of 14 from the 8 cubic cells of the Binah Essential Hypercube that total 112, all linked to the 112 tri-fold forces called the 112 Essential Triplets.

The shortest way around a cube to return to the starting point is simply to follow an edge making 4 right (90o) turns and the longest way is to traverse the diagonals also making 4 right (90o) turns, the difference for a cube of edge length 1, is 4 to (2 + 22) or 4 to 4.82842, or about 20.7107% farther.

In the case of the Essential Cube where there is no edge length, only a fixed set of 27 fields organized in a very specific arrangement so that their vectors are always oriented toward 42 as if 42 were the magnetic Source of the universe, the null point.

In the case of the Essential Cube the distance is measure by adding up the various positions in any edge or diagonal. While each edge measures 42, the 9 positions to circumnavigate any face varies from face to face, but over the 6 faces its average is 672/6 = 112. The same is true for circumnavigating the 3 planal axes, they each have a distance of 112. The longer distance across the diagonals also traverses 9 positions and is 112 for either of those 2 possible longer paths. The distances are now equal in all 360o.

This makes sense spiritually but makes no sense in the Euclidean Geometry in which our minds are fixed.  It does make perfect sense, though, if the Essential Cube of creation was a Sphere.

Now, no matter how we wrap all the way around it, the distance is always the same. All the hyper-dimensional geometries of the Cosmos have been whittled down to their simplest forms for us. The Cosmos is not trying to give us a full Understanding; it is giving us a taste, just enough to wet our desires for elevation, to reunite with the state of consciousness.

Projecting that spherical cube into a spherical hypercube we get the toroidal structure that is at the core of all our physics and metaphysics.

There is a spiritual law that everything from both sides must be projected, announced, and/or prophesied before the actions are taken. The other side has taken liberties to conceal and obfuscate their intentions and even the intentions of the Light, nonetheless, many, a relatively few, have been able to see through them. Without the advanced notice system, Man would have no chance and there would be no meaning or purpose for our existence. The Torah teaches us this principle from the very beginning and warns us about the guile and cunning of the opponent. Man was warned at the outset and still made the wrong choice, setting his desire in the wrong direction.  Once forewarned, we have only two real choices, to stay asleep and primitive, or to awaken and ascend.

The Solar System Paradigm

The diameter values for the Earth, Sun and Moon vary slightly with time and who controls the yardstick. Regardless, the ratios have not changed much, bouncing between .272727 and .273, which is a .000273 rounding.

To those fixed ratios, we must add the temperature symmetry of the universe from Absolute Zero (0 K) at -273 degrees Celsius to the cosmic microwave background (CMB) radiation in the universe at 2.73 K, meaning the temperature of nothingness, the remnant of the so-called Big Bang that is a mystery unto itself as it should not be constant throughout the universe unless Man’s physics are flawed. That means that the background temperature of the aether, 2.73 K, is the same in the farthest reaches of the universe, the farthest points away from the initial big bang, as it is in the closest. The issue with that is that for the background heat to be constant the universe would have to have been formed instantaneously with the speed-of-light being infinite and thus time or space does not exist, which collapses relativity theory completely. It is as if the universe, our existence, was formed by someone flipping a switch, like in a simulation. It is a well-known smoking gun, the evidence (2.73 K) left out in plain sight so that no rational thinker would miss it.

Then there is the freezing point of water at 273 K (0O C) and at the opposite end of the temperature spectrum, 27.3 million degrees F at the core of the Sun.  While the physical properties of the aether, the Sun, water, etc. are fixed along with their proportions, the temperature scales could have been anything. Man was free to assign any numbers he wanted to them and come up with as many scales as he chose. Yet, he chose Fahrenheit, Celsius and Kelvin and chose –273o C as a base point for Absolute Zero. Man was free to discover what already existed. Ultimately that is what science is, uncovering what is already there on the surface and claiming it as a discovery. What metaphysics and spirituality does is peel back a few more layers and asking how much deeper it goes.

Then there are the sunspots (places of relative coolness) with their 11-year cycles that revolve around the Sun in exactly 27.3 days. That is the same 27.3 days that our Moon orbits the Earth, and that it revolves with respect to the stars, 27.3 days. The all seem to be wound by the same clock.

Those are not the only Cosmic alignments of the temperatures of the universe with the technology of the Torah and Inner Cosmos.  The surface temperature of the Earth (288.9 K) and that of the Sun at 5778 K are well known to us and crucial to Spherical Time.

As with the AU distances of the rest of the planets that are integrated in our Solar System, the surface temperatures likewise follow suit. The surface temperature of Mars is 210 K and that of the two neighbors Saturn (134 K) and Uranus (76 K) together is also (134 + 76) = 210 K, making the 3 of them equal to 420 K, like the 2 Hands of the Spherical Time Clock, and height of the Tower of Truth and encasing pyramid, Meanwhile, that of Jupiter is 165 K as in the encasing pyramid’s score-line midpoint measure. Rounding them out, the surface temperature of Pluto is 50 K, like the 50-cubit height of the Gates in the Holy Temple, and Neptune’s 72 K surface temperature, is obvious.  Meanwhile, the combined surface temperatures of the four (4) planets flanking Jupiter equal 708 K with Jupiter being the 5th planet form the Sun and 5708 being the year Israel became a nation, and 708 being the value of the Upper 42-Letters of the Name of (יהוה).

The Moon, on the other hand, has a 100 K surface temperature at its equator, aligning it with the 100-cubit height of the Holy Temple and making the Moon’s surface temperature -173o C, thus linking it with the small gematria of the 42-Letter Name.

The dimensions of the Holy Temple particularly align with the phases of water, from the freezing point (32o) at the 322 Central Altar to the boiling point at 100o C of the 1002 Inner Courtyard, and the 212o F of water, as in the (100 + 212) = 3122 Outer Courtyard, that aligns with the 312-ordinal value of the Upper 42-Letter Name.

As for the perceived physics in our world (bubble), the triple point of water, or point where the temperature and pressure of the three phases (gas, liquid, solid) of water coexist in thermodynamic equilibrium is 273 K, and gasses expand by 1/273 of their volume with every degree Celsius.

As for supposed force of gravity, its acceleration on Earth is defined as 32 ft/s2, meaning if we drop an object it will speed up 32ft/s every second it falls, which is oddly symmetric with the freezing point of water at 32o F and the 32 Paths of the Tree-of-Life incorporated into 322 Altar in the center of the Holy Temple. and the design of the Future Holy Temple, while the acceleration due to gravity on the Sun’s surface is 273 m/s2.

The scientific symmetry continues with our cell’s biology since the sum of the molecular weight of the 20 amino acids in our bodies is 2738.01 g/mol or 2701 + 37.01, and the human gestation period is 273 days,

There is simplicity in symmetry. If you are designing a perfect universe, why complicate things if you do not have too. Why not make everything align? Why make things random if you do not have to? Scrape away the nonsense and white noise, and what is left is clarity. The only reason we see things as random is because we were told too. We were told to see a lot of things that are not there.  While we marveled at the hole in the donut, we missed the donut.

If we choose to awaken, we may Understand why the Sun was constructed to be exactly 400 times the size of the Moon with a surface temperature of 5778 K and a circumference of chosen to be 2714336.052701… miles.

Yes, its circumference was designed to reflect the 27 positions/fields of the Essential Cube/Sphere of Creation, along with its central position/field of 14 and all its corners and diameters that reflect the 336 letters in the 112 Essential Triplets, not to mention the 2701 value of the first verse of the 5 Books of Moses.

Of the 7 letters that circle the center of the 42-Letter Name Matrix and represent 7 Planets, the Sun and Moon are represented by the letters Caf (כ) and Tav (ת) of numerical value 420. The other 5 letters (בגדפר) have a complete value of (289 + 47) = 336, as in the 336 letters in the 112 Essential Triplets of the Cosmic Wheel that controls fate and marks the cosmic windows.

Maybe we will Understand why the Moon and Earth’s radii equal 7! and the distance between them is 112 x the 2160-mile lunar diameter and the ratio between them is 2160 mi/7920 mi = .272727…. or exactly 1/400th the ratio of the Sun over the Earth 864,000/7920 miles = 109.0909/400 = .272727…. We have already learned how much of this is also designed into the Cosmic Wheel and Rings, but it would be spectacular to actually Understand it in our souls (our consciousness)! Imagine not pondering this, but actually being One with it!

We know enough to ask why the Sun is 400 times the size of the Moon, and the Sun is 400 times the ratio of the Moon to the Earth times larger than the Earth. It is almost as if distance were irrelevant, and we were looking through a telescope or microscope and adjusting the power magnification ring by 400x when switching between the 3 elements.

We could also be asking why the inverse of this core planetary Cosmic ratio .272727 or 1/.272727 = 3.666 = (4 – .333) and that 3.666 intervals or turns of the Phi(φ) angle wheel (3.666 x 137.5o) is 504 or 1/10th 5040 or 7!, the combined Earth and Moon radii, which also happens to be the value of the midpoint in the 90 doubled words in the Torah, 504504.

There are so many other mysteries, such as why the established average distance between the Earth and Sun, 1 AU, is 499.005845 times the 186,282 mps Speed-of-Light with 5845 being the number chosen for the number of Verses in the Torah, and that the Speed-of-Light in astronomical units is 173 AU/day, as in the small gematria of the 42-Letter Name. Of course, once the Creator, as architect of our world chose the Aspect of the Singularity of 42 for the measure of the AU, He then could have used that to set all the measurements for the planets, such that the cumulative sum of the AU distances through Venus is 1.110, through Saturn is 18.42, and through Uranus, 37.60, all notable for obvious reasons, and to be consistent with the Spherical Time radius and the surface temperature of the Sun at 5778 K, He set the cumulative sum of the distances of all the planets at 107 AU.

While the distance between the Earth and Sun is 1 AU, a concept that Man thinks he invented, the distance between the Earth and the Moon is 111.111 times the diameter of the Moon.

Since, the diameter and thus radii of these planetary spheres along with PI (π) determine their circumferences, and volumes, all geometric aspect of these spheres maintain these same ratios and proportions. So, we see that the 240,000-mile distance been the Earth and Moon divided by the circumference of the Moon is approximately 35.4, as in the 354 days in the 12-month Lunar calendar that is aligned with the Cosmic Wheel. It is as if the Creator, took the Moon and rolled it around a circle 12 times to determine its orbit.  It is exactly like that. Grammar school geometry.

Is it all that simple!

Of course, it is a bit more complicated than that since the day we are taking about is the 24-hour solar day, not a lunar day, so while 24 is 1/10000 the 240,000 distance the length of that day was determined by the Earth’s rotation, which is why the Moon had to be set in geosynchronous orbit with the Earth and that we always see the same face of the Moon. One (1) hour is 10,000/35.4 = 282.48 miles towards the Moon. Symbolically, metaphysically, and spiritually, every day in the annual lunar cycle that ends on Chanukah we get 282.48 miles closer to the Moon. We then remain in that connected state for the 8-day duration of Chanukah, completing the Cosmic Wheel.  The Festival of Lights, when we engage the 9 Candles of the 216 Letters of the 72 Triplets.

Even for a simulation, this is child’s play, yet like a movie set, on screen it all looks so real.

We may question why 499.00 not simple 500, but until we choose to ascend, we cannot be One with the Creator’s plans and designs. We can only be in awe of them, which is certainly a start. We can though surmise that since everything has a purpose the 499 must relate to something significant, as in Armies Tzevaot (צבאות) commonly used in Tanakh in the expression “Adonai Tzevaot (יהוה צבאות), The Lord of Hosts or The Lord of Armies”  Considering that this is the distance between the Sun with a diameter of 864,000 miles and Earth with a tiny one of 7920 miles, it is interesting that the expression “Adonai Tzevaot (יהוה צבאות)” was used in the exchange between David and Goliath in the Elah valley:

Then David said to the Philistine, “You come to me with a sword, a spear, and a javelin, but I come to you in the name of the LORD of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have taunted. This day the LORD will deliver you up into my hands, and I will strike you down and remove your head from you. And I will give the dead bodies of the army of the Philistines this day to the birds of the sky and the wild beasts of the earth, that all the earth may know that there is a God in Israel, and that all this assembly may know that the LORD does not deliver by sword or by spear; for the battle is the LORD’s and He will give you into our hands.”                                                                                        – 1 Samuel 17:45

The Sun is exactly 400 times the size of the Moon, as in the letter Tav (ת) that Abraham told us represented the Moon after G-d took him (אתו) to count the stars. The Sun is the Alef, (א). Together the Moon and the Sun, the two main luminaries in our sky/firmament have diameters of (864,000 + 2160) or (2160 x 401), as in the 4th word Et, (את) in the Torah. Not only do the letters (את) represent the first and letters of the Alef-bet, but their value 401 is also the value of the Names of the first and last Tribes of Israel, in order of the birth of the sons born to Jacob: Reuben (259), whose numerical value 259 aligns with the 259th Day in the Cosmic Wheel, the Day of Creation, and Benjamin (152). The difference between them is (259152) = 107, as in the 107th Triangular Number, 5778, the Event Horizon.

That 2160 diameter of the Moon, the multiple of the Sun, is (63 x 10), of the Cube of 6 represented by the letter Vav (ו) which may be the Earth in this system. The 3 letters together (אות) spell out the word for signs and for letters and for the 6th word (אתו) in the Torah, the word between Heaven and Earth.

The Moons’ diameter 2160 miles is 333.3 times the square root of 42 and the Sun’s is 133318.0 times the square root of 42, and the square root of 133318.0 is 365.1275, as in the 365 days in the Solar year, the 12 lunar months and the Primal Frequency (27.5 Hz). These are mysteries that cannot be seen with a telescope in the dark of night but plain as day if we open our eyes. These are mysteries we can decipher but do we truly Understand? The ramifications are even deeper than the sands where we bury our heads when confronted by them.

The Moon’s diameter 2160 miles or exactly 1/12 of the 25,920-mile precession is also (40 x 54) and (80 x 27), making the Sun’s diameter (16000 x 54) and (32000 x 27).

Earth’s 7920-mile diameter is (330 x 24) as in the base of the encasing pyramid times the 24 hours in a Day. The Moon’s 2160 diameter can also be measured in 24-hour days or 90 of them. Thus, the earth and Moon together represent 420 Days of 24 hours. And the Sun is 36000 of them.

What is more is that the Sun and Moon together divided by the One (13) or (864,000 + 2160)/13 = 66627, as in the speed the Earth supposedly revolves around the Sun, 66,627 mph. Seems a little too contrived, as if someone wanted us to know we were in a simulation. In a simulation it does not matter, firmament or endless sky, Earth revolving around the Sun, or Sun revolving around a stationary Earth, or even flat or spherical Earth. All that matters is that we buy into the illusion, until we do not, and then reality begins to unfold. It always starts with a tiny fissure, then a crack, and when the dam bursts and a critic mass is attained the purpose of the illusion is washed away. All that is left is Light, enlightenment.


This may be why the speed of the earth divided by the 42-Letter Name or 66,627/3701 = 18.00, “The One” and 864,000/18 = 48,000, as in the Cube of 48 incorporated into the Cosmic Wheel and aligned with the Essential Cube of Creation.  Physicists gave us these measurements. The Creator gave us the mathematics and the spiritual/metaphysical system for understanding them. That is why we understand that the square root of 18 = 4.2426… and that the cube root of 48,000 is 36.34241186, the analog of the Spherical Time equations, 36304.24470, and that 363 is H’Moshiach and that 424 is Moshiach Ben David.

As we said, the ratio between the Moon and the Earth is 2160 mi/7920 mi = .272727…. and the ratio between the Moon and the Sun is .0025. Together, the 2 concurrent ratios pertaining to the Moon equal (.272727…. + .0025) = .27522727, as in the Prime Frequency (27.5 Hz) and 22727, the secret code/key to the universe as previously discussed.

We are reminded that the animals, birds etc., did not just enter the Ark 2 by 2; they were specifically grouped in pairs and in 7’s.  The exact configuration gives us a digital string of 22727, which is the difference (424,000401,273) between the full Moshiach Consciousness and the boundaries of the Torah Complex, the 5 Core quantitative Elements (words, letters, verses, rows, columns) of the Torah Matrix. It is also the Singularity times Israel (42 x 541 + 5) = 22727. Using 424,000 makes sense as the complete value of the word Et, (את) representing the Sun and Moon is 424, or Moshiach Ben David.

Moreover, besides the self-referencing of the 22 and 27 letters of the Alef-bet, and of their ratio 27/22 = 1.22727, we saw this exact initial sequence of numbers in the 22 verses of Chapter 6 of Bereshit and the first verses of Chapter 7 in parsha Noach: 300 – 50 – 30 – 1 – 2 – 2 – 7 – 2 – 7. First the dimensions of the Ark, then the secret sequence that we now know relates the Earth, Moon, and Sun triumvirate.  The word the Torah uses in Genesis 1:16 for the Sun and Moon is rules or governs over.


If the Primal Frequency of the Aether is 27.5 Hz, and everything is so perfectly symmetrical and fractally oriented why is the temperature in that Aether 2.73 K and the Cosmic Harmonic 27.3? The simple difference between them is (27.5 27.3) = .2, which is .00727272 of 27.5. The inverse of .00727272 or the difference between them is precisely 137.5%.  What we are seeing is the interaction between the frequency waves of the Aether and the Phi(φ) angular rotation (137.5o). It is all that simple. It is just about peeling back layers. Nothing is hidden from us if we have the desire to roll back our sleeves and seek.

As for those 248 dimensions, (27527) = 248.

Along the Phi(φ) vortex that the Fibonacci Numbers sit on, circles or spheres can be formed that are all in the Phi(φ) proportion to one another, and the angle they lie between is 27.5o. Their midline that is drawn through the center of the spheres is 13.75o. Vertically, they represent the Tree-of-Life.

Like cubes, spheres can be hyper-spheres as well.  So, as the 248 dimensions of information concentrate downward from hypercube to hypercube, dimension by dimension, so too do their counterparts in Spherical Time.

Each hypersphere shell imparts tis content and influence toward the fractally generated and hyper-concentrated sphere that ultimately produces the rich fully formed time-paths, including their windings and unwindings.

Packets of Information

It is logical to ask how the Torah can have at least 70 levels of understanding and be translatable utilizing so many different ciphers. We have only to look at how the 248 dimensions of the universe and E8 fold up and concentrate into the 248,000(φ) packets of information built into the Torah.

That is exactly 1000(φ) packets of information for every letter in the Torah, and for every word as well, and additionally for every one of those 183 + 13 verses, and 1000(φ) packets of information for every one of the 248 columns and for every one of the 223 rows in the Torah. And through the (79976 + 210) = 81000 words and word values, these all connect to the 81081081000 total letter value of the 40 Cubes (x3) in the 5-d Upper Binah Hypercube, which works out to an average of 3003003000 per each of the 27 Letters, as in the value of the Torah’s first 8 words, 3003, that give us the 11 Triplets of Creation.

It is all about frequency and alignment. There are 33 letters in those 11 Triplets of 8 words and there are 24.48 cycles of 27.5o in the 33rd Triangular Number that align with the year 2448 HC when the Torah was received at Mt Sinai.

Those 248,000(φ) packets of information are the 401,273 words, verses, letters, rows, and columns of the Torah, and 401273 is just another way of expressing PI (π) in that 40/π = 12.73 and thus 40/12.73 = π. How many days was Moses on Mt Sinai to receive the Torah?

Meanwhile, there are 238, or 1/42, cycles of 27.5o in the first 33 cumulative Triangular Numbers, and a total of 285.6 cycles of 27.5o and 137.5o in them. These align with the 5 male aspects (2856) of the 5 Essential Elements (sets of Triplets); the 28056 letters Hei (ה) in the Torah; the total words in the Torah divided by 28, or 2856.2856; the 2856 reoccurrences of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th words in the Torah; the cumulative value of the first 8 doubled words in the Torah, 2856; and the cumulative value of both the first 16 Hexagonal Numbers and of every other of the first 31 Triangular Numbers.

The 42-Letter Name has a numerical value of 3701 for its 42 Letters, and when they are divided by the 360o of the circle we get 3701/360 = 10.28056, as in the 28056 letters Hei (ה) in the Torah. It has all been encoded and designed to unfold at the right moment. All it takes is desire.

Prime Sources

If the Hebrew Letters are compacted capsules of codes and coded information, then their Cosmic counterparts, the numbers, must be even more so. Special amongst those are the set of Prime Numbers, so many of whom were selected by the Creator to be key numbers of the Torah, including 5, 7, 13, 31, 37, 67, 73, 89, 127, 137, 173, 359, the 100th Prime Number 541 (Israel), 601, 613, 661, 709, plus 47 and 233 and 151 from the Names of G-d.

Regarding the first 8 words of the Torah that total 3003, the sum of the first 8 Prime Numbers is 77 and 3003 is the 77th Triangular Number, the sum of all the positive integers through 77. Moreover, the sum of the 8 cumulative sums of first 8 Prime Numbers is (2 + 5 + 10 + 17 + 28 + 41 + 58 + 77) = 238, the archetype of Rachel (238) and 1/42, the Singularity. This is equal to—not for any inherent mathematical reason—the sum of the first 13 Prime Numbers, 238, or 1/42, which as we just saw is linked to the 238 cycles and the 24.48 cycles as in 2448 HC (1313 BCE) related to the 33rd Triangular Number.

Meanwhile, the 13th Prime Number is 41, the ordinal value of Abraham and of Elohim whose complete value is 127, the 31st Prime Number.

Since the 3 Aspects of the Binah Name Ehyeh (אהיה) have a value of 455, which is also in the Path of One (1 – 13 – 91 – 455 – 1820) it is fitting that the 3 expansions of the same Name be composed of 41 Letters, while the 4th iteration of the Name Ehyeh (אהיה) has 112 letters, aligning it with the 112 Triplets.

Abraham and Sarah

We have already explored the nature of Abraham’s name as 248 = (8 x 31) with 31 being the 11th Prime Number, and now we learn that the total cycles of 27.5o and 137.5o for the cumulative first 31 Triangular Numbers is 238.08 or 1/42, and once again as in Rachel (238).

The 31st Prime Number is 127, representing the 127 years of Sarah (505)’s life as given in the 5th portion of the Torah named “Chayei Sarah (Sarah’s life).” The chain continues as the 505th Triangular Number and also the 253rd Hexagonal Number, is 127765.  Meanwhile, the 127th Prime Number, 709, is the sum of the 7 Planetary Letters in the Cosmic Wheel that Abraham, Sarah’s husband, wrote about 3800 years ago. Abraham was 137 when Sarah passed away. Isaac was 37, as in the value of the first word (וַיִּהְיוּ) of that Chayei Sarah, the first word in the 55th Paragraph of the Torah.

The cycles of 27.5o and 137.5o for the first cumulative 31 Prime Numbers is 6.2545 and 12.509 respectively, and for the first cumulative 31 cumulative Prime Numbers they are remarkably similar, 625.045 and 125.010 respectively, as in the square root (625) and the 4th root (125) of the 58 words, letters, and verses in the Torah.

Throughout this chapter we have analyzed several Prime Unicorns, which are Prime Numbers with usual attributes that seem completely and bewilderingly alone in the universe, yet when seen in context make perfect sense to us. Another such example is the prime number that is comprised of 252 #9’s with the 253rd digit being an 8 followed by 253 more 9’s.


A complete oddity unless you knew that there were 22 Hebrew letter Names and that the Σ(122) = 253, and that (22 + 253) = 275, the Prime Frequency derived from the number 9.

Altogether there are 505 digits of 9, as in Sarah (505), surrounding the one 8, Abraham.

Altogether, those 506 digits, as in the value of the first tier of the 42-Letter Name and the complete numerical value of Moshiach Ben David equal (4545 + 8) = 4553, which is 352 less than 5778, an indelible schematic carved into the most unique of places, encoded into a Prime Unicorn.

That first tier of the 42-Letter Name of numerical value 506, not only connects us to Moshiach Ben David (Moshiach Consciousness) and “Unconditional Love, and the full 11 sefirot, but to the 1820 YHVH (יהוה) as well, as there are 5.06 circles, or complete balanced cycles of 360o in 1820.  There are 5.0555 of them to be more precise.

The Torah scroll and Matrix is 248 columns by 42 rows and contains 210, or 1024-word values. The 5 basic elements of the Torah sum to 401273, or 248000φ. Meanwhile, the sum of the 5 Names of the 5 Books of Moses is 2480, and the 1024th Triangular Number is 524800.  In other words, the sum of the 1024 positions of the 1024-word values in the Torah is 524800.

The 5 Names of the 5 Books of Moses, 2480 also equals the value of the 7 final letters of the 7 tiers of the 42-Letter Name with their kolel (7).

Furthermore, the Pi (π) cipher gives a valuation of 2480 to the entire 42-Letter Name, while the ordinal value of the 42-Letter Name Matrix is 524.


What brings this full circle and cements the Phi(φ) relationship is that the 524th Triangular Number is 137550, as in the Phi(φ) angle (137.5o) and 55 or (2 x 27.5), and the 1375 value of the final 3 tiers of that 42-Letter Name Matrix, which is also the number of inches in the 50-cubit high Gates of the Holy Temple.

What to us looks like clues and breadcrumbs about the nature of the Cosmos and our existence, are just snippets of holographic and fractal information inherently embedded into the fabric of the universe.

While Abraham’s and Sarah’s names add up to 1313, as in 1313 CE and 1313X, etc., Jacob and Rachel’s names add up for 420, and Isaac and Rivka’s names equate to 515, like the 515 times Moses prayed to enter Israel; all complementary forces. Altogether, their 6 Names equal 2248, as in the Log of 5760 that equals 3.76042248, containing the pivot year 3760 HC, the Spiritual Time radius, 2000 years before 5760 (2000 CE), along with the fall of the First Holy Temple in –422 BCE, the 422 years of the Second Temple, 42 and 248, and now 2248.

As for Leah and Jacob’s other Name, Israel, they equal (36 + 541) = 577, while Rachel and Israel equal (238 + 541) = 779, alluding to 5779. Of course, adding Leah and Israel and Adam and Chava to the other 3 couples or all 5 power couples gives us exactly 2889, the midpoint in the Event Horizon and in King David’s life, 2889 CE.

5 Core Primes

As previously observed regarding the 42-Letter Name, (37 + 73 + 137 + 173) = 420, as in Names of the archetype forces Jacob and Rachel. When we add the Prime Number 127, making 5 Primes in total, they equal (173 + 137 + 127 + 73 + 37) = 547, the 101st prime, and the number of times the value (541) of Israel, the 100th Prime Number, is found in the Torah.  Israel has an ordinal value of 64 and there are 64 times that words with the Prime Number value 127 are found in the Torah. These are all networked branches of consciousness.

These 5 Prime Numbers are the 12th, 21st, 31st, 33rd, and 40th Prime Numbers respectively and they total 137, which is found 57 times in the Torah as a word value. While the numerical value of the 42-Letter Name, 173, is found 13 times in the Torah; and that of 73 is found 89 times; and that of 37 is found 555 times. Collectively, the 5 core Primes Number word values are found a total of 778 times in the Torah, as in 5778.

Within those 5 Core Primes we know that (37 x 73) = 2701, the value of the Torah’s first verse and we know that there are 127 combinations of the 7 words in that verse including 64 that have null or empty word spaces in them, as in the 64 times that words with the Prime Number value 127 are found in the Torah.

Then taking the products of (37 x 73 x 127) = 343,027 = (343000 + 27) we see the formation of two cubes, 703 + 33, as in the 70 rungs and branches of the ladder of Zeir Anpin combined with the Essential Cube of Zeir Anpin. It is a schematic hidden in code.

The other two Primes (137 x 173) = 23701, as in the value 3701 of the 42-Letter Name Matrix, the Ladder of Zeir Anpin. Then when we divide (37 x 73 x 127)/(137 x 173) = 14.4731, we get 1447, the 229th Prime Number, as in the Prime Frequency/Time ratio, 27.5/12 = 2.29.

Of course, there are endless Prime Numbers that form all sorts of patterns and there are many more than these 5 utilized in the structure of the Torah, like the 3rd Prime Number, 5, and the 4th Prime Number, 7, that is the number of words in the first verse with 4 x 7 being the 28 letters that make up that verse and that hints at the 28th Prime, 107, as in the sum of integers through 107—the end is ion the beginning—5778.

Being a Prime Number does not make a number unique, just special, and part of a large but unique set. Nonetheless, these particular 5 are special and form a unique set unto themselves. Moreover, when we separate them from the rest of the first 40 Prime Numbers, the other 35 add up to 2540 or (20 x 127), Abraham’s 20th generation times the life of Sarah.

Primes in the Cosmic Structure

There are many other Prime Numbers that are woven into the fabric of the Torah and naturally into the Cosmos. Some play a larger role than others.

The 91st Prime Number, expressing a connection to the Path of One has 142.4 cycles of 137.5o for the first 91 cumulative Prime Numbers, as in the H’Kodesh Kodeshim, the 203 Holy of Holies (1424); the cube root of the midpoint in the Spherical time radius (2889) or 14.24; and the ratio of a sphere inscribed in a cube to the ratio of the sphere that inscribes that cube of volume 1, in other words from cube to cube, also 1.424.  Now, the connections between the Holy of Holies and the 20 stacked cubes that correspond with the 20th Triangular Number of the Tower of Truth, 210 cubits, and the 2 Hands of the Spherical Time Clock that total (210 + 210) = 420 cubits in height are well established, but to these we must add the cumulative sum of the first 20 cumulative Prime Numbers, 4200.

The value of the 7th Prime Number, 17 equals 27.5/φ or 27.5/16.180…but there is no mathematical reason that the value of the 17 first cumulative Prime Numbers should be exactly (2492/27.5) = 16 cycles of 27.5o, or that while ”The Light” is “Good” or 17, the first 7 cumulative Primes should equal 161, the highest aspect of the Binah Name Ehyeh (אלף־הי־יוד־הי).  Meanwhile the sum of the 4th Triangular Number and the 4th Prime Number equals (10 + 7) = 17, and the sum of the 17th Triangular Number 153 and the 17th Prime Number, 59 equals 212, the numerical value of “The Light.”

The more information we have, the more we know. The more we know, the better we Understand.

The next highest aspect of the Name Ehyeh (אלף־הה־יוד־הה) of numerical value 151 is the 36th Prime Number. Each one of the 3 aspects of the Name Ehyeh (אהיה) that total 455, as in the Path of One, represents a dimensional expansion of the Binah Hypercube from the Essential Cube of Creation, or alternatively 3 dimensional contractions and concentrations of information from the Chochma Hypercubes. The word and sefira Chochma meaning wisdom, has a standard value of 73 and an ordinal value of 37, as in the 12th and 21st Prime Numbers that combine to form the first verse, (73 x 37) = 2701. When those are added together, (73 + 37) = 110, they give us the complete value of Chochma and the 1st Harmonic Convergence of the Prime Frequencies (110 Hz). When we also consider their Prime ranking, they equal (73 + 37) + (12 + 21) = 143, the 3rd Aspect of the Binah Name Ehyeh (אלף־הא־יוד־הא)

At the border or firmament of Zeir Anpin with Binah are the unifications of the YHVH (יהוה) with Ehyeh (אהיה) or (26 + 21) = 47, which is the 15th Prime Number, as in the 15 steps of the Pesach Seder and the 15 cubits of water that covered the Earth.

Also, at the border or firmament of Zeir Anpin with Binah are the expanded unification of the highest aspect of YHVH (יוד־הי־ויו־הי) with the lowest aspect of Ehyeh (אלף־הא־יוד־הא) or (72 + 143) = 233, the 51st Prime Number.

The 40th Prime Number is 173, as in the katan value of the 42-Letter Name.  The 248 dimensions, etc. divided by 137, the 33rd Prime Number and/or the Fine Structure Constant is 248/137 = 181.0 and 181 is the 42nd Prime Number, as in the sum (181) of the first 42 digits in the set of all Prime Numbers.

While the sum of the digits through 181 (the 42nd Prime Number) is 378, the 27th Triangular Number, the cumulative 42 cumulative Prime Numbers equal 45,903, as in 903, the 42nd Triangular Number.

This sum of the 42 numbers, 45,903, equates to 333.84 cycles of 27.5o, which aligns with the year 3338 HC that the First Holy Temple was destroyed and with (5778 x .5778).

This date of 3338 HC is also given by the surface of the Spherical Time Sphere at the year 2889 HC, the midpoint in King David’s Life and in the Event Horizon. The formula for the surface area of a sphere is 4πr2 and thus the 4(2889)2 radial component in it = 33385284.

Moreover, given our discussions of the complementary nature of 42 and 48 and their respective Essential Cubes in the rings of the Cosmic Wheel, it is curious that the values for the 42nd Prime Number (42 + 181) = 223, the 48th Prime Number.

The 52nd Prime Number is 239, the value of the 5th tier of the 42-Letter Name Matrix, the first of the bottom 3 that total 1375. The number 52 that stands for the lower aspect of the YHVH (יוד־הה־וו־הה) represents Malchut, and the cumulative 52 cumulative Prime Number values are equivalent to 3333.455 cycles of 27.5o and to 666.6 cycles of 137.5o for a total of 4000.14, which is .6666 of 6000. As Rav Ashlag taught us, Malchut (52) represents 1/111.11 or Alef (אלף) of 5778.

The 50th Prime

There are 50 Chapters in the Book of Genesis (Bereshit).

The 50th Prime Number is 229, as in the ratio 27.5/12 of the cubit to the foot and the Primal Frequency to Time.  It is also the ratio of PI (π) to the Fine Structure Constant or π/137.03599… = .022925.

However, the cumulative value through 227, the 49th and previous Prime Number, is 4888 or (5000112), which, as 4888/49 = (490012)/49 = 99.755 is approximately 100, and this is the closest ratio of the cumulative values to the Prime Number they represent to 100 of any set.

That 4888 value works out to 8.25 cycles of 27.5o and 825 = (6 x 137.5o), while the 1.650 cycles of 137.5o is likened to 165 = (6 x 27.5o).

And because the cumulative 49 cumulative Prime Number values are 75614, they align with the outer 6 faces (756) and inner 14 position structure of the Essential Cube, and with the encasing pyramid’s base (756’). It is equivalent to approximately 2750 cycles of 27.5o and 550 cycles of 137.5o, collectively 3300 cycles. These figures obviously reflect the encasing pyramid’s base (330 cu), its scored half-base (165 cu), its base in feet (756’), and the cubit on which it is designed (27.5”). That makes the 72 Prime Number pretty special and emphasizes the cosmos design around the 7 sefirot/dimensions that define and project physicality.

While the 72 cumulative values are (70212), we see that those 550 cycles of 137.5o are reflected in the result of the equation 1728/π = 550.0395 or 123/π which is the cubic foot//π. Moreover, since 550 is the sum of the 42 initials of the 11 sefirot of the Tree-of-Life, it appears that this equation 1728/π = 550.0395 is referencing the Gates of Heaven (395), which is the 5th word in the Torah. The 11 Gates, each of a height of 50 cubits, in the Future Holy Temple, measure 550 in total.  Now we Understand why the 50th Prime Number is 229, as in the ratio 27.5/12 of the cubit to the foot and the time span of life, the (229 x 18) = 4122 years between the last Flood and the new Event Horizon.

The 40th Prime

There are 40 Chapters in the Book of Exodus (Shemot).

Additionally, the 40th Prime Number, 173, divided by the 33rd Prime Number, 137, is 173/137 = 1.2627, as in the 126-value of the faces, planes, axes, and diagonals of the 27 positions of the Essential Cube of 42, especially fitting for two numbers representing the 42-Letter Name and the Fine Structure Constant.

Given this connection, it is almost fitting that the cumulative first 33 Prime Numbers cumulatively equals 21028 and that the 28th Prime Number is 107, as in 5778, and that the corresponding cumulative sum for the first 40 Prime Numbers divided by the first 33 ones is 39190/21028 =1.86370, once again reflective of the speed of light, just like the Spiritual Time/Physical Time equation 3760/2018 whose components equal 5778.

Please note that light does not actually have a speed; it is only a rate that a wave or perturbation is moving through the Aether. It is a radiation rate, not an actual particle with momentum. The universe is guided by frequency and vibration and the interaction of fields, perturbation modalities within the Aether, just as Tesla intimated.  Often, our numbers reflect the interaction of those fields; sometimes they reflect frequency levels or features of the resultant wavelengths.

Instead of particles, we can view them as quantum packets of code embedded in the networked interactions within the quasi supersymmetry of the 248 dimensions of E8.

Of course, the 40th Prime Number, 173, the small gematria of the 42-Letter Name, is close to 1728/10 so we see that 173/π = 55.067. Furthermore, 173/φ = 106.92 or approximately 107, the 28th Prime Number, and as we know 5778 is the 107th Triangular Number. This, of course, transposes to the 28th Prime Number/the 40th Prime Number = 107/173 which approximates 1/φ, and intimates that (107 + 173) = 280, as in the 28th Prime Number, 107, and as in the 5 final letters (ךםןףץ) that reflect the mile (5280 ft).

This brings up the 5 Core Prime Numbers divided by the 28th Prime Number (173 + 137 + 127 + 73 + 37) = 547/107 = 5.11215, as in the 112 Triplets and the ordinal value of the Torah’s first 11 letters, the 1215 Dawn of Time and the 1215 complete sum of the Torah’s first 9 letters.

Meanwhile, the cumulative sum value of those 5 Core Prime Numbers is 3087 and 3087/107 = 28.85047, approximating 2889 again. Nevertheless, it is all about frequency and (12 + 21 + 31 + 33 + 40 + 28) = 165 = (6 x 27.5), making the average of those 6 Prime positions be 27.5.

Whereas 5778/173 is approximately 33.38, as in the year 3338 HC that the First Holy Temple was destroyed, which equals (5778 x .5778), this date is just about 40 years after the midpoint in King David’s life (2889 HC). The 40th Prime Number, as in the age (40) of Biblical maturation/completion, times the 210 Hand of the Clock equals (173 x 210) = 36330, the perimeter of the encasing pyramid and the Spherical Time circumference.

The 600,000 Limit

One final note about 173, the 40th Prime Number and small gematria of the 42-Letter Name, the Singularity. When multiplied by 5778, the Event Horizon, it equals (173 x 5778) = 999,594 = (1,000,000406), just like the total gematria value of the 50 component letters for the entire Torah, (600,000 406). And while the log of 600,000 is 5.778, the value 1,000,000 is 106 and its log is thus 6. So while 600,000 is .6 of 1,000,000 and (406 x 6) = 2448, the year the Torah was received at Mt Sinai (2448 HC), the difference between them is exactly 400,000, as in the 5 quantitative elements of the Torah that equal 400,000 + 1273, the Harmonic Coefficient and ratio of a square to an inscribed circle.

Those 600,000 component letters in the Torah naturally conform to the 600,000 men in the 12 Tribes at Mt. Sinai. These both conform with the 600 cells in the 600-cell quasi-crystal 12-sided dodecahedra found within the E8 Lattice. One letter per man, one man per cell; everything its place.

The geometric Triangular Numbers play such a large part in the Torah and Cosmic schematic that it is no surprise that we also find there the cumulative sum of the first 600 Triangular Numbers, 36180200 or 107(5 + √5)/2.  Since Phi (φ) or the golden ratio is 100(1 + √5)/2 then these 600 Triangular Numbers equals 107(φ2 + 2), representing a 7-fold fractal expansion based on simple Phi (φ).

Is 107 an innovative way for the Cosmos to build in the 107th Triangular Number and attach it to the Torah speed limit of 600,000 Men and 600,000 Letters? Clearly 2 censuses were taken 40 years apart and the tally did not budge over 600,000, after surging from 70 a mere 210 years earlier. 600,000, as in log 600,000 = 5.778, was the limit of the Israelite Men; 600,000 component Letters was the limit of the Letters in the Torah. Pharoah had a huge army, yet 600 chariots was the limit that he could send after the Israelites.

The two census totals together with a difference of 1820 between them equal (1200000 + 5280), referencing the 12,000-year reset cycle and the 5280’ mile that is composed of the sum of the Alef-bet with its 5 final letters: (4995 + 280 + 5) = 5280.

Since the last reset occurred with the Flood, it is curious that the Spherical Time equation for the dates for Israel’s formation at the prophesied 70 years before the 5778 Event Horizon less the date of the Flood would yield ((5708 HC+ 1948 CE) – 1656 HC) = 6000, the limit. Cosmically, not so curious once we realize that a devastating Heimlich event happens on Earth every half-cycle as well, every 6000 years.  The 12,000-year waves that surge through our galaxy and pass through our Solar System are not just waves of interstellar dust, but perturbations that interact with the magnetic fields, and moreover that the Solar System is little more than a system of magnetic field lines connecting the Sun and the planets, including Earth. That frequency perturbation has its crests every 12,000 years and alternately its troughs, or Galactic Minima in between at the 6000-year mark. They both have similar effects on the delicate magnetic balance and dance between the field lines and tentacles of the planets and the Sun.

The Torah warned us as much when it placed its longest and only 10 letter word in the middle of the 2nd plague, Frogs. The word is “Kneading trough.” Frogs of numerical value 444 leap in an arc from generation to generation (444) and from crest to “trough” to create again. On their 22 leap as in the 22 Letters and the 22 iterations of 10% that it takes to get from 10 to 1, they leap 444/22 = 20.18, as in the 2018 CE analogue to 5778 HC.

The Spherical Time ratio equation for the dates of the 5778 Event Horizon is thus (5778 + 2018)/5778 = 1.3, the One, and the volume of the Sun/Earth that equals 1.3 million miles.

We see that 70 years and the value 70 was another limit, as in the 70 members counted with Jacob that entered Egypt, and as in the (70 x 26) = 1820 YHVH (יהוה) in the Torah; and as in the (1000 – 930) = 70 years that Adam gave to David. It is the limit of the 7 Wells and 70 branches of Zeir Anpin. It was also as in the limit of the Holy Temples. The First Holy Temple was destroyed in 422 BCE as in the gematria of Shevim (שבעים), the word 70. Then exactly 70 years later at the end of the 70-year Persian Exile, the Second Holy Temple was constructed and lasted for 422 years, until 70 CE.

When those two limits combine, we see that the 600,000-man limit divided by the 70-man limit divided by the 12 sons divided by the 3 Patriarchs is 1/42, the Singularity and the Source.

And of course, when those limits combine, we get (600,000 x 70) = 42 x 106.

This is why there were only 7 Days of Creation, 6 of which were active Creation, and why the Cosmic Wheel only considers the 7 Planets of Abraham, and that the Sun’s magnetic current Sheet has a periodicity of 7 Days, while the Galactic one is 12,000 years.

The 27th Prime

There are 27 Chapters in the Book of Leviticus (Vayikra).

From Malchut we go back up to Binah. Using the same 2(π)(φ) cipher that gave us 5778 for the value of the Alef-bet, we get a value of 4669 for the 3 iterations of Ehyeh (אהיה) representing the 3 levels of Binah.

This 4669-result, Feigenbaum’s chaotic convergence coefficient (4.669) found in an equation between the encasing pyramid’s west base and Phi(φ) is also the total cycles of 27.5o and 137.5o for the 28th Prime Number, 107, which as a Triangular Number equals 5778.

And while the total cycles of 27.5o and 137.5o for the cumulative 28th cumulative Prime Number is approximately 541, Israel, the total cycles of 27.5o and 137.5o for the cumulative 27th cumulative Prime Number is 481.09, the height of the encasing pyramid and Tower of Truth in feet.  Meanwhile the sum of the 27th Triangular Number (378) and the 27th Prime Number (103) equals 481, once again the height of the encasing pyramid and Tower of Truth in feet.

The Cosmic Wheel

The Firmament

In Euclidean space we determine the distance as a vector in multiple dimensions by summing the square of its coordinates and taking the square root of it, which is just an adjunct to the Pythagorean Theorem (a2 + b2 = c2).  If we take the ordinal values or positions of the letters in the Essential Cubes as coordinate variable (a) and the standard letter values of the 27 letters as coordinate or variable (b), then the sum of the distances of the 27 letters within the Essential Cube of Creation is 5040.528… and as we know, 5040-miles is the sum of the Earth and Moon radii with 5280’ being the measure of the mile.

The distance for the 13th position is 42.0 with the One always connected to the Singularity.

Nonetheless, 5040 = 7! or (7 x 6 x 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1), as in the 7 Planetary letters in the Cosmic Wheel and (27,000 5040) = 21960, which is the total Letter value of the 363 daily Triplet Letters applied from the 5 Essential Elements for the 363 Days.

This design is critical to the structure of the Cosmos because 21960 = (2838) and 28 is the powerful dipole bond within and between the Essential Cubes of Zeir Anpin and Binah. To us these are numbers, to the Cosmos these are forces (fields) and thus we see this force or field expanding 3-dimensionsally. We should note that the “8” component that may represent the 8 vertices of the Cube is also 23. Without those 8 corners or vertices to bound it, that force was free to expand in 3-dimensions into a sphere, that of the Cosmic Wheel of 21960, the firmament. While this expansion is indicated as 3-dimensionsally, everything is relative, and it is expanding 3-dimensionsally from whatever dimension or dimensional shape it began with.

Those 363 daily Letters are entirely comprised of the 112 Triplets and the 27 positions of the Essential Cube of Creation that is based on the concept of 42, so how symmetrical is it that the total distance of the Essential Cube of 42 equals (45 X 112) or 5040 or 7! and that that same sum of the Earth and Moon radii, 5040, is also (120 x 42), the Age (120) of Man (45) at the appointed time Moed (מועד) of 42, as in the Meeting Tent (אהל־מועד) of the Appointed Time that has a numerical value of 248 and is found in the Mishkan of the 42 Elements.

The Marker of Time

The number 24 is a marker for Time, as in the 24 hours in a Day and the 240,000 miles of the Earth to the Moon. The 24th Prime Number is 89, a possible double reference to Chanukah (89) and the 89 Days from the Day of Creation to Chanukah in the Cosmic Wheel, while the sum of the first 24 Prime Numbers is 963, just like the sum of the first 10 Triplets of Pi (π).

Now, the total cycles of 27.5o and 137.5o for 963 is (35.0 + 7.00) = 42.0, the Singularity and two Hands of Time.  As a marker in Time, we see that 963 is both (9 x 107), as in the 107th Triangular Number, the Event Horizon radius, 5778, and exactly 1/6th of 5778, as in the 6 Lunar ellipses in the Cosmic Wheel. It also relates to Time as 1/12 of the 12 lunar progressions of 963 years each in the great cycle, or 11,556 years, that matches the Spherical Time diameter.

Combining Pi (π) with the elements of Time, we get the Spherical Time equation: 2(5778π) = 36304.24470, depicting H’Moshiach but also the 363 Days in the Cosmic Wheel.

That same summation of the first 24 Primes, 963, is also the value of the word Echad (אחד), One, spelled out, thus the 24 hours become One Day, just as the 24 first Primes join as One.

And just like the initials of the first 10 Triplets of Pi (π) that equal 37, the counterpart of 963 to Binah (1000) is 37, as in the 12th Prime Number, 37. For the 12 Lunar or 12 constellation progressions in the great cycle that counterpart of 37 totals (12 x 37) = 444, as in “From Generation to Generation.” That 1000 of Binah of course is reflected in the Spherical Time equation through the 4470-sum of the 1000 first digit in Pi (π).

More Sets of Cosmic Triplets

We can also form 10 Triplets out of the 30 digits in the first 17 Prime Numbers. These 30 digits form the first 10 Prime Triplets, and the final Triplet of those 10 is 359, as in the value of the 4th Triplet of the 42-Letter Name. The value 359 is also the 72nd Prime Number, as in the total value of the 72 Triplets (9143 + 216) = 9359. Oddly enough the digit string…359… is found at digit #143 and again at #901 in Pi (π), as in 9143, the standard value of the 72 Triplets.  In the case of the Pi (π) Triplets, the initials of the 10 Triplets equal 37, and in the Prime Triplets, it is their middle digits that equal 37.

Since 17 is the ratio of the Prime Frequency to Phi(φ), 27.5/Phi(φ), it makes sense to examine the first 10 Triplets in Phi(φ) as well. They total 6106, and the sum of the first 10 Triplets in Phi(φ) plus the first 10 Prime Triplets is (6106 + 4310) = 10,416, which is equivalent to (42 x 248), the 42 rows times the 248 columns in the Torah Matrix.

The 12 Lunar Cycles

Those 2 x 5775 inches, or 11,550 years given by the two Hands of the Clock Tower can be divided into 12 arcs corresponding to the 12 Moons of the Cosmic Wheel and the 12 signs of the corresponding Zodiac, equal arcs of (12 x 962.5) years carved into space and time.

During every one of those 962.5-year periods there are 35 cycles of 27.5o or years, which are synched 7 times with the 7 cycles of 137.5o or years, for a total of (35 + 7) = 42 cycles. These align metaphorically and metaphysically with the 12 letters of the constellations and the 7 letters of planets that encircle the 363 Days in the Cosmic Wheel.  It is the same 42 cycles whether we add the 3 from the regression series and get 2 x 5778 divided into 12 periods of 963 years.

They align alongside the Cosmic Wheel or Ring of the 363 Letters in the 5 Essential Elements, which all align with the 36304.24470 circumference of the Spherical Time Bubble, which itself is 12 arcs of 3025 years, as in the perimeter (3025’) of the encasing pyramid of the Tower of Truth. These 12 arcs of 3025 years are thus (4 x 27.52) per lunar arc. That works out to (4 x 27.52) per reset cycle, as in the cube root of 48 that is 3.6342412.

The Cube of 48 Names

Many ancient kabbalists carried a chart of the 12 lunar YHVH (יהוה) with them, especially when they prayed or did specific prayers, my teacher included.  Like the Magic Cube of 42 that serves as the basis for the Essential Cube of Creation, the Magic Square of the Name YHVH (יהוה) serves as the basis for the Cube of 48 (Letters), whereby the Name YHVH (יהוה) is formed over and over again, vertically, horizontally, in quadrants of 4 individual letters, and in quadrants of 2 x 2 letters, even discontinuous ones.

The Cubes of 48 and the Future Holy Temple

Keep in mind, whenever the measure cubit (27.5”) is used, it is a metaphysical reflection of the 27.5 Hz Primal Frequency and 27.5o Phi(φ) angle/5. By metaphysical, we mean it is cosmically aligned with it and harmonically in balance with the universe. Even in the projection of what we are to believe is physical in the simulated world, there is no such thing as matter, just smaller and smaller quanta of energy packets and the fields they interact with. So, getting the frequency and vibration of that energy properly aligned should be of the utmost importance.  Being able to read the Numbers, the language of those frequencies, vibrations, and energies would also be very advantageous. And understanding the fields in which they act would be like getting the lay of the land.

That said, the 6 cubit or 165” thick Wall of the Outer Courtyard of the Future Holy Temple measures 312 cubits in length, which is metaphysically equivalent to the Clock Face of the 12 YHVH (יהוה) or (12 x 26) = 312.

The Outer Courtyard is 3122 and centered around the 1002 Inner Courtyard, which itself is centered around the 322 Central Altar. Thus, the edge (radius) of the Outer Courtyard is 312/2 = 156 = (6 x 26) cubits from the central point of the 3-tier concentric Central Altar, whose top tier is 262.

The linear measures of the 3 concentric features of the Holy Temple measure in total (32 + 100 + 312) = 444, as in “from generation to generation (לדר־ודר)” as in Rav Ashlag’s equation 444/22 letters = 20.18, (or 2018 CE) and as in the .444 proportion of the inscribed cube within the encasing pyramid, etc.

With the inscribed cube occupying .444 of the volume (space) of the encasing pyramid, the rest of the volume or counterspace of the encasing pyramid must be .5656, as in the square root of 32 or 5.656, linking the inscribed cube to the 323 cube or Altar at the center of the Holy Temple.

The counterspace to the 32 cu of the Central Altar within the Inner Courtyard is 68 cu and while the equation √32 + √68 = 13.9030, as in the One (13) and the 42nd Triangular Number, the equation √68 – √32 = 258.9, which represents the Day of Creation and the 89 Day to Channukah in the Cosmic Wheel. What makes this all the more relevant for us is that 68 is Chaim meaning life, our existence, and it is fed by the Light that radiates from the Central Altar. It is also the range that water supports life between freezing at 32o F and boiling at 100o C.

The 4 walls that surround the Outer Courtyard are thus (312 x 4) = 1248 cubits in total length, or perimeter, and they represent the 4 lateral expansions of the Magic Square of 12 YHVH (יהוה) into the 3-d Magic Cube of 48 YHVH (יהוה). Not only can we read 1248 as 1200 and 48 or 12— and 48, but 1248 = (48 x 26) or 48 YHVH (יהוה).

That perimeter of 1248 cubits is cosmically representative of the (48 x 26) value of the 48 YHVH (יהוה) which is derivative of the Holy Cube of 48 Names YHVH (יהוה). That expanded Binah Holy Cube that has one Name YHVH (יהוה) for each Holy letter has a total of 123 or 1728 Holy Letters. This aligns with the 17280 8-simplices within the 248 dimensions of the E8 Lattice.  It should be noted that while 12 is the marker and coefficient of time, it also marks space in that 1728 is 1 cubic foot.

This expansion is done in the exact same hyperdimensional way that the Essential Cube of Creation of Zeir Anpin/Malchut expands into the Binah Hypercube Essential Cube of Creation in Binah. And what we perceive is just a contraction and denser concentration from Binah to Zeir Anpin to Malchut. That density is why we perceive everything as physical, and not for the extraordinary energy that it really is.

The sum of the letters of the two Cubes of 48, is (48 + 1728) = 1776. Now we can understand why that date was so meaningful.

To build the Future Holy Temple, we must Understand it.

With the 12 cubit or 330” width of the 2 bounding walls, each full side of the Outer Courtyard is thus (1248 + 12) = 1260 cubits, or 10 times the 126-face of the Essential Cube of Creation, just like the (100 + 12) = 112-cubit total per side of the Inner Courtyard, that align with the 112 Essential Triplets.

While the 1820 YHVH (יהוה) of the Torah and the Cosmos represent Surrounding Light, the two Cubes of 48 Holy Letters and 48 Names represent the Inner Light.

The total numerical value of that Inner and Outer Light is (12 + 48 + 1820) x 26 = 48880 and like the cumulative value through the special 49th Prime Number, 4888, it is (500001120), meaning they are completed at the level of Binah by the 112 Essential Triplets.

The ratio of the Essential Cube of Creation to the Holy Cube of 48 is 4995/1248 = 4.00240 or nearly exactly 4:1 while reflecting the 424 of Moshiach Ben David once again. It is the Cosmos way of communicating to us or to whoever wants to Understand that this is a necessary part of the equation.

The two complete values of the two Quintessential (42 and 48) Cubes are (4995 + 378) + (1248 + 48) = 6669.  When we apply that same ratio between them to the complete value of the Essential Cube of Creation, we get (4995 + 378)/4.00240 = 1342.4, or One (13) with the Singularity 42 and with 424 again. This means that the resultant relationship value between the two Quintessential Cubes of 42 and 48 is expressed in the complete value of the Torah’s first 3 words or 14 letters (בראשית־ברא־אלהים) that equals 1342. Moreover, we also saw the 1342 result in the equation between the sum of the 27 sofit Names less the letter value (1495) of the 22 regular letters that worked out to (1.3134226), which was a combination of 1.313x, 1342, and 26.

It is also found in the vector distance of the 27 Letters from the central position in the Cube. In determining the collective distance of the 27 vectors from the central 14 of the Essential Cube we sum the 27 square roots of (15, 16…41) and the result is 100 times the square root of 2, or 141.4227 or (100 x 1.414227), which is off the precise square root of 2, or 1.414214, off by only 0.0000134275…. our 1342 ratio again, this time coupled with the Prime Frequency (27.5). There is no simpler way for the Cosmos to communicate to us or transfer knowledge and packets of information to us than through numbers.

The Cubes of 48 and Spherical Time

Like the Fine Structure Constant (137) that is a number independent of any specific measuring stick, so too, whether it is the Cube of 48 Holy Letters or the 48 Holy Names YHVH (יהוה), the volume of the Cube is 48, giving it a cubic volume of 3.634243, which aligns it metaphysically with the circumference of the Spherical Time Sphere (bubble), 36304.24 and with Moshiach Consiousness.

Moreover, in discussing scalar waves, we noted that the edge (3.63424) of the cube of 48 defines the surface (circumference) of the sphere of Spherical Time whose radius is 5778, and that the 3 locations within Pi (π) for 5778 are at digit # 633, 948, and 954, and that they have 9 digits in total that collectively add up to 48. The product of those same 9 digits (6,3,3,9,4,8,9,5,4) divided by that sum of 48, in other words their gematria cipher P/S = 58320, as in the 5832 verses of the Torah and the Cube of 183 that in turn connects to Phi(φ)18 = 5778.

The Spherical Time Bubble that has to do with the hyper-dimensional expansions of the sphere relates to the cubic and hypercubic structure of the Cube of 48 in yet another way. When the 48 cells of the cube are expended into hyperspace by the Primal Frequency squared (27.52) that result is 36304.24470, the Spherical Time circumference, which is baked into the perimeter of the encasing pyramid.

The Quintessential Cubes expand from one to another dimension by way of the Primal Frequency 27.5, and by expansions of it such as 27.5n, because this is harmonic perturbation in the Aether.

Since the base measure of the encasing pyramid is 27.52 or 756.25 feet, its perimeter is (27.52 x 48) = 36300 inches, the same as 3302/3 = 36300 cubits, which is 4.24470 less than the Spherical Time circumference.

While the 48 is representative of the Cube of 48 Holy Letters, the 12 YHVH (יהוה) that correspond to the 12 months of the lunar year and Cosmic Wheel, and of the 48 vertices and edges of the Binah Hypercube, the cube root of 48, the edge length of the Cube of 48 Holy Letters, also reflects the Spherical Time circumference, 3.6342412.  The difference is that it includes a reference to the 12 edges and 12 YHVH (יהוה) instead of the 4470-portion from Pi (π).


The 363 Day Cosmic Wheel that tells of all the Cosmic openings and opportunities is based on the cycle of 12 lunar months of the 12 YHVH (יהוה), the Primal Frequency (27.5 Hz), and the Spherical Time Circumference. Each Day in the Cosmic Wheel is equivalent to 1/100.0 of the Spherical Time Circumference. Each Day in the Cosmic Wheel contains 1/100 of the 48 Holy Letters or alternatively 48 YHVH (יהוה) in expanded space and time, which is equivalent to the cube root of the entire 48 Names YHVH (יהוה).  Each is a step closer to Moshiach Consciousness.

This design is such that the 12 lunar Months YHVH (יהוה) create the poles of the 6 axes of the 6 Elliptical Lunar Orbits, as in the 6 sides/faces/directions of the Cube, as in:

The Tower of the Clock was designed so that each inch in its height would reflect 1 year of the Spherical Time radius until the Event Horizon. It was also designed so that each inch in its perimeter would reflect 1 Day in the Cosmic Wheel at exactly 100 inches per day. Each Day is 1/100.0 of the Spherical Time Circumference. Each side of the encasing pyramid would reflect a different season. Every 10 feet of its 481’ height reflects 1/48 or 1 Holy Letter or 1 Holy Name YHVH (יהוה) of the Cubes of 48. Each side (27.52 feet) of the encasing pyramid is also 1/48 or 1 Holy Letter making the perimeter 1 Holy Name YHVH (יהוה). Each step can be a step closer to Moshiach Consciousness.

To encircle the Tower of Truth, an inch at a time for 5775” x 4 sides = 23100 seasons, as in the opening of the 231 Gates of Wisdom. The encasing pyramid was covered with blinding white, slick, and steep casing stones, so this is meant metaphysically.

The Music of the Spheres

All 12 Lunar Months with their referential YHVH (יהוה) correspond to the 12 musical notes that are based on the Primal Frequency (27.5 Hz) and that are arranged in a circle of 12.  It almost seems perfectly logical as the pictured circle of fifths is based on the number 5 like Phi(φ) and the Prime Frequency 27.5 Hz.


There are 6 basic geometric patterns or shapes that connect them, like the distribution of the Planetary Letters associated with the 12 Moons of the 12 poles in the 6 Elliptical Obits of the Cosmic Wheel and their associated elements of fire, water, earth, and air. They form triangles, squares, hexagons, dodecahedra, or stars that describe all the musical scales, intervals, chords, and progressions.

A harmonic series (also called an overtone series) is the sequence of frequencies, musical tones, or pure tones in which each frequency is an integer multiple of a fundamental, in other worlds exact intervals based on the fundamental frequency 27.5 Hz, 27.5 pulses/second, the Voice of the Creator that reverberates through the Aether.

The note A begins at a frequency of 27.5 Hz and it follows an exponential scale of (27.5 x 2n) starting with A0, connoting octave 0, and advancing through 55, 110, 220, 440, and 880… as higher octaves of note A.

The circle tones or frequencies that is music to our hears is arranged in a circle of fifths (1/5) whereby each note is 1/5 the prior going in a clockwise motion. In the diagram below the inner circle are the Major chords; in the middle circle are the Minor chords; and in the outer circle are the Diminished chords. The same 1/5th pattern holds for each circle, just like the 58 words, verses, and letters in the Torah that dimmish by 1/5 until they reach 1. If they keep going 18 times, they reach 1024 x 10-10 elements.

The number 5 or the square root of 5 is at the basis of the Phi(φ) field, and thus we see spiraling in the opposite or counterclockwise direction the Phi (φ) angular progression of the notes from Major C – Minor C – Diminished C, and all the other notes as well. Three 3 tiers that progress by 1/5th is one direction within each tier, and outward by Phi (φ) in the other. For more details on Music Theory check out Mike George’s videos.

The musical scale is divided into 12 notes that seem to work most pleasingly together in specific relationships and these are divided into an octave or 8 relationships that keep repeating with higher and higher octaves, each doubling the prior scale, or alternatively by halving. The typical scale begins at 220 Hz and thus the next octave (8) begins with 440 Hz. If we were to divide that 220 Hz between the octaves, we would get 8 evenly spaced increments of 27.5 Hz.  In other words, 220 Hz = (8 x 27.5) = 1 Octave. The most pleasing relationship is that of the Perfect Fifth (P5) which is 1.5 times 220 Hz or 330 Hz, a musical/mathematical relationship of 3:2.  This Perfect Fifth (P5) or 330 Hz is, as we well know, the base measure of the Pyramid in cubits, or 12 x 27.5 and the perimeter of the edges of a cube of 1 cubit.

Another extremely pleasing note is the Major Third (M3) at 275 or 10 x 27.5 Hz. It is a C# (C-sharp) and also a Db (D-flat).

The Major Second (M2) is 247.5 Hz or (220 + 27.5 Hz), which is thus (9 x 27.5). It is interesting that this is so close to 248, Abraham, the 248 dimensions of the E8 Lattice, etc.  The Major Seventh (M7) is 412.5 Hz, or 3 intervals of the Phi(φ) angle (137.5o).

Not all 12 notes can work out to be exactly 27.5 Hz apart, given that the Octave (8) spacing is 8 x 27.5. For example, the Tritone is 308 Hz or 22 Hz less than 330 Hz and the minor Sixth (m6) is 352 or 22 Hz more.  Together though, they are (308 + 352) = (2 x 330). In order to equalize the notes so that the relationships harmonize (more or less) between keys, all the values change to varying degrees, which is called just intonation in 12-part equal temperament.

So, while yes, it is far more complicated than we can possibly imagine, it is also far simpler when we choose to Understand. When the veils are lifted it is as clear as can be.

The Cosmos operates in perfect harmony.  We are the only ones that ignore it.

Perfect Numbers

We previously studied (Chapter XXXII Part M) in detail the Perfect Numbers whose sum of their factors equals themselves; nevertheless, the Perfect Numbers are also specific Triangular Numbers and they form curious relationships with the sum of all the previous Triangular Numbers. For example, the first Perfect Number 6 most appropriately is associated with 4/6 = .666; followed by the second Perfect Number 28 that is associated with 56/28 = 2; followed by 4960/496 = 10 with 496, being the value of Malchut, the 10th sefira; and 341376/8128 = 42, the Singularity; and 91592417289/8191 = 2730, the Cosmic Harmonic.

Even the ratios between these results are telling: 2730/42 = 65, Adonai; 42/10 = 4.2; 10/2 = 5, and 2/.666 = 3.003003, as in the first 11 Triplet of the Torah and Creation, 3003, whose average value is 3003/11 = 273.

The first word in the Torah had to have 6 letters. The first verse had to have 28 letters. The 7 words of that verse had to recombine in 127 possible ways and had to utilize each of those words 64 times, in that same way that the numerical word value 127 had to be utilized exactly 64 times in the Torah, to align them with the associated 127 and 64 ranks of the Triangular (8128) and Hexagonal Numbers (8128) that compose 127 x 64 = 8128, the 4th Perfect Number, as in (4 x 7) = 28. Then while 496, the 3rd Perfect and 31st Triangular Number, is twice 248, which itself is (8 x 31) and represents Abraham, whose Name is found in the first verse, the sum of the first 8 initials of the 10 sefirot equal 496, that of the Name of the last sefira, Malchut (496). Moreover, the sum of the Triangular Numbers associated with the first 3 Perfect Numbers is (3 + 7 + 31) = 41, the ordinal value of Abraham. And through the 4th Perfect Number they are (3 + 7 + 31 + 127) = 168 for an average of 168/4 = 42.

Meanwhile, the sum of 8 of the first 10 Triplets in Pi, sum to 3550, as in the 5th Perfect Number 3550336 that represents the 2 sets of Alef-bet (2 x 1775 = 3550) in the 2 Essential Cubes along with the 336 letters of the 112 Triplets. That same 5th Perfect Number is the 4096 Hexagonal Number, or 642, which represents the square of the complete value (64) of the central position of the 2 Essential Hourglass Cubes of Creation. It represents their bound union.

We have recently seen how the Torah incorporated 3550 into the census of the 603550 men, and since 603 is the value of “Bnei Israel (ישראל בני),” the Name of the men counted that makes total sense. When we subtract – “Bnei Adam (אדם בני)” of numerical value 107, an obvious allusion to the 107th Triangular Number 5778, we get “Bnei Israel (ישראל בני)” – “Bnei Adam (אדם בני)” = (603 107) = 496, Malchut, the Kingdom, and the 3rd Perfect Number, where the 248 dimensions reign above and below in space and in counterspace.

Counterspace is the space that we cannot see or measure with our 5 senses because it is hyperspace, the metaphysical dimensions that occupy virtually undetectably the same space we call physical or physicality. In the same way that the 3760 years of Spiritual Time occupy the same 2018 years of Physical Time and are separated by the speed-of-light. It is the expanded dimensions of Zeir Anpin and of Binah. It is what we pick up on when we use our 6th sense to align with the 6 dimensions of Zeir Anpin.  It is the 95% of the universe that scientists give the misnomer “dark matter” and/or “dark energy.”

The Hebrew letters, the interface alphabet, are comprised of space and counterspace as well. Within each letter are vast amounts of information, transferable energy, and entire words and equations, which is why a single word of the Torah conveys so much more than a literal meaning, and why each word can be broken down into numerous component constituents.

The Leviathan (לִוְיָתָֽן) of the same gematria, 496, as Malchut, and an ordinal value that breaks down to 6 (וְ), 28 (לִוְיָ), and 64 for the entire word, represents all 5 Perfect Numbers. It represents the end, the great reset or recycle. It is not an actual end, just an end of an era, a failed one. There is no end in the infinity of hyperspace, just cycles rippling through counterspace, and pressuring space to contract and expand like clockwork for those whose consciousness is trapped inside.

Please note that there are 51 known Perfect Numbers, but they are all so large and unwieldly as to be irrelevant to this discussion. The 13th alone has 314 digits, a very telling development when one understands the language of the Cosmos. The 51st one has nearly 50 million digits.

The perceivable counterspace to the 4th Perfect Number 8128 is 1872 or (26 x 72) or the hyperspace tesseract 4th dimension equation (104 1872). And the sum of the associated perceivable counterspace for all 4 Perfect Numbers is dimensionally (1016) + (10228) + (103496) + (104 8128) – 4 (kolel) = (4 + 72 + 504 + 1872) – 4 = 2448.  With all the intricacies that went into creating these mathematic unicorns, their structural design is only readily apparent when seen through the prism of hyperspace dimensionality.  They were designed to equate to the year 2448 HC when we received the Torah at Mt Sinai, which was designed to be 66.6 Jubilee years before 5778, and 42.4% of 5778, the Event Horizon, as in Moshiach Ben David and the gyromagnetic precession, which was designed to complement to the 137.5o Phi(φ) angle to the 180o plane. That is a lot of information compacted into those 4 Perfect Numbers.

In a sense we can say the Numbers and the Hebrew interface letters have memory because they contain the ghostly impressions, schematics, blueprints, and information trails of everywhere they have been. From our perspective they contain them for everywhere they will go since those discoveries lie in our future. Our future has all been recorded in the past.  And these memories are nothing more than hyper speed networking from the realms where there is no future or past, just all as One.

Every time we reveal a new understanding, we are reaching into the One, and admiring a fruit from our future. In the Spherical Time Sphere and/or Toroidal Time the 5778-year radius represents 180o of the full circle of time, and the first 2448 years of that radius—when we reached the highest point at the 10 Commandments at Mt Sinai—represents the 42.5o gyromagnetic precession and Moshiach Consciousness.

The Cosmic Harmonic 1273 or 4/π is 3 times 424.333 and while (.424 x 5778) = 2448, the equation 424/2448 is .17320, which is both the katan value of the 42-Letter Name and the square root of 3, and its inverse, 2448/424, is 5.77358, as in Euler’s Constant and Moshiach (358). It goes on and on, deeper and deeper into the fractal universe.

The subsequent 3330 years to the edge of the Event Horizon represents the 137.5o Phi(φ) angle portion.  You may draw your own conclusions about the last 66.6 Jubilee years and what they represent.

Everything in our universe, our existence, is based on and fractally contains this Primal Ratio, this 42.5o and the 137.5o Phi(φ) angle proportion, from the shape and alignment of our time-paths to every micro and macro aspect of physically that they carve through.  Everything is scaffolded on and aligned with it. It all comes from the Ratio of the Source, the two Phi-generating angles 137.5o/85o = Phi(φ) and 137.5/85 = 42/26 = Phi(φ), thus conversely 26/42 is 1/Phi(φ). Together they are One (1)—He and His Name are One—not the Numbers, not the Letters, nor the Names behind the Letters, but the Source Concept, the Source Consciousness that realized if it divided itself in these two parts everything would flow out, one fractal synchronized dimension at a time.  This is the Source behind 137.5o/2φ = 42.48, as in the 4248 value of the 22 Names of the Alef-bet interface.

The Crowning Capstone to Freedom

The capstone of the encasing pyramid to the Tower of Truth, the Hand on the Cosmic Clock, begins at level 203, as in the first Triplet of the Torah (ברא).  The two first Names of G-d in the Torah, Elohim (אלהים) and YHVH (יהוה) = 112, matching the 112 Triplets.  Alternatively, the Triple unification YHVH (יהוה) + Ehyeh (אהיה) + Adonai (אדני) also equals 112. When we add the unified Name YHVH-Adonai (יאהדונהי) or 91 from the Path of One to the 112 Triplets we get (112 + 91) = 203, meaning that the first Triplet of the Torah (ברא) contains the seed of the 112 Triplets and holographically contains them all plus the 4 Names of G-d. It means the same for the crowning 7-level Capstone.

The crowning capstone of the encasing pyramid to the Tower of Truth, the Hand on the Cosmic Clock, measures 32.0833’ on each of the 4 bases which aligns with the 322 cubit base of the Central Altar of the Holy Temple.

Its height over its 7 levels is 20.4 feet high, as in Tzaddik (204), which works out to 244.8 inches, as in the year 2448 when the Torah was received at Sinai and the Israelites left Egypt. Its’ base measure (32.0833’) also translates to exactly 14 cubits, as in the central position of the Essential Cube/Sphere of Creation and the central position King David (14) occupies within the Spherical Time Sphere path to Freedom.

Comparing the capstone to the entire encasing pyramid of the Tower of Truth, the Hand on the Cosmic Clock, its ratio of the height of the capstone to the height of the full encasing pyramid (Hc to Hp) 244.8/5775” = 4.24%, and the base of the capstone to the base of the encasing pyramid (Bc to Bp) is likewise 14/330 = 4.24%, making the crowning capstone the Moshiach Ben David (424) or Moshiach Consciousness Ratio.

The Tower and its encasing pyramid have a height of 210 cubits as in the 210 years of the Exodus. The Hand of the Clock was always meant to be a yardstick of Freedom. It measured the Freedom from the enslavement of the Israelites from the confinement of physicality and their taskmasters and it measures that same Freedom for us today.

The standard gematria of the word “sefirot” or dimensions (ספירות) is 756, as in the 756’ base measurement of the encasing pyramid and the radiated Primal Frequency, 27.52.

Achieving Moshiach Consciousness, Moshiach Ben David, the consciousness at the center of the Essential Cube/Sphere of Creation has been a theme from the outset of this paper that turned into an encyclopedia sized book. In the very first pages we learned that the sum up the 22 square roots of the spelled-out 22 Names of the 22 letters of the Alef-bet that total 4248, is exactly 424.242… and that the average of the first 25 Prime Numbers is also exactly 42.4, whose Primal Equation 1/.23571113… = 4.24248100, as in the natural log of 70, or ln (70) = 4.248495. Our goal has always been to align ourselves with that consciousness, the Light, and Oneness and through Understanding climb the rest of the way up the Tower into the Capstone of the Upper Hand of the Clock with purpose and intent, and not be like sheep sliding down toward the tip of the other Hand.

Understanding the darkness is another theme. The height of the capstone in inches is 244.8, corresponding to 2448 HC, and 212 or 441 years later is 2889 HC. And 66.6 Jubilee years later is the Event Horizon 5778 HC. While the two crowning capstone ratios directly correspond to the 4.24% of its encasing pyramid, the cross ratio of the capstone’s base to the height of the encasing pyramid (Bc to Hp) is 6.66% ratio.

As it has sat there for thousands of years embodying the ratio of Light and darkness, the height of the now missing capstone 244.8” is precisely equal to the Solar rotation (sidereal) period of the Sun at its equator, or about 24.48 days, separating day and night.

Darkness and Light

There is another basic ratio built into our existence and it was spelled out for us in the 4th verse of the Torah, “And God saw that the light was good; and God divided the light from the darkness (וַיַּרְא אֱלֹהִים אֶת הָאוֹר כִּי טוֹב וַיַּבְדֵּל אֱלֹהִים בֵּין הָאוֹר וּבֵין הַחשֶׁךְ)” of numerical value 1776 or 42.014261502, as in the year 1776 HC when the darkness tried reuniting with the light by creating the Tower. There are so many secrets in this verse, starting with its value under the Essential Cube Alef-bet cipher, 4248, the same as the standard value of the 22 Names of the 27 Letters, and then there is the 666 standard value of its 21 middle letters, or twice the value of “the darkness” 333, but it is the ratio between the incommensurate forces of darkness and Light that is most critical.

The numerical value of “the darkness” (333) less the numerical value of “the light” (212) is 111, the numerical value of the Alef (אלפ), Oneness, and the difference between their ordinal values is (45 32) = 13, Echad (One).

The Creator never said the darkness was bad, only that the Light was good and that the two needed to be separated for Creation to flourish. The darkness was already there—we are told as much in the Torah’s 2nd verse—what G-d created new was “the Light.” In the same way that G-d took a rib from Adam (45) and created Chava, he took the Light out of the darkness, which is hinted at in the 45 letters and the 4500 albam gematria value of this verse.  In a similar manor the Creator separated the water from the water and placed a firmament between them to create and maintain the world above and the illusion below. Then the land was separated out of the water.

This in no way condones a proclivity for evil intentions and evil inclinations. The darkness was never declared good. The darkness is the illusion of physicality.

And like the darkness (333) and the Light (212), the day was split into “there was morning (333) and there was evening (303).” Together the phrase “there was morning (333) and there was evening (303)” = 636. This is the ratio 2/π, spiritually and metaphysically the diameter of a circle of circumference 2, and “there was morning” balances out or nullifies the darkness, just as the dawn erases the night.

There is also the radiance of the 1820 YHVH (יהוה). When we divide those 1820 Names by the (12 + 48) Names in the 2 Cubes of 48 YHVH (יהוה), we get 1820/60 = 30.3333 or “there was evening (303)” and “there was morning (333).”

The word for “the darkness (הַחשֶׁךְ)” appears only once within this verse, while “the Light (הָאוֹר)” appears twice.

וַיַּרְא אֱלֹהִים אֶת הָאוֹר כִּי טוֹב וַיַּבְדֵּל אֱלֹהִים בֵּין הָאוֹר וּבֵין הַחשֶׁךְ

The two times “The Light” was repeated, each of numerical value 212, for a total of 424 is analogous to the two 21.2o gyrations and the 42.4o precession angles that the magnetic and dielectric fields are based on.

There can be no misunderstanding of the intentions of making their value equate to 424, the ultimate Moshiach Consciousness, nor of making their ratio be the Cosmic Harmonic, the Primordial Ratio 424/333 = 1.273.

This is the ratio of the area of the square to the inscribed circle, space to counterspace. One (1) and .273, the spiritual or universal consciousness component (1) and the physical one or projected .273 to which all our physical elements conform.

The value of Moshiach Consciousness (424) is the square to the circle of darkness (333). The ratio is so precise that the value for darkness works out to 333.00 as in the 3330 years from the Torah’s reception in 2448 to the Event Horizon in 5778, the 66.6 jubilee years.

When that Moshiach Consciousness (424) is the circle, the square becomes 541, Israel, whose current land area is 11,466 square miles, and each side of that would be equal to 107.07 miles long, which is exactly 21√26 or the product of the higher Name of G-d, Ehyeh (אהיה) and the square root of the YHVH (יהוה), or also exactly 90 sq miles, or (2 x 45) less than (2 x 5778), the Spherical Time diameter. The 90 miles to be sure is the sum of the 2 Quintessential complementary Cubes at the heart of it all, (42 + 48).

More precisely, when the gyromagnetic precession (42.489) and/or the Torah’s 4th verse about dividing the Light (4248) and/or the 22 Names of the Letters (4248) is the circle, the square becomes 541, Israel.

The same Cosmic Harmonic, the Primordial Ratio 1.273 when applied to the 378 total of both the original value of the Essential Cube of Creation and to the complete value of the word for the darkness, 378, is 481.25, the height of the Tower of Truth and the Hand of the Clock in feet. When applied to the Essential Cube of Creation it is the upper Hand and to the darkness it is the lower Hand. Those two Hands of Time also refer to the two mirrored Essential Cubes, referring to the Binah one as the Light and the Zeir Anpin/Malchut Essential Cube as the darkness because it creates physicality, or at least the illusion of it. The Tower to Binah is the square to the circle of darkness, physicality.

We know well the relationship between Phi(φ) and the Primal Frequency 27.5 Hz, so it is interesting that when the Cosmic Harmonic (1.273) is applied to it, when 27.5 Hz becomes the circle, the square has a total area of 35.00 and consequently, the gateway 55 has a total area of 70.00, as in the two 35 years periods surrounding the center of David’s 70 year life in the middle of the Spherical Time radius, etc..

We also see that the Phi(φ) angle (137.5o) as the circle becomes the 175.0 years of Abraham’s life.

The Ratio of the Names

The ratio between the Sources of the two Names (26/42) is naturally the same as 13/21 since they are of the same proportion. Therefore, the two Names (26/42) could be said to be Echad, (אחד) (One)/Ehyeh (אהיה) or at least proportionately equal.  And since 13 and 21 are two consecutive Fibonacci Numbers, they are all naturally in the Phi(φ) ratio.

So, One is to the Name Ehyeh (אהיה) as the Name YHVH (יהוה) is the 42-Letter Name. The forces or Sources behind these Names are what generates the Phi(φ) ratio that permeates the universe and all our existence.

Another Ratio generated at the Source is between the Name YHVH (יהוה) and the Name Ehyeh (אהיה) that transcends the two Source Ratios above:

These Prime Ratios that transcend time, space, physics, and metaphysics show us that there is no aspect of our existence that is random, arbitrary, that is not fractal, or that does not fit in as a perfect cog in the wheel.  As we have seen, this includes, Pi, Phi, the Fine Structure Constant, Planck’s Constant, the Prime Numbers, the Fibonacci Numbers, the Triangular Numbers, Hexagonal Numbers, the Symmetry Groups, the Bell Primes and Bell Prime Indices, the 3N + 1 Numbers, the Perfect Numbers, the Logarithms and Natural Logs of the Numbers, the Root Numbers, and so much more.

If there is nothing random in our universe, then the path that you are on that is generated by and through these numbers is not random either.  Just before we circle to the backside of the torus, there is a period of weightlessness, a cosmic window through which we can lift off and reunite with our consciousness. This period, however short, will be marked with great confusion as the strings loosen and tighten at the same time, and the two opposing forces are at their strongest. At the Event Horizon Spiritual Time and Physical Time equal out before folding and doubling back. Everything will be laid bare like the receding sea before the tsunami.  With the veils of the simulation stretched to their thinnest, cracks in the fabric and glitches in the matrix will abound, adding to the turmoil and confusion.  To some this will be the proof that their soul was searching for; to the majority it will be yet another reason to harness themselves to their taskmasters, and/or to latch onto false new age gods rather than the Creator. At least we have a choice, whether we realize it or not.

It is time to let go and see what your consciousness is capable of:



The Dynamo

The angle of the gyromagnetic precession is 42.48o but that is not a pendulum swinging back and forth, because in 3-dimensions it swivels around and carves out a circular cone.

As the arms swing around and circle above, so too are those same extended arms circling below as they pass through the singularity in the center.  Placed wholly within this hyperboloid schematic that our entire existence, physical and metaphysical, is predicated on we have the two twin and mirrored Essential Cubes or Spheres of Creation. They are each 42 across in all directions and fit neatly into the cone of gyromagnetic precession (42.48), one on top, one below, like balls in cups, scoops of ice cream in cones.








Each of these Essential Spheres has a total Name value for its 27 positions of 4248. The Essential Spheres were not set into the precession like great twin jewels in a setting; the precession is traced around the interaction of the twin spheres of 42.



The action of Creation is the 42.48o precession and this determines the 137.5o angle of radiation, which is the Phi(φ) angle. These angles existed whether numbers were assigned to them, or not. They are proportions of space.

They also create egg-shaped spheres. The spheres created within the hyperboloid Phi(φ) angle cone vortices are more egg-shaped than spherical allowing the Essential Sphere or Essential Egg of Creation to be bounded at exactly the diameter of 42 and complete the interaction with the vortex.

The Binding of Isaac

After the establishment of the 248 dimensions of Abraham, came the “Binding of Isaac” when Abraham was 137.5 years old. Sarah lived 127.3 years, and Abraham bought her resting place, the Cave of Machpelah, for 400 shekels, as in the 401273 elements of the Torah.

Abraham was 100 when Isaac was born and Isaac was 37.5 at the time of the Binding, and he would live another 142.5 years, while Abraham would live another 37.5 years. Together, they would live another 180 years, as in the total life of Isaac, 180 years, and as in the 180o of the two complementary angles of the incommensurate forces bound together, the flowing together of the two waters (2 x 90), from above and below to create the living water.

The numerical value of life, chai (חי) is (18) and water, mayim (מים) is 90 while the full numerical value of the phrase be’er mayim chayim is 360 as in the Wells that Abraham and Isaac dug, and that the opponent has been trying to plug up and conceal since the beginning.


The Radiating Path of One

The value 180 is a complement to 1820, as they equal 2000.  Nonetheless, the ratio between the network of 1820 YHVH (יהוה) in the Path of One and in the Torah to the radiating Phi(φ) angle 137.5o at the core of the dynamo is 1820/137.5 = 13.2363636 and the ratio between that radiating angle and its complementary Creation angle 42.5o is 137.5/42.5 = 3.235924.  The difference between them is (1820/137.5) – (137.5/42.5) = 10.00107.

And when we use more precise measures for the angles such as 42.49 or 137.5077 the difference between the two core ratios narrows to 10.0000, as in the 10 sefirot (dimensions), and the 10 digits that interface with the 10 original component Hebrew letters.

Of the network of 1820 YHVH (יהוה) in the Torah, 550 are in the 5th Book, as in the equations (20 x 27.5Hz) or (4 x 137.5o) that align with the collective height of the 11 Gates of the Holy Temple, the front letters of the 3 highest sefirot, the 11 initials of the 11 sefirot of the Tree-of-Life, and the 11 generations from Shem to Isaac. It is also most appropriately 10 times the sum of the integers from 1 – 10.

Meanwhile there are 165 YHVH (יהוה) in the 1st Book of the Torah, as in (6 x 27.5 Hz), which makes the total for the 1st and 5th Books together equal to (26 x 27.5), which can be divided into their 84 or (42 x 2) Chapters. There are 1270 YHVH (יהוה) collectively in the first 4 Books, and 709 in the 2nd and 3rd Books of the Torah, as in the total value for the 7 Planetary Letters (709). The network was obviously carefully arranged to reflect the Cosmic Wheel, and the Cosmic Schematic of the Core. Of course, they are also designed so that there would be 26 YHVH (יהוה) for each of the 70 branches of the Tree-of-Life.

When the 1820 YHVH (יהוה) are divided into portions of 13.75% and 42.5% they equal 1024 or 210 YHVH (יהוה) which forms the scaffolding of the network of the 210 word values in the Torah.

Let us not forget the origin of the 1820 YHVH (יהוה) is from the One through the interaction of 13 and 42. The numbers 1 – 13 as in Echad (One) = 91; and the numbers from 1 – 91 = 455; and the numbers from 1 – 455 = 1820, and (1 + 13 + 91 + 455 + 1820) = 2380, which is the inverse of 42.

While some of those 1820 YHVH (יהוה) have prefixes, each of those YHVH (יהוה) have the value 26 and while there are the 90,100 Yuds(י), Heis(ה), and Vavs (ו) in the Torah that the 1820 YHVH (יהוה) come from, as in the sum of the integers from 1 – 424, there are 1729 words/Names with the value 26 in the Torah, which is (182091). There is a special circuitry at work here.

Another ratio built into this primal circuit of One is that the 1820 YHVH (יהוה) divided by the complementary Creation angle 42.5o is 1820/42.5 = 42.8 + 1/42.5. This is because 1819/42.5 = 42.8, as in the 1819 YHVH (יהוה) that must have unfolded from the first YHVH (יהוה), which is the 420th in the Torah at the beginning of the 13 verses of the 10 Commandments.

What is more telling though about the 1820 YHVH (יהוה) network is that (42.52 + 13.75) = 1820, representing once again the radiating Phi(φ) angle 137.5o and the complementary Creation angle 42.5o and the number 10, as in 137.5/10.

What this is really telling us is that the 1820 YHVH (יהוה) are radiating from the Core, the intersection of the swiveling boundaries of the precession that houses the twin mirrored Essential Spheres within the hyperboloid. They are pulsing with Moshiach Consciousness through the 424 and the 42.492. We can trace their radiation back to the Singularity and reunite with the Source. That is their purpose, to serve as a beacon and focus our intentions while the energy/force behind them maintains our existence.

The 1820 YHVH (יהוה) are the Radiance. They radiate from the bond of the (1 + 27) = 28 in the two Essential Cubes (Eggs). The Singularity of 42 is between them. The 1820 YHVH (יהוה)/65 = 28, Adonai (אדני).

And all the while, the remote control remains in our hands, the 42-Letter Name whose final 5th, 6th and 7th tiers equal 1375

and whose 2nd, 3rd, and 4th tiers equal 1820,

and whose 1st tier has the complete value of Moshiach Ben David.

The Source is always accessible to us and always has been.


What is radiation?

It is a pressure modulation on a field.

The Path of One equation (1 + 13 + 91 + 455 + 1820) = 2380 represents the expansive aspect of the two forces/fields of Jacob (182) and Rachel (238) that originate from (182 + 238) = 420 and (1820 + 2380) =4200, the Singularity 42.  They represent the Path of One called Love, Ahava (אהבה), of numerical value 13.

The complete value of the Archetype Name Rachel is (238 + 40) = 278, Ohr HaGanuz, the concealed radiating Light of Moshiach. The complete value of the Archetype Name Jacob is (182 + 47) = 229, as in the Prime Frequency Time ratio 27.5/12 = 2.29, representing his Light spread through his 12 sons. That Light is the coming together of the YHVH (יהוה) and the Ehyeh (אהיה) or (26 + 21) = 47.

Abraham (808) and Sarah (505) as (808 + 505) = 1313 represent the Path of One radiating to a different modality. They represent the Path of One called Oneness, or Oneness, Echad (אחד), 13, with the Creator, the Abrahamic Path of 248 dimensions. Their combined complete values is (248 + 41 + 505 + 46) = 840 = (20 x 42), which is the seed of why they were the 20th generation.

The 58 and (248 x 42) Torah Matrix was woven together by the intersection of these two radiations and built on Phi(φ) as Sarah (5) is to Abraham (8) as Abraham is to them together, One (13).

While the ordinal value of Sarah, 46, aligns with that of Rivka, hers also being 46, the ordinal values of Abraham and Sarah together, 87, aligns them with that of Jacob and Rachel that are also 87.

The numerical value of Rivka is 307, the 63rd Prime Number and while the seed was planted for their union at the binding of Isaac, when he was 37, the 12th Prime Number, and Abraham was 137, the 33rd Prime Number, the Torah tells us that it was 3 years later when they were betrothed at the age of 40, corresponding to the 40th Prime Number, 173. As we have seen, the formula between the 42 Singularity and the Event Horizon radius is 1/.5778 = 1.730703 with 173 being the 42-Letter Name, 703 being the 37th Triangular Number, and 307 being the value of Rivka.  The stories and narrative of the Torah contain far more information than we could ever imagine, but once we attune ourselves to it, the layers and veils drift away. Like the 4 times Eliezer told the story of Rivka watering his 10 camels at the Well.

Since the difference between their numerical values is (307208) = 99, Abraham’s age at the time of Isaac’s conception, we are shown that the seed of the union of Isaac and Rivka was planted even earlier.  When Sarah overheard the angel telling Abraham that she would have a son, Sarah laughed to herself (וַתִּצְחַק שָׂרָה, בְּקִרְבָּהּ), which contains the seed of Isaac (צְחַק), and Rivka (קִרְבָּהּ), and the place they would be betrothed, Sarah’s (שָׂרָה) tent. Moreover, the 6 letters (בְּרָהשָׂוַתּ) that are not part of the Names Isaac or Rivka, have a collective value of 913, as in “In the Beginning (בְּרֵאשִׁית).”

Isaac and Rivka (208 + 307) represent the radiating energy of Tefila, prayer, of numerical value 515, and their combined ordinal value of 101, represents the energy of protection, making their complete value 616, that of “The Torah (H’Torah).” That value 616 is also the value of Yitro, Moses’ father-in-law, and the high Midian priest descended from Laban, Rivka’s brother, and the father to Rachel and Leah. By keeping it all in the family the Torah is showing us that all these intersecting archetype radiating forces/fields all came from the same Source, male and female, all from the same family line, the same point of Singularity.

The 7th portion of the 54 portions in the Torah is VaYetze (וַיֵּצֵא) of numerical value 107, as in the 28th Prime Number and the Event Horizon, 5778.  It is the first word in the portion that begins, “Jacob left Beer-sheba (וַיֵּצֵא יַעֲקֹב, מִבְּאֵר שָׁבַע)” in the 28th Chapter and 63rd Paragraph of the Torah, as in the 63rd Prime Number, 307, the value of Rivka, Jacob’s mother, who had just saved his life by sending him away to where he would meet Rachel and Leah.

This phrase about leaving the 7th Well has the 42 (מִבְּ) in the center; 275 as the 7 middle letters; 273, the Cosmic Harmonic as its 4 final letters; and a sum total of (904 – 1) = 903, the 42nd Triangular Number. This is a key moment in the Torah as Jacob begins his journey, like the 42 journeys the Israelites, his descendants would later take. Also encoded in this phrase is the Winged Name Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh (אהיה־אשר־אהיה) that is a combination of 42 and (אשר), which we see presented as (אֵרשָׁ) followed by the initials of the 72 Names (עבש) or (שָׁבַע).

The Torah is not uploading all this into this verse for the sake of redundancy but because when we read this phrase, we can download it. It is also telling us that all this was programmed into Jacob’s journey, which it is likening to the time-paths that start at the Singularity of 42, follow the harmonics, and end up at the Event Horizon. And through the 4 words it is hinting at the 4 exiles that would begin with Jacob when he ended up in Egypt, where the lower half of the Hourglass is found.

The are like the words “42 Names” that begins the Torah’s 13th Portion Shemot (Names), and “the 42 Chronicles of Isaac” that begins the Torah’s 6th portion.

The 7th force or field, completing the 7 Wells, is Leah. Her numerical value is 36 with an ordinal value of 18, or 54 as a complete value, as in 6, 3, and 9 multiples of 6’, just like the (639) diagonal on the Eastern Face of the Essential Cubes of Creation. Keep in mind that whenever we consider the ordinal value of a letter, what we are doing is tracing that letter back to the Essential Cube of Creation from which it emanated.

The proportion in Leah’s Name of ordinal to standard (exponential) is .333 and .666, or the kabbalistic split of darkness and its counterpart, which represents the darkness in the Oneness, just as Laban, Yitro, Esau, and Ishmael represented the darkness to be overcome from within that Oneness.  Their 4 initials (ליעי) equal 120, as in the life of Man and Moses, and the Triangular value of 36 is 666, just like the proportion of Jacob to Rachel and Leah together, 182/(238 + 36).

This is not the split of darkness and Light from Genesis 1:4, but darkness from the darkness that already existed as announced in Genesis 1:2. It is the first word after the 42-Letter Name, and it (וְחֹשֶׁךְ) is juxtaposed in that verse with the “spirit of G-d (וְרוּחַ אֱלֹהִים),” whose complete sofit value is (100042), making the “spirit of G-d” the perfect complement to the 42-Letter Name Singularity that embodies all the forces and fields of our existence. It is also where all the Names of the Matriarchs are concealed as the differences between the adjoining Triplets.

מִי-כָמֹכָה בָּאֵלִם יְהוָה, מִי כָּמֹכָה נֶאְדָּר בַּקֹּדֶשׁ; נוֹרָא תְהִלֹּת, עֹשֵׂה פֶלֶא

The complete value of the “spirit of G-d (רוּחַ אֱלֹהִים)” is 375, the same as Tzippora, Moses’ wife, and as in the tip of the 42-letter Sword of Moses that is Alef (אלף) or 1 followed by the value 375 (עֹשֵׂה), like the final 3 tiers (1375) of the 42-Letter Name and the Phi (φ) angle (137.5o).

500 – 6     = 494

359 –370 =   11


The differences from the 1st and 2nd rows (494 + 11) equal the numerical value of the Matriarch, Sarah, 505.

187 – 43 = 144

500 – 406 = 94


The differences from the 6th and 7th rows (144 + 94) equal the numerical value of Rachel, 238.

359 – 370 = 11

129 – 110 = 19


      –       6       6    


The differences of the 2nd and 5th rows plus the first Triplet equals 36, Leah, the mother of Yehuda (30), one of her 6 sons.

493 – 211 = 282

129 – 110 =   19

      –        6        6   


In a similar way, the differences of 4th and 5th rows plus the first Triplet equals 307, the numerical value of Rivka.  We can do the same with Chava (Eve) to get 19, and in a like manner to get 541, Israel, and then we find Miriam, 290, at the very center of the Matrix (רצ). Using the same method, we even get 618 or 1/Phi (φ) and 273, the Cosmic Harmonic,

From the 1st, 2nd, 5th and 7th rows:

500 – 6     = 494

359 – 370 =   11

129 – 110 =   19

500 – 406 =   94


And from the 3rd row:

330 – 57 =   273

The value 54, always seems to be the completion component, as in the 54 letters/positions of the 2 Essential Cubes; the 54 portions in the Torah, the 54-shift in the Alef-bet to the Phi(φ) split, and the 1000.054 sum of the 2 sets of square roots of the 72 Triplets. Leah, who gave birth to 6 of the sons and Tribes of Israel, was always meant to be a separate generative field unto herself.  This was offset by Joseph (156) of the numerical value of 6 YHVH (יהוה).

Together the 7 forces have a collective value of (840, 616, 507, and 54) = 2017 and with the One Source, 2018, as in 2018 CE (5778 HC), the Event Horizon.

The Primal Frequency Radiation

The Primal Frequency Radiation emanates from the same Source as the 137.5o Phi(φ) angle and the 42.5o or 42.489o Moshiach Consciousness angle. Every interval of the 137.5o Phi(φ) angle spirals has 4 spirals of 27.5o parallel to and in between them. They form 5 intervals of 27.5o for each one of the 137.5o Phi(φ) angle ones. Five (5) pulses for each 1 of the Phi(φ) angle ones. In other words, the 137.5o Phi(φ) angle spirals are nothing more than the demarcation of every fifth 27.5o spiral.

As the 27.5o spirals radiate outward centrifugally and centripetally they too form 42.5o or 42.489o Moshiach Consciousness intersections, and (27.5o + 42.5o) = 70, as in the 70 Faces of the Torah, the 70 sefirot of the branches of the Tree-of-Life and the 70 processing dimensions of Zeir Anpin and the Essential Hypercube, the 7 Wells.  Now we can better Understand why it is called the Tree-of-Life since all trees branch according to the same 137.5o Phi(φ) angle and the 42.5o or 42.489o Moshiach Consciousness angle, and all resonate to the Primal Frequency, 27.5 Hz. And “The Tree(הָעֵץ)” of numerical value 165 is (6 x 27.5).

When we put on tefillin in alignment with the binding of Isaac we form the letter Shin (ש) on our upper arm and another letter Shin (ש) on our hand, and we wrap the strap around our forearm in between them 7 times. The letter Shin (ש) represents the wave function, and 7 spiral wrappings represents the 7 sefirot or dimensions of Zeir Anpin and of the Hypercube. This design aligns with the binding of (27.5o + 42.5o)/7 = 10, representing the 10 sefirot/dimensions of the Tree-of-life. One Shin (ש) or wave function aligns with the Primal Frequency (27.5) and the other with Moshiach Consciousness (42.5 or 42.48). The 6 branches (Vavs) of the 2 Shin (ש) times the 7 spiral windings = 42, the Singularity of the Source and the 7-tier or 70-rung ladder of the 42-Letter Name Matrix, just like the ordinal value of the 2 Shin (ש), (21 + 21) = 42.

The other parts of the tefillin are the 2 cubes, the one of Zeir Anpin on the arm and the one of Binah on the head that is embossed with 2 Shin (ש), aligning us with the 2 Essential Cubes of Creation of 42.

The circle is the complete balanced cycle of 360o passing through the Phi(φ) field twice and the Moshiach Consciousness field twice: (2 x 137.5o) + (2 x 42.5o) = 360o

The circle, what we perceive as 360o, is One and as we know, the circle already has the Pi (π) field built into it. When the circle (One) is divided or filtered by the Phi(φ) field we get 360o /1.6180339887 = 222.5o and the balance, the completion of the circle, is (360o222.5O) = 137.5o. This is the portion known as “G-d’s Spirit,” the tip of the sword hovering over the face of the waters.

Then each half circle or (137.5o x 0.5)/1.6180339887 = 42.489 or 42.5o. This is the portion known as “The Light.”

While 137.5o divided by the Primal Frequency 27.5 is (137.5/27.5) = 5, the counterbalancing Phi(φ) angle 222.5o is (222.5/27.5) = 8.090909, as in the Prime unicorn of Sarah (505) and Abraham or 9999998999999. Together, the two Primal Phi ration are 13.090909. or One.

The portion of the circle of One that is “the Light” is thus twice (42.489 or 42.5) over 360, “the face of the waters” or (2 x 42.489)/360. It is exactly 1/φ3.  

The circle or 360o is 4 x 90, the value for mayim (מים), water, and the equation (φ3 – 1/φ3) = 4.00000, which is why in Genesis 2:10 we read that the waters of Binah were split into 4 mighty rivers, which by the way have almost dried up since the Event Horizon in 5778, most notably the Euphrates that begins its earthly 1700-mile journey at an elevation of 11,556 ft, the Spherical Time diameter.

The Ark of the Covenant

The Ark (הארן) of the Covenant is found in the analogue to the bottom of the 203 Cube (8000 cu3) of the Holy of Holies, just beyond the Gate of 42 in the Future Holy Temple.

The Ark (הארן) has a numerical value of 256 or 28 and is the inverse of the Torah in that 58 = 390,625 and 1/28 = .00390625, thus 108/The Ark = The Torah.  The Torah/The Ark = 108 = One, all in the level (8) of Binah.

The interval for 256 cycles of 27.5 is 7040 and 704 is the value of the “Path, derech (דרך)” to the Tree-of-Life.  This is the “The Path to the Tree-of- Life (את־דרך־עץ־החיים)” whose final letters equal 550 or (20 x 27.5), as in the 550-sum of the 11 initials of the 42 letters in the 11 sefirot of the Tree-of-Life.

As explained once before, 704 is the value of the central 4th tier of the 42-Letter Name and the Path is found in the Bottom Plane of the Essential Cube of Creation.

We now Understand that this is the Bottom Plane/Face of the Upper (Binah) Essential Cube/Sphere in the Cosmic Hyperboloid from which radiates all emanation into our existence.

The 4th line (בטרצתג) of the 42-Letter Name Matrix, as we have previously studied, traces the secret path, the Path of the Tzaddik, conspicuously hidden in the Bottom Plane of the Essential Cube of Creation. Following the letters (or their ordinal values) in order (בטרצתג) counter-clockwise (2 9 20 18 22 3) takes us sequentially around the 4 lower corners of Cube and finally back to the middle opposite where it began.

While those 6 ordinal values sum to 74, the ordinal values of the 4 letters that are necessarily skipped equal (13 + 42) = 55, signaling the Gateway to Oneness and the Singularity.

The Path literally rings the bottom level of the Cube, and like the Torah, it begins with the letter Bet(ב), which as the Zohar explains, stands for blessings, and Binah.

To reach this Path of the Tzaddik, we must first climb the Essential Cube/Sphere of Zeir Anpin and let go of physicality.  It is a leap of faith, and that takes certainty, but that is what it means to be a Tzaddik. When we subtract the 704 of the Path from the 4995 of the entire Cube, we are left with 4291, which gives us an average of 4291/21 = 204.333, as in Tzaddik (204). Remember, the Path spirals upward as it circles the Sphere.

The Path whose entrance is found at the central 4th tier of the 42-Letter Name Matrix of gematria value 704 also traces the Path of One, as the 24 factors of 1820 sum up to 4704.

Those 24 factors break down to those directly in the Path of One (113914551820) that equal 2380, and the 19 that do not and that equal 2324, as in the 4 Aspects of the YHVH (יהוה), 232. These 24 factors include the number 1820 itself that is aligned with the 1820 YHVH (יהוה) in the Torah and that forms the Radiance.

The 4 non-Pathway Number factors that the Path of One Numbers have in common (5, 7, 35, and 65) = 112, as in the 112 Essential Triplets and they have an average of 28.

The average of those 24 factors is 4704/24 = (7 x 28), as in the 24 hours in the 7 Days of Creation that are expressed in the 7 words and 28 letters of the Torah’s first verse, when G-d Created the Heavens and the Earth, only to later spread that Creation out over 7 Days and the process of the 7 sefirot/dimensions of Zeir Anpin.

These 23 net factors, as you may recall, are aligned with the 23 words in the 4 lines of the Blessing of the Kohanim, whose first and final words of each of the 3 main pyramidal levels equal 1820 and that each contain the YHVH (יהוה) with the 6 remaining words equal to 820, as in “Love thy neighbor…”

These are also like the ordinal value of the 10 verses of the 42 Elements of “The Mishkan (המשכן),” that also equals 4704. On the flip side, the combined value of the 42-Letter Name and first 42 letters of the Torah associated with it (3701 + 3342) = 7043.

Those 10 verses contain 432 letters, as in the product of the digits in the Path of One (113914551820) = 43200, the frequency of Binah, concealed within the Torah’s first and last words, sealing the cycle of 54. The resonance of the Mishkan is that of the Path of One or at least in alignment with it.

When the Singularity at the heart of the Core beats 420 times, it means that (420 x 27.5) degrees have been meted out, 11,550 in total, and that the circle has been completely traversed, and the Spherical Time Event Horizon reached.  At this point 84 Intervals of 137.5o have also been meted out. The pendular must now swing back, for that is how the clock is wound. It is equal to 481.25 periods of 24 hours, as in the height of the Tower and Hand of the Clock in feet (12”) given that 12 is the coefficient of time.  Or 8 Days of 24 hours at 60 minutes an hour, as in the 8 days of Channukah and Binah that complete the Cosmic Wheel.

If each Divine Hand of the Clock is equal to 1820 then the Two Hands of the Clock equal 3640 and there must be Two Minute hands of 60 Minutes each as well. These two Minute Hands equal 120, the age of Man. Together (3640 + 120) = 3760 years, the Spiritual Time radius and pivotal year 0 CE in the Divine Calendar. Man’s time is 3.30% of the Divine Time allotted. The Torah told us what Moses did with his allotment. What have we done with ours?

These 420 beats are metaphysical beats that just express the tuning mechanism. They could just as easily be 420 x 108 beats. While convenient counting tools for us, Numbers are cosmic letters conveying concepts and source codes of information.

Either way, the beats are not for us to count, but to get in synch with.

Completing the circuit, the 1820 YHVH (יהוה) align with the 7 Ehyeh (אהיה) in the Torah. Together they complete and maintain the entrance to Binah. The 1820 YHVH (יהוה)/ 7 Ehyeh = (אהיה) = 1820/7 = 260 = 10 x the YHVH (יהוה). The total value of 1820 YHVH (יהוה) and the 7 Ehyeh (אהיה)/Phi (φ) angle (137.5o) = 345.214, the Spirit of Moses that runs through the Torah and that can guide and support us on our way up.

We must tune our frequencies to 27.5 Hz and use the tools given to us in the Torah, especially the 42-Letter Name, to orient and align our consciousness with the real universe while it is still accessible to us. Think of it as a rotating lighthouse beacon, illuminating the darkness and the treacherous shoals with a specific periodicity. The next major window of opportunity opens in less than 25 Days.

Harmonic Bliss

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”  – Nikola Tesla

Seizing our opportunities and the Cosmic Windows, our goal should be to resonate with the Harmonic Bliss. To be in tune with the Torah means to be in tune with the 1820 YHVH (יהוה). It means that we are aligned with the Love and Awe of the YHVH (יהוה) and with the Primal Frequency and Universe Heartbeat (27.5) and the vibration of Moshiach Consciousness (42.5 or 42.489) as 26 x (27.5 + 42.5) is the equation that aligns us with the Path of One and leads us to the Singularity.

26 x (27.5 + 42.5)

In cannot be put any simpler than that.

This is how we reunite our souls and being with our consciousness, the universal consciousness.  When we do, the vibrations ring out, announcing we are in harmony and ready to be in harmony with the rest of consciousness. The Universe will know, and other sentient beings will know.  More will awaken from our harmonic glow.  A chain reaction can occur if enough people resonate with this same harmonic. If they do, a critical mass can ensue and there will be no longer a need for the great reset that is almost upon us, no longer a need for this corrupted or coopted simulation. It will collapse into the ultimate prison for those that have tried to block the harmonic alignment.

This is not a given. It is the end result of free choice, and it begins with our individual choices.

How do we align ourselves? Besides giving us the secret formula, 26 x (27.5 + 42.5), and all the nuances in how to understand it, the Torah gave us all the tools we would need. It is a matter of using our minds to process them rather than all the nonsense we normally choose or are persuaded to choose.

Use the 4 sets of Triplets embedded in it, the 42-Letter Name Matrix most of all. Recite them, mediate on them without pronouncing the actual Names. Memorize them.  Let go and allow the Cosmos to do the rest of the work connecting your thoughts and prayers to the associated Star Tetrahedra of the 112 Triplets above.

The only thing you should have in mind while doing them or any of the connections is to achieve Moshiach Consciousness for the world, and protection for your children and family, not whatever perceived other desires you may have or harbor.

When you make the connections, surround yourself with the 1820 YHVH (יהוה) and picture their intense radiant light filling you, and the loved ones in your heart, with unconditional love. Let them rise you up. This is Harmonic Bliss.  It is the entrance to you reuniting with your consciousness and being a channel to a chain reaction that can ring out throughout the greater universe.

Thank you for hitchhiking.